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29th December 2005, 6:27 AM
The RPG Pokemon League

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You stare at the towering building before you, then down to the 8 gym badges in your hand.

"Well, this is it.." you think to yourself.

For the past year or so you've been travelling around Kanto, Johto or Hoenn, battling at gyms to collect the gym badges. And now, you're finally at your goal, the Pokemon League. You draw a deep breath and step into the carvernous lobby and realise its packed with people. You manage to push and shove to reach the receptionist.

"Hello!" she chimes. "Here's a form for your registration. You can fill it in over there. We hope to see you soon!"

"Trainers are reminded that only a maximum of six pokemon can be registered for the Pokemon League. Trainers may not alter their team once they enter the Pokemon League." read the form. Walking over to the computer you ponder at the pokemon you would take with you. Pulling a pen from your jacket you begin filling in the registration form.

The plot:
You play a pokemon trainer who is about to enter the pokemon league. You may choose a team of up to 6 pokemon of any evolutionary stage, excluding legendaries.

The twist of this RPG is that trainers will be competing each other based on their RPing skills. That's right, how well you can role play. Trainers will write 1 post on 1 full battle. They will describe all attacks that their pokemon uses as well as their opponent's pokemon. Trainers may make use of the arena to their advantage and they will post on how they win the battle. This means that 2 entirely different battle posts will be given for a match. Judges will then give a score to each player at the end of their post, the total points from all judges will determine the winner of that battle. Judges will judge posts based on how balanced a trainer is, (which means even if your Dragonite 'pummels' the poor Pikachu, you may not win), how creative the post is, how innovative the trainer is (eg. using the arena to his advantage), etc.

For those who need an example:

Refree posts: Trainer War vs. Trainer Forge.
The trainers looked out at the sandy battle field and braced themselves for their first battle. The arena looked tough with rocky terrain and a lone pool of water in the middle of it. "Each trainer will be using 2 pokemon each!" yelled Refree Cheese.

War posts: The arena was bla... bla.. "Charmander! I choose you!" I shouted. .......... "Charmander, use flamethrower!" I said as my Charmander shot a stream of fire towards Forge's Squirtle. The squirtle ducked into his shell but it seemed to be hurt. .......... The squirtle returned with a water gun causing Charmander to yelp in pain. .......... "Tackle him!" I shouted. Charmander rammed the squirtle backwards, it slammed into a cliff face behind it and fainted.

Forge posts: I released my buddy Squirtle into the pool in the middle of the desert arena. "Use water pulse!" I yelled as squirtle summoned the water around him and directed it at the Charmander. The Charmander returned with a scratch attack and ........... "Finish the Charmander off with a Surf attack!" Squirtle ducked beneath the surface of the water and huge rising wave swept over the Charmander. I was victorious.

You get the idea? Well, type doesn't play a part in this RPG and neither does evolution stage. That means a puny Bulbasaur could beat a colossal Charizard. I repeat, you will be judged purely on the quality of your post!

League Play: Instructions to Trainers

Trainers please note, I have originally posted that the preliminary rounds were going to be elimination based. However, this would mean many trainers would get eliminated early on. Thus, I have changed it to a group style, round robin arrangement.

The Plot (Preliminary Round):

After submitting your registration form, you wait around in the huge lobby nervously as the receptionist calls out the trainers names one by one, followed by a definite "Accepted." or "Not accepted."

Finally, you name is called. There's a pause longer than usual, whispering between the receptionist and the judge near her. "Accepted!" she finally says confidently.

You heave a sigh of relief and follow the usher into another room where apparently all the other trainers who were accepted were. You looked at them and sized some of them up.

Suddenly, a man behind you clears his throat. "Ahem. That seems to be the last of the trainers. Well, I must extend a warm welcome to all of you here. You are indeed a previlleged few." he says rather regally.

"Welcome to the Pokemon League!" he abruptly exclaims as few break into cheers and applaus. "I know that many of you have come from the various regions around Kanto to participate in this league and I'm sure each of you bring with you the best of your pokemon." he adds with a slight sneer.

"Now, I need each of you to hand over your 6 pokeballs. Don't worry they'll be safe with us." says the man who is obviously a judge. Ushers carrying trays with 6 depressions enter the room. One stops just in front of you, and you notice that your name has been printed on it. Hesistantly, you place your 6 pokeballs into each of the depressions. The judge waves his hand and promptly, the ushers file out of the room.

"In the room behind me, you will find 5 rooms. Each with a giant poster of your name and your opponents on it. You will be divided into 5 groups and battle each other in the order that is listed there. 2 People from each group will move on to the semi-finals in Groups A to D while only 1 person from Group E will move on to the semi-finals. The first matches will start as soon as you unpack in your dorms." explains the judge.

As soon as the judge steps aside, the trainers scramble and jostle to reach the rooms. As the judge has described, there were 4 rooms each with a bold letter A, B, C or D on them. Below the letter was a large coloured poster with the faces of the trainers and their names.

Group A
Zerodius Selvern
Izumi Orimoto
Alex Darkblade

Group B
Silver Keeran Evon Etherlight
Seth Turango
Anna Raloyn

Group C
Jase Mackenzie
James Donnin
Yanni Hones
Regis Philban

Group D
Drew Ferguson

Group E

Pushing open the door you realise that you'll be sharing a spacious dorm with your opponents. "Sleeping with the enemy. Just great" you mutter below you breath. Unpacking your luggage and taking one bed you realise a scroll of parchment on your bed. Unfurling it you see the name of who you will be battling against.

Group A
Match 1: Zerodius Selvern vs. Izumi Orimoto
Match 1: Alex Darkblade vs. Biscuits
Match 2: Izumi Orimoto vs. Alex Darkblade
Match 2: Biscuits vs. Zerodius Selvern
Match 3: Zerodius Selvern vs. Alex Darkblade
Match 3: Izumi Orimoto vs. Biscuits

Group B
Match 1: Silver Keeran Evon Etherlight vs. Seth Turango
Match 1: Anna Raloyn vs. June
Match 2: Seth Turango vs. Anna Raloyn
Match 2: June vs. Silver Keeran Evon Etherlight
Match 3: Silver Keeran Evon Etherlight vs. Anna Raloyn
Match 3: Seth Turango vs. June

Group C
Match 1: Jase Mackenzie vs. James Donnin
Match 1: Yanni Hones vs. Regis Philban
Match 2: James Donnin vs. Yanni Hones
Match 2: Regis Philban vs. Jase Mackenzie
Match 3: Jase Mackenzie vs. Yanni Hones
Match 3: James Donnin vs. Regis Philban

Group D
Match 1: Makenzie vs. Drew Ferguson
Match 1: Brian vs. Violet
Match 2: Drew Ferguson vs. Brian
Match 2: Violet vs. Makenzie
Match 3: Makenzie vs. Brian
Match 3: Drew Ferguson vs. Violet

Group E
Match 1: Maya vs. Soraku

All Match 1s will commence at the same time. For Groups A-D, your first match is a 1 on 1 pokemon match. For Group E, you will have a 2 on 2 pokemon match. Refer to the sign up sheet and choose for your opponent the pokemon that he will be using in this first match, PM them the pokemon you have chosen and Match 1 may begin. Do not begin Match 2 yet!

Group A will battle in Arena 1, Group B in Arena 2, Group C in Arena 3, Group D in Arena 4 and Group E in Arena 5. The stadiums are described below.

Arena 1:
The arena is filled with flowing lava with rocks jutting out of the ground. The field looks like it is about to melt away any moment. Above head are giant platforms suspended by giant metal chains on which the battle will take place. Should the platform crumble, there is sufficient ground just above the lava for the battle to continue however, since it is much closer to the lava, the heat becomes unbearable even for fire pokemon.

Arena 2:
The arena is twice as large as an olympic sized swimming pool and also twice as deep. The numerous floating platforms of different sizes float around the pool. The platforms are rather unstable and a wave could easily push them over. At the bottom of the pool is a large plug which is used to empty the pool for cleaning and pokemon may use this to their advantage.

Arena 3:
This arena is a large circular clearing in a lush forest. Tall trees extend high above the ground and block out much sunlight. The trees are excellent for climbing and the ground is soft offering a cushion against slamming attacks. Pokemon may use the trees to block attacks or unleash surprise attacks.

Arena 4:
This arena is enclosed in a large hemispherical cage with high voltage electricitiy running through it. Occasionally, sparks rain down on the battlefield. Pokemon may slam their opponents into the cage to weaken them. The ground is soft allowing ground pokemon to easily tunnel out of the cage.

Arena 5:
This special arena is a hovering platform above the other four. The platform is rectangular and supported by numerous propellers beneath it. Should a pokemon fall off the platform, Pidgeots are on stand by to bring them back. However, damaging the propellers could easily bring the arena down into anyone of the 4 arenas below...

29th December 2005, 3:03 PM
Maya's heart raced as she unpacked her belongings...after a long journey around Kanto, she had been accepted into the chambers where the Elite 4 and Pokemon Master Ash walked each day.

Maybe... she thought as she plopped down on the bed overlooking the stadium. Maybe if I prove myself as the Kanto League Champion... She let that hang as she dreamed of the medallions, credits, trophies and other things she would win if she were crowned League Champion--knowing full well that Master Ash would present those to the winning trainer.

Suddenly, Maya was snapped out of her daydream by the battle information sheet posted on the door. Hmm...dueling my roomate...2 on 2...decide on Pokemon before the match, sounds good! she thought.

29th December 2005, 3:45 PM
Drew came walking down along hallway, holding a pice of paper in his hand.
He stoped at a door and looked down at the paper and then at the door.

" Well I guess this is my room." He said opening the door and entering the room.

He put his bag on the desk in the corner of the room and sat down on the bed.

Drew looked at the match seet that he had ben givein when he signed up.

"Ha, Looks like i Am the first to fight in my group"

He put the seet back in his bag and toke out a Picrter of His mom and dad.

" Well Dad It looks like your boy made it."

29th December 2005, 3:58 PM
A sigh of nevousness came across Regis Philban.
" Crap all the opponants have at least one water pokemon, and I'm going to have to fight on the water stadium eventualy!" he said out loud. Everone at group C stared at him blankly. Even Yanni Hones, who is normally insecure of people felt a little releaved knowing he had to face Regis.

Trying to get awayfrom embarraisment, he rushed away from the group room covering his eyes with his headband (to stop himself from seeing people laughing at him) to his room. But on his rush there he tripped over a doll, then crashed into a wall and knocked over a pipeing hot cup of tea unto james Donin. Still blinded by his headband, he fell over and landed on Jase Mackenzie. Who then punch him over to Yanni Hones. Terrified by people, he pushed him over to the snakbar(left by The P.L. Commision), and droped juice all over his white jacket, along with some cookies and milk. When he finnaly took of his head band he saw a big mess and very angry rooommates covered in al sorts of things, jucie, tea, etc. Regis was sure that this was going to be a long tournament, and his dream of meeting Ash and battling him one on one were one to five million.

29th December 2005, 5:50 PM
Watching down to what seems like a endless path of darkness, in the corner of my eyes, i noticed the gold number to the same number as my room key. The thought that i finally made it was exciting, but it was too far to come to lose. As i inserted and turned the key, i walked into the room and carefully set my bag down onto my bed.

I read my battle sheet, which has my opponents, their pokemon, my group and the field i will be battleling in. The thought of an electric field was just fine, except for Milotic. Nervousness slowly arisen from my heart. hearing a voice, i turned around to see somebody sleeping. Was it Drew? Violet? Brain? Who knows, im just lost right now. The little bold letter at the bottom of the page caught my eyes. You are battleling 1 on 1 with your room mate. For round 1, Drew Ferguson, make sure you contect him immediately. Only thing left here was anxiety as i was excitedly waiting to battle Drew.

Winning wasnt the first thing that came to my mind, but it was to impress my brother who failed at becoming the champion at these leagues. He always told me when he came home about the way he fought, the intense heated battle. I was sure not going to let him down.

Plopping into the bed while taking a deep breath, I checked what pokemon he had on his team, i knew right there that this would be one intense battle for round 1.

Hikari Tenshi
29th December 2005, 6:38 PM
Soraku searched her messy bag, looking for the key for her room. After what it seemed like 5 minutes, she unlocked the door and walked in. "I can't believe I made it this far," she thought in her mind while blankly staring out the window.

She quickly unpacked and sat on the bed. Soraku picked up the sheet of paper the man gave her. "Looks like I'm up against a tough trainer. Maya..." she whispered. She skimmed through the rest of the sheet and looked at her Pokeballs. "I wonder what I should use first," she said out loud. "Maybe Guts, or Chlora... If it's two on two, I'll maybe use one on ground and one in air."

While still thinking, she grabbed her pendant. Her grandmother first told her about Pokemon and what they were. She never gave up on teaching Soraku and always was by her side. Now, she wouldn't be there for her. "I'll do my best for you, Grandmom," Soraku managed to say while gulping.

Magic kid930
29th December 2005, 6:49 PM
Biscuits looked around for group A. When he found it, he opened up the door to find some other people there. "Um... is this the right room? A?" he asked the 3 others. One of them nodded. "If your name's Biscuits" he said. Biscuits went over to a post that was on the wall. MATCH 1: Alex Darkblade VS Biscuits on the Lava Feild! Trying hard to not show that he was afraid Electrode might not be tough enough to stand lava, he put his things on the free bed.

29th December 2005, 7:05 PM
Alright, I'm sorry to make this seem like spam but guys, please read the first post. (No offence to those who have).

The twist of the first match is that you will choose the pokemon that YOUR OPPONENT is using against you and your opponent will do likewise. So it's time to click on the link to the sign-up thread and look at what pokemon your opponent has brought. You may either PM them with the choice of pokemon for them or post in the discussion thread if you are not sure what is going on.

As soon as you receive the PM from your opponent, you may start your first post on the first battle. Note that the entire battle has to be contained within 1 post. So make it a long and good one. Use Microsoft Word if you have to. It will determine if you win that battle. Do not edit that post after you have made it. Anyone who does not obey the rules will be DQed from that match and possibly DQed from the rpg if its really serious.

29th December 2005, 7:27 PM
Drew got out of bed and noticed that his room mate had arived.

" And Though That I had this room to my self." He mumbled.

He walk over to the desk and sat down, And reched into his bag pulling out his pokeballs.

Drew Picked up a pokeball that had a leaf sticker on it and relesed the pokemon in side.

There was a bright flash of light and a green lizard like pokemon apperd befor him.

"Scep" The pokemon said as it vued it's tempray home.

" Well Blade, I guess Ill use you frist."

Magic kid930
29th December 2005, 7:31 PM
OOC: warforged, I did read the first post and sorted out that I use Electrode with Alex Darkblade.

I went onto the battle-feild. I was told to stand on a platform and put my Electrode on the platform in front of me. "Go, Sparks!" I called, and Sparks came out onto the platform. Alex realeased Copy, his ditto, then we stood onto our platforms. Suddenly, they both lifted up, along with the pok'emon's ones. A huge wave of lava came out of nowhere and covered nearly all the stadium, with bits to spare. "Okay, Sparks! Don't let me down!" I whispered to my Electrode. "Elec-trode!" it replied. The referee shouted "GO!" and Copy was first to react with Transform. "Ok then Sparks, show them no fear! Use Sonicboom!" I called. Sparks sent a wave of energy at Copy and nearly bowled it off of it's platform. Alex Darkblade told Copy to repeat what Sparks did, and use sonicboom. Copy was much stronger than Sparks, and actually DID send it off the platform. My brain went into overdrive. Then I shouted "Electrode, use Charge!" Sparks begand to glow with intetense yellow sparks, and immediatly, the lava turned into electricity, and headed straight for Copy. It whammed Copy off his platform and onto the one with Alex on. Copy was no longer able to battle, and I emerged victorious!

29th December 2005, 8:07 PM
Alex shook his right wrist, making a Pokeball appear in it. Alex took a glance on it before launching the Pokeball containing Copy, his Ditto onto the field. "Copy that!" he taunted, as the pink goo-looking Pokemon appeared. "Transform!"

Copy immideatly reacted and started the Transform-morph. It started gathering itself into a pink sphere before growing to the actual size. The colours changed and the normally empty expressions of a Ditto was changed into the more vicious Electrode. Alex nodded, satisfied. "Now," he announced. "Let's try this one out...Thunderbolt!"

The transformed Copy started rolling around, starting to shine an electric yellow and then stopped. She waited a split second before firing off a lightning-ray of massive electricity. The Electrode nimbly rolled out of the way, before sending off a counter-attack consisting of a Sonicboom. Ditto was too slow to dodge, but didn't take much damage off it. Copy was now clearly mad.

Alex nodded for himself and raised his left hand. Copy nodded and rolled back to face the other Electrode. "Combinate!" Alex commanded. Copy started jumping up and down, while charging up an electric attack. Suddenly, the transformed Ditto charged at the Electrode, sparks flying and the platform he had started on started breaking behind him. Copy then rammed into the opponent making it start to fly off the platform and fall down into the lava. Then, Copy jumped after it and fired downwards the Thunder she had been charging, hitting the Electrode Point Blanc. The recoil sent Copy flying towards a platform in the lava. The opponent's Pokemon fell into the lava and fainted.

"Victory." Alex declared and returned the Ditto.

29th December 2005, 8:42 PM
Yanni glanced out the window, to where the sky was bright grey, and not filled with textures of the darker shades that clouds would provide, which had to mean that it was sunny outside. With a smile, Yanni looked to see who his first opponent was. Hmm, Regis Philban... he must have been that clumsy guy from about an hour ago who made a bit of a mess.

“So, it soon begins...” Yanni sighed to himself, uncaring of the fact that there were other people in the room. He was most uncertain about what would happen and doubted himself, as he always did, but his faith in his Pokemon was strong... hopefully strong enough to compensate for his discomfort. After all, he had come this far, meaning there was no chance that he'd be giving in now.

29th December 2005, 8:55 PM
"Calling Drew and Makenzie down to the stadium!" the words from the announcers thundered across the whole stadium into every trainer's room. Here goes nothing Pulling out the second pokeball from the right, i call out Blissey. "Go Blissey!" The area where the ball landed flashed with glorious light, and out popped Blissey. Blissey! My pokemon smiled ever so sweetly.

Out onto the battle field, the croud roared with excitement. Being careful, i walked into the field despite the electrical force that was covering the battle field. Across the field stood a trainer younger and shorter than I. The headband that stretched across his head that held his hair back seemed to spark with life as the electricity surged through the field. Each trainer will be using 1 pokemon as a 1 on 1 battle, the last pokemon standing will be victorious.

"Go Blade!" Drew shouted from across the field. Blade stood there and roared with his passion burning.

"Ok Blissey, lets show them what we got!" Blissey appeared from my side of the field.


"Ok Blade! Leaf Blade!" The Sceptile's arm soon started to glow green, and charge toward's blissey at the speed of light. I watched as the speed demon charged towards Blissey. Thinking fast, "Blissey! Use light screen!"a wall of light appeared between Blissey and Blade's Leaf Blade attack, cutting back on the damage. Blissey fell backwards from the force of the attack. "Blissey! Use attract!" Sceptile was then dream-like at the sight of Blissey. Drew seems horrored. "Blade! Snap out of it! Show Blissey your Focus Punch!" Blade started glowing red, as energy surged through his body. "Blissey! Thunder Wave!" Blissey then sent out electrical sparks that paralyzed Blade. "Attack now Blade!" Blade didnt move. Noticing electrical spark around sceptile's body, he was paralyzed. Phew, a few more seconds to think of something else. never imagines him to be so fast. "Blissey! Seismic Toss!" Blissey ran towards Blade, and grabbed him by the arm. The next few scene happened to quickly to describe too well:
Blissey jumped in the air holding sceptile arms back.
Blissey tossed Blade againts the electrical wall, electricuting him.
BLade stood up resisting the shock from the electrical field, not being damaged much because he was grass.

"Blade, use Body Slam!" Blade didnt move, as his eyes turned from a angry glare to a lovey dovey like glare. Drew was embarrassed. "Blissey! Show him your Seismic Toss again!" Blissey ran towards Blade, but because of Blade's wickedly fast speed, Blade reacted quickly. Blade dodge the attack, leaving Blissey running straight into the electrical wall. Blissey was paralyzed from the field. The battle wasnt looking good, i was panicking, my heart speeding up. "Blade! Use Solarbeam! She's paralyzed!" Blade started to glow, as he took in sunlight. "Blissey! Use aromatherapy!" Blissey started glowing, as she was cured of paralysim. "Blissey! Hurry! Use Light Screen!" Blissey quickly hustled to make another wall. Blade targeted Blissey, and launched his solarbeam, which again the damage was reduced. "Blade! Brick Break!" Blade ran straight into the wall and destroyed the Light Screen, but damage Blissey at the same time. "Blissey! Softboil!" Blissey carefully healed herself, but Blade wasnt done. "Ok, Another Brick Break!" Blade didnt move. Paralyzed again. Blissey was still busy healing herself. Then, she stood up ready and pumped. Blade looked the same after he recuperated from the paralysim.

"Blade! Use iron tail!" Blade's tail started to turn all metalic, as he charged towards Blissey. "Blissey! Defense Curl!" Blade tail's collided with Blissey. Blissey was damage heavily, but not as much because of defense curl. Blissey was breathing hard now, Blade was breathing a bit awkward.

"Blade, thunderpunch! Make sure you pummel Blissey againts the wall to do more damage!" Thinking fast hoping she had enough health left, "Blissey! Substitute!" Instead of Blissey taking the damage, the decoy did, leaving Blissey just fine, but with less health. Blissey decoy dissapeared. Not only was Blissey tired, but she looked like she could faint any minute. There wasn't enough time to heal her using softboil, things arent looking good.

"Blade! Focus Punch again!" Blade started to surge energy once again. I knew that if i dont prevent the attack, Blissey's a goner. "Dynamic Punch Blissey!" Because of Blissey's sluggish speed, Blade responded immediately with focus punch. Both pokemon collided, Blade being dynamically punch, as Blissey being punched by a strong skill. Blade smashed into the electrical wall, and Blissey was sent flying through the air, hitting the podium where Drew stood. Blade seemed extremely injured by Blissey punch, and so did Blissey.

Both pokemon switch area, with Blade on my side, Blissey on drew's. Neither pokemon flinch. The whole stadium filled with silence. There it happened, both Blade and Blissey fainted. I was shocked that Blissey was able to weaken Blade so quickly with just a dynamic punch. Her punch must have been a critical hit! Everyone gasped, the judges, the audience, everyone. No body made a sound. Blissey began to stand up, and so did Blade. Blissey stood up before Drew's Blade did. This is my chance! "Blissey, have any energy left in ya?" Blissey nodded. "Finish him off with a last seismic toss!" Blissey grabbed Blade by the arm, but Blade was too weak to escape. "Blade! Common! Quit it! Be careful! Dont let Blissey beat you!" Too late. Blissey sent Blade once again flying into the electricuted wall, but not strong enough to knock out Blade. "Blade! Hurry and use Iron Tail!" Blissey was too slow to react, and i was shocked. From no where, Blade spun around and whacked Blissey sending her flying again but into my podium. Blissey eyes were dizzy, as she was knocked out.

"Blissey is unable to battle! Battle goes to Drew and his Sceptile!" The Judge shouted The Audience roared with applause. I smiled. "Great job Blissey, we did our best." Blissey smiled back weakly. Walking off the field, i congratulated Drew on his victory. Time to train again.

(I think people saw this comming that Sceptile would win the battle)
Sorry if its too long, but i hope its good ^^

29th December 2005, 9:17 PM
Just then, I heard my name called to the stadium...so I hurried to grab two Poke Balls and raced out to the stadium...

I swallowed hard as I looked down at the various arenas below. One wrong move, and we could be falling through water, tangled in vines, crashing through rocks, and ultamitely meeting a fiery demise at the bottom.

I shook of my fearful thoughts as my opponent stepped on the Ruby side, releasing a Swellow and a Delcatty as she did so.

"Serena! Mina! Let's go!" I called, hurling the Poke Balls with my Persian and Pidgeot inside.

"Serena! Bite the Swellow!" I called. The Swellow squawked and flailed about as Serena pounced on it, sinking her razor sharp teeth into the Swellow's chest. Both of them rolled about the arena...every time the Swellow tried to get free, Serena would only tighten her grip.

"Mina! Hidden Power!" I called. Mina flew up over the Delcatty and began glowing a bright orangey color...was her Hidden Power Fire or Fighting?

Judging from how the Delcatty cried for mercy, it was Hidden Power Fighting. The Delcatty gasped for breath, then barreled into Mina, dazing her!

Abouut this time, Serena had released her grip from the Swellow, sending it dangerously close to the edge. But, she didn't see the Delcatty charging at her, and soon found herself hanging onto the edge for dear life!

"Mina! Lend Serena a wing!" I called. Mina weakly stood up, carefully picked her up in her talons, and set her back on the ground....before she was blown away by a whirlwind! The force of the wind as so strong, it blew Lita, my Pikachu, into the fray!

"Lita! Thunderbolt!" I called. Lita nodded and launched a huge yellow bolt. The electrical surge was enough to send the Swellow reeling, defeated. But the Delcatty still had some strength left.

"Serena, Headbutt!" I commanded. Serena nodded, and charged into the Decatty's head, so hard, it too teetered dangerously close to the edge, before falling back into the arena, defeated.

The crowd roared with applause as I waited for the results.

Hikari Tenshi
29th December 2005, 9:21 PM
Um, FlamingRuby, look:

First post: The twist of this RPG is that trainers will be competing each other based on their RPing skills. That's right, how well you can role play. Trainers will write 1 post on 1 full battle. They will describe all attacks that their pokemon uses as well as their opponent's pokemon. Trainers may make use of the arena to their advantage and they will post on how they win the battle. This means that 2 entirely different battle posts will be given for a match. Judges will then give a score to each player at the end of their post, the total points from all judges will determine the winner of that battle. Judges will judge posts based on how balanced a trainer is, (which means even if your Dragonite 'pummels' the poor Pikachu, you may not win), how creative the post is, how innovative the trainer is (eg. using the arena to his advantage), etc.

29th December 2005, 9:23 PM
Alex threw himself down on the bed in the dorm room and rustled open the paper again. "Robbery, another swindel, blah blah blah." he muttered, before turning to the page where the crosswords and like were. He turned the right wrist and a pen dropped into the open hand. "Now then, might as well make time go..." he said, and started finishing the half-done Sudoku-board.

29th December 2005, 9:25 PM
" Nice Battle Makenzie." Drew said with a smile on his face.

" You to." she ansered.

Then Drew teried to sceptile, he could bearly stand up.

" All right Blade We One the first round!"

The pokemon nodied.

Drew reteried blade to it's pokeball and ran of the field to go see if the other battles were still going.

29th December 2005, 10:11 PM
"Okay..." Brian said to himself as he walked into his room. He looked around and found a vacant bed. He dropped his things on it and sat down. "I've made it this far... no need to back out now. I can only use one Pokemon..." He noticed that one of his roommates had a Sceptile, and was going to use it in his upcoming battle.

Brian looked at the six Pokeballs on his belt. After a long while, he decided to go with Breloom. Outside, he could hear the audience cheer as a battle between the Sceptile and a Blissey raged on. "I'm up soon..." he said.

Hikari Tenshi
29th December 2005, 10:19 PM
“Maya and Soraku, I repeat, Maya and Soraku go to Arena 5!” the announcer spoke. Soraku looked up from the bed. I better get going or I’ll be late! When she reached the arena, she tried to not look down and go to her part of the platform.

There were less people in the arena than the ones below them because of the hovering seats. Still, the area was filled with cheering and excitement.

“I’ll give my all, Grandmom,” she then whispered quietly. She grabbed a Pokeball from her pocket. Good luck Guts, Kittykat. Two bright red lights flashed. A bird and a cat-like Pokemon appeared from the Pokeballs. She watched as Maya released her Pokemon, Mina and Serena. “A Pigeot and a Persian!” Soraku exclaimed.

“Start the battle!” the referee stated.

“Ok Guts, get ready! Climb at a ninety degree angle!” Guts obeyed and flew straight, then upwards. All of a sudden, Mina appeared out of nowhere and used Aerial Ace. Guts winced, but tried to endure it. “Guts! Don’t hold back, keep going! Ok Kittykat use attract! If that doesn’t work, go ahead and use Double Slap! ” Soraku shouted.

Attract failed, unfortunately for Soraku. “Serena, use Screech!” Soraku heard Maya quickly command Serena. Kittykat cried in agony as he heard the sharp screech. “Kittykat, try to use Take Down!” Soraku said. Kittykat used as much power as possible to ram into Serena. Kittykat barely hit Serena, but it was enough to stop the screeching.

Mina was following Guts and gradually got closer to him. Soraku tried to think fast. “Now Guts, go in a 360 degree angle and use Wing Attack!” she commanded. It was a direct hit! Instead of rushing down, Mina still had some energy left. “Mina! Use Double Team!” Maya seemingly ordered. Guts tried to look around and find the real Pigeot. As an instinct, Guts growled deeply. Kittykat glanced up and saw Guts trapped in about a dozen Pigeot.

“Kittykat, go help Guts and use blizzard at all of the Pigeot!” Soraku stated.
“Serena, block that Delcatty’s way with Slash!”
“Kittykat!” Soraku cried as it got scratched by Persian’s claws. Kittykat fell down. “Get up! Please, we’ve gone so far! You can do it,” Soraku hopelessly said. The Delcatty didn’t look like it fainted, just badly injured. “Serena! Finish it with Head Butt!” Maya happily ordered Serena. At last, Kittykat managed to get up. He dashed to a side of the platform. Oh no, if Kittykat falls it might be the end! The Pigeot standing by will get him, but Kittykat would faint by that time! I’ve got to think of something quick.

“Kittykat hurry, use Quick Attack and go straight to Guts!” Soraku finally managed to say. Mina seemed to have gotten tired of the Double Team. It was a great chance to attack. “Guts, use Aerial Ace!” she commanded. Guts at last attacked the Pigeot and Mina fell to the ground. It struggled to get up and made it. Just one more attack and Mina might faint!

“Serena, use Growl!” Maya abruptly called out to Serena. Serena’s growl caused Kittykat to slow down a bit. “Keep going Kittykat!” Soraku yelled over the low pitched growl. Kittykat finally got over to Guts and Mina, but Serena was quicker for it had gotten there faster than him. “Serena, jump up and pounce onto Guts!” Maya shouted. Serena did as it was told to. “Kittykat, use Blizzard on Mina!” Soraku yelled. Mina was flung over to the side and fainted. Maya looked astonished.

Maya called back Mina as it was carried back to the platform. One down, one more to go. “Ok Serena, use Bite on Guts!” Maya angrily said. Guts shrieked. Maya commanded Serena to use Body Slam on Guts. Guts then fainted. Soraku looked in horror. That fast? She called back Guts.

“Ok Kittykat, use your screech!” Soraku called out. Serena was now trying to resist the sound. Maya told Serena to try to use Fury Swipes. It inflicted damage on Kittykat, but he kept on going. Soraku ordered Kittykat to use Agility combined with Takedown. The combination attack successfully worked and Serena fainted. Victory

31st December 2005, 3:21 AM
Drew walked down the hallway, a grin on his face.

" Man that was a tough battle, That Girl is realy good." He said looking down at his pokeball.

He got to his room and open the door to see that another roomate had arived.

He would say Hi later right now he had to heal sceptile.

Drew relesed the liard pokemon and spared a hyper poition on it.

Hikari Tenshi
3rd January 2006, 11:54 PM
OOC: When will the judges decide on the winner of each battle? Just curious...

RaZoR LeAf
4th January 2006, 1:12 AM
When warforge tells us we can. Until he gives us details on how to judge we can't do anything. In the meantime, everyone can get their battles going. So far I see three complete battles.

5th January 2006, 3:54 AM
Brian heard the cheers of the audience as the announcer declared that Sceptile was victorious. As the sounds of the cheering crowd died away, He also heard his name announced for the next upcoming match against Violet. Several minutes later, Drew walked into the room and released his Sceptile. Brian decided to let the Trainer have some time with his Pokemon. Swallowing hard, he left the comfort of his room for the huge stadium several floors below.

Brian moved quickly to the stadium, not passing a glance to anyone he met. His nervousness would show in his face, he was sure of it. The stadium loomed above him as he entered it. The number 4 was printed in bold letters above the doors, along with a Thunderbolt symbol behind it. Brian noticed that a cage surrounded the arena, and a low buzz of electricity could be heard just faintly.

And then there was Violet. Tall and imposing, her bluish blond hair fluttered dramatically in the wind, and her piercing sapphire eyes bored into Brian's own brown ones. Her navy blue suit was pressed and pulled tight, to show herself as the no-nonsense, confident Trainer that she was. To complete the look, she was chewing gum, smacking smartly with a know-how attitude. "This is going to be a rough match..." Brian thought to himself.

The two Trainers walked to their platforms, which raised slightly above the field. As this happened, a sharp metallic click was heard, and a bolt of blue lighting hit the center of the field. It was now or never. The referee raised two flags, signaling for the two Trainers to release their Pokemon. The crowd went wild, and Violet smirked. She pulled a Pokeball from her belt and threw it.

"Go!" she cried. The red and white sphere spun as it sailed through the air. As it hit the ground, it snapped open and spilled out a white light. The light took form and shaped into a prickly looking Pokemon.

<Slash!> it cried. A Sandslash! Brian felt his heart sink. This made the arena useless to Brian. Seeing that the field was wired electrically, Violet’s Sandslash would have no problem. But his Pokemon, on the other hand...
<Brel! Loom!> Breloom crowed as it was released. It readied itself in a fighting stance, poised to attack.

"Begin!" The judge shouted.

Violet made the first move. "Use Swords Dance!" she commanded. Sandslash commenced into a spinning motion, raising its attack power to the maximum.

Brian thought of another idea, though. “Breloom… use Bulk Up!”

<Bre!> it cried, a reddish aura surrounding it. Brian nodded, knowing that Breloom’s attack and defense would both increase slowly.

“Move in for a Slash Attack!” cried Violet, keeping her eyes on Brian. She knew by experience that Trainers who looked into her eyes often held back, intimidated by their cold steeliness.

Sandslash advanced on Breloom, sharp claws ready.

“Breloom! Mach Punch!” Brian shouted. Breloom spun around into a Mach Punch attack, but before it could, a bolt of blue lightning came down from the ceiling and struck Breloom, paralyzing it.

“Damn, I forgot about the field…” Brian growled. He stood there helplessly as Sandslash slashed at Breloom savagely. Breloom was thrown into the wall of the cage, where sparks danced all around it. It fell several seconds later, stunned from the voltage that it took from the cage.

“Swords Dance again!” Violet called to her Pokemon. There was no emotion behind it, Brian noticed… it was more like a military command… empty and meaningless. Sandslash responded robotically, spinning again to increase its attack.

The crowd was deafening. Cheering for Violet, shouting tips and words of encouragement for Brian… but with all that going on, it still didn’t drown out the sound of Brian’s heart as it thumped in his chest. He tried to avoid looking in Violet’s eyes as he struggled to regain his composure. He knew that panicking wasn’t the best idea, especially right now.

“Breloom… try a Mega Kick!” Brian said.

Breloom shook itself and leaped back into the battle, foot aimed and ready at Sandslash.

Violet looked on coolly, not at all phased.

“Sandslash, dig a hole,” she said. Sandslash disappeared in a shower of dirt, leaving Breloom standing there with no clue of where it was. Several painful seconds later, the ground began to tremble slighty, signaling that it was on its way back to the surface.

Just then, Brian had an idea. Hopefully, it would work… “Breloom! Just stand there! ” Brian shouted.
<Bre…> it growled and nodded in response.

“Now!” Violet called out. Suddenly, Sandslash burst from under the ground right under Breloom! Brain had no time to react, and for the second time of the match, had to watch his Pokemon roughly attacked. But, he was smiling…

Violet looked at Brian. “Why are you smiling? Coming to terms that your Pokemon is no match for mine?” she sneered. “You don’t stand a chance,”

Just as she said that, a purple cloud of spores erupted from Breloom’s cap, scattering all over the arena. Sandslash reeled and fell back, dazed from the powdery substance.

“What the…” Violet yelled in surprise, her blue eyes widening.

“That’s the power of Breloom’s Effect Spore,” Brian smiled again. “Looks like this time it was Poisonpowder.”

Sandslash shook violently and kneeled down, its health being sapped slowly by the poison coursing through its body.

Violet unfolded her arms and clenched her hands into fists. She clenched so hard that Brian could see that her fingers were losing circulation. Her eyes narrowed dangerously and when she finally spoke, her voice appeared hollow and calm.

“It’s time to end this…” she sputtered. She raised a hand to Sandslash. “Use Hyper Beam!”

<Slash!> it moaned pitifully.
“Now!” she barked. Sandslash, seeing that it had no choice, shakily stood. Its eyes glowed yellow and it parted its claws and began to form a ball of golden energy in between them. The ball twisted and grew in size until Sandslash couldn’t hold it any longer. It released the energy in a powerful beam that sliced through the air, tearing up the ground as it passed.

Brian was ready for it.

“Breloom! Counter Attack!” he yelled.

<Bree…Loom!> it called back. It shielded itself in a strong, glowing crimson aura. The Hyper Beam was upon it, but as it reached Breloom, it slowly slowed down and gathered itself back into a ball. Once again, it grew and expanded until it was about three times its original size. Violet’s eyes and mouth were wide open as she saw what was about to happen.

“No…” she whispered.

<Breeeeee!> Breloom cried as it heaved its body forward and released the Hyper Beam, now powered back up by the Counter attack.

“Sandslash! Use Dig again!” Violet screamed. Sandslash, too tired and needed to recharge, stood there dumbly. Now it was Violet’s turn to stand helplessly as the Hyper Beam plowed into her Pokemon, a bright light surrounding the area.

When the light and dust had cleared away, the crowd could see a giant furrow in the ground where the Hyper Beam traveled. At the end of the line, they could see that Sandslash was knocked to its feet. The cheers died away, as if to wait to see if Sandslash would try to get up. It didn’t.

Violet recalled her Pokemon she stood there and held her chin up in the air.
Brian sighed with relief and wiped his brow. He recalled his exhausted Pokemon and walked over and held his hand out to Violet. She looked at him and then down at his hand. Several seconds later, she uncrossed her arms and shook Brian's hand.
The crowd exploded with applause and more cheers for the winners of the match, Brian and his Breloom!

12th January 2006, 1:22 AM
Drew was standing at the door to the field. He had begen taking pictires of brian and violets battle with his camera.

He looked at the pictres he had takein so far. Drew had pictres of every battle so far.

" Oak would love these." He said with a simle on his face. Being a trainer was only one of Drew's hobbes, he was all so a wildlive photorager.

Drew looked up and notice the two trainer come his way.

" nice battle. he said snaping a pic of the two.

20th January 2006, 6:24 AM
After a long journey, Seth realized that this was it. This was the chance he has been waiting for since 13. He looked around in the lobby and see many trainers. He gave the pokemon to the judge and received a peice of paper.
"Group B? Ok." As he walked into his dorm he sees a couple a trainers. "Wow! You guys made it to. You guys look great. I hope we all have a good match." He looked around and sees his bed. He walks over to pick it up. "Its the rules!" You shall only use one pokemon against your opponent. Study your opponent wisely and you may succeed. Good Luck! "Whoa, one pokemon. Ill try my best. Anyone using the computer? Hello??" Anna looked up and said politely, "I dont think so." Delighted I got on. By the computer was a paper listing who is battling who. I was battling a guy with a long name. He looked at me and said, "Call me Ski..." I nodded and went on the computer. I looked at Ski's profile and saw his pokemon. "Wow look at all these cool pokemon. Hey I got that one too! Wow were alike. Well not really but you know what I mean. Gosh A Gengar, a Machamp, an Alakazam. Geesh this is tough!" June looks over and looks away shyfully. I decided to keep it down and study patiently. "I got the perfect one!"

Eternal Daydreamer
22nd January 2006, 12:24 AM
OOC: Sorry I'm late, I have been busy.
Violet stood there glancing at her opponent, smacking her gum as always. Was this her opponent, Brian? Yes. This would be as easy as beating a Smoochum, she thought. The judge signaled them to start.

Violet took out her chosen Pokeball. Tossing it with a flick of her wrist, Violet sneered. This was too easy. The spike covered Sandslash came out.

The electric part of the field crackled as Brian took his Pokeball out. Violet knew he would choose a Ground or Rock type. That would make sense, a real champion like her would. That’s why she chose Sandslash. “Go Breloom!”

The mushroom capped Pokemon came out of Brian’s Pokeball. That was a surprise, didn’t he know that Breloom would be at a disadvantage? Apparently not. That didn’t matter to her. Violet was a hard-core trainer who knew that confidence was key.

Brian looked a little scared. Again, Violet didn’t care. She was intimidating and always had been. The new suit was working perfectly. Although, she would have liked to be wearing a jogging suit instead since she was more of an athlete then a businesswoman. That look however, would not give out an aura of seriousness.

“Sword dance!” The command came naturally to Violet’s tongue. Sandslash took up the swirling motion as naturally. They had practiced many battle strategies together, this was no exception.

“Breloom...Bulk Up!” A red aura surrounded Breloom, it didn’t surprise her. Brian was nervous and wanted to raise his defense. If SHE was a looser like him, she would do it, too. But Violet was not a looser, like her mother always said she was a champion.

“Go in and slash!” The attack was automatic for Violet to say. Using her own powers of intimidation to good use, Violet glared hard at Brian. The glare had worked on many different trainers, gym leader and beginner alike. No one could resist it, that was a proven fact.

Sandslash moved in his claws glinting. Violet couldn’t help but smirk, the battle would be swift and painless. “Mach Punch!” Brian was being foolish. Didn’t think of the electricity? thought Violet. Her idea was confirmed with a spark from the cage laid Breloom low.

Sandslash moved in and slashed his opponent into the wall of the cage. Sparks flew and Violet had to resist the urge to gloat. This wasn’t a battle, it was a massacre. The crowd was cheering for her as usual. Violet tuned them out and tried to make eye contact with Brian. He was only a year younger but he looked like a child that had lost a plaything. He was avoiding her icy gaze.

“Sword Dance!” The boost of attack would finish off this opponent quickly. Brian looked lost and when Violet was younger, she would have yelled the word looser to him. That habit was lost when she grew older, however.

“Mega Kick!” Breloom responded by sticking out his foot to kick. Sandslash backed away and the sudden kick missed by a mile. The reason was Sandslash dug a hole to duck into. Violet didn’t even to order her Pokemon, it was good to see their hard training pay off.

“Now!” yelled Violet. Sandslash knew what to do. The ground Pokemon jumped out of the tunnel it made and slashed Breloom again. A cloud of powder engulfed Sandslash. Effect spore, how could she have forgotten that?! Violet couldn’t help her eyes getting wide. It was Poison Powder.

“Mach punch!” Brian’s Pokemon obeyed and punched Sandslash back into his hole. Violet would salvage this battle. Or try to.

“HYPER BEAM!” Violet roared. Sandslash jumped out of the hole. Her Pokemon’s claws went above his head and started gathering yellow light. Brian smirked. Had she walked into a trap? Breloom was a fighting type. That meant...

“Counter attack!” Violet knew she was dead meat as Sandslash skidded into the cage wall knocked out by his own attack. Violet mouthed the word “No”. Her mother would skin her alive and feed her to a pack of Mightyenas if she was here.

The referee called the battle to Brian. Violet returned her Pokemon as did Brian. The teenager walked over to Violet holding out his hand as the crowds went wild.. Violet glanced at it. He was a good sport which redeemed himself slightly from the “looser” status that Violet gave everyone.

She shook it back. Violet leaned over to whisper in his ear. “Next time,” she whispered. “You won’t be so lucky, looser.”

27th January 2006, 4:33 AM
OOC:My opponent hasn't sent me its choice and its been like over 2 weeks, any suggestions on what I should do?

RaZoR LeAf
27th January 2006, 12:31 PM
Make it up.

29th January 2006, 7:23 PM
OOC: Thanx!
BIC: The next morning arrives. Seth wakes up and is finally ready to battle. He looks around and notices that nobody is in the room. “WHOA! I must be late.” As Seth runs down to his stadium he goes to grab his pokeball. “OH NO! I forgot my pokeballs!” Seth ran back to his room and checks in his pillow case. LUCKILY, they are still there. “That’s the last time I ever do that.” Seth runs to the arena and arrives there just to here, “Seth Turango, please head to Arena 2. Seth Turango, please head to Arena 2.” Seth calls, “I’m here.” Seth looks around at the arena and sees water everywhere. The only things floating are platforms. I bet I am suppose to battle on top of that. Across the arena, Seth sees Ski. “Whoa, there you are. Let’s get this battle started.”

Referee: “Seth please choose your pokemon.”
Seth ponders and has chosen. “I choose you, Tsunami!”
The ball lands in the water and bursts to see a bright light that forms into a beautiful Lapras.
Ski sends out his pokeball. “Whoa! A Machamp!” This is going to be hard.
Referee: “Begin!”
Seth, “Alright Tsunami, Use your Hydro Pump!” Tsunami then opens its mouth and sent out a mighty force of water. It nails Machamp and it falls into the water.
Ski, “Machamp swim to the platform.”
Seth, “Tsunami, don’t let him get away, Surf!”
Suddenly a huge wave approaches and slams the Machamp into the water.
Seth, “Yes!”
Ski, “Ok Machamp dive to the bottom and pull the plug.” Machamp suddenly disappears. Not a moment later did a mighty whirlpool appear in front of Tsunami. “Alright, you want to play that way huh?” Seth said.
Machamp reappears above the surface.
Seth, “Tsunami use Whirlpool!” Suddenly another whirlpool appeared under the Machamp. But the move failed.
By that time the water was clogged in and Tsunami had no where to go.
Ski, “Machamp use your Cross Chop!” Knowing Tsunami cant move on the surface, Machamp’s hit strikes a critical hit, sending Tsunami flying to the end of the stadium, hitting the large steel wall.
Seth, “Tsunami, use Psychic!” Tsunami concentrated and lifted up one of the platforms behind the Machamp. Tsunami let out a straight glare and the platform flies through the air and slams Machamp into the wall ahead of him. “Good! Now use you Ice Beam!” Tsunami let out a mighty aurora from its mouth and a burst of an ice beam was shot straight at Machamp.
Ski, “Hide under a platform.” Machamp jumped under a platform and the Ice Beam was reflected. “Now use a Vital Throw.” The Machamp jumped behind Tsunami and lifted it up. Then it spinned several times and tossed Tsunami against the wall. Tsunami looked like it was going to faint.
Seth, “Are you ok Tsunami?” Tsunami nodded affirmatively. “Wow your Machamp is really good. I have to admit. But now it is time for your Machamp to go bye-bye.” “Tsunami use Sheer Cold!!!” Tsunami let out a mighty roar and a blizzard appeared. The crowd suddenly started to feel cold. The blizzard blew and with a shocking result, nailed Machamp. Machamp started to become frozen and he battle was won.
Referee: “The battle is done. Seth is the winner.”
The crowd was to cold to cheer but they all clapped.
Seth, “That was a great match! We should battle again sometime!”
Ski nodded and we both walked out of the arena.