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The Big Al
25th December 2005, 1:30 AM
I'm writing a Pokemon fic that takes place in the Detroit area (Except Detroit is either called Motor City or Straight City I haven't yet decided on which). Anyway, I wondering what the local sports teams should be called. The Red Wings, Pistons, and Shock are alright. However, the Lions and Tigers are a different story. So far, I've thought of making the Lions the Suicune because Suicune's outline is very similar to the Lion's symbol and the Tigers are the Electabuzz (however there's no song for them like in the anime ><).

Any feed back on Pokefying sports teams.

Eternal Daydreamer
25th December 2005, 1:41 AM
Let me think I'll give an example of what I would do with my favorite teams:

Seattle Seahawks into: Seattle Wingulls
Seattle Mariners into: Seattle Kinglers

But your problem..

Lions into: Enteis (Not Suicunes since Suicunes are more leopard like)
Tigers into: Raikou (Doesn't that make more sense?)

That's just what I would do..

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
25th December 2005, 2:14 AM
The Bulls the Touros
The Colts The Rapadash?
The Red Soxs... The Magmar?

The Big Al
25th December 2005, 2:51 AM
I'm only changing animal based teams.

The Colts would by the Ponyta (considering a colt is baby horse)
The Broncos would bethe Rapidash

It's the Suicunes because
1. Their blue
2. Entie had no mussel. It looks like a Pikenese on steroids.

Thanks for the input.

25th December 2005, 4:00 AM
the mighty psyducks?