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Yuugis Black Magician
26th December 2005, 5:00 AM
Hello everyone, Merry Christmas!! Today, I got the greatly anticipated first Chapter (Ten episodes spread across two discs, MSRP anout $35) and boy was it great. I agree with Animerica when when they say "[Mobile Suit] Zeta Gundam is one of those shows that everyone should watch". Let's begin with the packaging.

The cover is obviously done by the 'Z Gundam: A New Translation' team, as it features a Quattro Beajeena (Char Aznable) holding a pistol, with his custom red Rick Dias in the background. Bandai, I'll be danged, actually gave us a reversable cover, with Kamille Bidan on the reverse side. The regular sides back holds our contents:

Chapter 1

Volume 1

Episode 1: The Black Gundam
Episode 2: Departure
Episode 3: Inside the Capsule
Episode 5: Emma's Decision
Episode 5: Father and Son

Volume 2

Episode 6: To Earth
Episode 7: Escape from Side One
Episode 8: The Dark Side of the Moon
Episode 9: A New Bond
Episode 10: Reunion

As always we get Interactive Menus (with the JPN ending theme as the background music); JPN Audio and two differant subtitle options, plus and ENG dialouge.

Sadly, Bandai ordered Blue Water (who did G Gundam) to record for this Zeta Gundam series, meaning no Brad as Amuro. The whole returning cast was completly recast, although I'm not too sure about Quattro's actor, Tom Edwards, I believe he voiced for the other series, not sure. Our Narrator is luckily Master Asia's actor, the name escapes me for now. The actors (for Quattro and Bright, no one else [except for Kai, but I don't remmember his voice for the Ocean Group dub of the original series] do a great job of sounding like their Ocean Group alikes) all do a fine job of voicing for the characters.

Z Gundam probably was given to Blue Water because the Ocean Group was busy with SEED and Destiny, and I know Brad is always a workaholic, espicially because of being the voice of Sai in the new Hikaru no Go adaption, and also the megaman series' (as Lan). Oh well...

This is one of the best Animé ever, espicially when it comes to animation, its great for being twenty years old and only idiots will turn it down for its animation quality.

Kamille is quickly set up as being worse then even Amuro, he's a total baby, but he's got a bit of right. He's insecure about his girly name, and because a Titan officer (his soon-to-be rival Jarid) pisses him off, he slugs him, only to get his sixes whupped by Jerid and his posse, this leads to getting interviewed by son-of-a-*****-of the century Bask Om (I think that was his name, correct me please).

Meanwhile Quattro Bejeena infiltrates colony Green Noa 1 (Apolly and Roberto hanging outside on guard) and begins taking pictures, only for a black Titan Gundam Mark II to discover him, and even trys to fire on him, but Quattro is too small, and manages to escape to his MS. Quattro and his associates battle inside the colony against a few Titan GM II, and the Black Gundam Mark II.

Elseware, Bright is getting pushed around by the elite Titans, who, even his inferiors by rank are aloud to kick his butt around. Bright, I can tell, really hates the Titans.

Escaping from the Titans Kamille captures a Mark II and gets a little revenge by scarring the crap out of Jarid. Asking to join Quattro's AEUG, Kamille makes off with two of the Black Gundam, marking the begging of Kamille's transition into being a full-fledge Newtype.

First off, I'm too lazy to write anymore about these ten episodes, and I also don't wanna spoil too much...LOL.

Tommrow I'm going to by Chapter Two, expect an review soon...




I forgot, due to licensing issues the opening and ending aired in Japan could not be used for the DVDs