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27th December 2005, 11:21 PM
This shipping is based on Pikachu being in love,but with which Pokemon?Post your ideas here!Remember the pokemon that Pikachu is in love!Post your ideas here!
My ideas:
Pikachu with Torchic/Combusken-They have been good freinds since the first Houen ep.Maybe there's more.
Pikachu with Mew-It's possible Mew took Pikachu because it was jealous.
Pikachu with Bayleef-If Bayleef is a girl,maybe they are in love,despite their past dispute.
Pikachu with Vulpix{that breeder who gave it to Brock}
Pikachu with Roselia
Pikachu with Nidoqueen
Pikachu with Jackson's Azumarill
Pikachu with Jessie's Seviper-judging Seviper is a girl,Pikachu may still love Seviper even controlled by Jessie
Pikachu with May's Skitty
Pikachu with Misty's Corsola and/or Luvdisc
Pikachu with Richie's Rose
Pikachu with Pikachutwo{Pikachutwo may be a different gender from Pikachu,like Mew and Mewtwo}?
Pikachu with the mother Lugia,or the baby that might be female?

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8th May 2006, 5:37 AM
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Katsu Koneko
8th May 2006, 6:20 AM
Pikashipping is the shipping for Ash/Pikachu.

11th May 2006, 7:00 AM
Pikashipping is the shipping for Ash/Pikachu.
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