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Seijiro Mafuné
26th December 2005, 12:19 PM
*Allowed by Dragonfree*

For some reason the title sounds funny. Oh well.

You guys know the Fic Ideas topic, right? Where we go there to see if people like the ideas we have, and to see if, on practice, they might fit.

Well, this is sortakindamaybepossibly a reverted opposite counter to it. Basically, I'm trying to write, but the idea vault/abyss/pool is empty right now, what with the other twenty fics trying to get done. So I'm desperate enough to ask you people for ideas. The only thing I've decided is that it involves a talisman that lets you control matter.

So... Idea me, please!

26th December 2005, 2:36 PM
A talisman that lets you control matter? Interesting concept. Here's one way you could go with it.

Your main character finds this talisman inside an ancient tomb. He's this bigshot archaeologist who enters the tomb of a pharoah and sees this talisman around the neck of a mummy. The hieroglyphs on the talisman reveal that every so often someone is chosen to wear the talisman to serve the greater good. The story could then reveal that the item was used by the person you took the item from was the society's greatest protector.

With stars in the character's eyes, he could try to follow in his footsteps but he runs afoul of an organization wanting the amulet for evil purposes. But, somehow the character survives and is shocked to hear the talisman talking inside the character's head. It explains the origin of the amulet and your character leaves Egypt to go home and serve the world-living up to the name of the person who wore the talisman before you.

However, trouble follows the character everywhere and you deal with thieves again.

I dunno if this is how you wanted to go with the story. All you said was "a story involving a talisman that can control matter". So, I worked it into the type of story I usually do. You could have a female archaologist find it or a male one. It won't matter. He/she could be the love interest/partner and help the character with the powers.

Controlling matter is no small superpower to have. If you can control matter, you're one step closer to controlling reality itself. Marvel Comics' Molecule Man has the same power: to control matter.


He can do a lot of stuff but he's very timid. Either way, That was all I have to say about the idea. If you need more help, let me know.


RaZoR LeAf
26th December 2005, 2:42 PM
Maybe if you picked a particular type of matter. Stone would be a goood one, you'd be able to make things out of the ground, houses, most of the stuff that's around you is made out of some kind of stone. Plant life would be interesting to, sort of Poison Ivy but a bit more creative.