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Eternal Daydreamer
29th December 2005, 7:46 PM
I finally made the RPG thread. There was some confusion in the sign up thread, so I have included a Question and Answer segment at the end of it.

Note: If you are reading this and happen to dislike Neopets a lot, do not give it a one-star rating because of that. Please. That's what happened in the sign up thread, I believe. If you dislike Neopets, ignore this RPG. That is all I ask out of you.

Ahem, if you want to sign up still the sign up thread is here: Sign Ups (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=98801)

The plot has been changed slightly. Not much but to those who actually play Neopets might understand it better than those who haven't. *coughTR2cough*

NeoQuest III


~Lupine, Royal Chamber~

Glancing out the window into the busy street below, King Lupine let out a low growl of anger. “I see young Neopets alright,” he began. “But none of them seem to be up to par!” The Lupe king finished the sentence by slapping his regal paw against the arm of his throne. The two Kougra guards who were standing by his side flinched at the loud and unexpected noise. Rahon coughed loudly.

The blue Nimmo magician adjusted his flimsy looking hat and took out a dusty tome from beneath his robes. “If it pleases you, Your Majesty,” Rahon began and opened his book. “I have heard from my resources that the Faerie Queen Fyora has been raising up an army of her people.” Lupine snarled slightly and interrupted him.

“I see. But is Fyora helping us or not?!” King Lupine bellowed. Several dragon-like Draik guards charged in to see what the matter was with their king. Rahon took off his wizards hat and scratched his scaly head.

“That I’m not sure. I heard she is kind but I also heard that she is cruel. The rumors contradict themselves and ultimately make the Queen unpredictable and untrustworthy. But threat not, My Liege. I have sent out a Wocky scout a week ago to go to the land of Fyora to learn of her plans,” Rahon told his king briefly. Lupine nodded and sent off the two Draiks back to their duty with a wave of his noble paw.

The two Kougras, the Captain Kogan and Lt. Sarn, glanced at each other but said nothing. Both of them were old green Kougras but one could hardly tell because they wore tunics and armor of yellow and red. The king paid his guards a glance and nodded. Kogan cleared his throat.

“Sire,” the Kougra captain began. “I believe we should have the steward make rooms comfortable for our “guests”. They will be fighters and will need rest.” Lupine stroke his beard in thought. A single nod was all Kogan needed and he sent Sarn off to get the steward.

The king let out a deep sigh. “It’s come to this, has it not? Once my army could face any foe without recruits. But now, I suppose it’s about time for all of us to grow old,” Lupine said sagely. “But whoever is making this difficult. Be it Fyora the Faerie Queen or Count Von Roo, we will fight to the last Pet!”

At this time, the two Draik guards appeared again helping an injured yellow Wocky come in. The Wocky was beat up so badly he looked like an Elphante stampeded all upon his body. Rahon instantly put his hat back on, tucked his book underneath his arm, and walked swiftly to the arrival.

King Lupine raised an eyebrow which clearly meant: “Is that the scout?!” Rahon took one look at his king and nodded darkly. “Aye, it is.”

The Wocky looked up weakly. “Fyora...” he began weakly. “Terrask..wife..revenge..all is...” The scout coughed loudly and became limp.

“Guards, bury the scout out of my sight!” King Lupine barked. The Draiks did as they were told. Lupine turned his towards Rahon. Kogan leaned his grizzled head towards his king.

Rahon was about to say something when a young green Techo in the robes of a squire came in hurriedly. “Sire,” he began breathlessly. “The recruits are at the gates and want to be let in!”
That above is what is happening when your character reaches the palace. (If you signed up late, I’ll make something that will include you so don’t worry.) I’ll show you what I mean with my intro of Meg.

~Meg, On the Road to Merridell~

The dusty road made the young Gelert, Meg choke. Her eyes became watery and she had to lean on the nearest Neopet to gain support. It was a young female purple Eyrie. The Eyrie grunted as Meg put her weight upon her.

“Sorry, Ah didn’t mean to do that. It’s all this dusty road air!” growled Meg. The Eyrie nodded and sighed. “So ya goin’ to Merridell to help ol’ King Lupine?”

“I am, are you?” replied the Eyrie. She kept her eyes down as walked down the road with the many other young pets. Meg nodded although it was hard to tell in the dusty air.
I know that wasn’t very long but in the posts you must use this form:
~Name, Where the Character is~
Since this is the beginning the post tittle would be: ~Name, On the Road to Merridell~

Current Stats (They will change over time):

Weapon: Whittling Knife
Armor: Traveling Clothes
Food: One loaf plain bread, one wedge hard cheese, flask of spring water
Items: Packet of seeds

Weapon: Basic Blade
Armor: Traveling Cloak
Food: One loaf plain bread, one wedge hard cheese, flask of cordial
Items: Flint and tinder

Weapon: Oak Staff
Armor: Basic Rainbow Robes
Food: One loaf plain bread, a bag of three apples, flask of sweet water
Items: Basic spell casting book (dormant)

Lucied Elemental
Weaopn: Basic Blade
Armor: Traveling Clothes
Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
Items: Top

Weapon: Elm Bow
Armor: Brown Traveling Tunic
Food: One loaf plain bread, a bag of three apples, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of cordial
Items: Old straw hat

Viya Kovawe
Weapon: Elm Bow
Armor: Traveling Clothes
Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
Items: Song book

Weapon: Mysterious Onyx Stone
Armor: Black Traveling Tunic
Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
Items: Poisoned tooth

Weapon: Oak Staff
Armor: Traveling Clothes
Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
Items: Dargarian poison vile

Current Quest(s) :

Go to Merridell and get quest from King Lupine.

Current Side Quest(s) :


Here's how the types will work in NQIII:


Air and Fire beat Earth
Water beats Fire
Light beats Dark

Water can beat Fire when Water is frozen (i.e. an Ice attack)
Light can beat Air when Light is electricity
Dark is not strong against any element.
(Thank you FlamingRuby!)


Q: My character already has a weapon and I’ve heard that Lupine will give out another, is that still going to happen?
A: Yes. That is to keep things fair. Lupine will replace your weapon with a slightly different weapon.

Q: How many magic stones can one weapon have?
A: Two. Just two.

Q: My character has a magic stone in the beginning can I use it?
A: No, you have to get a weapon from Lupine to use it. After that you have to complete at least two side quests to gain enough experience to use it.

Q: Another character has a magic stone in the beginning and I don’t! Why is it?
A: They specified it in their history. You will get one in time, just wait.

Q: What are the magic stones and what power they have?
A: Magic stones are stones that power up a character or their weapon. Power varies upon stone. It can be as simple as creating flame on a weapon to as complicated as shape shifting. It depends.

Q: I want my character to be a different color, how can this happen?
A: You have to ask Rahon, Lupine’s wizard to help you. He may or he may not.

Q: What are the magic stones elements?
A: Fire, air, water, earth, dark, light.

Q: My character has food, when and if do they eat it?
A: Anytime after they been gone from a resting stop for long. Food can be restocked at markets and inns.

Q: My character is tired and there isn’t an inn in sight, help!
A: The character camps out. Simple.

Q: Why are the items different for each character and why do they have them?
A: Items vary between characters. Depending on species and history.

Q: I joined late and everyone else has a quest, what do I do?
A: You start at the last resting spot that main party was at. You’ll have to get better weapons faster, though.

Q: Who controls the bosses?
A: Me (La Carlotta). My co-owner controls some of the minor bosses.

Q: Why is it that the prologue thingy is different at the sign up thread?
A: That happens before this. Time passes.

Q: How do boss battles work?
A: Answer is being worked on.

Q: My question is not one of the above, help!
A: PM the owner (La Carlotta) with question and she will help you.

Q: The sign up didn't specify anything about armor/food/items!
A: I found it nescarry to include that so I just pick out beginning armor/food/items for the characters. Depending on speicies/history.

29th December 2005, 7:59 PM
Mage Aiiro
En route to Meridell Castle.

My staff made a soft thumping sound as I walked along the road to the castle, leaving little circular imprints as I walked. The king had summoned me right before classes were to begin at the mage's academy, so I had canceled my class, quickly grabbed some food and my staff, and set out.

I had been walking for almost an hour now, so I assumed the castle wasn't too far away. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the magnificent castle just up ahead. I joyfully ran up to the guardpost and presented my summon notice to the guard. "Lady Aiiro, here to see the king."

"Ah yes...my lady...His Majesty wishes to speak to you." With that, the guard lowered the drawbridge, allowing me inside.

29th December 2005, 8:20 PM
OOC: Side quests...what will those be?


I sighed as I rushed out of my house, and said goodbye to my sisters and brothers. I ran one claw along the onyx stone on my neck, and looked to the sky. "Here we go again," I said as I flapped my large wings. Not that I didn't want to fly, but sometimes I just got bored of life. I mean, wake up, go to sleep. That was pretty much it. But this new thing sounded good...King Lupine had summoned me and that was either the worst thing in my life or the best.

I flapped my wings and rose into the air, greeting the clouds happily. I dove in and out through them, feeling air around my wings and making my body the most aero-capable thing in the world. I sighed as I remembered what had happened last time I had been this carefree...

"Vanyx, you have to be careful!" her mother yelled as she put on a bandage. Vanyx winced in pain as she waited for the bandage to be applied.

"Don't show any emotion," she added, and Vanyx's face immediately fell into the same position it had been before, with no emotion at all.

I sighed and spiraled toward the drawbridge, where several other Neopets were going in. She flew right ahead, and ducked into the castle.

OOC: Well, I'll need some help for a walkthrough of what I'm supposed to do ^^;

Eternal Daydreamer
29th December 2005, 8:26 PM
OOC: The side quests will be mini quests that aren't related to fighting bosses. For now you just have to get to Merridell castle. Side quests may be resucing a lost child for a discount at a market place.

King Lupine
Royal Chamber

The rapping of a staff upon the door brought the king to attention. “Who is that?!” he growled. Rahon bowed slightly.

“I believe it is Aiiro, a young teaching mage at the local university. I sent her a summons this morning, in your name. Forgive me, Your Majesty,” Rahon said humbly. Lupine sighed deeply. “That can’t be helped now, Kogan let our guest in.” The Kougra captain bowed and let Aiiro in.

Aiiro was a blue Aishia in flowing rainbow robes carrying an oaken staff. “Your Majesty,” she said bowing low. “It’s an honor to be summoned to your court. What ails you?” Lupine’s face became red with anger.

“What ails me is an old fool who thinks they can summon people without my permission!” snarled Lupine. “But,” he added in a kinder tone. “That can’t be helped. Lt. Sarn will be here soon with my steward. When that happens he will show you to your room, mage.” Aiiro nodded. She was barely phased at Lupine’s sudden burst of anger.

Rahon got up and showed Aiiro a chair which she could rest in until Sarn got the steward. Lupine sighed again. It was not easy these days.

29th December 2005, 8:51 PM
I propped my staff against a chair and sat down, waiting for the king's servant to take me to my chamber.

Apparently the situation in Faerieland was getting bad--I had never seen His Majesty so angry before; except when he ordered a theif to the gallows to be hanged. judging from how he had lashed out at some of the guards earlier I could sense that although he didn't trust Lady Fyora very much, he was clearly worried about her safety--for without faeries, there was no magic.

Eternal Daydreamer
29th December 2005, 9:39 PM
King Lupine
Bed Chamber

Aiiro had sat down when Lt. Sarn and the steward, a rather plump red Bruce named Riek, came in. Sarn bowed as did Reik. Lupine pointed his paw at Aiiro. “Riek, find Lady Aiiro a room. Don’t stand around all day!” Lupine snapped. Reik bowed nervously.

“Sire,” the steward began. “The halls are packed with guests. Lt. Sarn and I could hardly get through. I suppose I could get Aiiro a room but I do not know what to do with the others.” Lupine scowled at his steward.

“How could this happen?! No matter, after the mage is settled get a meal ready for the rest of them,” Lupine began. “Not a large feast but large enough so they can have food in their bellies. I need to plan.” The Bruce steward bowed. Showing her his flipper/arm, Riek began to lead Aiiro out of the royal bed chamber.

“Stop!” roared Lupine. “Leave your staff here, my lady. We need to examine it.” Aiiro bowed slightly and left her staff on the chair. With that, steward, guest, and Lt. Sarn left the room.

Lupine glanced at Rahon. “This is bad. Not only is the ten warlords are against me, Lady Fyora might be as well!” the king snapped. The Nimmo bowed his head in submission.

“I am truly sorry, My Liege. I am not a future seer. I cannot tell if the future will get better.”

29th December 2005, 10:43 PM
Finally, the king's servant arrived to show me to the guest chambers. I wanted to take my staff, but His Majesty had ordered it inspected for some reason...I wasn't too worried about it, though--I only used my magic for helpful purposes.

"Here you are, Lady Aiiro." the Burce explained as he set his candle on a shelf and opened the windows. "The guards will bring your staff up here soon." With that, he departed.

I was tired from my journey, so I pounced on the bed and dozed off.

Eternal Daydreamer
30th December 2005, 4:52 PM
Lt. Sarn

His rhythmic footsteps reminded him of a steady drumbeat. Sarn knew his duty was to help the steward get the visitors into the great hall for a meal. An easy supper for those who had only traveled a mile or so but it was the king’s orders so they had to be followed. A gentle roar of the crowd to get in was heard. Several voices shouted out as he entered the fray.

“Ah want to see the king!”

“Hur, me be wantin’ so see the king too!"

“Now come along ya blokes let a chap aside!”

Sarn winced, it would be a hard task alright.

30th December 2005, 5:14 PM
OOC: Oh, OK. Like...kinda like faerie quests. Only not getting things, just helping people, etc.


Vanyx swooped through the door of the castle, and flew through the corridors of the castle. She looked nervously around, and then flew through a door that led to the king's big brass door. "I really should wait until the king lets me in," she thought, and waited.

E-102 Gamma
30th December 2005, 7:19 PM

Banna,in grimance,looked at the huge crowd,

'They must want to fight as well...'

He thought,then,his eyes noticed a small gap in the crowd,and swiftly,he ran through to see one of the guards.

"Excuse me,but I was sent here by the King!"

He said to the guard.
The guard stared at him.
Banna let out a sigh and brought out a scroll.
It was inscribed with,

"Sir Banna,here on urgency to see the majesty"

The guard allowed Banna to pass.
Making a quick fleet with his staff thumping on the stone floor,he could see the king and a few of his subjects examining another Oak Staff.

"I am here your highness!"

Banna called out to the lupe.

Eternal Daydreamer
30th December 2005, 9:48 PM
King Lupine
Bed Chamber

The newcomer, a strange looking white Kougra with a staff, had called to the king. He glanced sideways at him. “Who are you and why do you intrude the royal bedchamber?!” Lupine snapped. Rahon left the bedchamber swiftly.

The Kougra bowed slightly. “Your Majesty, I came on the summons,” he said. Lupine glared at him. Growling, he went back to his throne and sat down.

“I know that! You should be in the hall with the others! I ordered the guards to..,” King Lupine began and suddenly his face became red with anger. “Wait! Koce. That idiot! The addle-brained moron!” The king calmed down somewhat when the Kougra seemed to be alarmed. “Sorry about that. All this talk about battle has got me inflamed! I suggest you leave your staff here and go back into the hall.”

The Kougra glanced Kogan as if to see if he could take him. Then thinking better of it, he began to leave. “Leave your staff!” Lupine bellowed. The Kougra obeyed.

Rahon was such in a hurry to leave that he didn’t pay attention to where he was going until he collided with a black Hissi. Groaning both Neopets got up. The royal magician looked at the young female with just a hint of distaste. But he thought up a plan real quick.

“I was summoned by the king, Nimmo,” said the Hissi. Rahon nodded to show that he knew, and he pulled out a scroll out of his sleeve.

“I am Rahon, the royal magician. Could you deliver this scroll to a hermit for me? He is a red Kiko who lives in a cave near the closest lake. I’ll reward you greatly if you do this,” Rahon said suddenly. The Hissi took the scroll.

“Why?” she asked. Rahon rolled his eyes.

“Because it’s a message that the king wants delivered. Don’t stand there all day, move it before I turn you into a Slorg!” Rahon snapped. The Hissi glared at him but she flew away. Rahon sighed deeply.

OOC: X Kazemon, you have a side quest now!

30th December 2005, 11:11 PM
OOC: I can draw up what the type chart looks like for the mages in the audience...

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 2:38 AM
OOC: That will be alright. PM it to me when you are done, please.

~Espeon Arianna~
31st December 2005, 7:04 AM
((OOC: I apologize most profusely for not posting sooner. ^^ Trust parents to pick the worst possible day to take a trip...))
~Viya, On the Road to Meridell - Arrival~
The Shoyru looped through the sky, her eyes sparkling as she flew. For a moment all her troubles were born away by the wind. For a moment, she was free.
Then she remembered where she was going, and why, and her freedom was shackled, her troubles returned.
She glanced down, checking to see how far she had come. She was surprised how fast she had flown. She was almost to the castle gate!
She alighted upon the ground, quickly checking to be certain all her things were still in her possesion.
Her quiver of arrows still hung in its place, the strap looped around her neck so that it hung across to where she could reach the arrows quickly. Her bow, unstrung at the moment, was within as well.
A small bag hung on the strap as well. Inside it was a bit of food and a flask of water, a change of clothing, and one other thing. It appeared to be nothing more than an old book, and to most, it would be. But to Viya Kovawe, the Blue Shoyru, it was precious.
That book contained songs. Songs and riddles. Some she had made up herself. Most she had learned from others. A few had been in the book for as long as she could remember.
Viya took a deep breath and entered with the wave of Neopets.
Well, this would not do. She couldn't see, what with Pets all around her! So she took the simplest solution. She flew up, just above the other Neopets.
Oh, this was going to be annoying. Why hadn't she just stayed home?
She thought back to that day, the day she'd heard the summons.
There was a commotion in the town, not too far from where Viya was flying. If she hurried, she might be able to tell what the news was.
She hurried.
It didn't take her long to figure out what was going on. Apparently the king had sent out a call to arms or something. She wasn't quite certain of the details, since no one else was, but she got the general idea.
She'd hurried home, fetched her things, and set off. But why?
Ah, yes. Now she remembered. She had felt like something was missing. Something wasn't quite right in her life. She'd thought that perhaps she could find out what.
Besides, she had wanted to do something a bit... different.
This simply wasn't going to work. It was too crowded here. She needed a little more space.
She spotted a hallway. That might work. She fluttered into it.
There were still pets everywhere, but not quite so many. She landed.
And almost crashed into a blue Nimmo.
"...into a Slorg!" the Nimmo was saying to a black Hissi, who glared at him before flying away.
That did not bode well.

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 2:17 PM

Banna put the staff down and found his way back to the group of pets on the king's side.
As he joined the group,images began to find their way into his head.


He mumbled,as one of the images flashed into his mind,it was an image of a widowed,female kougra,holding a young kougra in her arms,then it changed to the young kougra being tossed from it's mother,and in the far corner he could see Dargarian troops.

'What is going on?'

He thought to himself.
Looking around,he saw lots of peasants,sorcerors and archers,drinking or eating snacks and tidbits while they waited.

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 3:09 PM

Rahon decided it was time to go to his lair, a room in the dungeon where he could work many dangerous spells without interruption. Turning away from the main hubbub, the blue Nimmo stormed down a unused passageway.

For a moment he thought he heard flapping wings and saw a flash of blue, but he thought it was just a breeze ruffling his robes. That must be it.

31st December 2005, 3:41 PM
Guest Chamber

My slumber was interuppted by a knock at the door. "Who's there?"

"Your staff, Lady Aiiro." a guard began, presenting my staff to me. "If you're hungry, His Majesty ordered the cook and his staff to feed everyone."

I trooped downstairs and saw the banquet hall packed with all kinds of pets...thankfully, there was an empy chair on the left corner, so I opted to sit there

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 3:49 PM
Banquet Hall

Banna turned to see an aisha had sat down beside him.
A guard walked through the doors,holding his staff.

"The majesty told me to give this back..."

He muttered,then walked away.
Banna examined his staff to check of any hexes or curses,but found none,so he decided to talk to someone.


He said with a normal accent to the aisha.

31st December 2005, 4:21 PM
"Hello..." I began to the pet next to me. "I am Aiiro, Rainbow Mage of the Meridell Mage's Academy."

My guest beckoned me to go on.

"What that means is...I teach the first year students the basic spells, plus how the six elementals interact with each other.

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 4:34 PM
"I'm Banna,the Loner,but I don't know where I came from..."

Banna replied,staring at his oak staff sadly.
More images flashed into his mind,only this one was a young kougra,surrounded by a blue light,and a long glowing stick-like object in front of the kougra.

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 5:02 PM
Banquet Hall

Glancing around the hall, Meg decided that she needed a seat. Or a place to stand, there was one next to two Pets holding staffs. One of them was an Aisha the other a Kougra. Meg had lost sight of the purple Eyrie she was traveling with so she went over to the two Pets.

“...But I don’t know where I came from.” The Kougra said that. It was time to say something.

“Well, can Ah sit with y’all? That’s mighty kind, if Ah don’t say meself. Meh name’s Meg and Ah’m from east of here. Lived on a farm,” Meg said quickly in her natural drawl. The two other two Pets glanced at each other. Meg was indeed a strange Gelert.

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 5:08 PM
"Hello Meg,I'm Banna,The Loner!"

Banna perked up a bit.

"Did you come here for the same reason?"

He added.

31st December 2005, 5:10 PM
I raised an eyebrow at the Gelert that had approached us. Judging from the heavy drawl in her voice, she was one of the farm folk. Granted, I had visted several farmers, and found even their drawls charming. One thing was certain: They sure knew how to make a grand feast from what little they owned.

"Come...there's a place for you" I assured the Gelert.

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 5:16 PM
"I almost forgot,this is my staff,I don't know where or when I got it,but it's been very loyal to me..."

Banna said,another image flashed into his mind,this time it was the young kougra,shrouded in some green mist,and the figure on what looked like protecting it,he noticed that it was a transparent shadow kougra.

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 5:40 PM
"Ah understand, Ah think," Meg replied and sat down. "All Ah got is meh whittling knife and a packet of meh Pa's prizewinin' marrow seeds. Ya know what E'm talkin' about?"

She pulled out the packet of marrow seeds to show them.

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 5:44 PM
"Marrow Seeds,interesting,I happen to have a Dargarian Poisoning Vial and my Oak Staff!"

Banna said,and took out a smal vial with some horrible,purple liquid,he also showed her his staff.

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 5:55 PM
"Poison? Ah don't like the sound of that. Nah I don't. Have y'all heard of meh Ma's famous bread?"

Blank looks from her companions. Meg stretched and produced a loaf of plain bread. Taking her knife, she cut a sliver for herself.

"Y'all want a piece?"

E-102 Gamma
31st December 2005, 5:58 PM
"Sure,actually I remember walking down the road,and seeing a gelert running down the road,was that you?"

Banna said in curiosity.

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 6:01 PM
"Probably Ah suppose. Ah didn't see any other Gelerts. Have you seen meh companion? She's a purple Eyrie, ya know."

More blank looks.

"Ah guess not."

~Espeon Arianna~
31st December 2005, 11:14 PM
~Viya, Banquet Hall~
Viya was lost. Hopelessly lost.
Well, she would be soon, anyway. She had managed to find the banquet hall.
She spotted an area where there were fewer pets and headed in that direction.
There were a few pets there though. One was a white Kougra, another a blue Gelert. The third, though, was a blue Aisha wearing a many-colored robe.
A Rainbow Mage!
Wait. How could she know that? She scouted her memory, but whatever lesson had taught her that had faded again.
Oh, well. She'd think about it later.
Approaching the table, she spoke quietly but clearly, her voice void of any accent.
"Pardon me, but... May I join you?"

31st December 2005, 11:17 PM
"Sure...the more, the merrier." I replied as I made a space for the newcomer to sit down.

"As you can guess, I teach at the mage's academy...Rainbow Mages like me teach the first year students the basic spells, and how the different elementals interact with each other."

Eternal Daydreamer
31st December 2005, 11:22 PM
"Mages? Elementals? What have ya been doin'? Hangin' out with scholars? Meh Ma said that only scholars know such things, she did!" Meg cried, scratching her head.

Suddenly, a blue Nimmo was seen across the hall. Sneaking around, Meg thought that wasn't good. "Ah do say, who's that Nimmo!"

~Espeon Arianna~
1st January 2006, 2:46 AM
Viya nodded to the Aisha.
"I know," she replied, still quiet.
"...that Nimmo?" the Gelert was saying.
Nimmo? That sounded familiar... She glanced at him, and had to work to avoid panic.
Calm down. Even if it is him, he never saw you, or he would have said something. Besides, what is there to be afraid of?
She knew the answer. The few words she'd heard him say had not been reassuring.
"I do not know," she told the Gelert.
"I am Viya, what are your names?"

1st January 2006, 2:58 AM
"I am Aiiro." I replied. "and you needn't be afraid on that Nimmo there...that's only the king's court wizard."

1st January 2006, 3:16 AM
OOC: Sorry for not posting earlier. It looks like this RPG started while I was gone on my 4 day trip. Oh, and wait, is that purple Eyrie that Meg leaned on Serenade? Because it looks like that's the situation.

~Serenade, On the Road to Meridell~

Serenade was a Purple Eyrie, and she carried with her a bag full of items, an old straw hat, a Brown Traveling Tunic, and a bow. Her history is pretty much unknown to others, yet sometimes, she ends up acting a bit strangely at times.

Anyways, so she wearily walked on the road to Meridell... Or at least what she thought was the road to Meridell. She heard that there was trouble brewing along these lands, and she decided that she wanted to help out, due to the fact that she dosen't want anyone else to suffer the same fate that she had several years ago, even though this was an entirely different matter.

Just thinking about what happened on her native island made her burst into tears. She ended up crying along the rugged and bumpy road, and eventually, she reached... A house...

As soon as she walked up to the house, the house dissapeared.

"Figures..." She thought while she began sobbing a bit more. She then thought about this even more. "That house looked exactly like my house back at the island village..."

Another hour passed as the clouds drifted lazily in the blue skies. By now, she had stopped sobbing, and the winds blew gently, but the winds were forceful enough to send dust flying into the air. Eventually, she couldn't see much in front of her, so she was about to fly into the blue sky as to find out where she was... Or at least get a better idea of where she's heading. She spread her wings...

...Until a young Gelert began leaning on her, and eventually, she collasped as the heavier Gelert made her fall. She then looked up at the Gelert, who she thought was choking due to the dirt, even though she couldn't really tell due to the clouds of light brown dust blowing around the area.

After a small conversation, she continued on with the Gelert, and as she reached the castle gates, she began sobbing slightly, seeing as the castle sort of looked like the same MOUNTAIN that ERUPTED and BURIED THE ENTIRE VILLAGE THAT SHE LIVED IN!!!

Serenade then knew that she had to toughen up, since she looked around at the Gelert and the guards at the castle gates, who were blankly staring at her with an expression that said, "What's she crying about?"

She was still sobbing by the time that she got around to talking to the guards.

"He... Hello... I'm... One of the recruits... My name... Is Serenade..."

By then, she had stopped sobbing. She wiped her tears as she began to speak once more, in a really sad tone.

"This young Gelert here is also one of the recruits..."

She just then came up with a thought. As the guards were doing their usual routines, she asked this...

"Hey... I never got your name. My name's Serenade. What's your name?"

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 3:20 AM
"Meh name is Meg and Ah don't like that wizard fellow. Ah suggest we follow him! Who knows wot mischief he'd get into!" Meg said. The newcomer, Viya obivously had the same thoughts.

The Gelert got up hurridly. "Ah am goin' after him. Y'all can come with meh if ya want."

With that, Meg followed behind the Nimmo down a side passage. She didn't check if her companions followed or not. Vaguely she remembered what happened when she came into the castle with the Eyrie.

"Meh name is Meg," she had say when her companion asked her name. The Eyrie had nodded as they entered. Just a few moments afterwards however, they got seperated in the crowd.

1st January 2006, 3:52 AM
~Serenade, Inside the Castle (I think)~

As the guards opened the gates, Serenade said, "So your name is Meg, huh? That's-"

Serenade was cut off as she heard a loud CLUNK, signifying that the gates had fully opened. She entered the gates along with Meg...

...Just to find that there was a large crowd inside the bright and shining castle interior. "This must be all of the other recruits." She said. She continued walking through the crowd, and eventually, she noticed that she couldn't hear Meg's voice anymore.

That's when she turned around and saw that Meg was gone. She began worrying, and thought that if she flew, she could find Meg. However... What if she's not allowed to fly within the castle?

All of a sudden, she saw someone else with a robe run past her. Serenade immeadiately assumed that the person was a wizard of some sort. To her, the wizard seemed REALLY suspicious, as if that person was planning to do something big really soon, since the wizard seemed to be trying to avoid being seen.

Serenade watched as the wizard slipped through the crowd and entered a nearby side passage. She then pondered...

"Should I go in there or not...? Let's see... I'll just go ennie... meenie... miney..."

She eventually got through with that phrase, and decided that she should follow the wizard. At the same time, she saw Meg... FOLLOWING a Nimmo whom she didn't know! She knew that she had to follow the wizard now!

She grabbed her bow, and made a mad dash to the side passage. The other nearby people around her stared at her for a second, and eventually went back into their own routines.

Serenade eventually made it into the side passage, just to find that Meg and that Nimmo had just turned a corner. She quickly followed and caught up to the others as they were chasing the wizard. She then eventually realized that the Nimmo was one of Meg's friends.

"I wonder what that wizard's up to?" She thought as the three continued silently following the wizard.

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 4:22 AM
OOC: The wizard was a blue Nimmo, but I'll say that you found red Nimmo instead.

"Ah don't know," Meg said. The third memember of the little party was a red Nimmo. "Whatcha think, Nike?"

Nike shrugged. "I think that's Rahon. He's always sneaking about. That's the magician way, you know," the red Nimmo said. Serenade didn't look impressed.

"Where is his lair?" she asked. Nike shrugged.

"The dungeon."

1st January 2006, 4:45 AM
OOC: Wait, one thing: Is anyone allowed to have more than 1 character? I'm planning on introducing another character, but not until the RPG has advanced with the plot even further, or else it wouldn't work out for both of my characters. If it's allowed, then I'll go post in the sign-up thread once more with the description of the character.

Also, what is Earth effective against? It dosen't seem to be effective against anything. Mabye Earth should be effective against Water when it's not ice.

~Serenade, Side Passage inside the Castle~

Serenade had caught up to Meg and a Red Nimmo, whose name was Nike.

After a short conversation, she slowly muttered the words that Nike had just said. "The... Dungeon...?"

That's when Serenade noticed that the wizard was a Blue Nimmo. She had just learned that the Nimmo was named Rahon. Just why did the name remind her of someone?

She shrugged off the horrible feeling that she had concerning Rahon as the whole group continued following Rahon down the side passage...

~Espeon Arianna~
1st January 2006, 4:52 AM
~Viya, In the Castle~
Am I that obvious? Viya thought, nodding slightly to Aiiro.
Then she followed Meg, gliding in near-silence.
So, the magician's name was Rahon, eh?
"There's something else," she whispered. Somehow it seemed necessary to be quiet here. "I've seen him before."
A few of the Pets stared. Viya continued regardless.
"He was in some sort of side passage, talking to a black Hissi. I only heard his last few words, but he said something like 'into a Slorg'. It sounded like a threat."

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 4:54 AM
OOC: I'll think about it. And if you can keep up with two characters fine. I'm playing a lot of characters! Exe: Rahon, Lupine, Meg, Nike, ect..


Nike had told Serenade what he knew about the wizard. The Nimmo, after all was a stable boy at the castle and knew some gossip. Meg shook her head and continued following the wizard.

Soon they came upon a passageway with stairs going down. Glancing at each other, all three descended to the dark and dank dungeons below.

~Espeon Arianna~
1st January 2006, 5:15 AM
A staircase, leading down into the darkness? How appropriately and yet how obviously foreboding.
Viya glided down after Meg.
"What is your name?" she whispered to the Eyrie.
"I am Viya."
As she glided, she began to compose a riddle in her mind.
Deep into the dungeons dark,
A secret lies within.
To the words of a red Nimmo hark...
No, something wasn't quite right. The cadence? No, that was fine. The rhyming? No, that wasn't it either...
What was wrong with her riddle?

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 5:25 AM

He had the feeling that someone was following him. Rahon had that feeling numerous times the last few moments but he never turned around once.

Rahon needed to get to his lair, Fyora needed to be contacted. The plan had been a sucsess. All the young Pets had heeded his call.

1st January 2006, 5:29 AM
OOC: I've created the bio for Forte, Serenade's brother. I've posted his bio at the Sign-up thread already.

~Serenade, Dark Staircase~

As Serenade slowly walked down into the dark and gloomy staircase, she noticed another person with the group. After a bit of talking, she noticed that the person was a Blue Shoyru, and that her name was Viya.

After walking with the group a bit more, she noticed that Viya was trying to create a poem out of all of this.

"Deep into the dungeons dark,
A secret lies within.
To the words of a red Nimmo hark..."

Serenade thought, "That poem reminds me of what happened to my village... Except it means something else. Anyways, now isn't the time to think about that and cry..."

She slowly raised her bow and arrow and slowly went ahead of the group. She was scared of the gloomy darkness, and she wasn't about to let the same thing that happened to her family happen to her new friends!

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 5:32 AM
Dark Staircase

The Shoryu Viya was trying to make a poem, Meg didn't pay it any heed. She had no head for such things, that was sure alright. That Nimmo Rahon, that was a troublemaker she was sure of it.

When she caught him, Meg was planning to poke him with her whittling knife. Thats wot she would do, alright!

Soon they saw the dim light of a torch. They had made it to the dugneon. Rahon had entered a room. That must be his lair.

1st January 2006, 5:38 AM
~Serenade, Dark Staircase~

"A door... What could be behind it?" were Serenade's first words upon finding the door. She slowly lowered her bow and arrow, and began looking at the rest of the group.

"What should we do? Should we just barge in?"

She looked at the group for answers, then she slowly raised her bow and arrow once more and aimed it at the door.

"Well, I can't be the one that opens the door! If something comes out, I'll shoot it if it looks like a monster! Just like..." Her voice then slowly trailed off as the flickering lights of the nearby torch continued lighting up the rusty, old, and mysterious door.

~Espeon Arianna~
1st January 2006, 5:45 AM
((OOC: Umm... What happened to in her mind? Oh well, time for ad-libbing...))
~Viya, The Dark Staircase~
Oh, no! She'd been composing the riddle out loud! They'd heard!
Yet they seemed to be ignoring it...
The wizard Rahon had entered another room.
Something was wrong, Viya knew it.
Serenade wanted to know what to do. For that matter, so did Viya.
Maybe they should enter the room...
But there was something wrong there, something very wrong...
Viya pulled her unstrung bow out of her quiver and strung it. She didn't like shooting at living things, but if she had to, she would.
She hovered above the other Pets, the feeling of unease growing within her, uncertain of what to do...

E-102 Gamma
1st January 2006, 12:41 PM
Dark Staircase

"Hmm...this door looks familiar..."

Banna wispered,trying not to make lots of noise.
The images were still inside his head,this time of a small group of pepole being blinded by a light,the young Kougra was being protected by what looked like a Shadow Kougra.

"Should we open the door just a tiny bit to see what he's doing?"

Banna asked in suspition.

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 6:02 PM
OOC: Gamma, Banna didn't come along. But I'll improvise..

Meg hadn't noticed that Banna followed them down there until he spoke up. Aiiro might be behind them too. She didn't know. But two voices came from behind the door. One male, one female.

"My Queen, I have done what you asked," said the male voice.

"I see. Have you given Lupine the potion?" the female voice asked.

"Yes. He will be as mad as Balthazar before nightfall tomorrow. It will be easy to make him join you then, O Mighty Fyora, Queen of the Faeries," the male voice replied.

Fyora? That name was familar. But that means.. Rahon was trying to help someone take over Meridell!

E-102 Gamma
1st January 2006, 6:11 PM
"Ranon is behind this? I thought he was on the king's side!"

Banna wispered in shock,suddenley,his scar began to feel a bit warm for some reason,but then a bit of water coming down from the ceiling cooled it down,Banna realized that he was too near a small candle and stepped away a little bit.

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 7:03 PM
Outside door

Taking out her knife, Meg picked the lock of the door. She was used to this since she had picked the locks on her Pa's larder a lot.

E-102 Gamma
1st January 2006, 7:23 PM
Slowly Banna prepared a spell,just in case anything went wrong.

"I think that the Glacier Strike will protect us if anything goes wrong!"

He wispered to Meg.

1st January 2006, 8:41 PM
"That's nothing, I have four levels of ice spells--Ice being the weakest, and Blizzaga the strongest." I replied. "But frankly, why are you guys so suspicious of the court wizard? I know Rahon wouldn't hurrt a Mootix."

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 10:11 PM
Meg snorted. "Ah don't know. Didn't ya hear him talkin' to that Fyora? Ah don't trust neither of 'em. Mootix? He would hurt a Grundo givin' the chance, Ah bet!"

1st January 2006, 10:34 PM
"Listen guys..." I sighed. "The Faerie Queen only does those awful things people say she does IF, and only if, you get on her bad side...otherwise, she's kind to those she favors...this may be a stretch, but do you suppose that His Majesty is worried about getting on Lady Fyora's bad side?

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 10:42 PM
Meg snorted again. "That's wot ya say, but Ah don't believe it. Potion? Balthazar? Ah know wot I heard! Fyora is evil, Ah say!"

The two voices started up again. They had been talking but everyone was ignoring them until now.

"Forgive me, My Lady. But why do you wish to have revenge on Merridell?" asked the voice of Rahon.

"Rohane. And that white Lupe. They always save Faerieland, don't they? They always come from Merridell too. I wish to show them that we faeries can fight back!" snapped Fyora's voice.

1st January 2006, 11:05 PM
I swallowed hard. His Majesty was DEFINITELY on Fyora's bad side...

I had learned that his father had saved Neopia before....then some years later, a companion of his, Rohane, had saved Neopia again...but what exactly had His Majesty done to get on Fyora's bad side?

Eternal Daydreamer
1st January 2006, 11:13 PM
"So wot do we do? Warn the king? Get help? Wot? Ah'm lost," whined Meg. She knew that something would go wrong. It just would..

2nd January 2006, 6:34 AM
~Serenade, Behind the door~

Serenade eventually lowered her bow and arrows calmly and slowly walked up to the door, placed her ear against the door, and was trying to listen to the conversation. Although the door's lock had been picked off, she still didn't want to open the door, but instead, find out what was happening.

And all the while, someone else had arrived with the group. Did EVERYONE notice the group in the side passage?

"My Queen, I have done what you asked,"

Serenade muttered slowly. "Wait... The Queen?"

"I see. Have you given Lupine the potion?"
"Yes. He will be as mad as Balthazar before nightfall tomorrow. It will be easy to make him join you then, O Mighty Fyora, Queen of the Faeries,"

Serenade then took to thinking. "FYORA?!? Why is she involved?! And what did he mean by Lupine being as mad as Balthazar?"

While everyone else in the group was having a quiet conversation, she continued listening without speaking a word.

"Forgive me, My Lady. But why do you wish to have revenge on Merridell?"
"Rohane. And that white Lupe. They always save Faerieland, don't they? They always come from Merridell too. I wish to show them that we faeries can fight back!"

Serenade began thinking once more. "Why couldn't Fyora just show her power by some other means? Taking over Meridell probably wouldn't prove anything, and Faerieland might instigate a full war with the other nations! Fyora in her right mind would NEVER do such a thing! Mabye she's being controlled by Rahon... But Fyora's too powerful for a wizard like that!"

"So wot do we do? Warn the king? Get help? Wot? Ah'm lost," whined Meg.

Serenade then looked back at the group, which was still bickering over the situation, and began to speak quietly to the whole group.

"Well, arguing here won't help. If we warn the king, he would have probably gone completely 'crazy' by the time we get to him, and we'd have to deal with him along with the other two. If we barge in, Rahon and Fyora will know that we're onto them! In fact, they may already know that we're here! We have no choice if they know we're here! Fyora and Rahon may be powerful, but there are many of us here!"

She then began counting everyone in the group. "One... Two... Three... Four... and Five... Someone new is here... And there might be others following us as well." she said as she pointed to Banna.

Serenade then turned around again, took several steps back, picked up her bow and arrows, and aimed them at the door once again.

"So... Who's going to open the door?"


EDIT: Bleh, I might as well start Forte's adventure.

~Forte, on the Road to Meridell~

It was 3 years since Forte, the Black Eyrie with the white stripe going down both of his wings with a brown tunic and a sword in hand, had last seen his sister. He was a bit sad since he knew that his sister, Serenade, probably thinks that he was dead. Who wouldn't think that he died when that volcano near the village erupted as Forte told her sister and parents to flee as he was trapped?

Knowing that Serenade might still be alive made him a bit happier, but he was a bit afraid to find her... What if she died afterwards, just like his parents?

About a week ago, he had heard that the King of Meridell needed some type of help, and was now recruting. If Serenade was alive, then she would most likely come and help out.

"The Castle..." he thought. "I might meet my sister there after being seperated for more than three years..." he said in a happy tone.

As he continued walking along the path that he believed lead to the castle, the sun shone on him brightly. It was partially cloudly earlier, but since there were no clouds to shield the light and warmth of the sun, he was slowly becoming roasted out in the middle of nowhere. His black color made it even tougher for him, as the color black absorbs more heat and energy given off by the sun.

Forte slowly made his way to a nearby tree, and sat there until he cooled off. By then, clouds had appeared, and soon, it began to rain.

"Darn it. I wanted clouds to come and shield me from the sun, but I DIDN'T want it to rain!" he yelled in a really angry tone!

He just sighed after that, and he eventually got up and walked along the road once more, away from the protection of the tree.

One more hour had passed, and the clouds were nothing more than fluffy cotton drifting in the sky. The rain had stopped, and the clouds were completely scattered again, with the sun shining it's golden splendor on the land at times. However... Forte was completely soaked with rainwater.

Forte began to lose all hope of ever finding the castle, but then... He saw something in the horizon.

"I hope this is the castle." he thought as he began running towards the object in the distance. Eventually, he reached the castle gates, but was very exhausted, and the fact that his fur was dripping with water was even worse. He then saw the guards.

"Hello... My name... Is Forte... I wish to... Help Meridell... And have you seen... A Purple Eyrie... Pass by here...?"

He was still panting with exaustion by the time he was done talking, and waited for a response from the guards.

2nd January 2006, 2:04 PM
I was shocked! Rahon, going against his own king?

I noticed that he was about to slip a sort of insanity potion in His Majesty's drink...if I froze him, the potion flask would shatter, saving the king for a little while at the very least.

I calmly focused some Water energy in my paws. "Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths! Blizzara!"

Rahon was totally unprepared for my attack, and no sooner had the ice attack frozen him, did the flask with the insanity potion fall to the floor, shattering into a zillion pieces.

The king was safe...for now.

Eternal Daydreamer
2nd January 2006, 5:56 PM

The freezing spell froze him and his flask of Everlasting Youth. Rahon was putting that potion in the captain of the guard's wine. It would turn the Kougra into a whining baby if it worked. Muttering a short counterspell, Rahon unfroze himself and turned towards the doorway.

Seven intruders stood in his doorway, the last one, a red Nimmo, ran away at the last moment. That didn't matter. Two he recognized: the white Kougra and Lady Aiiro. Aiiro had been the one who cast the spell. He knew it by the way it was done. Typical Rainbow fashion.

Snarling, Rahon grabbed a handful of powder from a shelf. Aiiro tried to cast another spell but he froze her instead with a similar spell she casted on him. A foolish mage when it came to using her power, he thought. Aiiro may be a Rainbow Mage but she acts like she is a Silver Mage, which I am. I am a whole rank above her and yet she froze me. Mainly because I was off gaurd. That spell I put upon her will not be broken as easily as her's.

"What good did that do, Lady Aiiro?" Rahon asked mockingly. "Did you think you would save the king by doing that? I know that you six have been listening on my conversation. That was not an insanity potion, that was a Everlasting Youth potion for the captain of the gaurd, Kogan!"

2nd January 2006, 7:26 PM
"Smoldering flames far below, punish the wicked! Firaga!" I called from the ice cube, breaking me free!

I next cast a sheild around me and my comrades so whatever Rahon cast would reflect back at him and not harm us: "Shining light, protect from all directions! Shield!"

E-102 Gamma
2nd January 2006, 7:36 PM

Banna decided to distract Ranon.

"I summon Snowball!"

He cried,and using his staff,a snowball began to form.

Eternal Daydreamer
2nd January 2006, 7:53 PM
OOC: FlamingRuby, can you tone down your character a bit? Aiiro is a tad too powerful at this point. Remember, Rahon is a more experienced mage and his powers are far greater. BTW, Gamma it's Rahon not Ranon.


A shield? That wouldn't hold up long. A clattering of feet coming down the stairs, the red Nimmo got help! Rahon snarled, this was a minor inconvience. It would show the foolish "fighters" his true power, anyways.

Shoving the group away, was Lt. Sarn and St. Koce both Kougras. "Stop, fiend!" yelled Sarn. Rahon raised his hand that hold the powder. Taking a breath, he blew the powder onto the two gaurds. The powder glistened on their armor. A snowball from out of nowhere came zooming towards him. It hit him in the chest. A minor nuiscance.

Now for the word of transformation that word activate the powder. But what would he say? Wadjet? No. Slorg? Predictable. Feepit? No. Baby? Perfect. Taking a deep breath of air just as the two gaurds charged him with swords raised. "I say, DE-AGE!" The shout activated the powder on the guards. It made them shine with a strange blue light.

The light deminished and there was two heaps of armor. Two little baby Kougras crawled out of the armor crying. Rahon smiled, it had worked and the group was slightly frightened.

Tauros Rider2
2nd January 2006, 8:52 PM
Plains Of Meridell

I sighed and looked around. Then from behind me a Plains Aisha attacked me. "Great just what I needed"I thought sarcastically. I lunged at the Plains Aisha. The Plains Aisha ran whimpering. "I'm already very late because of that stinking Plains Aisha"I muttered. I went through the entrance to Meridell and started walking towards the castle. I went through the doors. Then a couple of guards stopped me. "What are you doing here?"The guards asked. "I'm one of the recruits"I said. "Oh you're late you know"The guards said as I went into the King's throne room.

2nd January 2006, 9:14 PM
I smirked...my shield would hold up perfectly against anything Rahon could throw at it...even de-ageing powder...so we all breathed a sigh of relief that the shield was up.

Eternal Daydreamer
2nd January 2006, 11:05 PM
The Lady Aiiro smirked. She did not know that Rahon was not attacking them. He would not, not yet anyways. The magician was too smart for that. However, he would make things uncomfortable for them alright.

"I was not attacking you," he said. "But I will defeat any foe who comes to your rescue. Oh, by the way my lady you cannot hold that shield forever. And I have something that can defeat you when you break." Rahon smirked and grabbed another handful of powder.

"That and this isn't just de-aging powder either." The baby Kougras started crying. "Stop that!!" With that yell, Rahon blew more powder onto Lt. Sarn and St. Koce.

"See? All I have to say one word to change whoever or whatever into anything I want. Like this!" roared Rahon. "Vile RODENTS!" This time the Kougras turned into Feepits.

2nd January 2006, 11:32 PM
~Serenade, Inside the Lair~

Serenade then watched as the battle ensued between everyone in the group and Rahon...

Aiiro first freezes Rahon, Rahon breaks free, Rahon freezes Aiiro, Aiiro breaks free and casts a shield, Banna casts a Snowball spell to hit Rahon, two guards come, Rahon blows some silvery powder onto them to de-age them, then turns them into Feepits after blowing powder onto them once more...

This was starting to look like a magic fight. Perhaps fortunately... Serenade was the only one who dared to attack WITHOUT magic spells.

"I was not attacking you," he said. "But I will defeat any foe who comes to your rescue. Oh, by the way my lady you cannot hold that shield forever. And I have something that can defeat you when you break."

Okay, THIS was the time when Serenade didn't know what was going on. My Lady? What did he mean by that? Obviously there was something that was happening that she was being left out of.

Serenade wanted to attack, but she thought that her arrows wouldn't make it through Aiiro's shield as long as the shield was up. She just brought up her bow and arrows once more and aimed it at Rahon...

...Until she started hearing squeaking from outside. Figures. The guards/Feepits were still protesting.

Either way, she was still planning to attack Rahon the moment the shield dissapeared. All she could do now is just focus on where the arrows would land.


~Forte, Inside the Castle~

As the gates closed up behind him, he had walked into the interior of the Castle. There were many people there, all different species and colors and different clothing and such. He then remembered what the guards had said.

"I saw several Purple Eyries, but one particular one had a bow and arrow, I saw. She was wearing a straw hat too, I thought... Said her name was Serenade, that was. She was traveling with some Gelert named Meg as well, she was."

That was definetly his sister. But what was with the Gelert named Meg? At least he knew that she had managed to find a friend to accompany her during all this time... Compared to him.

Considering the fact that he was usually angry and moody, he didn't make many friends in this new world. In fact, he's made PLENTY of enemies, that's for sure.

He just sighed once more as he began walking up to random people, asking if they saw a Purple Eyrie with a Bow and a straw hat pass by here. Hopefully he wouldn't make any enemies here, for that would be a bad thing.

Eternal Daydreamer
2nd January 2006, 11:52 PM

The Eyrie was pointing a bow at him. That did not matter, he knew. When the shield would go down, the Eyrie would fire but he had a trick up his sleeves. The shield flickered. Not much but enough to blow some powder in with a simple breeze. Rahon did it. The group of foes did not notice the powder. Figures.

The powder landed on the Eyrie's foot. It would work. When the shield goes down he would shout a word of power and save himself. While changing one of the group. It was perfect. Rahon knew that the Eyrie was not paying attention to her foot but to the shield.

The shield went down. Aiiro fell to the ground from exhastion, she could not hold the shield any longer. The Eyrie fired an arrow. Rahon dodged it but barely. It was now or never. But what? Then it struck him. A air creature could not stand the water! A Jetsam, no a Floatsam would be perfect! Even better, a Kiko! Yes. The Eyrie was reloading. He needed to hurry. The other members were pulling out weapons. "KIKO!"

The Eyrie was engulfed by the glow of the magic powder.

3rd January 2006, 12:23 AM
I watched, horrified, as Rahon turned an Eyrie into Kiko--thankfully, I was one step ahead of him...

"Heavenly wind, carry us to the fountain of power! Esuna!" At this, the Eyrie returned to his normal form.

"Spirits of time, hide us from the hand of judgement! Stop!" I called,stopping Rahon in his tracks...now he wouldn't do any more harm to us!

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 12:43 AM
OOC: FLAMINGRUBY!!!!! This is a boss battle, it cannot be done like that. For one, Aiiro is down and out. And two, it was Serenade who got turned into a Kiko. And three, your character is too powerful. Tone her down! Rahon is fine because he is a boss and should be powerful. If you do not do this, I will ban you from this RPG and Aiiro will be ignored for the rest of the RPG. This is a warning and I'm giving another chance but I have to change things back. BTW, Aiiro shouldn't be this powerful enough yet. And you are god-mongering which is very bad and unfair. It's one thing for a boss to be tough but a new character in the beginning is not. The Kiko thing was to further the RPG and you should not interfer in such things. Now Aiiro will be defeated temporaliy and you can't bring her back this time. Get it? Good. You can have her watching or make her have a dream or something like that, not make her save the day!
Aiiro tried another trick by freezing him in his tracks and changing back the Eyrie. It would not work. Although she had stopped him for a moment, Rahon was prepared. "Ele za tonrit!" Rahon thought in his head. That worked and he was unfroze. Now for Aiiro. "Heads up!" With that, Rahon blew more powder onto the guards. "WADJETS!" The guards turned into giant Wadjets that wrapped around Aiiro. Squeezing her.

Rahon sneered and blew powder onto Aiiro. "ERTENAL SLEEP!" he bellowed. The powder glowed and Aiiro fell asleep. She would not wake up until he wanted her to, no mage could break that. The Eyrie had him in her sights again. He blew powder on her, the Eyrie shot the arrow. It banged off a cauldron. "KIKO!" Again the Eyrie transformed into a Kiko. Now for the rest of them...

OOC: Flamingruby, I'm giving you a second chance but don't do that again. I do not wish to ban you for I like that film noir sense of your posts, but the god-mongering is getting on my nerves. If you need a list of mage orders here it is (from least powerful to most powerful):
Get it? Aiiro is just a Rainbow mage, she can't disable a Silver mage's spells so easily.

3rd January 2006, 12:52 AM
OOC: Oops, sorry...I got carried away there...if you want me to rewind a bit, here we go...

I watched, horrified; as Rahon unleashed one powerful spell after another upon my comrades...and I was powerless to do anything to help...

It was hopeless..I wanted His Majesty's father, Rohane...any of those great heroes from long ago--SOMEONE--to help us! But judging from the powers Rahon was unleashing upon us, we were done for.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 12:58 AM
OOC: Better. I hope you remember this in the future.

Ah shucks, Ah don't know wot to do! thought Meg. She was totally lost and alone. Alright she wasn't alone. But she was terribly scared. The Nimmo was defeating her comrades left to right. Aiiro was sleeping in the clutches of two giant Wadjets, Serenade was a Kiko, Banna nowhere to be seen, as was Vayla. Wot should she do?!!!

Run. That's wot she decided to do, run away. Run for help? Yes! She began running but Rahon blew powder on her...

3rd January 2006, 1:01 AM
~Serenade, Inisde the Lair~

Serenade's heart was seriously pounding now... She had fired her arrow, but it missed. She then was turned into a Kiko, changed back, fired another arrow, which missed as well, and got turned into a Kiko once more.

She couldn't fire her bow anymore. The hands of a Kiko were way too small to do anything besides swim... Either way, she just began hopping around helplessly as the others took out their weapons. All but one... Aiiro was soon put to sleep by yet another spell.

She had to do anything that she could do, so she began to look around to see what she could use in her Kiko form. Considering that Kikos are really circular, someone could pick her up, roll her, and possibly make her slam into Rahon. The thing is, why would anyone do that?

She was still hopping around by the time that everyone else was ready for battle.


~Forte, Inside the Castle~

Only several minutes had passed after Forte started asking anyone he could find as if they saw a Purple Eyrie that fit the description that he was looking for. However... It seemed like no one saw Serenade pass through here.

So he began to ask about both the Eyrie and the Gelert.

He sighed as he approached another person. "Have you seen a Purple Eyrie and..."

It was likely that he would be forced to repeat the same question several times through the course of the day.

3rd January 2006, 1:11 AM
My thoughts were swimming as the two Wadjets Rahon had conjured squeezed me ever tighter. What if we all die here? Is this the end of Neopia?

I wanted to crawl away, but that was impossible...

~Espeon Arianna~
3rd January 2006, 1:16 AM
((OOC: Sorry I have been absent for so long!))
~Viya, Dark Staircase: Battle with Rahon~
Viya watched in silence, unable to move. She was freezing up! She had to do something... yet she felt as though she could do nothing. She watched, quietly hovering.
Rahon and Aiiro threw various spells at each other.
Serenade turned into a Kiko. Twice.
Kougra guards showed up and got turned into babies. Then into Wadjets that trapped Aiiro.
Yet she hadn't been noticed yet... The one advantage of not doing anything was that she hadn't been noticed. Now she had the element of surprise. She hoped.
She whipped an arrow out of the quiver and drew the bowstring. She had to be swift, before Rahon noticed what she was doing.
She'd had quite a bit of practice being swift.
She loosed the arrow.
She watched it fly, hovering still again. Would the arrow fly true? For that matter, would Rahon notice it in time to stop it? This was no stationary target she fired at.
Rahon was a real opponent.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 1:17 AM

This was interesting. He had just blew powder on the Gelert. What for her? He knew already. Gelerts did hate Usuls didn't they? Yes. Perfect. "USUL!" With that, the Gelert was an Usul. What for Aiiro? She was already young, if she was younger she could not remember anymore spells. That was it! Blowing more powder onto the Aisha he bellowed, "DE-AGE!" Aiiro was a baby Aisha now.

Rahon would change them all until he could round them up and take them to Fyora. And when Fyora got them, he would change Fyora too! A lowly Meepit would do nicely.

Rahon heard something. Turning his head, he saw an arrow flying towards him. Ducking the arrow, Rahon blew powder in the direction of the bowpet. It was a Shoryu. The powder hit! Now what? He knew. "MEEPIT!" The Shoryu was changed into a Meepit.

~Espeon Arianna~
3rd January 2006, 1:27 AM
Viya fell.
Well, that wasn't going to work. A Meepit could not possibly even lift her bow, much less actually fire it.
And Meepits couldn't fly.
It was much farther to the floor when you were smaller.
Viya fell.
What could she do?
Deep within the dungeons,
The sorceror they fight,
Yet he transforms them easily,
How can they make things right?
What was she doing, composing riddles now? And yet...
And yet the answer to that riddle was the answer to her problem.
Viya fell.
So, what was the answer to the riddle?

3rd January 2006, 1:39 AM
I struggled to resist the de-aging powder...but even as I returned to the form of a kitten, I wondered: Could anyone stop this madman at all?

This was it...Neopia was going to fall, we were doomed to live forever in forms that were not our own...it was take a miracle to save us now.

Even if I tried a spell in my current form of an Aisha kitten, it would probably be the equivalent in power of a first year mage--level one, and even then not very accurate.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 1:45 AM
King Lupine
Royal Chamber

The Nimmo had ran in. "Rahon has gone crazy! I sent Sarn and Koce to turn him in but they turned into babies! Your Majesty must do something!" he cried. Lupine glanced at Kogan.

"Get my blade, gaurd. I will fight! I will defeat this traitor!" bellowed Lupine. The Nimmo shivered. "Sire, Rahon fed you..." The Nimmo was cut off, Lupine had knocked him out with his sceptre.

Kogan left and returned with Joran's blade. Joran was Lupine's grandfather and a great warrior. Lupine grabbed the blade and snarled to the captian, "Let's go."

3rd January 2006, 2:07 AM
~Serenade, Inside the Lair~

Serenade was still a Kiko. What was worse now was that almost everyone got turned into something else that they were not.

And yet, Viya was still composing riddles.

Deep within the dungeons,
The sorceror they fight,
Yet he transforms them easily,
How can they make things right?

Serenade then just thought of something. All Rahon does for now is change everyone's forms and uses spells by use of some strange powder, right? If he dosen't have anything else up his sleeve... Then that means that everyone would be safe if someone could blow away the powder back at Rahon!

Serenade then began to yell at the others. "You guys! I've figured something out! Up until now, he's been attacking using some powder, right? What if we blow away the powder? He might have something else up his sleeve, but this is our only chance!"

Then she had to check if anyone had any wings. She was turned into a Kiko, and Kiko = No wings. Viya was turned into a baby form, and her wings were too small for now. Aiiro was only a little kitten at this point. Meg was turned into a Usul, which had nothing to fan the powder away. The others had run off.

Serenade muttered sadly. "But I guess it's a little too late for that plan now, huh?"

Then she spotted something in the distance. A hat. Not just any hat, but her straw hat that she had dropped earlier without noticing. But what good would that hat do? She could use the hat to fan the powder away...

But nobody can attack much at this point. But at least she could try to prevent more harm to everyone else. She hopped over to her straw hat, jumped in front of the group, and slowly began fanning everyone. Perhaps if the powder on everyone was fanned away...

Serenade hoped that this might work.


~Forte, Inside the Castle~

Forte kept asking everyone where Serenade was. So far, no response. That's when he noticed some screaming and yelling coming from the Royal Chamber.

That was probably the king, and the king looked like he was REALLY, REALLY mad!

All he did for now was stand there and see what was happening...

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 2:33 AM
King Lupine

His breath came in short spurts. Lupine was howling loud enough to wake the dead, swinging his blade around his head. Two pairs of feet pattered behind him, he didn't care. At that moment, Lupine was as berserk as Balthazar. Snarling and growling.

Soon with his berserk speed, Lupine was in the traitor's lair. A baby Aisha, a Kiko, a Meepit, an Usul, a baby Kougra, and two giant Wadjets were in there. Along with Rahon. The Kiko was fanning away with a hat.

Rahon glanced at the charging king. He blew some powder onto him and bellowing the Nimmo yelled "ENSLAVED BALTHAZAR!" Lupine felt stronger and threw his blade against the wall, where it shattered.

Lupine was no more, he was Balthazar! "Balthazar," roared Rahon. "ATTACK!" Balthazar snarled and attacked.

3rd January 2006, 3:14 AM
As if things could not get any worse...Rahon even went so far to transform His Majesty into Balthazar!

If somebody could turn Rahon's power against him--all his spells would wear off! I swore to myself that once I was returned to my true form, I was going to blast Rahon with the strongest spell I knew--Ultima.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 4:16 AM

Balthazar was roaring and howling like no tomorrow. Meg knew wot was to be done. She had to attack! Getting every ounce of strength her tiny Usul body had, Meg charged Rahon!

Balthazar was too quick. Before long, Meg was slashed by His Majesty's claws and was throne at the nearest wall. Groaning, she mumbled one last sentence: "Ah be seein' ya soon, Pa." She passed out, dead to the world.

3rd January 2006, 1:46 PM
I watched, horrified, as Balthazar threw Meg at the wall, leaving her seemingly left for dead.

I swallowed hard--if Meg had really died, which one of us was next?

3rd January 2006, 5:54 PM
~Serenade, Inside the Lair~

Serenade watched in total horror as Meg was thrown at a nearby wall by what -used- to be King Lupine, now some fake Balthazar that really isn't as terrifying as the real Balthazar.

"Ah be seein' ya soon, Pa."

...And it looked like Meg was dead as well. She slowly began to weep, and continued fanning everyone in the process in an attempt to get the powder off.


~Forte, Entrance of Side Passage~

Forte muttered slowly as he entered the passage in which he thought he heard the LOUD SCREAMING AND ROARING from!

"Okay, that huge roaring isn't normal as well..."

He knew that others were in trouble, and his sister could possibly be one of them! He had no other leads as to where his sister could be, so he only had one option...

Drawing out his sword, he slowly flapped his wings and glided down the side passage to find out where these sounds were coming from.

Eternal Daydreamer
4th January 2006, 4:11 PM
Rahon smirked. Everything was going to plan. Even if that pesky Gelert/Usul died it didn't matter. She was a mere causulty.

4th January 2006, 4:25 PM
I'm going to have to quit. I can't follow through with my posts...and everythin seems to be getting out of hand with my other RPs as well.

4th January 2006, 4:36 PM
Suddenly, I felt a rushing wind blowing around me...someone was useing a hat to blow the magic powder away, turning Rahon's power against him!

I stretched my paws high as I slowly grew into an adult Aisha again--it felt good to have my powers back, and at their full strength, too!

Now I needed to make good on my vow--blast Rahon with Ultima, the most powerful spell I knew, as payback. Of course, its power came at the price of a low accuracy rate. Mages were always told to save Ultima for an emergency--and this definitely qualified as an emergency

I motioned to the others. "Get ready! I'm going to cast the stongest spell I know, but it doesn't always work..." Everyone scrambled out of the way, with one renewed pet carried the barely alive Meg out of the spell's path.

My area cleared, I began focusing all my power...Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light, and Darkness, all merged together to form a rainbow orb.

"Brush off vanity and show reality! Ultima!" I cried as I hurled the orb at Rahon with a mighty explosion...the only question was: did the spell work?

OOC: I hope this isn't godmodding...

4th January 2006, 5:53 PM
OOC: FlamingRuby, I'm not sure if the powder even dissapears by itself after the spell has been cast... It's really just a thought. And I thought Rahon was the only one who could change us back even if I did blow off the powder?

~Serenade, Inside the Lair~

Though Aiiro was fighting Rahon at this point, she had to focus on diverting King Lupine little Balthazar form. However, how could she do anything in her little Kiko form?

Not much... But at least she could continue trying to fan the powder off of everyone else.

~Forte, Outside of the Lair~

"Okay, the screaming has begun to grow much louder... And now, I'm hearing other sounds as well..."

Forte had been trying to find the source of the sounds, and it took him all over the side passage, and eventually into a very dark staircase. After tripping over a rocky step, he tumbled down and crashed into the door, making a loud *CLUNK* as he crashed.

He could only hope that no one had heard him, but how could have anyone heard him as long as that huge roaring was still continuing?

Forte got up, and slowly opened the door... Inside, the first thing he noticed was two giant Wadjets slithering all over the place. The second thing he noticed was that there was a baby Gelert - Badly wounded, it seemed. After that, he noticed... BALTHAZAR! What was he doing here? Dosen't he have faeries to catch?

The last thing he noticed... Was that Kiko who was fanning everyone with a hat.

"Now, why is that Kiko doing that?" He thought. He couldn't see anything else beyond that Kiko, for there was immense amounts of smoke filling the entire area past the Kiko. That must have been where the explosion took place. He did notice a loud *BOOM* earlier...

He continued watching to find out what exactly was going on.

Eternal Daydreamer
5th January 2006, 2:37 AM
OOC: Well, I guess I was not clear. Aiiro I suppose got better since she's a mage. But it's only temparory. The person carrying off Meg is Banna since was not transformed. Yet. The others are still transformed. And yes, Rahon has a few tricks up his sleeve.
And BTW, X Kazemon I understand about you not able to post anymore.

The Ultima blast hit Balthazar hard. Rahon had ducked behind him just in time. The Lupe had absorded the blast, he was hurt but not enough to go backwards. It was a foolish gamble. Rahon knew what he had to do. Leave.

Rahon could leave Meridell to Faerieland then comeback to Meridell with an army! The mage becoming an adult again was a fluke. Aiiro would return to a kitten within minutes. A new foe, however came into his lair. Another Eyrie. Lady Aiiro was consumed with the silver light of Rahon's powder. It was returning her to her kitten state. This time, for good unless if Rahon gave them the cure. Which even if they found the cure, Rahon would not give them the words they needed to activate the cure.

Throwing powder at his feet, Rahon mumbled a word of power. "To FAERIELAND!" With that, Rahon vanished to Faerieland. The enemies would be trapped in the forms he had chosen unless they asked him! Only Rahon could. No other and Rahon was in Faerieland.

5th January 2006, 3:15 AM
I was breathing heavily...Ultima had hit, but the wrong target!

I swallowed hard as I felt myself returning to a form of a kitten...Rahon had fled...so NOW how were we going to return to our true forms?

~Espeon Arianna~
5th January 2006, 6:23 AM
((OOC: Aw... I didn't post in time to try my trick. Oh well, maybe another day. Meanwhile, I might have a bit of trouble posting. It's 'Dead Week' here at school. I'm in, though!
I just thought of something: I'm pretty sure Petpets can't really talk. So, since Viya got turned into a Petpet, can she talk?
And, Alilatias: From now on (it was supposed to be this way before, but oh well), when Viya is making up riddles, she does it in her head. That means silently. Unless the riddle has quotation marks around it, the other Pets can't hear her, because there is nothing to hear.))
Viya fell.
And landed on the Kiko that Serenade was now.
What a stroke of luck! She'd landed safely.
But her things were falling to the floor, her Meepit strength not being able to hold them. It did not really matter, her Meepit size could not really handle any of the items anyway.
She quickly grabbed one arrow before letting all her things slide to the ground.
The arrow was pretty big, compared to her current size. But she already knew what to do about that.
Setting her new Meepit teeth to work, she quickly chewed through the arrow shaft, breaking it into two pieces. She threw away the nearly useless flight end, keeping only the piece with the arrowhead on it.
She now had an acceptable, Meepit-sized spear.
Not that she could do much with it, now that Rahon had gone.
Well, there was Lupine-turned-evil-not-quite-Balthazar.
She lay down on top of Serenade and, in a rare spurt of humor, whispered, "Charge!"

E-102 Gamma
5th January 2006, 6:09 PM
Banna ran up the stairs,carrying Meg as fast as he could.

'I must escape...I must get out of here,I failed!'

He thought as the weight of Meg began to tire him.

"I give up!"

He moaned and put Meg down,but a voice ran through his mind.

"Don't give up Banna,don't give up like your father did!"

The voice sounded familiar,another image flashed into his head,only this one was himself,in the future.


Memories were coming back,one of a kougraess cradiling a baby kougra,another of some Dargarian forces sprinting after them,and that grusome image.
He was being carried by what looked to be a white kougraess,she was in panic and turning to look behind,she tripped on a stone and he went up into the air.


The Kougraess cried,a cry that sounded so familiar.

Suddenley pain hit Banna's head and the image was gone.

5th January 2006, 7:35 PM
~Serenade and Forte, inside the Lair~

Serenade mumbled, "What? Charge? What do you mean? All I can do at this point is hop around..."

That's when she noticed Balthazar, and he was about to attack once more!

Serenade whispered to Viya, "Okay, looks like we don't have much of a choice anyways. CHARGE!!!"

She began hopping in her little Kiko form with Viya in her little Meepit form on her back and tried to hop over to Balthazar.

Meanwhile, Forte was just staring blankly at the situation and what everyone was doing. He just saw a little Kougra run past him with the injured - possibly dead - Gelert.

Some guy just dissapeared after the smoke cleared, and then he saw a baby Ashia. The last thing he noticed was a little Kiko with a Meepit on her back charging at Balthazar with what seemed to be a spear.

"Why is everyone in this room so small?" he wondered. "I mean, they're all fighting that huge Balthazar thing... Wait? Why is Balthazar even here? Some mental problem keeping him from catching his faeries?"

That's when he noticed a little brown tunic on the floor, a little straw hat on the floor, and a bow with several arrows lying besides it... Uh, oh. You all know what this means!

"But that's my sister's hat... And my sister's tunic... And her bow that I made her all those years ago..."

That's when he noticed that the Kiko was PURPLE!!! The same color as his sister! At least he now knew that Balthazar could have something to do with this! And perhaps that wizard that just dissapeared as well!

Forte drew his sword, and flew above where Balthazar, the Kiko, and the Meepit were. He wanted to figure out what exactly was going on before attacking.

As soon as Serenade noticed a Black Eyrie flying above the group, she stopped hopping to where Balthazar was, and looked up to see the Black Eyrie.

"Could it be...?" She thought. "No, it can't be... He died all those years ago... And this one has a white stripe going vertically down his wings..."

She just shrugged off the feeling that she got that moment, and continued charging - or hopping - to where Balthazar was with Viya.

E-102 Gamma
8th January 2006, 1:46 PM

Banna didin't know what to do,he could flee,and be called a coward for the rest of his life,or he could go back there and face Rahon.

"I'd rather face Rahon and be changed into something else than rather be called a coward!"

He laid down Meg,and ran back through the tunnel,a new power was building up inside of him,the power of anger,revenge and sadness.
Banna got the sadness and anger into his mind,when Meg was in the court.
"Well, can Ah sit with y’all? That’s mighty kind, if Ah don’t say meself. Meh name’s Meg and Ah’m from east of here. Lived on a farm,"

Meg had introduced herself,he didin't think much of her at first,but now,he liked her,like as if she was part of his family or something.
"I will avenge you...Meg!"

He mumured softly,soon enough Banna saw Baltazar fighting,the anger began to boil,getting hotter and hotter,he'd fight,to the death,for Serenade,Ariio,Viya,the real King Lupine but most importantly for Meg.


He called out,and charged in a full rage towards Baltazar,he thought of a Glacier Strike and charged it up,as he did,the staff began to glow a florecent blue,and he began to attack.

~Espeon Arianna~
12th January 2006, 10:50 PM
((OOC: About the Purple Kiko thing... When we changed species, did we change colors too? Or are we still the original colors?))
~Viya, The Dungeon Hall~
An idea came suddenly to Viya. Just a little longer, then she would be in range...
She threw the spear. It missed Lupine-Balthazar, clattering to the ground next to him. But that was all part of the plan.
She leaped off of Serenade, landing on Lupine-Balthazar's shoulder. Then she spoke a riddle, her voice echoing in the dungeon hall...
"You cannot quite be Balthazar,
Yet neither quite the King.
So tell me truly who you are,
And what manner of thing?"

Eternal Daydreamer
21st January 2006, 1:33 AM
(Same colors. Sorry I haven't updated in a while.)

Illusen (Yes, she's in it. She'll help out later)

Illusen knew something was wrong. It was a good thing she was banished from Faerieland long ago because something was wrong with Lady Fyora. All the faeries were talking about it and Jhudora was rumored to have something to do with it.

The earth faerie's feet clicked against the stone of the rampart. Illusen had flown to the top. She had a sinking suspission that something was terriebly wrong..

21st January 2006, 1:46 AM
Suddenly, the flit of faerie wings caught my attention. I glanced at the window to see who it was, but my being a kitten made the window look higher than it was.

After pushing some boxes up to the window, I climed up...and saw a pair of faerie boots that looked like Illusen's...a quick glance up confirmed my hopes: Illusen had arrived to help us! Could she turn us back to our true forms?

Eternal Daydreamer
21st January 2006, 2:04 AM
The roaring of an angry Lupe came to her ears. That and a stench of one of Jhudora's spells. That made Illusen angry. Who had cast it? Only Jhudora or one of her Dark Faeries..

That didn't matter. She couldn't sense Jhudora so she must of tricked someone else. Illusen was glad for that. The window at her feet wasn't that big but the faerie knew she would fit..

Tauros Rider2
21st January 2006, 2:05 AM
(La Carlotta I will be using a second charater in my next post)

Vulcan arrived seeing Balthazar attacking some Neopets. "I thought Balthazar captures faeries?"Vulcan thought.He saw a dead neopet. Vulcan felt anger rising inside of him. He charged at Balthazar but was blocked. Vulcan snarled. He jumped and slashed at Balthazar's head. Again Vulcan was blocked. Vulcan howled and he grew a little bit stronger. Vulcan used his claws and slashed at Balthazar's hands. This time Vulcan got only a small hit. "Drat!"Vulcan thought.

E-102 Gamma
21st January 2006, 1:25 PM
The Lair

Banna began to distract Baltazar with his staff, poking him with the sharp point to give the others some time.
Suddenley he saw a glimpse of brown hair, it could only mean one thing,


He asked in bewilderment and tried to dodge an attack from Baltazar, but he did not evade in time, a blow secluded itself on his head, sending him to the wall and knocking him out.

He was now in a village, so majestic and fine, he began to wander around until he came to a rickety old hut not too far, some singing could be heard.
Banna peeked round the open door to see a white kougraess chopping some meat up while a small baby kougra crawled around, hunting Spyders and Mootixes.


Banna asked quetly, but the kougraess turned around to see him.

"I knew you'd come Banna..."

She came up to him and touched his paw silently.

"This is Myahoda, the land of the dead, I knew you'd come someday for a small visit..."

She tore her eyes away from him and turned to the young kougra, wh was now holding a Mootix softly in his hands.

"Your baby brother died with me, before I could even give him a name..."

Before anything else could happen, a white flash surrounded Banna, and he heard his mother say,

"Farewell for now my darling!"

Eternal Daydreamer
21st January 2006, 7:51 PM
(Tauros Rider2, ok as long as you tell which character you are playing)

Illusen, Dungeon

The sounds of battle carried to her ears as she slipped into the dungeon. Illusen knew what the spell that the follower of Jhudora did instantly. The morphing powder. Balthazar being in the castle was the give away. Of course, the earth faerie was prepared for anything. She had brought a sleeping potion with her.

Flying fast to the giant lupe and almost knocking off a Meepit, Illusen grabbed a honey colored flask out of a hidden pocket. Balthazar roared and the earth faerie quickly dumped the potion down his throat. Balthazar stopped roaring, shivered and fell to the ground. Illusen sighed with relief as did the Meepit, a black Eyrie, a purple Kiko, and a baby Aisha.

She noticed for the first time that two giant Wadjets were slithering. A white Kougra and a yellow Usul were uncouncious. Illusen knew she would have to take care of the Wadjets first. Thinking quickly, she poured more of the sleeping potion down the Wadjets's throat. They slithered into slumber.

Again, the earth faerie sighed. Jhudora's magic was strong and it would take a lot to break the spell. The acrid stench that was only smelled by faeries was overwhelming but Illusen always had a level head about these things. There was no permenant cure that she had but the faerie could cure them long enough for them to defeat the creature that put it on them.

Balthazar was the one that she couldn't cure at all, however, since another spell was on him or so Illusen smelled. If she tried to cure him, the spell would backfire and the Lupe would become the real Balthazar. Forever. The Wadjets and the others she could cure for a bit but not forever.

"Stay there," she said hoarsely to the ones who were awake. "I shall cure all of you but Balthazar for a while. I'll explain later." She took another bottle, this time a bluish color, and went over to the Wadjets. The faerie poured some of the potion into their mouths. A flash of light and they were Kougras again. However they were still sleeping.

Illusen did this to the others expect the black Eyrie, the white Kougra, and Balthazar. The first two didn't carry the scent of the changing spell so Illusen didn't bother giving them the cure. The Usul, now a Gelert, and the Kougra were badly injured. That didn't matter, Illusen knew she could heal them.

She pointed a finger at the now two Eyries. "You two, carry the Kougra and the Gelert to the tower. Tie the two other Kougras up as well with Balthazar. I'll take care of them later."

21st January 2006, 8:49 PM
I watched as Illusen climbed inside the room, administering an antidote to most of us..."Balthazar" she could not heal, or His Majesty would never return to his true form.

"Don't forget me, Illusen!" I called.

Tauros Rider2
21st January 2006, 11:27 PM
Blade looked around Meridell. "Great Vulcan is gonna kill me"Blade said softly. He saw the villagers going about with their normal lives. Blade walked towards the castle. His wings shined in the sun. Blade entered the castle. It was eerily quiet. He heard footsteps and saw two other Eyries carrying a Kougra and Gelert. Blade rushed to them. "Let me help a bit"Blade said as he took out two small Healing Potions. He gave one to the Kougra and one to the Gelert. Then Blade saw Vulcan. "VULCAN!"Blade said. Vulcan looked at Blade with a grin. They did their special handshake and Blade felt happy by seeing his best friend. "Hey Blade long time no see huh?"Vulcan said. "Yep Vulcan"Blade said smiling.

Eternal Daydreamer
21st January 2006, 11:35 PM
Illusen noticed another Eyrie come. She scoffed lightly as she attended the Aisha. He actually thought that his tiny potions would heal them? They wouldn't heal all the wounds. Some tiny sratches yes, but not the bruised ribs that she sensed. But that was for another time.

She gave the antidote to the Aisha. Soon a full grown Aisha was there.

Tauros Rider2
21st January 2006, 11:46 PM
Shadow Shoyru
Shadow Shoyru looked at the group. "Master Rahon will not be pleased"Shadow Shoyru thought. SS continued looking. SS flew off to Faerieland. "So they survived huh?"SS thought. He saw Faerieland and went towards Jhudora's lair. He found Rahon. "Master Rahon they are still alive!"SS reported. Rahon was angered and slammed the ground.
(set-up post for another boss fight)

Eternal Daydreamer
22nd January 2006, 12:12 AM
(OOC: Alright. I'll take it from here.)

Jhudora, Lair

Jhudora snorted as she came into her lair. Rahon and a shadow Shoryu were discussing the fate of the pets that found about Rahon. They lived? How could they? Those questions came unbidden to her mind. But an answer came too. Illusen. Illusen was the only faerie in Merridell that wasn't serving Fyora's order of taking over.

Jhudora herself was doing it on order from the queen. She gave a blowpipe and darts to the Shoryu. Taking out some of her morphing powder, Jhudora told the Shoryu what to do. "I'll transform you into a royal Korbat. You go to the castle, get to Illusen and poison her with these darts. I shall keep you from harm. Fyora ordered it."

With that, the dark faerie blew powder on the Shoryu. "ROYAL KORBAT!"


He made it to Merridell castle. Illusen would be dead within minutes....

22nd January 2006, 7:59 AM
OOC: Wow, it's been a while. I thought this RPG died for about a week.

~Serenade and Forte, STILL inside the dungeon~

Lots of things had happened during the past few minutes. Serenade actually didn't have to fight Balthazar, and neither did Forte and everyone else. Illusen suddenly appeared from out of the shadows of the hall and knocked Balthazar- er, Rahon, unconsious using some strange potion.

Eventually, Illusen cured everyone that was afflicted by the morphing powder. The first thing that Forte noticed after that was... Well... His sister... Was a Kiko...

Forte walked over to where Serenade was, who was looking at Balthazar in his unconsious state.

"Serenade... It's you..."

Of course, Serenade couldn't tell that it was Forte. She thought Forte had died all those years ago, and this Black Eyrie had a white stripe going vertically down his wings.

"This CAN'T be Forte" she thought. Forte began to speak once more.

"Serenade! It's me, Forte! I somehow survived the volcano's eruption, and I went out to find you! I've finally found you... Though these two white stripes on my wings are a bit confusing..."

Serenade was pretty convinced by this time. None of Neopia had known about the eruption, even less, her name, so this had to be Forte! Serenade muttered, "But... I thought you-"

"I'm here, aren't I?"

That's when Illusen suddenly broke up the moment and screamed at both Serenade and Forte to do something.

"You two, carry the Kougra and the Gelert to the tower. Tie the two other Kougras up as well with Balthazar. I'll take care of them later."

"Oh... Right." They both muttered in unison.

They did as Illusen said, finding a rope nearby and tying up the two Kougra guards as well as Balthazar. Serenade then went to pick up the Gelert, and Forte went to pick up the Kougra.

They did have a bit of difficulty finding the tower at first, but eventually, Forte found the tower and called for Serenade to come up the tower. Finding someone whom you thought was dead for several years was a very awkward experience indeed.

After that, they reported back to Illusen to see what would happen next...

Eternal Daydreamer
22nd January 2006, 5:38 PM
OOC: Wow, it's been a while. I thought this RPG died for about a week
OOC: Agreed. I was really busy and not bothered to update. FlamingRuby then PMd me to do so.


The fullgrown Aisha nodded. She had agreed that it was possible that Jhudora was behind this nonsense. After all, only Fyora, Illusen, and Jhudora had access to morphing powder. And Fyora was good still, wasn't she?

Illusen was not sure about that...

22nd January 2006, 8:54 PM
I smiled as I grew again into an adult Aisha. "Thank you, Illusen, for restoring us to our true forms...although...is there a way we can restore the king to his true form?"

~Espeon Arianna~
23rd January 2006, 6:25 AM
((OOC: Sorry I didn't post sooner, I've had headaches all weekend. Ah well, I didn't miss too much.
The first italicized portion is a memory and not spoken aloud.
[EDIT] Oops, I put in the wrong adjective there. Her dress should be brown, not white!))
~Viya, The Dungeon~
She was back to being a Shoyru again. Ah, it felt good to have her wings back!
She darted over to where her things had fallen and pulled on her brown dress, hoping no one had been paying close attention to her. Replacing her quiver and pouch, she picked up her bow again.
Approaching Illusen, she bowed slightly, both paws in front of her, clutching the bow.
"Thank you, milady," she whispered.
She'd never been very good with other people. She was too shy. Life in the forest suited her better...
Words came back to her, words that had been spoken by someone she had not seen nor thought of in a long time...
"How will you ever learn anything if you're always off in the forest?"
"But the forest teaches me many things..."
"The forest won't teach you how to behave around others! Viya, you must learn not to be so shy. Everyone needs friends. Even you."
And then she had asked the question that no one had ever answered...
"But who will befriend me?"

Eternal Daydreamer
2nd February 2006, 3:33 AM
Illusen, Dungeon

"No, Aisha. There is no way, if there was I would cure him. He has to stay like that for his own safety." The reply was sharper than needed but she had to be harsh. After all, if there was a way to cure the Lupe she would do it.

"Hello, milady." The voice belonged to a royal Korbat. Hold it, a royal Korbat? This was diffently strange. "What do you want?" asked Illusen. The Korbat took out what looked to be a pipe.

The Korbat was smiling as he put it to his lips. The Aisha and Shoryu next to Illusen exchanged confused glances. This WAS odd. The Korbat blew and a feathered dart landed in Illusen's neck. She had been tricked! That was the last thought she had before the room turned dark.

2nd February 2006, 4:09 AM
"Illusen!" I yelped, as Illusen fell, paralyzed...she had returned most of us to our true forms, and now I felt compelled to return the favor by attempting to heal her.

"Blessing breeze, blow in energy! Cura!" I called, surrounding Illusen in a bluish ball of healing light. Since the dart that had struck her apparently good paralysis magic, I had opted to use one of my stronger healing spells to try and cure it.

9th February 2006, 3:28 AM
Mikuza flapped her wings idly, moving toward the castle of Meridell. The pale moonlight made the gray-blue of her fur gleam even more pale than it was naturally. She was completely hidden in the clouds, mostly because they were the same color as the majority of her. She flicked her tail before looking down.

There it was, the Castle. It sat drearily in the middle of a vast plain, glowing a melencholy stone gray. The flags hung limply, for no wind blew over the area. Mikuza dived toward the fogged figure.

At the gate she slipped through the porticullis with her tiny size. No trouble there. It would take very little effort to get to the middle of the castle... but that was untrue. The winding maze of the halls made her end up getting to the dungen, where Illusen lie paralyzed.

Before she entered the room, however, she saw a Korbat... who had a pipe to his lips. Darts! How dare he? Mikuza jerked a silver dagger out of a sheath on her ankle. With one quick motion she had him in a headlock with the dagger to his neck.

Mikuza's breath fell moist and heavy on his face. "One move and you are dead, idiot."

~Espeon Arianna~
10th February 2006, 6:02 AM
~Viya, In the Dungeon~
Viya felt it close in. The numbness, the feeling she had had before- her memory closed that thought. Before something she had forgotten.
The numbness meant forgetting.
She stared forward, losing herself to it, and began to recite a riddle, one she had written long ago...
"Though Dark and Light are the true enemies,
This one of Earth one of Dark fights.
Though both of them are called Faeries,
Earth takes the place of Light.
She has helped many willingly,
But one more without knowing,
She works for all endlessly,
Her kindness thusly showing.
She resides in her little glade,
From there everything she can see.
Many things right has she made,
Can you tell me, who is she?"
She was speaking in a monotone, the one she used when in the numb fog. She welcomed the numbness, knowing what it meant.
The numbness meant freedom.
The Rainbow Mage -Aiiro- was trying to cast some sort of spell.
An Eyrie had grabbed the Korbat and was hissing something. Viya didn't hear what.
The numbness meant that she would think all was well. She would not remember the awful events that had transpired. Or perhaps she wouldn't remember any events.
Viya welcomed the numbness.
The numbness meant forgetting.

11th February 2006, 1:27 AM
Mikuza said nothing after she had told the Korbat not to move. It was as simple as that. No more was needed... she stepped forth into the room, holding the Korbat off the ground. He seemed to be frightened; Mikuza paid no mind.

"Does anyone," she spoke bluntly, as was her nature, "know this fool? He has a dartgun." An Ashia and a Shoryu stood there, staring at the blue and mauve gryphon in front of them while still tending to Illusen.

Mikuza sighed. "..." She said nothing for a moment, just thinking, holding the Korbat close. "I will help you after we decide what to do with this..." She jabbed the dagger even closer to his neck, "fiend."

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 2:09 AM
Korbat felt the stab of the knife in his neck.

"Go ahead, kill me," he gasped with a breath. "Fyora the Faerie Queen will be after you if you do."


"Illusen is near death, milady." Fyora nodded her head slowly. This was going as planned. Rahon was a worthy ally as was Jhudora. Illusen was not and had to be gotten rid of.

"Terrask would be proud; our plan is going well. No one shall ruin my plan. Rahon, go back to the palace and get rid of the rest of Lupine's recruits. The ones that you haven't fought. They should be in the hall. Do as you wish, it is little more than a nusance." The Nimmo wizard bowed to the Faerie queen.

"As you wish. But the Korbat was taken hostage." Fyora raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" she began. "Let them kill him if they wish. He has done his duty well."

11th February 2006, 2:24 AM
Mikuza flicked an ear. The dagger fell about a centimeter away from the Korbat's neck. "Is that so?" She spoke quietly, thinking through the probobilities. It was unlikely, but chances weren't something she wanted to deal with. What to do... she then remembered they were in a dungeon.

She didn't have a full plan yet, but she had a pretty good idea what to do. "Okay, then. If that's so, explain how, or I will let you rot in this dungeon." She seemed to think of something else and said, "Without a weapon to kill yourself with. Just you and your clothes." she didn't have to say more than that.

Mikuza didn't want to take a chance. Illusen had died; this guy would pay... and anyone connected to him would also. He seemed more like a pawn than the master... besides, rarely was the dirty work left to any of the higher ranked peons. She stood there, face slightly bent toward him, listening though large catlike ears.

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 4:11 AM
"Fyora sent me to killl Illusen. And the plan worked. That's all I know. I am a simple Korbat that fell into a bad crowd, that's all. For all I know, she might be alive, I don't know."

The words flowed like water. The idea of rotting in this dungeon did not appeal to the Korbat at all.

11th February 2006, 4:20 AM
Mikuza's eyes widened. "Now then... that's odd. Fyora..." She had some knowledge of Fairyland, being able to fly. Fyora... wasn't she a good queen? What was the world coming to?

The dagger was hanging still further from the Korbat's neck as the information came, not pricking now but just providing a threat. "Isn't Fyora a good queen? Do you really know anything else?" Mikuza was just trying to get all the information she could. She didn't sound so angry now, more curious like her normal self.

She thought carefully through her plan. Her decision was to find out everything she could, then allow him to go under... some conditions. She knew he would listen if there was still a dagger at his throat. Of course, he would still get what he deserved...

It just wouldn't be as bad as rotting in a dungeon.

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 3:38 PM
Ooc: I forgot about this!, sorry, I'll come back now!


Inside the Tower

Banna's vision slowly came back to him, his head throbbed and one of his arms was in pain. He looked to the stairs, he didin't know where he was, or how he'd gotten there, but he needed to return to Illusen. As Banna got up, a soft clicking sound turned his sight to a small corner of the tower. He got up, and slowly tiptoed to see a Spyder, it looked hurt, and one of it's friends was there beside it. The wounded Spyder breathed slowly, making small squeals to his friend in a language unknownst to Banna, he stopped squealing, and slowly, stopped breathing. The other Spyder nudged him, no response came from his friend, he turned his attention to Banna, growling a little bit,

"It's okay, I won't harm you!" He whispered gently, the Spyder seemed to understand, and came up to him, it looked upset, and in a small, sad tone, hissed and looked at his dead comrade sadly,

"I lost someone too, you know..." Banna replied to the Spyder, then he thought of something, pausing, he felt sorry for it, so he decided to try and cheer it up,

"Hey, your not like those other Spyders from the Haunted Woods, I can see that your in pain, could we be... friends, and travel together?" The Spyder hesitated, but purred and nodded, it jumped onto Banna's shouldier and nudged him in a friendly manner,

"Okay, you need a name... how about Fang?" Banna asked the Spyder, it clicked in agreement,

"Then Fang it is!" Fang purred again at his new name,

"Now, we need to find Illusen, and fast!" He and Fang began to step downstairs, with about a million passageways, it would be hard to find their appointed destanation.

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 5:32 PM
OOC: Tauros Rider... Your posts make no sense. I'm not getting what you are saying in them. And I see a bit of god modding too... I'll ban you from this RPG if this continues.

Meg, Tower

She was lost in a swirl of memories when she woke up. Groaning, Meg got up to her feet and slipped in what looked like a pool of sludge.

"Sorry. My Sludgy loves to crawl around.." Meg looked up. It was a young red Lupe dressed in royal robes. The sludge looked up at Meg, blinked and crawled over to the Lupe. It was indeed a Sludgy.

"Who are ya? Ah don't recognize ya," Meg said slowly. It hurt her ribs to do so. The Lupe bowed slightly as the Sludgy came to a halt in front of her.

"I am Sasha Ginger Wolf the first. I am King Lupine Wolf's little sister. And who are you?" asked the Lupe. Her eyebrows were raised and there was a hint of pride in her voice.

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 5:55 PM
Ooc: I was just wondering if I could have a creature battle me? nothing too hard or easy, just something to battle, it's okay if you think otherwise though!
I have two Sludgies for petpets on my account, just so you know!


Banna & Fang
Lost inside the Tower

Banna sighed, another dead end, he didin't know where he was or what time it was, he just went back the way he'd come,

"If only I'd managed to remember the route I took..." He muttered, Fang clicked in agreement, they kept going back, the way they'd come and chose the next passageway, after a few moments, he could see light, it was getting larger, and larger every second, he realized what this was: The Sunlight!
He began to break into a steady run, Fang held on with all his might, until the two finnaly saw the Plains of Neopia.

"Fang, welcome to the outside world!" Banna cried happily, Fang gaized at the grasslands, the two began walking silently, he'd never felt better, but Banna and Fang heard a twig snap, in the bushes,

"I belive were being followed by something, or someone!" Banna whispered, he slowly crept up to the rustiling, he took out his staff, and began to search.

( Don't worry, I can change it if you want! )

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 5:57 PM
OOC: Sure you can. Thank you for asking me first. And I have a Sludgy for my Lupe, GingerbreadSasha.

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 6:03 PM
Ooc: Thanks, one of them is a Plushie Sludgy!


The Plains of Neopia

Banna suddenley heard a growl in the bush, the thing suddenley leapt out, it was a Dire Lupe. Fang hissed, trying to scare the creature off, but Banna took a fighting position.

"Come on then, bring it on puppy!" He said boldly, inside, he was nervous, he'd never fought one of these before, so, he gathered up all his courage, and prepared for the worse.

( We need someone to control "A Dire Lupe" yes, I play too much Neoquest I)

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 6:11 PM
OOC: Alright. Here I go!

Dire Lupe

He leaped at the Kougra. The Kougra dodged and a Spyder bit his foreleg. Snarling he slashed the petpet off and reared to face the Kougra. He would defeat this little pest.

The Kougra drew his blade and charged the Dire Lupe. The Lupe snarled and charged the Kougra.

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 6:16 PM
(Btw, I wanna ask you something, have you beaten Xantan yet? Just wanted to know, and Banna has a staff, not a blade, one would be more powerful though...)

Fighting a Dire Lupe

Banna drew his staff, and charged at the Dire Lupe, he began to cast a Snowball as he charged,

"Eat Snowball, you beast!" He cried, Fang couldin't be seen,the Snowball began to fling itself, the Dire Lupe charged as well, Banna began to defend as the Snowball hit the Dire lupe, hoping it would do some sort of damage.

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 6:23 PM
(Well, I forgot he had a staff. Silly me. Yeah, I have beat Xantan the first one, before he was revived. Haven't beat Gors yet. Not gonna bother.)

Dire Lupe

The sheer cold. He collapsed into a pile of fur. The will to fight was drained out of him.

The lupe was used to warm climates and a snowball was really effective. Dropping a loose fang that had been bothering him, the lupe ran off.

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 6:53 PM
(*le gasp!* Me too!, wow, we are pretty lucky, I always thought that Xantan was just an overgrown Sludgy... )

The Plains of Neopia

Banna immedietly rushed over to his new found friend, Fang looked alright, but Banna couldin't be sure,

"Fang...?" He began, hoping for a response, a click indicated he was alright. Banna sighed happily, he managed to escape death, then he turned his attention towards the tooth.
Banna picked it up, a canine no doubt, it glimmered in the sunlight like a pearl,

'I should find someone to drill a hole in this, so I can wear it on my neck with the sapphire' He thought, as Fang clambered upon his shouldier, the two began to make their way to the desert.

( Thanks for helping me with the "Dire Lupe"! )

11th February 2006, 7:03 PM
I tried again and again to resuscutate Illusen, but no movement was seen. I was shocked--Illusen, dead?

Trying my hardest to fight back the tears in my throat, I mustered all of my Light power in an attempt to cast a reviving spell.

"Spirits of hope, give a new dream to the soul! Life!" I commanded. Illusen's form was surrounded by a pale green glow, then she settled on the ground again. I asessed her body---she was breathing, but she was still unconcious.

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 7:06 PM
(No prob.)


"Name's Meg if ya was wonderin'. So wot are ya doin' here, yar Majesty?"

Sasha sighed. The Sludgy glanced up and briefly touched her hand. "I'm hiding from that creature. The fiend... My poor brother... I heard what he was going to do to me."

Meg got up slowly. Her ribs hurt with each breath, the reason was unknown. "Who? That Nimmo? Do ya know why I'm in the tower? Wot's he gonna do?" Meg always had a handful of questions to ask.

"Yes, Rahon... He plans to.. Ugh. I can't bare to think of it.. He plans to turn me Marquan and release me into the sea. Ugh... My brother stuck as Balthazar... Cannot someone help us?"

E-102 Gamma
11th February 2006, 7:28 PM
( My pet, Banna isin't really white, he's green, my account on Neopets is Chittykat! )

Banna & Fang
The Plains of Neopia

Banna trudged onwards, the plains never seemed to end, like as if it was tourturing him and Fang. The area had gotten darker, and he'd managed to avoid creatures that would be looking for trouble, he padded for a while, until a horrible stench filled his nose. Banna and Fang, found themselves in a swamp!

'Can this get any worse?' Banna thought as he trudged through the icky terrain.

Eternal Daydreamer
11th February 2006, 10:24 PM
(Chittykat? I'll check it out. Mine's diva_queen423. Lupinewolf is my main pet but he's not Royal, he's yellow.)


Sasha sighed. "Come on, Meg. I might have something for you. Why are you limping?"

Meg stopped walking towards the Lupe. "Meh ribs. Ah was hurled into a wall. Long story. Ah'm not sure that ya have enough time to hear it."

The red Lupe sighed. "No, it's alright. I have no need to know." Meg nodded slowly at the answer. "Why don't ya want to be Marquan?"

Sasha Ginger Wolf flinched. "I am afraid of drowning and don't wish to play in the sea."

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 12:13 PM
( I saw your pets, I like the look of it, I don't remember what the swamp is called though! )

The Haunted Plains/ A Swamp

Banna and Fang kept going, the two had gone on for a long time, a sudden sign caught Banna's eye, the sign read:

Welcome to Swamp Edge City!

"Oh thank goodness!" Banna cried, he began to run, he could see the city, and just on the edge, there was a Red Korbat.

( You probably know who I'm talking about right? )

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 3:17 PM
(Yeah, I know what you are talkin' about. Fought Gors again. Lost again. NOOO! Gonna train in the desert, try the first floor of the temple. Then go to Gors again.)

Sasha and Meg were sneaking down back to the dungeon. Thanks to Sasha's great knowledge of the castle, they made the journey faster. However, Meg's ribs slowed them down a bit.

Sasha was saying something to Meg when she ran into a Nimmo. A blue one. With wizards robes. Rahon! Rahon sneered. "Why, it's the princess and her pet Gelert! And her pet pool of sludge," he said mockingly.

Sasha backed away slowly. "Please no....I don't want to go in the sea...Please, I beg you..."

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 3:22 PM
( Yeah, on Neoquest II, I beat the Miner Foreman first time! )

Banna trudged onwards, slowly getting closer to the town, Fang hummed in a language he could speak quietly, and Banna decided to talk with the Korbat,

"Hello there!" He called to the korbat, waiting for an answer.

( Could you controll this guy so that I'm not godmodding please? )

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 3:29 PM
(Sure. No prob, I'm on it!"

Motki, Swamp Edge City

The red Korbat scanned the city. Suddenly, a white Kougra with a Spyder came up to him. "Well, who are you?" asked Motki.

"Banna, came from the Meridell castle." Motki nodded at this, it made sense. "Have you seen a Korbat called Ritki anywhere?"

Banna shrugged. "Can't say I have, why?" Motki sighed. Rikti would be the death of me, he thought.

"Rikti is my little brother. If you see him, he should be in the ruins south of the castle, tell him it's time to go home. Would ya do that?"

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 3:33 PM
( Thanks!, also, I think I would like a battle again... )

"Of course, I'll look for him!" Banna answered, Fang clicked in agreement,

He began to go down south, it looked like a dessert, he began to head onwards, a harsh growl made him turn, there, was a Lupe Hybrid. Again, Fang hissed, and Banna got a spell ready for it.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 3:41 PM
(Lupe Hybrid? Here we go! And I think you meant a Lupe Warrior.)

Lupe Warrior/Hybrid

His eyes focused on the Kougra. Howling, the Lupe attacked the Kougra, his claws outstretched. His enemy did a quick spell and it hit him the nose. It was a Snowball spell.

It didn't slow him down at all, he charged again! The Kougra lashed out with his staff, whacking him on the nose. The Lupe whimpered and clutching his nose, laid down defeated at the Kougra's feet.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 3:48 PM
Looking at a Lupe Warrior

Banna gaized at the now dfeated Lupe Warrior, it was limp, but still breathing. He slowly came up to it, there were a couple of items that did not meet his fancy, but then a small glimmering object caught his attention, he picked it up, it appeared to be a small vial of a potion,

'Well, it's worth trying...' Banna thought, and he sipped the potion, and then gulped it down.

( I couldin't think of anything else, and what would happen when Banna drunk the potion... sorry! )

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 4:15 PM
(Now for Sasha and Rahon! Mooohahahahahaha!)

Sasha was backed against the wall and Meg was lagging behind with her Sludgy. There was nothing she could do. Gulping, she took out a flask from her pocket.

The flask, she had taken from his lair months ago. She did not know what was in it or what it would do but, she hoped, it would do something that would make the wizard go away.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 4:19 PM
( You're insane! I like your style! )

Banna began to feel all tingily and fresh, he looked down at the potion, it read:

Standard Healing Potion

He got up, and continued looking, Fang not far behind.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 4:26 PM
(You aren't the only one who can make RPGs interestin' you know.)


He saw the Lupe fall defeated at Banna's feet. Motki scampered over to him. "Nice job, but I think you should head back to the castle. If you want, I'll join you."

Banna thought it over. "But, I was heading to get your brother." Motki nodded slowly. "Yes, but you are headin' the wrong way. I'll come along AND I have a map of this area. I'm a mage you know."

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 4:29 PM
( Oh yes, I'm alays insane here! )

Banna nodded, and followed Motki, once again, he found himself inside the swamp,

"Urrg, this is making my head spin..." He mumbled quietly, just enough for them to hear.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 4:32 PM
(Now for Meg....)

Meg heard a scrambling noise just up ahead. A struggle and a poof of light just up ahead. Some evil cackling and a barking noise.

She tried to move faster but her ribs hurting made her go slower.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 4:38 PM
( Btw, thanks for signing up to my RPG, hopefully you know your accepted! )

Banna watched as Motki lead him and Fang to the castle, it would be getting dark very soon, Fang clicked happily, he loved the dark.

'Gee, how long will it take?' Banna thought to himself.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 4:43 PM
(You are welcome!)

Motki stopped. "I know a hermit that lives near here. We can rest." Banna's Spyder clicked happily. Banna sighed.

"Oh, come on. If we start early tomorrow, we'll be at the castle before noon!"

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 4:46 PM
( Did you see my account on Neopets? )

Banna noticed the cave, it looked murky and damp, Fang jumped up and down happily, he liked these things very much.

"Calm down Fang..." Banna murmured to Fang, but fang wasin't listening.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 4:53 PM
(Yes I have, not too shabby.)

"Here we are!" said Motki excitidly. The hermit's hut was a forlorn looking building. Motki rapped on the door. A red Lenny stuck out his head. "Oh, it's you Motki! And you have company. Appearantly you want to spend the night. Come on in."

The two Neopets and the Spyder went in. The hut was messy looking and a Doglefox was laying on the bed. "Who are you?" the Lenny asked Banna. "Banna."

"Odd name. Mine's Dikara."

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 4:56 PM
Inside Dikara's Hut

"Yes, from what I know, it means: The Avenger" Banna said in agreement, Fang began to chat with Dikara's Doglefox,

So then, what do you know about this place then? Fang asked, hoping the Doglefox would reply.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:02 PM
Well, there's a lot of things I know. But what's your name? asked the Doglefox.

"Ah yes, Avenger. I was a general in the Lost Desert Army a few years ago. But as you know, the Royal Family was overthrown and I was left without a job," Dikara said slowly. "Now, I'm a hermit."

My name is Fang. What's yours? asked Fang. The Doglefox laid his head down on his paws. Mine is Coltzan.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 5:07 PM
( I also have a disscusion thread in the RPG cafe, if you wanna chat without brackets, we can go there sometime! )

I know the name, it was the name of a wise king right? Fang said happily. Banna realized he was hungry, his stomach ached with hunger,

"Could we have some food, I haven't eaten in a while!" He asked.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:15 PM
(Well, I'll PM you in a minute or two.)

"Right. I have some bread at the moment. Why don't you sit down why I get some?" asked Dikara. Motki nodded. "That's right. We should eat."

Yes that was a king. Coltzan was the king of the Lost Desert. Coltzan sighed wistfully.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 5:18 PM
( Okay! )

Banna sat down, he looked towards Fang and Coltzan and then sighed.

Do you know anything about that lupe we battled? Fang asked Coltzan with curiosity.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:28 PM
Not I. All of the beasts are acting strangely lately. Even the Krawks are attacking! Coltzan growled.

Motki sighed. "So what's the news lately, Dikara? Did you see Rikti going this way?"

Dikara shrugged. His back was turned and his left wing pulled open a drawer. "Here they are!" he cried triumphantly.

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 5:30 PM
That's odd, Krawks are usually docile creatures! Fang looked shocked, then continued,

Wanna hear how i came to be with Banna? He asked.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:34 PM
Sure. I could do with a good yarn, Coltzan said. The Doglefox let out a great big yawn.

Dikara set the loaf of bread down on a table. Flicking a knife from his left sleeve, he cut several slices. "Now I know it ain't kings fare but it'll keep ya moving."

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 5:38 PM
Banna took a scilce and said,

"Thanks, you've made my day!" He began eating,

Well, me and my freind were doing buisness in the tower of Meredell y'see, and someone had dropped a piece of food, so my pal eat some, but it made him die, at the same time, Banna had re-awoken, he watched as my friend died, and I began to trust him soon afterwards, he named me Fang, I've traveled with him ever since! Fang told Coltzan.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:44 PM
I see. My yarn isn't as interesting. You see, after Dikara was made general, King Coltzan the third gave me to him. Dikara honored the king by naming me after him. We have fought side-by-side for years. Coltzan finished arching his back and turning around in a circle three times. The Doglefox was interested but not enough to make him sit still.

Dikara nodded. "It's not kings fare, as I said. But I learned how to cook in the field, you know. I'm a grizled campaigner that has trecked through untold deserts and the like. What brings you Banna to this swamp?"

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 5:46 PM
( I have dinner, I'll see you later! )

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 5:50 PM

Meg scrambled to get to Sasha. Who knew what torture the Lupe was encountering. The Sludgy was crawling slowly at her side. Suddenly, Meg tripped over something and landed on her rear. The Gelert grumbled and looked at what she tripped on.

It was a Marquan Lupe. "Meh word! Sasha is that ya?"

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 6:11 PM
( Okay, back on! )

Banna sighed again as he took another bite, he missed Meg so much, he wanted to see if she was alright. Fang, on the other hand, was having fun,

Man, you are so cool! He said happily.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 6:18 PM
Meh. It's a Doglefox life. You are young, you'll find a good yarn or two before you grow old, said Coltzan coldly. Although, he was indeed pleased that Fang liked him.

Dikara noticed Banna seemed to be in mourning. "What's wrong, Banna? You look like your pa went out to sea and left ya!"

E-102 Gamma
12th February 2006, 6:21 PM
"Well, I made a good friend at King Lupine's Castle you see, and once his wizard, made the king go mad, he knocked my friend and me out, I woke up in the tower and she was still unconsus..." He stopped to think of Meg silentley.

Eternal Daydreamer
12th February 2006, 6:28 PM
Dikara stopped to think for a minute. "Then, if ya want to get there fast.... There's an Eyrie that lives near here. He could fly you three to the castle in a hour... He does owe me a favor..."

Coltzan scampered over to his owner. The petpet nodded solemnly.

~Espeon Arianna~
13th February 2006, 2:17 AM
She remembered her first memory, what had happened that day...
"What is your name, little one?"
She had stared at him for a moment, then said slowly, "I do not know..."
That night, she had dreamed. A voice had spoken to her, a voice she had once known, but had forgotten:
"Never forget, Viya. Make new friends. Be happy again, but never forget what happened."
"Never forget..."
She had awoken, but had remembered nothing of the dream except her name: Viya.
Never forget...
She had forgotten. She had forgotten... everything.
But she had forged new memories. Happy ones.
Did she want to forget them?
With the new memories had come sad ones as well.
Did she want to remember?
"Never forget..."
But she had forgotten. She had forgotten what she had needed to remember.
Did she want to remember anything else?
The numbness was there, but it did not advance nor retreat. It was hovering, waiting.
Would she remember or forget?
She did not want to forget everything.
Somehow, she knew she would.
She couldn't pull out of the fog.
She had welcomed it in, and now she could not get rid of it. Her will to remember was not strong enough.
She struggled, but all she could think of were bad memories. Except for one thing, one name she could not place...
"Serenade..." she murmured.
Who was Serenade? She couldn't remember; the fog was blocking it...
"Never forget..." she whispered.

Eternal Daydreamer
13th February 2006, 4:19 AM
Meg was panicking. What should she do? In her panic, she ran to the dungeon.

She was still running (er, limping) when she ran into Viya. And knocked them both to the floor.

~Espeon Arianna~
13th February 2006, 4:53 AM
Meg ran into her, knocking her over.
The fog lifted a bit, dislodged by the jolt.
Viya blinked, her eyes losing their distant look.
"Meg?" she murmured. "I thought you were dead! Why are you in such a hurry?"
She smiled, then blinked. The distant look returned to her eyes. The fog was coming back.
Her memories... They were all so sad. Why did she need them? She should forget them...
Serenade... Meg and Serenade... They were worth remembering... To forget the pain... She would have to forget them...
Never forget...
"Never forget," she whispered. "But... It is too late, I have already forgotten..."
"Serenade... Who is Serenade?"

Eternal Daydreamer
13th February 2006, 4:57 AM
"Er. That ain't important at the moment! We have a sea critter stuck on dry land! Help meh get her water! Now!" Meg was frantic.

Sasha was gonna die. Sasha was gonna die. Sasha was gonna drown...

Odd words came to Meg's mind.

"Now, meh bonnie daughter, go back and save yah friends. Ya ain't dead yet, sa go on.."

The words didn't make her feel comfortable..

Blue Vortex
20th February 2006, 3:59 PM
~Before leaving home~
Shadow took off his coat and, because he was in a rich family, quickly bought a new royal paint brush. This was a royal knight paintbrush for armor. He quickly changed into it and got his ice balde. This is going to be along tough ride, hethought to himself.

~ten days later~
"I come to help his royal highness!"he shouted as he walked up to the gates. He had heard how beutiful the cast was but never saw who it looked. It was a big castle made of stones. The banner swayed in the wind as Shadow walked through the gates.

Eternal Daydreamer
20th February 2006, 4:24 PM
Lord Thespian, Hall

Thespian was a large blue Grarrl in the clothes that marked him a noble. He did not know what was going on, nor did he care. His great gait let him move swiftly around the castle.

Braveheart, his Snicklebeast, growled at his side. The noise made him stop. Turning, the lord saw a Lupe in royal knight armor. "You, why are you not in the hall?" his might benign voice said. "It matters not, however. Knight, the king's sister is missing. I found her Sludgy a few moments ago. I will reward you greatly if you find her. She is a red Lupe."

Blue Vortex
20th February 2006, 6:11 PM
Shadow only nodded and went to see his royal highness first then search for the one who is missing, a red lupe. After he was greeted by his royal highness he told him about what the Grarrl said to him.

"As he had said to you, search for daughter. If you need any assinstince(sp?) then ask the knights ang guards." Lupin wisely said to the sixteen year old lupe, "nce you have found her bring her to me at once before anything eles happens." Shadow bowed and went straight to the hall to look for the red lupe.

Eternal Daydreamer
20th February 2006, 6:19 PM
OOC: Dude, Lupine is the dungeon unconcious. And it's sister, not daughter. Sasha is the king's younger sister. If you had read the earlier posts, you would know this. However I can fix this so no problem.
Prince Rufus, Royal Bedchamber

The crown made him feel uncomfartable but the nobles told him that it was nesscary for him to pretend to be Lupine, his father. Luckily, the Lupe was not a youth and was painted Royal. No one could tell the difference!

The knight had asked him about Sasha missing. Rufus wondered where in Neopia his aunt was... She was a nervous sort that wouldn't travel.

28th February 2006, 2:38 AM
Now that Illusen was revived, I rushed upstairs to see if the rest of the royal family was all right.

I arrived in the bedchamber of Rufus, Lupine's firstborn, just as his advisors finished a discussion about what to do about this crisis.

"Lady Aiiro, we have decided to let Rufus rule until we can break the curse on His Majesty." one lord explained...

Eternal Daydreamer
28th February 2006, 3:00 AM
Rufus, Hall

It was easy he found to walk with a dignified air when he pretended to be his father. Rufus delighted in it but he knew that he'd never be king. The fact was that his sister was more beloved and thus would become queen before him. Matters such as that were unimportant to him at the moment. The familiar hand of Lord Thespian fell upon his shoulder. "M'lord," he began. "I have found your aunt."

Rufus shook the Grarrl's hand off. "That's good news," the prince replied. "Very good." Thespian shook his head. "Perhaps. One Sasha is found but the other is still missing."

Rufus was shocked. The only other Sasha was his own sister! It couldn't be... "I sent a Lupe after her." The words fell on deaf ears. Rufus had dissapeared. "Prince Rufus? Prince Rufus?! Prince Rufus!"
Sasha, Somewhere

Her eyes blinked open. There was nothing but darkness and a fishy smell came to her nose. That was not the worst, however. It was the fact that she was drying out.. Her new Marquan body needed water and there was none...

From what she could make out, she was in a sack.
Lord Thespian, Castle

"Lady Aiiro something strange has happened." His normaly brisk tone was slightly shaky. The Aisha turned towards him. "What is it?" she asked.

"The Prince Rufus has dissapeared! And no sign of the Princess Sasha anywhere. I had thought that you could..."

Aiiro nodded slightly. "Let's see what I can do."
A Pirate Eyrie, Dock

He paced up and down the dock. He could not wait! The bloody fool making him wait would pay dearly. Kidnapping could end in being hanged for treason. That, the Eyrie knew, would not do any good.

"Yar. Phillipe was waitin' for ye. Take the lass aboard." The new arrivial, a green Yurble with a lazy eye nodded. "Hur. That Peophin couldn't wait for anythin'!"

28th February 2006, 3:04 AM
I was shocked when the noble told me that Prince Rufus had disappeared....where had he gone to, and in which direction did he run?

"Is there anything I can do to help?" I asked. If Rufus was all alone, he'd probably die in the wilderness. I took it upon myself that I would find him, and protect him.

Eternal Daydreamer
28th February 2006, 3:14 AM
"Perhaps. I blinked and Rufus was gone! Vanished."

Thespian stopped. His loyal Snickerbeast growled softly. This was simply not the way to get things done. "You see, milady, the Prince is not the only offspring of the King gone missing. His daughter has dissapeared also."

He bowed his large head. "Whoever is doing this is heartless. I could understand kidnapping the king or Rufus. But the princess? She's one of the most beloved royals in Neopia!"

28th February 2006, 3:29 AM
"Your grace, I'll do whatever I can to find them both." I assured the lord.

"I'll go with Aiiro and protect her." a voice added. I whirled around--Illusen had fully recovered from her wounds and was now standing in the doorway.

"I accept your offer, Illusen...as thanks for rescuing me and the others." I stammered, tears of joy running down my face.

Eternal Daydreamer
5th March 2006, 6:58 PM
Illusen, Palace

"It's nothing, really. The royal family needs to be found, that's all," Illusen said. Aiiro nodded, still crying.

Phillipe, Ship

"Argh, so ye bring me the lassie, eh? Well, cut my beard! We set off to sail to Krawk Island soon!"

Phillipe the Great was a pirate Peophin, a scoundral to the bone. The eyrie nodded. "Aye, capt'n we'd be off nice and slow."

5th March 2006, 8:04 PM
Meridell Market

Illusen and I wasted no time in departing on our mission--but before departing tp the Meridell Wilds, where Rufus had supposedly fled, we decided to stop in the marketplace for supplies.

The market was bustling with activity, as usual. The vendors were either calling for visitors to come see their wares, or haggling with a customer for an item. In addition to the various shops and stalls, there were some entertainers too: a minstrel singing of the exploits of Rohane for some children, some jesters cartwheeling in the square, and a small band in the tavern.

I turned to Illusen. "What do you suggest we buy for our trip into the wilds, my lady?"

Eternal Daydreamer
12th March 2006, 9:43 PM
Illusen shrugged. "Perhaps that staff over there would be to your liking. Sturdy oak is good for spellcasting."

A vender caught her eye. The merchant was a yellow Bori. He grinned and beckoned the two to him. "Here," he began. "Are very fine potions. Good for healing. I also have food for sale."

Illusen looked over the merchant's wares. "Basic potions," she snorted. "I could make better things. However, what's this?" A red liquid in a vile caught her eye. The faerie made a grab for it.

"Essence of Poppy. Hmm. I'll take two bottles." The merchant nodded. "That'd be fifteen gold pieces." Illusen handed the Bori his money and the essence was safe in her bag.

Suddenly, a pirate Kougra motioned the two females toward him. Lady Aiiro glanced at Illusen and the faerie shrugged. They went to him carefully. "Arggh, thank ye for listenin'. Aye. I have a tip for ye if ye be listenin' to old Clage. You see, I saw a Yurble with a sack head for the docks. So did I. Yale I believe he is being called. Teh sack was movin'."

12th March 2006, 10:45 PM
Meridell Market

I listened as Clage, an old pirate that often traded stories of the sea with other sailors, relayed to us an interesting tip: He had seen a Yurble head for the dock with a sack that had moving contents--maybe Rufus was inside.

After buying a study oak staff and a cotton rainbow robe for me, Illusen and I headed for the wharf, hoping that one of the sailors had seen the Yurble that Clage has told us about.

Eternal Daydreamer
13th March 2006, 12:16 AM
The docks had a fishy smell to them, no wonder. Aiiro and Illusen soon found a sailor who would answer his questions. It was a pirate Bruce. "Argh. So I did see Yale. Aye. He went aboard teh "Golden Peophin". That ship over thar. The capt'n of her be the Great Phillipe. Perhaps ye heard of him. Once was the Royal Navy Leader. Aye."

Illusen pondered this for a minute. The ship which the Bruce had pointed to was sailing away. The Peophin looked very regal, a true royal ship. Phillipe himself was a famous sailor but when the trouble began, he turned traitor. Or so said the rumors. "What was in the sack?" The Bruce shrugged.

"Methinks a lassie. Yale reffered to his cargo as the "lady". Aye."

Lady Myuu
25th March 2006, 9:02 PM
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