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31st December 2005, 4:07 AM
I recently (about a month ago) posted my fanfic up on the Pokémon FanFic section. I got flamed to death by several people who thought my story had no plot; and it was only the first chapter. Luckily, I really do thank Zephyr Flame, for closing my thread because I could not bear hearing how dull my story sounded.

Anyways, to give the run-down on what it's about.

1.) It's PG-13 for violence, swearing, sensual themes, gore (well, people get attack and slaughtered in some scenes by the foe's Pokémon, such as being burned to death by Flamethrower; it is very different from the cartoon), some parts have the use of 'drugs' (like the use of Oddish leaves for a type of Pokémon based tobacco >_>).

2.) Is based and influenced by Zoids: Chaotic Century.

3.) Has Pokémon AND Final Fantasy elements (mainly from FFX and FFXI).

4.) Yes, most of the characters are friends and relatives of mine in real life who parallel the characters. That means the main character is like Ash, and so forth. There's even a character (a friend of mine) who's a type of comical AND a lecher combined (Brock/Miroku, anyone?).

__________________________________________________ _______________
INTRODUCTION: The Creation of the World

Long ago, the Goddess Altana created the Earth by Herself... It took seven days and seven nights to complete this task... Her dearest friend, however, God Promathia, was in a deep slumber whilst the world was being formed... He, along with His Servant, Diabolos, awoke after the Earth was formed. She created eight Servants to serve as creating the life forms throughout Earth. The Servants went by the names of Carbuncle, Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Leviathan, Garuda and Fenrir.

Carbuncle made the life forms for Earth and helped Goddess Altana by creating the sun and daytime.

Ifrit, the beast of flames and heat, created warmth, heat and fire on Earth.

Shiva, the queen of eternal winter, created cold wind, snow and ice.

Ramuh, the sage of wisdom, created energy and electricity in the atmosphere.

Titan, the giant of Gaia, had a pet to work with him named Groudon, who helped to mold the land, soil and rocks.

Leviathan, a beast of the water, had a pet named Kyogre who helped fill the dry and rocky ground with water to help create lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Garuda along with her pet Rayquaza, the winged avian of air helped create the air for all life forms to breathe and helped make clouds for transporting Leviathan's water.

Fenrir, a wild beast of darkness, aided Goddess Altana by creating outer space, the moon and helped Earth with having night...

Goddess Altana asked Carbuncle to create the first human beings and he brought life to them with his breath...

Soon after words, Goddess Altana asked the other servants to make animal life forms on Earth, and it was done.

However, God Promathia and Diabolos were upset over Goddess Altana's creations of the world. Diabolos, his minion, went to Earth to cause trouble with the humans. Diabolos created sins, diseases, sickness and hurt for the human beings to witness. Goddess Altana wanted to prevent humans from witnessing these terrible calamities. This is when the first Pokémon was created...

Goddess Altana commissioned all of Her Servants to create a creature with all the traces of the eight elements. The first Pokémon to be created...was Mew... Mew awoke after being given life. She reacted with such frightening results that she created her own trace elements—seventeen elements: Normal, Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Fighting, Poison, Ground, Flying (Wind), Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Steel, and Dark.

Mew gave the trace elements their identity and a physical form. These were the Elementals or spirits for the early forms of Pokémon. Normal became "Purity", Fire became "Flame", Water became "Marine", Electricity became "Plasma", Grass became "Floral", Ice became "Frost", Fighting became "Power", Poison became "Miasma", Ground became "Soil", Flying (Wind) became "Zephyr", Psychic became "Spirit", Bug became "Shell", Rock became "Marble", Ghost became "Specter", Dragon became "Mystic", Steel became "Luster", and Dark became "Necro"...

These Elementals brought forth the many species of Pokémon. However, certain ones took hold of certain regions throughout Earth itself... These were called Legendaries. With the Legendary (the pets of the Servants) Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza as aid, Goddess Altana and Mew created three other Legendaries and one of them was Mew's son: Mewtwo, Ho-oh and Lugia. Lugia itself had three other Pokémon it created: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. These winged avians guarded sacred treasures of Frost, Plasma, and Flame. Ho-oh had three other Pokémon it created too: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. These beasts watched over humanity and became guardians of them. Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre pitched in as well and made guardians of the land: Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. These golems were cast away because of their ancient powers and could have posed a threat to humanity...

After the Pokémon were created, the Servants of Goddess Altana fell into a deep slumber and were locked away from the physical world in their own sanctums…

The Elementals, however, had deposited some form of their energy on Earth: Crystals. These were brought along with Pokémon and called PokéCrystals. The energy from the Elementals is infused in Crystals and exists in their seventeen elements.

Pokémon existed with the first humans and animals from the dawn of time. However, Mew is revered as the “Daughter of Altana” and “Mother of Pokémon”; this is why some cultural tribes sought this. There is one continent in particular that is thought to be the origin of Pokémon: it is called the Elemental Eve. From modern and ancient times, people have tried to tame these creatures called "Pokémon". With success, people trained these creatures as partners, friends, pets or tools.

As time past with people and technology, people created spheres that could hold Pokémon, PokéBalls. The first ones were created by infusing the elemental PokéCrystals with nuts called Apricorns. Artisans still make custom PokéBalls even today. When technology grew, there was no need for using the PokéCrystals for Apricorn PokéBalls.

Now PokéCrystals were used to create new tools, Technical and Hidden Machines. These were created by melding certain types of PokéCrystals with heat and radiation. TMs, when being touched by Pokémon, give the creatures’ new ways to use their abilities. Pokémon could use them and forget them as they pleased. HMs, however, when used on a Pokémon, could not be forgotten by normal means. Only special herbs and medicines could eliminate these moves from a Pokémon's memory.

The Elemental Eve Continent has different types of regional and environmental factors. There are four districts that are named after the chief elements: Gaia (Earth), Aqua (Water), Pyro (Fire), and Gale (Wind)... Within these districts, communities of people thrive with different ethnics and cultural backgrounds. Many of them erected Pokémon Stadiums in honor of the land and the Servants.

Many people, furthermore, have used Pokémon as tools when they were created. Tools to cause destruction towards people and other Pokémon. One of these, in the region of Kanto, was the famous organization that abused Pokémon, and was named Team Rocket. In another continent, the region of Hoenn, there was two organizations who sought the power of Leviathan and Titan's pets, Kyogre and Groudon... However, they failed in trying to use them and were finished as an organization.

In the Elemental Eve Continent, however, there was no evil organization to begin with, but a military force that was commission to bring upon safety of the Continent's Republican government. Soon afterwards, a threat appeared and it was soon that the military would need to fight against it… And it hungers for the power of the PokéCrystals...
__________________________________________________ _______________

Currently, I am trying to draw pictures of my characters for my fanfic. I have one already drawn. Anyways, feel free to comment about the introduction to my fanfic. I have 9 chapters already typed up on my laptop.

EDIT: The fanfic is going to be massive. Once the main adventure story starts, each chapter is one whole day. There will be sub chapters as well depending on another character's story in the fanfic, such as the main character's rival and two other friend's groups.

Guitar dude bill
6th January 2006, 10:17 PM
It's an alright intro. Does it have anything to do with your fan-fic? But I'm a bit confused.

17th January 2006, 7:14 PM
Yes, because my fanfic is a blend of Final Fantasy (those 'Servants' are summoning spirits and one of the characters is a Red Mage in the story) and Pokemon. The Servants created the land and had receive permission from Goddess Altana (Goddess from FF lore) to create Pokemon to protect humans from the 'evils' in the world (such as war, violence, disease etc.). However, the one other main character needs help from those Servants because a greater threat is going to occur, both on humans and Pokemon, and could mean the end of the world (read who the doombringer is, God Promathia's Servant).