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25th December 2005, 2:44 AM

Well, let me start by saying I haven’t written posted a fanfic in a long time… since Pokémon War, first real fanfic I got going on SPPF. It took me a while to make something that I thought was worth giving a try, and it’s finally ready. This isn’t necessarily going to be real amazing, though, just because it took me months to get it ready. >_> But it should be okay, we’ll see.

Anyway, this story’s pretty much a classic story of good versus evil, except in a very unique way, I think. It’s basically about a boy who gets an alter-ego (sort of Yu-Gi-Oh! Style), and becomes destined to be a hero. So he goes on this quest, making friends along the way, with the goal of defeating a great evil that was born centuries ago.

The main character’s name is Eric, and until Doppelganger changes his life, he’s just a normal boy living in a normal house. But as he goes on his adventure, he becomes one of the least-normal boys you could think of.

In this fanfic I’m going to delve into the concept of psychics. Not that I believe they’re real in real life, of course, but I think it’s an interesting concept for my story, and I’m going to expand on its effect on Pokémon. So you can be sure to read some psychic Pokémon action. ^^

Okay, enough talk. I have a snippet of the story here to show you. It’s from the Prologue, and it sort of explains the origin of the villain of the story:

Seeing Siksensus become stronger than himself created an extreme envy, which grew and grew, until finally, Para became fed up of not being able to match up with his old best friend. He could not hold it in him any longer.

One thing led to another, and one day, with his great psychic powers, he conjured up a powerful evil to destroy Siksensus. It was a darkness that entered into one’s mind and gave them the sole desire to destroy. And eventually, the victim of this darkness would cease to exist, as the evil would ultimately devour the poor soul whole. The darkness committing these acts was thought to be a Pokémon, and it was named “Evlimon” by the village of psychics.

Unfortunately, this “Evlimon” was a very powerful force, and it was too strong for Para to control. It eventually took over its very own master, mutating both Para’s body and Para’s now corrupted mind to create the greatest evil the world had ever seen.

There was only one man who could stop this new evil, known as Black Dragon. This was Siksensus, the master psychic and Pokémon Master. Of course, having to annihilate your best friend isn’t an easy task, and that was on top of the great effort needed to bring Black Dragon down…

BTW, if you don’t completely understand the circumstances, reading the whole Prologue may answer some questions for you.

Anyway, I plan on posting the prologue next Saturday, and then I’ll try to post one chapter at a time every Saturday after that. If I can’t, you can be 90 percent sure the next chapter will be posted on a later Saturday, because it would be a bit too much effort for me to try and post it another day.

One last thing. I suppose this fanfic will be rated PG, but I’m not too sure. I’ll try to give a firmer idea of the rating when the Prologue goes up. So anyway, thanks for reading all of this. Any views or criticism about this story would be appreciated.

30th December 2005, 7:47 AM
you didn't happen to get any of your ideas about psychics from HHNF, did you?

*shifty eyes*


having never completely finisehd reading Pokemon War (I'll copy/paste it onto my copm so I will, tho), I look forward to reading this

30th December 2005, 10:30 PM
you didn't happen to get any of your ideas about psychics from HHNF, did you?

*shifty eyes*
Hm? No, no, I'd never steal ideas directly from another story. But to tell you the truth, I don't really remember any ideas about psychics in my story that could be related to any in your story, so you can probably rest assured. ^^

having never completely finisehd reading Pokemon War (I'll copy/paste it onto my copm so I will, tho), I look forward to reading this
Oh, thanks. Just to let you know, I probably won't be posting a new chapter of Pokemon War until I get around to rewriting it. And I'm trying to find time to read Operation: Celebi, so it's just a matter of time...

Thanks for posting, BTW.

31st December 2005, 8:04 AM

btw, check out the PSychic discussion thing for some good ideas (all of 'em are from me :P j/k)

1st January 2006, 2:07 AM
Just a quick FYI, I'll have to wait 'til next week to post the prologue. :/ Maybe I'll at least get myself an avatar at that point.

12th January 2006, 12:32 AM
Hmm, interesting. I have to admit that I have an extreme fondness for the psychic-type, so 'fics centering around it are ones that I'm always on the lookout for.

I assume that the "alter-ego" that Eric inherits is Siksensus, who somehow links his spirit with the kid, right? This concept could be very good or very bad, depending on how well you work with it. I've never been totally satisfied with Yu-Gi-Oh's portrayal of the pharaoh dude; though I've not watched the show in a while, I remember being unimpressed by the way that the pair of them interacted. Specifically, Yuugi seemed too accepting of the fact that there was some freaky dead guy living in his puzzle and popping out whenever he dueled, and in general the two got along too well. Personally, I think that the goals and morals and such of a young kid and some ancient, mighty psychic would be the slightest bit divergent and would lead to conflict. If you manage to properly handle both characters and their interactions well, then you could go far with it; otherwise, I think that the idea will stagnate and not reach its full potential.

There's not really anything more to comment on here; the excerpt is pretty short and is pretty much just setting up the scenario. Good luck with this one.

12th January 2006, 12:47 AM
Thanks for coming, Negrek. Well, about the whole ancient psychic in a boy thing, at first I had planned on making it just about exactly like Yugi and the Pharaoh's relationship (in fact, that show was a big inspiration for this fic). But I changed my mind about that a long time ago, and decided to kinda go... halfway. I mean, Siksensus' soul won't actually be sharing Eric's body, but rather... he'll be influencing it, but not directly. It's sorta hard to explain without actually explaining a large part of the story. Actually, now that I think about it, the whole meaning of Siksensus influencing Eric will be gradually known through the story.

I guess I'm rambling too long. Basically I'm saying you won't be seeing Siksensus talk to Eric, really. Meh, just come around and you'll see. I hope I make this story at least somewhat interesting and new. Thanks for the luck, BTW.

One more thing, though. I'm pretty busy this week, and I've got another fic I forgot to read, so it might take a while for me to get around to The Ninetails' Curse (but I did notice you updated a few days ago, and I'll come around to review as soon as I can).