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  1. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Natural born killers, or confused teenagers?
  2. Republican Bandwagon
  3. What is "Love"?
  4. Bilingual ballots
  5. Breakfast Food ;; When did it turn bad?
  6. Manufactured Consent
  7. Morality and Immigration
  8. Opinion: The new "fact"
  9. Cyber bullying & Suicide
  10. Misanthropy and Xenophobia: What are your thoughts.
  11. Rick Sanchez Is Fired for Saying John Stewart Can Get Anyone Fired
  12. Beauty is a Beast
  13. Medal Revocation and Steroids
  14. Order, or Chaos?
  15. School's debate topic
  16. Cultural assimilation.
  17. Advertising- Oh Noez We're Becoming Robots!!
  18. Black and White Spoiler Protection
  19. Do you believe in free will?
  20. Free market or Controlled market
  21. Who would win??
  22. Black Characters in TV Shows/Videogames/Movies.
  23. Atheism Vs Theism Vs Agnostic
  24. 2012- Is it really going to happen?
  25. Is Saving Endangered Animals a Bad Thing?
  26. Prisoners and the right to vote
  27. "People Are More Separated By Race Than Class"
  28. Why are filmmakers/game developers so hesitant to kill off kids in films/games?
  29. The Universe was created 5 seconds ago. Can you disprove this?
  30. Has the media desensitized us in general?
  31. Zombie Rights!!
  32. Beat'n yo kidz
  33. Graphic Images on Cigarettes
  34. Overbearing Parents
  35. Airport security - how much would you do in the name of safety?
  36. Girls on Boy's Teams?
  37. Pro-ana & Pro-mia / "Thinspiration"?
  38. I Dont Need No Gubmint
  39. Phenylketonurics Beware! (Debate With 75% Less Sugar) READ FIRST POST
  40. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  41. Your views on marijuana and drugs
  42. Staying together "for the kids".
  43. In the United States, plea bargaining undermines the criminal justice system
  44. 9/11 - Are You Okay?
  45. Is The Customer Is Always Right
  46. WikiLeaks
  47. Does the Rain Forest Deserved to be Saved?
  48. Funeral Protesting
  49. Shark Finning - What is your opinion?
  50. Should there be a status that halves spatt, def, and spdef?
  51. Explain to me the cons of basing our culture off religion.
  52. Gambling & Casinos: A sign of Corruption?
  53. So Easy It's Like Taking Candy from a Baby... Right?
  54. Les quatre saisons mafia.
  55. Cloning Extinct animals
  56. Boy Scouts of America
  57. Advanced Placement Classes
  58. Taxation
  59. This Time, With Feeling
  60. wikipedia
  61. Should we try to debate others who arent asking?
  62. Tenure
  63. Animal Rights
  64. Pinnacle of Natural Selection
  65. chinas one child policy
  66. Jirachi Strategy, needs help
  67. How alive is a virus?
  68. Is It Moral To "Pirate" Software/Movies/Books You Already Own?
  69. Global Warming. The best hoax ever, or otherwise?
  70. Is Sex or Violence More Acceptable in Media?
  71. Rights Are Neither Given Nor Taken Away...Right?
  72. What To Do When Your Burger Didn't Say The Right Prayer
  73. is it possable to follow the 10 commandments
  74. Is flirting cheating?
  75. Is money good for society?
  76. Are Newspapers A Viable Source?
  77. Hey, how much will you play for a soul?
  78. Do We Have The Right Not To Be Offended?
  79. Could there be other life in space?
  80. evlution
  81. Why does no one care about animals anymore
  82. Misinformation About King James and the KJV (READ FIRST POST)
  83. vegetarian diets. helpful or harmful?
  84. Walt Disney - Lost Its Magic?
  85. Lust
  86. Do All Paths Lead To Heaven?
  87. Portrayal of Men in Society? Bad for XYs?
  88. File Sharing (and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
  89. The Real Force
  90. Judgements on Michael Vick
  91. Can an "actual" fact be wrong?
  92. What if... the world's Oil Deposits run completely dry??
  93. I'm surprised that the entire world hasn't gone bankrupt...!
  94. Arceus!!
  95. The Origin of Life: Against Abiogenesis
  96. Libya conflict,and the western involvement.
  97. By What Measure is a Slander?
  98. When Should the Media Respect Privacy Rights?
  99. Are dieticians full of...fecal matter, for want of a politer phrase?
  100. The Internet, for the One or the Many?
  101. Rejection Of Evolution, But I'm No Religious Nut.
  102. Why do some people still refuse to accept evolution as the fact it is?
  103. Why is your faith right?
  104. Your Thoughts About 9/11
  105. The Origin of Life: Let Us Debate It
  106. Let's debate evolution.
  107. Will computers/machines take over the world?
  108. The Universe: Lets Debate its Origin.
  109. To What Degree Should Guns Be Regulated?
  110. Zionism
  111. Views on Communism
  112. Is Religion Generally a Good Thing?
  113. The Sendai Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Issue
  114. let us make our own smash64 tier list
  115. Racial Profiling at Airports/Other Busy Areas
  116. Most dispicable thing you will ever see [WARNING!]
  117. Preaching in Educational Establishments- Right or Wrong?
  118. New Title! Can Science Give Us Values?
  119. Why is God of the bible good
  120. Is the US heading towards hyperinflation?
  121. Is Obama a Socialist?
  122. /b/
  123. Racism in the Third-world (past and present)
  124. Is there evidence of Jesus' ressurection?
  125. France banning the burqa
  126. God = Yog-Sothoth?
  127. Abstinence in Middle School
  128. Kobe Bryant fined 100k???
  129. The Truth Behind The Kennedy Assassination
  130. Were the Westerners really that cruel to Native Americans
  131. Is ID science?
  132. Is Cannibalism Evil?
  133. Is the God of the Bible Good, Evil or Neutral?
  134. Bulk up Infernape team
  135. Should people be held accountable for what their ancestors did
  136. Should homosexuals be allowed to marry
  137. Affirmative Action - Should it be banned?
  138. Why do asians show less racial pride compared to other races?
  139. Marine Mammals in Captivity
  140. When does the end justify the means?
  141. For belivers: Who will be the antichirst?
  142. Is there a link between vaccines and autism?
  143. Pastafarianism: Is it comedic, making a point, or just offensive?
  144. Is stereotyping generally beneficial?
  145. Donald trump 2012?
  146. Christians, do you think that homosexuals have a one way ticket to hell?
  147. The Fat Acceptance Movement?
  148. Best DS Game(s)?
  149. Are you happy With President Obama's performance?
  150. What other forms of relationships should be allowed?
  151. Royalty - Positive or Negative?
  152. Gun Laws- Positive or Negative?
  153. obsolescence of theism
  154. Obama and Donald Trump
  155. Should children be educated about homosexuality in school?
  156. Should Medical Treatment be Forced?
  157. Is it safe to post your information online?
  158. Should Osama Bin Laden's Death Pic be publicly shown?
  159. Views on torture
  160. Illegal Immigration
  161. Unions needed, past their prime or good on burgers?
  162. Suspensions in school
  163. Is suicide cowardly?
  164. 10 commandments
  165. London 2012 Olympics : what consequences on the employment in the City?
  166. Is God an Alien?
  167. Should there be a language called American?
  168. Peta
  169. The Circus Is In Town: The Republican Presidential Nomination 2012
  170. Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  171. The Rapture Tomorrow. Is it real or not?
  172. Pervert; What constitutes?
  173. Should metrosexuals be allowed to marry?
  174. Cursing
  175. Being a "meatatarian"- a valid argument?
  176. Does the Illuminati exist?
  177. Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and the others.
  178. Congress within the United States is trying to make Hentai illegal! Video Inside!!
  179. The U.S. Fourth Amendment
  180. What do you think the limits should be on protesting?
  181. An Important Question
  182. Your Thoughts on Digital Media
  183. Is the hacking group "Anonymous" for real or is it a big joke/hoax?
  184. Should Elementary School be mandatory?
  185. Love makes the world go 'round... or does it?
  186. Baby Storm: The "Genderless" Baby
  187. The Truth About 9/11
  188. Canada's extra month of school- positive or negative?
  189. Conscription
  190. Sarah Palin's bus tour?
  191. What do you think about libertarianism?
  192. Does a thread about Bigfoot belong in the Debate Forum?
  193. Eminent Domain
  194. Is more character an inherently good thing?
  195. Cutting, Burning, ect.
  196. Can Public Opinion Alone Support Equality?
  197. Is Ronald McDonald the actual cause of Child hood obesity?
  198. Repealing age of consent.
  199. Abortion - right or wrong?
  200. Facts seem to have become powerless
  201. Cannabis Legalization
  202. Should Extinct Animal Species be Revived?
  203. The Bilderberg Group
  204. Is Drug Dealing Immoral?
  205. Conscience or Oppurtunity.
  206. How do you determine race?
  207. Should Phishing be outlawed by the Law ?
  208. negative feelings. why we have them?
  209. Fate/Destiny-Is it real?
  210. Has technology gone to far?
  211. Is Rnging cheating or is it not?
  212. Martial Islanders
  213. Weiner resigns due to misconduct
  214. Libya and foreign intervention
  215. Human Microchipping
  216. The definition of "Tolerance"
  217. The Sepreme Court VS Mature games
  218. Should the obese be forced to buy two plane tickets?
  219. Physical punishment in schools
  220. boys and girls likage
  221. Ethics (Philosophy on Morals)
  222. Should we eat animals?
  223. Are public schools being under-appreciated?
  224. Thought Police Concept
  225. Should Streaming Content Be Considered a Crime?
  226. The Economy
  227. Hunting
  228. Bill S.978 and why it shouldn't happen
  229. Aliens!!!!!
  230. Gaps in Evolution?
  231. Big Bang
  232. Point to having kids?
  233. Should we explore the ocean?
  234. Intelligence
  235. Overpopulation as Myth (READ FIRST POST)
  236. The Science Behind Technology
  237. Is Gayness Genetic?
  238. Is Athiesm A sin
  239. Children on Forums
  240. Tracy Morgan: Does He Really Need to Apologize
  241. Wireless Power Transmission
  242. Do you think the legal age should be 18 or 21?
  243. Food Stamps.
  244. Are we broke
  245. Is Fox News more biased than other news stations?
  246. Alcohol
  247. Eminent Domain
  248. Government With Too Much Power.
  249. School Shootings
  250. Forum Respect