View Full Version : I need help with a new comedy/adventure Rp!

30th December 2005, 9:55 PM
Sorry if this sucks more than my usual rps, because I haven't made an rp here in AGES!

This rp is called Escape from the City Zoo. In it, you obviously play as a zoo animal, but you can talk and do other human things, (I know it sounds too much like Madagascar, but I have never seen the movie, but it sounds pretty good) and the guy who runs the local zoo suddenly became evil and is plotting to ruin the zoo. Once you escape, you make a journey to your destination in the wild, you can go alone, or with a fellow escapee or two. Then a few days later, the corrupted zoo manager dies, and all the other animals escape. You can be any species of animal you would find in a large zoo.

The sign up
Name (make it Zoo animal-like, not pet-like, but you can use a human name if you want): Mumbo
Gender (Male or Female, obviously): Male
Species (remember, ZOO animals!): Gorilla
Age (in human years): 7
Description (physical and personality): A dark grey gorilla, with a light grey face with large brown eyes, a flat nose, somewhat overweight. He is impatient, somewhat lethargic, and can be desperate. He also has a bad temper.
Destination (it has to exist on Earth): Congo Jungle, Africa
History: Lived in the city zoo all his life, and his mother died 2 years ago, and his father died 6 moths later. He tended to escape a few times when he was younger, but he always was caught. He learned sign language from the keepers, and uses it to communicate with other gorillas in the zoo. When the zoo started to get worse, he gained mroe negative traits, such as his temper and his impatience.

I know the sign up is a bit better, though, if it sucks, give me POSITIVE criticism, or leave with nothing to say!

Yami Ryu
30th December 2005, 10:45 PM
O.o ... this sounds exactly like the movie Madigascar. Well not exactly, but plot wise you're pressing it. Anyways this is a bleah idea, as what would the animals do to get back to the wild? I mean an Elephant can't exactly board a boat destined for Africa, and a Nile Crocodile would find itself hardpressed to sneak aboard a plane headed to Egypt.

And on your sign up; why would a Gorilla need to comunicate to other gorillas with sign language. That's a Human form of comunication, Gorilla's use body langauge and vocalisations to get their point across.... not something humans invented.

Overall, this really doesn't look like it'll get very far, or do very well. Especially with you once more/yet again, skimping out on doing the plot of the RP. I mean if you haven't posted an RP here in ages, you'd have had plenty of time to write up more than a paragraph in plot, right?