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Kagome Higurashi
28th December 2005, 8:56 PM
OK since the other thread is most cliched and almost all of them are generally cliched anyway, which is your least favorite overall? And you can only pick one!

My least favorite is clone personality, it's very boring.

Tropical Spirit
28th December 2005, 9:15 PM
Het. 8D

As for chemistry, I hate ANYTHING clich&#233;'d equally unless I can find a way to spice it up. :<

Chaotic Sponge
28th December 2005, 9:31 PM
Damsel in Distress. Hands down.

I believe it's one of the oldest cliches' ever- seriously, even FAIRY TALES did it- and not only that, bitween the females helplessness and 'wahing' I just want to stab something.

Although, I think it's cool if it's a guy, since then It'll get a laugh. =D.

-Da Spongey one.

28th December 2005, 9:40 PM
This is almost exactly like your other poll. :/

Anyway, damsel in distress is lame if the girl is really pathetic.

However, I do like it if the girl shows that she can be as much of a heroine as the guy, but still relies on the guy to help her.

Lots of Disney Movies are like that, the girl is shown to be a heroine all throughout the movie, but then in the end the guy saves the girl anyway.

So uh...it really depends.

Nintendo Master
28th December 2005, 9:46 PM
Damsel in distress is the most boring genre ever because it's too overused in anime,manga,video games,etc.

28th December 2005, 9:56 PM
Probably Damsel in Distress... Though it really depends.

It doesn't annoy me as much if the girl is shown to be strong and can still protect herself, but she makes mistakes every once in awhile.

Love/hate + DID bothers me. One second the girl is beating up on the guy, then the next "OMG RESCUE MEEEEEEEEE!" and all the guy is concerned about is the girl. Especially when the girl is strong enough to get out of the situation, but no, she MUST have the guy rescue her because "omgangst he don't care about me he likes otherz waaaaaaah *sliceslice*".

Stuff like Lloyd x Colette is bothersome as well. Colette is stronger than Lloyd, yet we have to see her get saved all the time. It's stupid.

... So yeah. I'll just vote DID.

28th December 2005, 9:56 PM
I think my least favourite genre ever is the 'perfect' couple. As in, the Mary-Sue and her male counterpart who are drawn together because they can sense the pure and noble soul of the other shining through like a beacon of yaddah yaddah yah. Often they end up saving the world through the holy power of their true love, because they're just special like that. Luckily I usually only see this in fanfic, but it's still horrendous enough to warrant a vote. Clone personalities was the closest thing to it on the poll, so that's what I clicked.

29th December 2005, 2:03 AM
Tragic, especially involving characters I like/shippings I like. I think I died a little inside when K.A. killed off Rachel from Animorphs. The whole Rachel/Tobias thing its built up through out the entire series, but it ends with Tobias stealing the urn carrying Rachel's ashes...*sniff*

Yeah, put simply, I really hate it when a shipping I like is literally killed off...

29th December 2005, 10:34 AM
I&#180;m really trying to not go to sleep...

I vote Damsel in Distress for the imbalanced nature of this kind of ship. Just *yawns* i don&#180;t like it.

To hell with this, i&#180;m going to sleep.

29th December 2005, 3:00 PM
Tragic. If I like the ship, I could care less if there are other cliches, or even if it's forever unrequited, as long as they're both alive so there's a chance...

Most of the ships I'm crazy about are crack-induced anyways, so the only one of those I see a lot is forever unrequited and sometimes love/hate. Well, and shounen/shoujo ai of course, though I'm not sure why that's up there when het/incest/crossbreeding/pedophilia isn't... >.>

29th December 2005, 6:20 PM
My least favorite shipping genre is through love,and hate because it's hard to tell which like or hate each other. After all, fighting,and bickering are not the signs of love.

It's true that Ash,and May did fight in one episode, but they were able to stop the bickering by apologize each other for their previous actions. That's so compassion that pokeshipping didn't have.

Silver Ryu
29th December 2005, 9:08 PM
Well, I'm not much of a shipper, but here goes.

I agree about damsel in distress things. -_-;; Annoying as heck. And it's not on the list, but one-sided things bug me. A lot. I'm talking about when one of them (usually the girl) is all "ZOMG i LUV J00!!!!1 *hugs*", and the other one (usually the guy) is all "WTF?" Ugh...

And sappy, overly romantic stuff is kind of irritating. I mean, I've gotten to the point where I don't find kissing in movies and stuff gross anymore, but sometimes this kind of thing is taken too far.

30th December 2005, 1:14 AM
My least favorite genres are the ones that are done to death, especially in fanfiction. There's only so much you can do after a certain point that hasn't been done before. That's why I avoid Ash & Misty fanfics like the plague.

30th December 2005, 1:35 AM

I find it all disgusting in anime. <3

30th December 2005, 2:54 AM
Why are shounen-ai and shoujo-ai their own category? You think by a ship being same-gendered it doesn't fit in any of those other categories?

Chaotic Sponge
30th December 2005, 3:01 AM
Why are shounen-ai and shoujo-ai their own category? You think by a ship being same-gendered it doesn't fit in any of those other categories?

I think s/he means that when a person in a ship's 'peferance' is changed just for that ship -facon wise, atleast- when it might have been actaully 'stated' in the series that they weren't.


And I see a lot of people are voting for DID... Good, good =D.

30th December 2005, 5:08 PM
There are some good movies/books/whatever with love/hate-relationships, but I have to say...slowly but surely, they're getting annoying as hell. Bring back some good romances without this 'constant bickering' aspect. I'm startin' to hate it.

Forever unrequited is quite pathetic. That's the only thing that made Scarlett so horrible, because other than that she would have been a great character. Erm..off-topic.

Damsel in distress is annoying too if it involves a character like Jane from 'Tarzan'. Erm...off-topic.

30th December 2005, 10:14 PM
Sushi, do you watch Dr. Who? The new season, that is? The Doctor/Rose relationship isn't love/hate and it's adorable. [/ship pimpage]

30th December 2005, 10:19 PM
Pretty sure it doesn't air here in Germany ;( But it's good to know about it anyway, thanks XD