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29th December 2005, 10:54 PM
200 team, meaning;

no pokemon that weren't in Ruby and Sapphire
no move tutors
no pinch berries except liechi which was obtainable in the RS games
no jirachi
no deoxys

Salamence (F) @ Leftovers ** NYPC in 200?
Trait: Intimidate
EVs: 20 HP / 252 Spd / 236 SAtk
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Blast
- Hidden Power [Grass]
- Wish

Modified Elemence, swampert cannot switch into any of my attacks and survive the next hp grass, hp grass does about 93%, so even fire blast makes hp grass KO it.
Wish is from NYPC and available on NetBattle's Ruby Sapphire mode so I guess it is legal to use it in 200 mode, I have had nothing to tell me otherwise, not even by other 200 players

Weezing (F) @ Leftovers ** Smorgon
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 196 HP / 60 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Haze
- Pain Split
- Sludge Bomb
- Will-O-Wisp

Standard Weezing, didn't want skarm as Hera/Medichams are everywhere and it doesn't like Foucs punches, while Maggy is also around a lot.
Will-o-Wisp is pretty cool now as the only possible cleric is Delcatty

Regice @ Leftovers ** This > Titanic
Trait: Clear Body
EVs: 204 HP / 96 Def / 132 SAtk / 76 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Rest
- Thunderbolt
- Toxic

toxic is cool with no used clerics, doesn't get thunder Wave or Psych-Up in RS, yet there are no Zapdos/Suicune/Celebi to Psych-up or Wave

Metagross @ Leftovers ** Inbred
Trait: Clear Body
EVs: 140 HP / 68 Atk / 136 Def / 140 SAtk / 24 SDef
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Earthquake
- Hidden Power [Electric]
- Meteor Mash
- Psychic

Doesn't get Explosion in pure RS, hp electric means gyarados isn't really a threat to me, psychic gets weezing before it can wisp

Zangoose (F) @ Lum Berry ** Zanmoose
Trait: Immunity
EVs: 68 HP / 156 Atk / 56 Def / 228 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Quick Attack
- Return
- Shadow Ball
- Swords Dance

Lum berry > weezing straight out after it switches in on a swords dance
QA beats Rev Cham/Hera as there is no tyranitar around to Sandstream

Dodrio (F) @ Choice Band ** Three > You
Trait: Early Bird
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Drill Peck
- Hidden Power [Fighting]
- Quick Attack
- Return

Dodrio is too cool not to use.

skarm is a handful until metagross hp electrics it or it comes into mence, regice can't really switch into max SAtk mence's fire blast

30th December 2005, 12:55 PM
Blaziken is quite a problem, especially if its that special one with
HP Ice, and the usual Slaking weak but all 200 teams have that >_>

Use Taunt over QA on goose since Dodrio does that already, taunting
**** like skarm is always cool, or Focuspunch could work good with prediction
there too

30th December 2005, 10:23 PM
gyarados is awesome in 200 as skarm isnt there.

30th December 2005, 10:30 PM
gyarados is awesome in 200 as skarm isnt there.

skarm is there and it is even more ou

30th December 2005, 10:40 PM
i just have a question, why Zangoose?

30th December 2005, 10:44 PM
skarm is there and it is even more ou
i read it somewhere though >:o


30th December 2005, 10:46 PM
i just have a question, why Zangoose?

Zangoose is one of the most Overused Pokemon in 200 IIRC.

31st December 2005, 12:04 AM
swords dance qa ohkos zam, flail off a swords dance stab base 125 att with no ttar? sounds good to me.

31st December 2005, 6:29 AM
I guess it´s a nice team, but i agree with demonscythe, as your team could have trouble with Blaziken, or with milotic

31st December 2005, 2:43 PM
k realized regice and weezing are fat and i don't like them

over weezing;

Lanturn (F) @ Leftovers ** High Voltage
Trait: Volt Absorb
EVs: 196 HP / 116 SAtk / 196 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Thunder Wave
- Thunderbolt

zam defence, It goes for the para, and Zam's synchronize doesn't really hurt me as much as you'd think (milo can't toxic/hypnosis me)

over Regice;

Alakazam (F) @ Leftovers ** Zam > You
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spd / 252 SAtk
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Recover
- Snatch

oh yeah, beats any other Zam one on one

Fluorescent Adolescent
31st December 2005, 2:58 PM
Major swampert weak.

2nd January 2006, 3:54 AM
sala can take out swampert easily whith its HP anyway

2nd January 2006, 1:10 PM
As 0mastar said, as long as Swampert has taken damage, it can be KOd by HP Grass.

Fluorescent Adolescent
2nd January 2006, 1:35 PM
As 0mastar said, as long as Swampert has taken damage, it can be KOd by HP Grass.

Still it's too situational waiting for it to be damaged and then switching to sala to finish it off. If it predicts the sala and IB's then damn it's gonna be hard taking him down.

2nd January 2006, 3:27 PM
Swampert used switch into Mence as a supposed Mence counter!
Salamence used Fire Blast 15% damage!

Swampert thinks oh CB Fire Blast how sexy, or DD FB mence

Salamence pones it with HP grass to the face

Fluorescent Adolescent
2nd January 2006, 3:34 PM
And again the predicted ice beam is still there. Considering sala is your only true supposed counter, when it dies, then you have major problems. Again I find it too situational :/