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  1. Writing help
  2. Including Pictures Of Your Characters
  3. How long are your fic's chapter?
  4. Personalties of certian Pokmon
  5. Only Four Moves?
  6. Advice needed!
  7. Describing music
  8. Collabs!
  9. Pokemon Fusion VERY SHORT Summary (Fanfic Project) need overall impressions on it^^
  10. Using Your Own Pokemon in Fics?
  11. Unpacking an idea
  12. Character theme songs?
  13. How has Fan Fiction helped you outside of Fan Fiction?
  14. damsel in distress roles
  15. When Swearing Seems Forced or Obligatory or Not
  16. Inspire Me (Or, um, what inspires you, or helps with writer's block, or well...)
  17. The End: impressions.
  18. Review Exchange
  19. Plot vs. Characters?
  20. Character One Shots
  21. Why?
  22. Question: When a knight/samurai being inferior...
  23. Need help with names!!!
  24. Defining and vivid words.
  25. How to handle filler?
  26. What's your favorite kind of fic?
  27. Getting an idea from your head to the paper
  28. How to Write a Pokemon Battle
  29. Mary Sue's
  30. Motivation to write
  31. What creates horror?
  32. Need Help Fleshing out Basic Plot and World
  33. dark themes
  34. Fan Fiction Audiobooks?
  35. Can I write two fan fics at once?
  36. Good fam fic idea?
  37. Would you read this idea?
  38. Sub-par Subforums?
  39. Needing help on names
  40. How much of your story do you plan before you begin writing?
  41. Question abouth those, who make a Fanfic thats a bit in the future.
  42. The Serebii Fanfiction Review Exchange - BETA Model
  43. Dialouge in Fan Fics
  44. Criminal Minds
  45. Reviews for Your Fan Fic
  46. Ah... to be an aspiring writer.
  47. Looking for a beta-reader...
  48. couples in fanfiction
  49. Gender Roles in Fiction
  50. Your Read : Write : Review Ratio.
  51. Writing Likeable Characters
  52. i has questoin
  53. Can someone help me please?
  54. Generation 4- Pokemon in Unova?
  55. Do you know anyone else in real life that writes fanfiction?
  56. The path to showing, not telling
  57. Where do I put my fanfiction?
  58. Multi point of veiws
  59. Choose That Pokemon! (Dah dah dah!)
  60. Your Inspirations
  61. Ideas Anyone?
  62. 2011 Fanfiction Awards - Suggestions & Planning Thread
  63. SGT. Frog review
  64. Human Error
  65. Need help
  66. New Author
  67. Quick Question
  68. What should the Plot be?
  69. Writer's Block Cures
  70. some questions;
  71. The Snowflake Method and Other Techniques
  72. Pokemon Food
  73. How long does it take you to write a chapter?
  74. The Mary Sue/Gary Stu thread?
  75. Writing Medium?
  76. New thread, or bump the old one?
  77. New Fic Disappointment
  78. Others referencing your works
  79. Combining Dragon Ball Z style battling with a Pokemon fic. Yay, or nay?
  80. How do you form your characters?
  81. Serebii Fanfiction recommendations?
  82. Titling works
  83. Looking for an old fanfic
  84. Something I'm having Trouble With in My Story
  85. Wanting to write something out of order
  86. So I want to try my hand on writing a fic
  87. protectiveness;
  88. I have an idea but i don't know how to express it in English
  89. Is this a good idea?
  90. Character Development
  91. Anyone willing to co-write this?
  92. Question on Sentence structure.
  93. Opinions and Motivation.
  94. Made a new fic dont know what to do
  95. Trying to make a new fic and want some advice
  96. Little help?
  97. Minor Character CS Sheets
  98. 50,000 Character Limit
  99. Name Usage in Fanfic
  100. Fridge Logic
  101. The Review Game
  102. Pokemon: Wild Creatures or People like us?
  103. Making a Banner
  104. logic; legendaries
  105. Too personal?
  106. How do i write effective description?
  107. NaNoWriMo 2011: Are you up to the challenge?
  108. What Makes An Effective Villain?
  109. Humorous Narration?
  110. Naming Thread
  111. Writing Original Fiction
  112. Pokemon's speech portrayal
  113. Trailers - how much plot to reveal?
  114. Keyboard Shortcuts and Autosave.
  115. Capitalizing Pokemon names?
  116. Inspiration or Stealing?
  117. Portraying Cities In Your Fics.
  118. Where to begin?
  119. Preview- Pokemon: Our Journey (Rated T for explicit language, and mild sexual humor)
  120. Short Stories: Advice
  121. Feelings on Journey/OT Fics
  122. 'cupcakes'
  123. Large Battles
  124. Character Diary Entries
  125. Hello please review my fan fic
  126. Tandem Writing On Google Docs?
  127. Problems with imposter and immature writer.
  128. my pokemon story
  129. Multiple Viewpoints
  130. pokemon trainer Max
  131. Geography: Of Space, Time, and travelling
  132. How can I make a Five-Person "adventures in a reigon" fic unique?
  133. Travelling Buddies
  134. Posting your work online
  135. BATTLES! How to write them awesomely?
  136. Same Sex Relationships
  137. Perfectionist?
  138. How can I make the backstory of a Rich Boy tragic and heartbreaking?
  139. Deus ex Machinas
  140. Creepy bible verses?
  141. "ME! ME! ME!" A -pseudo-journeyfic problem.
  142. How can I create a good villainous team for a PMD Fic?
  143. Point of View Jumping.
  144. here's a question;
  145. about spacial powers...
  146. ASB Pokemon Battle Teaser / Advice (Title/Rating Pending)
  147. Am I Going About This The Wrong Way?
  148. haha! you control space! na na~
  149. When changing things at a moment's notice
  150. Close Description
  151. Poetry Thread
  152. Amount of Pokémon moves in Fanfiction
  153. How Do I Begin Writing?
  154. What excactly is "shipping"?
  155. Giving your characters Legendary and/or rare Pokemon
  156. Tall Tales, Fish Stories, and Whoppers: a One-Shot Contest!
  157. Organization????
  158. About Writing and Success
  159. giving Pokemon moves/stats they don't have...
  160. The Crossover Discussion
  161. Fan Fic Help
  162. Over-used Pokemon in fanfics
  163. the laws~
  164. How do you maintain your writing motivation/ability?
  165. Pacing and scale
  166. When to split
  167. Partners?
  168. What gets you in the zone for writing?
  169. When to use such and such word
  170. Getting into a story.
  171. Motivation
  172. Stupid but believable
  173. A problem
  174. An open letter
  175. What would be the best place to post a humor diary?
  176. characters disiking each other
  177. The problems of 3rd person omniscient/3rd person limited, and a compromise
  178. Encountering Problems
  179. Once there was a Beta-Reader thread
  180. A Question of Time
  181. Never Our Equals: On Pokémorph Fanfiction
  182. Point of View Questions
  183. Proving Grounds (rewrite): a preview
  184. Question on how to create climax
  185. Deaths & Resurrection
  186. revenge fics~
  187. Trainer Fics
  188. How do I not rush through the story?
  189. How do I Decide What Needs to Be Shown?
  190. Subtle character development
  191. Describing the funny scenes
  192. i need help finding looooong well writin pokemon fanfics
  193. Subtle Character Development (v2)
  194. Lack of reviews?
  195. good fan fics
  196. pokemon programming creepypasta
  197. Switching from 1st person to 3rd person narrative?
  198. Dream World Abilities
  199. The difference between Harry Potter and Twilight
  200. Gotta beat that Writer's Block~
  201. Post A Scene!
  202. Can I have a review?
  203. I am so freakin' stuck on Obsession
  204. Sensitive Subjects and Fiction
  205. The Authors’ Café Rules
  206. The Beta House
  207. Topics of Interest
  208. IF this is out of Place I apologize
  209. To Take on a New Project or To Not Take On a New Project?
  210. phone/text/chat conversations
  211. Looking for an Old Fic
  212. Question concerning multiple characters
  213. question about team grunts and such
  214. Restart?
  215. How far can suspension of disbelief go?
  216. Human Error
  217. Fan Fiction Fatigue!
  218. Mistakes
  219. Writer's Block
  220. Nitpickiness
  221. Charting the different chapter types
  222. Narrative Version of Sapphire.
  223. Would you consider it possible for an MC to get a shiny 'mon and not be a Mary Sue?
  224. 'Rustyness'
  225. Tips for a newbie writer?
  226. Original regions
  227. Have you ever transferred a story from one concept to another?
  228. Shadow Pokemon
  229. i got to ask a couple of questions
  230. What would you call this genre?
  231. Looking for a beta
  232. Types
  233. friendships, guy friends
  234. I need some help!
  235. Cover Letters?
  236. Walkthroughs?
  237. My Fanfic: Ideas and Input :3
  238. Question about Author's Notes
  239. Technical problem when posting swearing words
  240. Writing a multi-story series with different protagonists
  241. Bad!fics, your thoughts?
  242. Dealing with Legendaries
  243. PREVIEW: The Age of Harmony
  244. about 'cruelty'
  245. Is this too cheesy or do you think it could work?
  246. The Serebii Mobile Library
  247. World-building Preferences
  248. My idea for a Pokemon fan-fiction or movie?
  249. Names: people and places
  250. feeling sorry for someone...