View Full Version : When I Entered the forums Just now...

28th December 2005, 6:17 AM
This came up:

 k$`A)pq0!>Ji )|N?ՎI敹+_qkey/Z=s /aSoG.c$k/./_ka(40_rNRQ%<jsϏ+,IyyHfs-ZU 8`aK ur'{KD} Nc'Yύ-ѥ߯/WKkes}_$8w_%~zVm[TDZi<ʗKZTy~j}\ulve~*Ϳ^D !Z:ߟR0` 2@`MO Ђ %+pAn0 -+s\c^[/yU'z(BV=.Z8?y/o| +yvr̼J~X"ʼ:ԝ0/fBϋRoeaAl ;ZyTgǮk@(<u[@kDskπASμoܼ2'U6dO"<>y#<Rb]uǘ@TەYs3? e-"XCni~ia$Uv\s5*䆚_zi; vhC%d~__Zp0>@0j-^ "(@I@ R20` 7׈`c<8ZV x JF}՞r)x b\+P*UzD۞y^gL3*+IX21p}˵UQak| w::G.IxfYl8>͸W*3ƢUz+L8,WK!҃س $Ѽ)ǧǽye_碗Y }{dTC'8l\Ws*'!یwϯF d>>5,$o2K_cpj5]7"hX?oe@%Z\ @8~`ުCT9?wϘf:E^|(bŇXR@A r /2`C0n}]V ݇Ix#܌yvBh8v0?{.nv*#q| `@: $#۾#=x~ *+d L.sHCBR}eJ`Uꀛ7"Lx̊Yz2D@I@>a@)4~ZIʤ|JAďuUǖ\?u5%6U$}'8h V,W*W>ǎP_}u@{Z=Xzx0s<5S|uA9pf"̥PqTlJ |}y}KYdPֈȦ#Q( ˟U6VRђEP)sdɖ~ xor9넰@褸I=ffŰZ~~ %p!0D*(sPA`B.N'c* ܜ:A^U<m[2o/VӼN1UW.SRvUc&,h>N@d[|>mR W ǁtg/]W۷׵D{U lI?- Pǥu%WEU] )sK`4PPz܏ HA e }][xEL hxG›R({wׄ`aUoJp26#L KF 0182_L>!XH[TP/_?!c΁ /_f$17/T!UOSa7o&4x}]м`R0[س |/ujOyw?VHtWǑ)g2t&̜͌۟+os;~%{.j%ۏ6UbS*r.x 6JI@޷o4`BO.hQ?ڕȀ 3izꫛ^UIUw;u@d?ߪcJʉAP_a YpJzEXčiC$)[l' x<x_? TӗV !_%$j=bHΏۗW&x? KU}Ts3d rۊEPAER4='?APU[i@|溸 `D^0 py'Z{ҡEAH@%JL^0VIp]NT-`]V.Wq.9X{CϪW/xБ4~.T0`c0pe/"L 0~v"L @02`9 J$p`8zV۟aΧޔW$tuՃ'ޣ^ y~*j!V /c/6 / >[&DC5GXuj5@UeJtX+exu dyؕ}i 9뛂ZA@@o oۢ܈7$2(Yf LP ~^D.<N%?X\|W |hD_Ǝ>=daXA2mIl>)}P_FSaxx}UҳI89h ϯǞt J=d_U~=zJ`$ $ !}4ʕP(!$2Z$E;Đ`A=/^U"Đ`D+||w.`|_7ߕ!0`Mkti6^ ͜U`aW9: +?cϪ/D mpsq_ED{_7Iv76jo]4ˉ` 揬u m8]*:%V ~U7`A ˚>VP@ys0K7@ 8գQ(]>^*KߪD 0180a&D 0180a&D P`eAq#n(``Y#F}{? r`ZlbStt{ܵe+{Z_mK el SRǻ[¹u]Iz%ռS `}[_݃$@ϤV<_T# wÿR")}SǓ> 6K. q0@4NYk$~ w0jjl { 0zB/b;ӎ߱ o͞(&8 kSD8V=RfN P~*[Epf h0 ~k]:<0<vi]q~*F4\N%M?TA/\<?sϗ` l>Oes^WWU~ǽ$ ,%o7(ц.~YY&*@0!|TR?]|%0LxmW2!h@*fW= YK?V=Uf K.Iu l, Y~eo礻f=]< y/KA]AUq i` &0/qB+h6 `!8J[.Y}cqO"L 0"L  0~p$`8V`8V}u8WD ednW7lanoRL x IQhlOƪWUߗ~Tu>flcO+75FJLeag+r\ _L|:!wOs 0 0 Nz%xKޒzw ^$ěo ,UC[ކm 4$n+WͶu@B1TT>N^i_N8`(>4li46>oI, >_+d 8 `"*WU_[G^'H܊oXs"AEvBC=\`iʽ`p ~sD~5WN{p0APAj<o+⍺܆*< /Ǧu-<o(wB1꓃':GgM|!M Wϼ]\<K3Ǿ͆屪yH0m>QjpH*cJK+0yp pO̻_Ak!.+zC[עUl\t ?@|UeYN$K./,T%`$VTT&`hIi HBTg+K~~n"R 028J! `A8O6{ڒPAn=N_!` rs%#hZ`>' \d -4 |T$*Vdiώm>Uy 0^$9n1h!!pz%UٸDJU駏Ug{=$ 'y؊Ch#y;I!{ϓFWjxdz ^ekި v[d=? _!DqA`>fd!p0}&[Sd;t\H?y>fǘHTK}4ǽdb`t(@ϯ܆Iyvu ąUq Dd <>Y}}q8|DN}}I\J@GC'??TX Bb5!'b%`02 x0q+ X 03@77bFvYHuPKɲ W[-*,3">/?T?U:V,Fh `C'*J0ٺs3LKh0! cr*r.Qz|WɊ p0J%E7(>lǽ=J@rqR﫟1X % JB_ڦih>,T=;rlH=d!_,#S%YX*Z) af&uXP\v!=nduUے{ |2I`ZP02CʄcWw=Hǎ{˔E JC*܈I!";qg7}L9M??hw>:D=#6>ucΏ}} s#C2"ϸ!ĸx !1e\T7<`fo#a` 0 0 /ds7e>cE5f"zË܁(X0*^S0 L 4 |xRı,K>Tʲ9oHal~$ E޷tu `RJ}ãyQ3E;C*~DACVqP!g_z y" <͖uh}Dи$0? VC@HH*Tޖ7%Y˻joӾaYY=Zt-[ $_,=@$YBKշXǖ7%fa\ R_;pox]UE n0S.T\:DzXtvꗽ<$>1e;yx)t >ް&W/vwH ͳ*4r>/c=?1'?>B[ilYK<ڂR>?qA(a L( dGU,tixo^ޑ ?o Grјb'G_j-bʄg ,I@10 0q2y0 E xBZ\%zr5,OT%C|R*Fn 0LgFU駺UJUTYr\a`@>$**_,"bZpK
What the heck is this?!

28th December 2005, 6:18 AM
umm Maybe the site is alive and its trying to Communicate?

28th December 2005, 6:19 AM
No,I doubt that it's ALIVE. But, what the heck?!

28th December 2005, 6:32 AM
Maybe the Site Is like ET, its trying to Phone home, to the Creator, But it cant becuiase its locked in a Jail Cell with Useless info

But really its just a lIttle Minor Glitch

28th December 2005, 6:34 AM
They might've been trying to install a hack (HIGHLY unlikely >>) but messed up somewhere.

28th December 2005, 6:39 AM
It has happened to me before on other sites. Most likely it's just an occasional error when loading the page. It happens very rarely.

Just refresh the page if that happens.

28th December 2005, 6:40 AM
WTF?! Just now, I tried to PM the quote to Serebii and my computer spazzed out! The strange symbols were covering the website page, my aol connection failed and my desktop was screwed up! I fixed everything but now I'm mad. :<

28th December 2005, 6:42 AM
Ok, it's a problem with your comp then >>

Or maybe just a problem with your Internet Browser.

28th December 2005, 6:46 AM
Whatever. I THINK this happened once before to me with this website. I PMed a couple of Smods and Admins.

28th December 2005, 7:54 AM
It could be a virus, trojan, or a hacker. Not that I'm an expert in the field, but some viruses etc. can do wierd stuff like that. But, it's more than likeley what Lucifer said, and like I said, I have no idea about those sort of things.

Magma Leader Maxie
28th December 2005, 11:16 AM
This is really weird. I wanted to quote some of it, but I cannot highlight the first line!

If I didn't know otherwise, I'd say it was a system file opened in notepad.
F d>>5,$o2K_cpj5]7"hX?oe@%Z\ @8~`ުCT9?wϘf:E^|(bŇXR@A r /2`C0n}]V ݇Ix#܌yvBh8v0?{.nv*#q| `@: $#۾#=x~ *+d L.sHCBR}eJ`Uꀛ7"Lx̊Yz2D@I@>a@)4~ZIʤ|JAďuUǖ\?u5%6U$}'8h V,W*W>ǎP_}u@{Z=Xzx0s<5S|uA9pf
it seems to be made up of the Alt+number symbols. I wonder what that means? Perhaps if the symbols were reverted back int numbers there would be some sense, but I srongly believe it's just "gibberish".

28th December 2005, 12:19 PM
Could be a virus/trojan or something. But then again, my PC is riddled with viruses, spyware, trojans etc, but that never happened to me. Odd.

Final Flash
28th December 2005, 12:44 PM
It could be a virus. I had a virus once-Kept giving me spyware. Well,It's fixed? Nothing to worry about. it happens rareley. Once or twice on neopets,and on another site,something like that happened to me.

28th December 2005, 2:58 PM
It's an error you get when you try to load a page nothing more. It's like the page is only half loaded and can only get those symbols out of the website. =/

28th December 2005, 7:53 PM
could be that someone is trying to hack but...

28th December 2005, 8:37 PM
Smells like a browser glitch to me

28th December 2005, 8:39 PM
A glitch that temporarily screwed up my computer? So, what are these symbols?

29th December 2005, 12:06 AM
Or it could just be the code screwed up. That's happenend to me once or twice.

29th December 2005, 12:22 AM
A glitch that temporarily screwed up my computer? So, what are these symbols?
Actualy if you look close enough you can make out some words like.
&W/vwH ^--cleary you can see away with a e in it and
cWw=H ^--in that you can see wow

29th December 2005, 2:14 AM
Yes, because wow actually means something.

29th December 2005, 7:45 AM
Its a glitch in the system. The agents are coming. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN >>;

Its happened before, I doubt its anything...

29th December 2005, 11:26 AM
Browsers use a converter that converts raw HTML into Machine Code so that the browser/computer can read and understand it. If it is just one bit off, it can screw up like that

29th December 2005, 11:50 AM
You people have no idea.

It means that the forums were overloaded at the time your browser requested from the server. The exact same thing happened at PC. Then Steve upgraded the servers, and it was never mentioned again.

29th December 2005, 3:46 PM
Well with all that said is there anymore reason to keep it open? If it happens again (which I doubt) just refreash. Not like this is anything serious.

English Avatarman
29th December 2005, 8:02 PM
It looks like when you load a picture on Microsoft Word.