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  1. How to write multi-character conversation?
  2. Innocence
  3. The Sound Chronicles: Origins
  4. Kenny's personality
  5. How do you write your Dialogue?
  6. Description, how much and the quality?
  7. 2012 Fanfiction Awards - planning thread
  8. trainer fics...
  9. Working a Nuzlocke Challenge into a Fanfiction
  10. Humble Beginnings ( A share Thread)
  11. Different perspectives?
  12. Making the reader have feelings for the main character?
  13. Does length matters?
  14. Conquest Fics?
  15. Pokemon Teams
  16. Criticizing Criticism
  17. Criticise Me
  18. WALKTHROUGH PREVIEW: The Ruovha Region
  19. pokemon shadow quest
  20. Existing Characters in a Fan Made Region?!
  21. How many is too much characters?
  22. Making Up Gyms/Gym Leaders
  23. Fakemon
  24. Handling Human Transformation Fics
  25. Race Issue
  26. Character Point of View
  27. A Family as heroes
  28. Anti-climax
  29. Writing Style and Storytelling questions
  30. Training scenes in Pokemon fics
  31. My Fanfic Based on Pokemon Adventures/Special
  32. The Time Tenses of language literature
  33. Pokadventure
  34. A Strong Start...?
  35. One shots
  36. what is you opinion on pokemorphs
  37. Longest-running fic?
  38. Personalities and Synergies
  39. Assumptions in writing fan fiction?
  40. about plots...
  41. Can characters be hypocritical at times if it's acknowledged?
  42. Portraying Pokemon teams
  43. The squiggly left of the exclaimation point and its place in dialogue.
  44. Fossil Pokemon
  45. Dream world in a fic
  46. First Person Trainer Fic
  47. Conditions of an atoner
  48. Style of writing or Bad writing?
  49. 4 move limit
  50. Audiobooks, Writing With Your Voice
  51. Need A Little Help With My Story
  52. Beta Reader
  53. Fiction theme and its frequency of emphasis
  54. Toning down the Gary Stu and Mary Sue
  55. Battles
  56. TM's and HM's in Writing
  57. A fun exercise for ALL THE FIC WRITERS!
  58. Video Reviews???
  59. Writer's Block
  60. Social Commentary
  61. Bringing in Readers
  62. Adventure Fics: How long is too long?
  63. What do you struggle in Fan Fics?
  64. How to flesh out a character?
  65. First and Second Person: Is it Bad?
  66. Advice on Writing from Famous Writers
  67. How do you write war?
  68. Tenses: Present or Past
  69. Inspiration
  70. "Show, Don't Tell"
  71. Writing without microsoft word
  72. Titles
  73. Plot driven vs Character driven
  74. Fakemon in Fan Fics
  75. Contents of Poke Ball
  76. Vivid Sentences
  77. Idiomatic Expressions Management
  78. Getting in the skin of a character
  79. Synonyms
  80. Do People actually read my Fic?
  81. Male/Female Characters
  82. How to handle story pacing?
  83. Has the term "Mary Sue" been abused too much?
  84. Place and time
  85. Different points of views
  86. Borrowing Locations
  87. Weighing in on Length?
  88. The Fanfic Idea Adoption Thread Version 2.0
  89. Ideas for promoting fan-fics
  90. Developing Trainers vs already developed Trainers
  91. Grittiness
  92. Prequel or not Prequel ?
  93. Tips/Advices for Adventure Fics?
  94. A different take on Pokemon...
  95. The trials of creating and mastering of Epics
  96. A tip on Pokemon POV One-Shots?
  97. Kanto Fan fic - expanded regional dex?
  98. Interactive Story?
  99. Short stories that relate to another story? heLP
  100. Starting a Chapter
  101. The Ever Present Rival Problem
  102. getting back into writing...
  103. Making Characters be Liked by the Readers
  104. Advice on Capturing Pokemon and Chapter Length?
  105. Writing The Entire Plot Or Chapter By Chapter
  106. What Makes You Keep Reading?
  107. Mood of Writing vs. Mood of Author
  108. The characters of my new fanfic ;D
  109. Strength of pokemon attacks?
  110. Problem...
  111. Thoughts on script/screenplay fanfics
  112. How long it takes...
  113. Plot-less Story?!
  114. An idea...
  115. World-building; how do you do it?
  116. Your Choice!
  117. Advice
  118. Helping Hand via Personality Charts
  119. question on search and rescue plots
  120. I need a beta reader!!
  121. Interpretation: A World-Building One-Shot Contest
  122. When stories change completely....
  123. Number of moves
  124. Is it ever okay to "spell it out?"
  125. Choppy Writing
  126. How to create a charismatic character?
  127. How does one interpret a Pokemon learning a move?
  128. Writing an action scene like Video Games
  129. I have a question for everyone
  130. Handling Foreshadowing
  131. Just looking for feedback
  132. The power of Figurative Language
  133. Nicknames and the First-Person
  134. Tropes vs. Writers in Fan Fiction
  135. Fluency
  136. A Technical Question: Images
  137. A Writer's Thanks
  138. Grammatically correct speech?
  139. Link to an Image?
  140. Revealing?
  141. A Living, Breathing Setting
  142. Restarting = Quiting?
  143. Cliche's Ahoi! and also Likability
  144. What Has Been Done?
  145. Question Regarding Movie Villains
  146. Is this considered Sueish?
  147. A POV Question
  148. Character Introductions?
  149. Some advice from an author
  150. Writing Canon Events That Happened Entirely Off-Screen
  151. Back in the game
  152. I'm Starting To Get Recognized - Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest Author
  153. A question concerning PMD fics...
  154. "Hi, I am looking for..." [Request/ Suggested Reading Thread]
  155. Your opinion on Channelers in Ecruteak?
  156. Pokemon Battles in Writing
  157. How to handle harsh criticism?
  158. A quick question regarding certain Dialogue
  159. Paragraphing Dialogue
  160. is it really that hard?
  161. Avoiding cliche "journey fics"
  162. Writing Without Protagonist/Villain
  163. How to manage time management?
  164. Question: How to Write Hacks?
  165. Things in fanfics that you just don't like
  166. Is it ever okay for your main charecter to catch a legendary?
  167. Can I get a Second Opinion?
  168. Foreign Languages in writing:
  169. Doing investigations in writing
  170. Ev's and Other metagame things in Writing.
  171. Pokemon steampunk
  172. Interviewing your characters!
  173. What's considered a Sensitive Topic / Theme
  174. When you hit a wall?
  175. new pokemon shadow quest topic
  176. Anyone know of any good fanfics?
  177. Are "perfect characters" a bad thing?
  178. Tips on how to tackle this...
  179. Help Wanted!
  180. What motivates you as a fanfic writer?
  181. 2013 Fanfiction Awards Discussion Thread
  182. Age in Pokemon Fics
  183. So, how would you expand a side character(specifically beyond a one-shot)?
  184. NaNoWriMo 2013
  185. When characters are "out of character" and it makes sense
  186. The Conquest Problem
  187. Tense in Fanfics?
  188. "Deep Themes" as a the norm of today's stories?
  189. Rejecting criticism or just sticking to your guns
  190. Is a Fifth Sequel too much?
  191. Losing interest in writing?!
  192. How to transition from a crush to love?
  193. Creative liberties with your Pokemon fanfic
  194. Your story, as a writer
  195. Dark Stories and How to Go about them
  196. New Story Questions
  197. I could use a prompt list...
  198. What pokemon would you give a characters
  199. How secretive are you about your plots?
  200. BLACKWHITE:SEASON XY - Writer's room
  201. Lack of backstories: bad?
  202. Writing a Montage
  203. About My Stories
  204. Submitting character bios as fanfiction
  205. Basic Pokeuniverse Origin Idea (Fan Fiction)
  206. Alpha and Omega: A Hoenn One-Shot Contest
  207. The Two-Sentence Story Exercise
  208. Gengar is Clefairy's Shadow (the origin of pokemon)
  209. Pokemon crossovers
  210. Hmm... Pokemon Impact?
  211. old mewtwo vs new mewtwo movie contest
  212. Fan-fiction Tips Please
  213. Chapters too long?
  214. An issue with the term "Mary Sue" I've notice...
  215. Weapons Vs. Pokemon
  216. Pokemon! The Masters of Water!
  217. Phobias in characters
  218. Can I write this in present tense?
  219. what i've learned about characterization, character backstories
  220. battle fics
  221. Ash Ketchum's Character?
  222. some questions
  223. rivalry or revenge?
  224. People vs. Pokemon
  225. Just a quick question Am I allowed to post my fic in multiple places?
  226. My fan fic is gone!
  227. The Power of Love: Then and Now
  228. teaching powers
  229. Pokemon Battle: Writing vs. Anime vs. Games
  230. Your Old Shame
  231. Have you ever won awards for your stories elsewhere?
  232. The Author's & Beta Reader Profile
  233. Your weirdest source of inspiration
  234. Serebii Yuletide: Fan Fics Hub (Info and Discussion)
  235. The Open Beta Thread
  236. 2014 Fanfiction Awards - discussion and planning thread
  237. NaNoWriMo 2014
  238. Art of Emotion VS Pornography of Emotion (Show vs Tell?)
  239. Novels about finding long-lost relatives?
  240. I finally read the Attack of Mewtwo duology
  241. Redwald Walker's Journey: Pokémon Simultaneous
  242. Help writing a fanfic? (Warning: pretty long post)
  243. A whole bunch of Questions for Crossovers
  244. Fan Fiction Quarterly: Edition 1 (February 2015)
  245. Nominations but no reviews?
  246. A Brief Question Regarding the Fanfiction Writers
  247. Using certain phrases in PMD
  248. Need help with my story:
  249. I need help with my Disney Theory
  250. Writing Strengths and Weaknesses