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RaZoR LeAf
31st December 2005, 7:21 PM
Two gulls jumped into the air and took flight as the water beneath them became more agitated. Where they once floated, a wooden raft sailed into port, coming up alongside a red wooden boat where people where occasionally stepping in and out of with newly bought goods. The boat belonged to a travelling merchant that went by the name of Beedle, whereas the raft belonged to another merchant, a Goron by the name of Galgo. The heavy Goron tied the raft up, flattened down the sail and disembarked onto the island of Windfall. Throwing his bag over his shoulder, he picked up two other sacks of goods and made his way into the town.

His first stop was the Potion Shop, not far from the dock itself. The shop looked a bit run down, mainly because it catered for a select group of people and they didn't really care about it's appearance. Galgo pushed the door open and was immediately hit by a strong acidic smell. Ignoring it he closed the door behind him and dropped one of the sacks onto the counter. A thin, gangly man with a shiny bald head and long chin smiled like a baby and began pulling the contents of the bag out onto the counter.

"Oh ho ho yes yes these are very nice. Oh ho, you brought blue ones also, very nice. Mr Goron thank you again for your supplies, finding Chu-Jelly is most time consuming, I am always grateful for anyone willing to supply it."

"It's not problem. Most of the places I trade have a Chu-chu problem, so getting them is easy."

"Oh of course, Mr Goron, very nice they are too. Here, here. Take this, I just finished it. Very very new this is. Very new."

The odd man took a long pair of tongs and dipped them into a bowl of bubbling, boiling water, pulling out a glass bottle filled with a murky purple liquid. He placed it on the counter, where Galgo took it in his hand and looked at it. Thanks to his natural body, he could feel no heat from the glass at all. He took the cork out and sniffed at it, only to be utterly repulsed by the scent.

"Oh ho, it's not the nicest of flavours is it? It's made from Black Chu-Jelly, which is very hard to get a hold of. You have to extract it from the stone remains of a Black-Chu that has been exposed to light. I strongly advise you not to expose that to light either, it is highly explosive."

"And this is medicine you say?" Galgo asked, looking at the substance with a fear of it exploding in his hand.

"Oh yes, a cure all if you will. It doesn't taste nice, but I assure you, a small drink of that will flush the body of any infection."

Galgo shrugged and put the concoction deep into his bag before leaving the small shop. Next on his list of drop-off's was the stall belonging to Zunari, an odd man who traded in odd goods. The short man, dressed in a blue coat with a large round hood ran back and forth serving customers, when Galgo placed the second bag on the floor.

"Ah, you have brought me goods I see. Show me, please what have you brought me?"

Galgo wondered for a moment if all the traders on Windfall were eccentric. He decided not to pursue that line of questioning when he realised he was pretty crazy sometimes too. Instead he folded down the back and lifted out a solid stone, shaped like a massive head.

"What is it?" Zunari asked.

"I don't know. But I thought you'd like it"

"Oh I do. It's very different. How much do you want for it?"

"Fifty Rupees. In red's please."

Zunari moved over to his safe, and hiding the combination behind his hands he took out several red rupees, which he then handed over.

"Are you staying here long?" Zunari asked, hoping to sell something on again.

"I don't know. I'm hear until I find what I came here for."

"And what was that?"

"I don't know."

Galgo left the bewildered salesman and walked off heading for a place to sit overlooking the sea. There he sat and waited, hoping something would come and give him a sign, a reason for being there. Other ships began to arrive at the docks.


OOC: There we go, up at last. Everyone should either be on Windfall or arriving. Mill about, do whatever you wish. Something will be giving a sign as soon as everyone is amassed on the island.

While we're here, you can buy whatever you might want to take on your journey assuming you have enough rupees for it.

Beedle's Store
Bait (5 pieces) = 3 Rupees (Feed the fish!)
Bait (10 pieces) = 5 Rupees (Feed more fish!)
Hyoi Pears = 10 Rupees (Make friends with seagulls!)

Potion Shop
Please bring your own bottle!
Red Potion = 10 Rupees / 10 Red-Jelly
Green Potion = 10 Rupees / 10 Green Jelly
Blue Potion = 15 Rupees / 15 Blue Jelly
Yellow Potion = 20 Rupees / 5 Red, 5 Green, 10 Blue Jelly (new! Double your energy!)

Zunari's Store
Useless tat = ??? Rupees

Power Shot
31st December 2005, 8:09 PM
In the middle of the ocean, a small schooner boat sailed the calm northern sea. It was a smaller boat than the one the man had originaly wanted, but it was all right for him. He was content. The schooner had been with him for several years, it had become his home. Its figurehead was a massive, snarling dragon, colored red. The paint was often chipped because its owner had neglected to paint it for some time. But then again, its owner was a busy man.

Inside the ship's small hull sat a massive man. His hair was wild and brown, impossible to control from the years at sea. His face was fair, but focused as he held two test tubes together, one colored blue and a second colored orange. A book was proped up on a desk near him, displaying a potion compound that he had been working on.

"Now then," the man muttered absent-mindedly, as he held the two before a vial. "If I'm right about this, I can create a compound that will allow me to prevent scurvy in my body. The book says that this should work."

He combined the two together, pouring both into the vial. It glowed, then turned golden colored. The man breathed a sigh of relief and corked the bottle, turning to a chest in the back of the hull. He opened it, displaying all of his medical compounds. Hundreds of vials were hidden within the crate, all of different colors and sizes. Test tubes were carefully laid out in the cabnet beside it.

"This is will be useful later, if I meet people with the disease," he muttered. He set the vial down, and picked up a weapon from the wall beside him, a gun with a loaded harpoon latched into it. He placed it inside its holster on his back, and went up onto the deck to check his location.

Sea air burst against his bronze skin as he climbed to the top of his ship. His brown eyes scanned the horizon, searching for the island of his birth.

Windfall. He longed for his home, for reasons he knew not. The tall man had not been home for years, he had been traveling the world learning about medicine and people. "I wonder how much has changed since I've been gone," the man thought, taking out his harpoon gun.


The harpoon exploded out of the gun, linked by a chain. It pierced through a fish, slicing through the head, and remaining attached. the man clicked a switch, and the fish was realed in at great speed. The man seemed satisfied, and put the fish in a grill for later consumsion.

The island was growing closer, looming in the distance, he would reach it by the end of the day.

"I haven't been home in so long," he muttered. See what has changed, get the homesickness out of me, then leave. Meet no one, speak to no one, you are no one. That is why your name is Zero

1st January 2006, 2:30 AM
OOC: Tiana has been grounded from the Net for an entire TWO MONTHS, so that means she won't be in this RP. Not that it affects much, since it's just started, but I just wanted to pass on the news.

Question: I forgot to have a Grappling Hook in in my signup. Is it too late to say I had it? Ninjas usually have them.

Sophie Krad, Great Sea

I was all alone now, in the Great Sea. What was I doing here, with this letter? I had kept the Bottle the leter cam in, and decided to try to figure out what I was doing just following a random thought that had popped into my head after looking at the letter. I had brought with me my backpack, with my Shurikens, money bag contaning about 200 Rupies, some Meat, and a change of clothes.

The smal boat had a Sail, but no cover from rain. If Ihad to travel in rain, then I'd have to bear it. The small green boat had room for two Gerudo, but I wasn't one, so it could probably fit sombedy small in the back if need be. the front of the Boat had a motif of an Eagle, so I always called it [i]The Eagle]/i\ after the figurehead.

The wind seemed to be blowing toward the West all day, and that was just fine with me. I ddidn't have to use the Oar that was in the Boat, and that suited me just fine.

After a while, I saw the Island come into view, and was again filled with thought. What was this feeling that I had to be there? What was gonna happen when I got there.

As I got to the Dock, I tied the boat and saw that a low boat was nearby. People seemed to be buying some tuff from it, so I decided to enter too. The man introduced himself as Beedle from Beedle's Shop Ships, and I bought two Hyoi Pears, and one sack of ten pice Bait for 25 Rupees. After I put it all away in my pack, I decided to explore the town. I also noticed that other Boats were "parked" nearby, so thsi got me thinking.

The Island was kinda populated for my taste, and the Sun was up. I was happy that my Shades protected me, or I'd have quickly turned blind.

Nothing had happened yet, so I decided to just calmly sit on one of the Benches by a tree near the dock and take a light nap. The paserbys would think I'm just another bum.

RaZoR LeAf
1st January 2006, 1:00 PM
Just edit your new post in when you can.

2nd January 2006, 11:31 AM
Drakor had made it to Windfall Island in record time and was now wondering what he supposed to do here now. He still had a feeling he was in the right place. He supposed whatever was going to happen would happen, he just had to wait for it. Wandering through the streets of the merchant island, he attracted stares from the inhabitants, he looked nothing like them and many of them had never seen a goron in their life. Guess now was their lucky day.

The goron found a café and although he wasn't hungry, he figured he could rest for a bit. Entering the shop Drakor looked at the menu offered by the store and found the whole thing distasteful just looking at it. He didn't know how these people ate what they ate, rocks were so much better. Well each to their own.

Leaving the café, Drakor continued his exploration of the town and Island. Looking towards the dock he saw ships pulling in, filling up the dock space. As he turned away, his eyes caught something. Another goron? Couldn't be. Drakor rubbed his eyes and blinked but the goron didn't disappear. He must be real. Drakor decided to introduce himself, it had been so long since he had talked to a fellow goron. Making his way over, Drakor stood beside the one of the same race.

"Hello there! I'm Drakor, its been so long since I've seen a fellow goron!" Drakor's emotions were running high again and he couldn't contain his excitement, it amplfied his voice, bringing it above normal speaking volume and closer to a shout.

2nd January 2006, 12:53 PM
Windfall wasn’t exactly the most popular of island; after all, it was small. Kali had arrived just near daybreak when most people were just opening up their stalls and shops for daily business. She had had a few people approach her asking if she wanted to buy any supplies or purchase some ‘valuable treasures’. She declined of course, she only had a limited about of rupees in her pouch and she wasn’t willing to waste them on things that were in her eyes, pointless.

She wound a corner and almost immediately banged into someone. She growled an apology and helped the person pick up whatever he had dropped. He thanked her with a mumble, clearly still half asleep and carried on his way with little else said. It seemed these people were not at all early birds.

Seagulls had begun to circle the stalls in search of food and occasionally swooped down to pick up abandoned crumbs of bread or peck at stumps of apples. She hated seagulls; she had been pecked by many for having strayed to far to the surface when taking a swim. They had mistaken her for a fish, though they weren’t exactly wrong in thinking that.

She wandered around meaninglessly for any sign of… well she didn’t exactly know what sign she was looking for. She had come here upon instinct with no real clue of why she had bothered to swim all this way to Windfall.

The sun was burning brightly in the sky when she decided to stop under the shade of a tree and sit down on a bench that gazed out towards the horizon. She sighed and laid her head in her webbed fingers, her eyes scanned the skies that were now bright blue with the light of the sun and crawling with those winged vermin. She grimaced as one of them flew over head and into the small village.

Many passers by were now looking at her with confused eyes, it was then that she remembered that she was not a very common sight. Of course, her species had been in hiding for many years before and only now were people actually becoming accustomed to seeing them around. She chuckled and turned her head back towards the sea.

“Why am I here?”

Mimori Kiryu
3rd January 2006, 4:44 PM
Kiara let down the sail of her wooden, splittering boat as she arrived at Windfall Island. Somethings piqued her interest, but yet, didn't explain why she's felt compelled to come here.

She tied the boat to the dock and walked into the grassy area of the small island. She decided to sit down in the flowers, giving her some place to relax and possibly think about her predicament. Kiara still had no idea why she had felt as if she needed to come here. Windfall seemed completely normal, nothing really odd to speak of....

"Hey!! Whatcha doin'??" a small voice called.

Kiara opened her eyes, only to see to adolscent girls staring at her with their big brown eyes. They had frowns on their faces and the one who spoke was pointing at her with contempt.

"You shouldn't be sitting in the pretty flowers, lady!" She spoke, her voice becoming shrill and mad.

Kiara smiled. "And why not? And I'm not Lady. My name is Kiara." She stood, brushing herself off of dead grass and dirt.

"Because flowers don't liked to be sat on." The other said, as a matter of factily. "Flowers need sun and with your big butt sitting on them, they don't get none."

The young Rito laughed. "If you looked closely enough, I was sitting on the grass, not the flowers."

The two young girls gasped, their eyes softening. "Sorry, Ms. Kiara." She turned. "Tammy, you need to stop jumping to conclusions, you know. " She pointed at her sister in shame.

Tammy gasped. "ME?? You were the one her pointed her out to me, Cammy. I didn't do anything but follow your lead!"

"Well, that don't mean you...."

Kiara sneaked away, leaving the two to argue amongest themselves. She reached the shore of the island, letting the water lap onto her feet. Looking up to the windmill, she thought to herself about why she decided to come up to Windfall Island. Although....she didn't feel like the only one.

Windfall....when will you tell me why I came....?

3rd January 2006, 10:19 PM
Kureiguu enjoyed life in Windfall, he had a small job of delivering Milk to earn the few Rupees he needed to live happily though he still wandered about the Forest haven.
"Here's your 8 Rupees" Kureiguu's Boss said handing over the Money.
"Be here by 6 tomorow" he added as the Deku Scrub ran down to the small dock, sat down and waited for Beedle.

After a quarter of an hour, the small Boat Shop appeared from behind the Bomb Shop and Kuregiuu ran up the hill, leaped into the air and landed on the Boat causing it to rock a little. While walking into the Shop, Kureiguu pulled out the other 24 Rupees he had saved up, not for anything in particular but there wasn't much to do with his Rupees so he oftenly just hung around at Beedle's Boat.

"WECOME!!! WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE TODAY!?" Beedle shouted as he usually did.
"Same as usual, just hanging out." Kureiguu replied shy and quietly.
"No, the islanders don't talk to me much, they think i'm odd." Kureiguu siad pulling out the odd message, in an unknown language.
"OH WELL, I'LL BUY IT?" he offered a handful of strange colored Rupees that Kureiguu had never seen before.
"I'll pass, it might come in handy some day." Kureiguu pocketed the Message.

"Oh! I've gotta go somewhere now, sorry seeya!" the Deku Scrub suddenly said leaping up and running out, though Beedle and his Boss were the onbly people who talked to him, he still didn't like being around them for too long...

Lady Myuu
4th January 2006, 4:21 AM
(I know you expect more from me being a mod... I know... but I am really really having blockage and I am really really dealing with some things in my life atm. I will do my best to keep up with this as I really really want to play.)

The rito gasped for breath, he landed/crashed into the beach and his wings vanished his hands forming to support his ubber body.

Resin gasped feeling tired and weak, he was slightly sunburned and he looked weary. He had never flown so far in his life. He never used his wings so much, this was not something he was use too.

"... should have packed lighter" he whispered to himself as he slowly got to his feet, his bird claws digging into the sand. He looked up and gasped. This was teh most amazing sight he had ever seen, this town was amazing, built on the edge of the island. He found the structors amazing, unlike the ones he knew. His home was within a valcano, the rooms were all easy to access and there was one main entre to them all. But here it was each their own building. They did not share a place as one, they had all there own lives... their own homes.

Slowly the rito moved forward, heading past a small house on a cliff and past the docks slowly going into town.

"... amazing... simply... amazing..." he whispered and began to grow with many questions about this new place.

Lonely Wanderer
4th January 2006, 10:04 PM
The sun in the sky blazed through the occasional cloud, making the temperature warm out in the sea. The waters that once make small hills in the open calmed to small ripples as a young woman steered the runner of a small sailboat, her destination soon appeared as a shadow on the horizon. The wind seemed as if it had known and led her to what she wanted, for it guided her sail at a straight direction to a isle rising up from the bright blue sea. Though it wasn’t at first clear on what features the island had that was unique—or same—as it was to most isles, the woman, also know as Zímila, tug on the ropes of her sail so that it wouldn’t move away from the wind’s direction.

Her emerald eyes soon were able to see the real from the shadows. Windfall Island was shown to be a rather small, organized isle, most of the small buildings and stalls belonging to a merchant of goods. Goods of potions and other stuff did not interest Zímila, for she was in fact only wanted to know one thing of Windfall Island.

What had drove her here from the Greatfish Isles?

Soon, her small sailboat (if it even could qualify as one) ceased the speed from the breeze, the sail closed as the sailboat stopped right next to the dock. Jumping unto dry land (or over it), she tired a rope to support her boat from drifting away from the island on a wooden peg, one of many that stood visibly along the piece of the wooden port. She reached back to grab her small satchel, carrying her only rupees and rations, and whilst she was at it, she also got hold of her only protection of life…a spear, though not entirely in good condition. Having to have her spear hanging on a leather strap around her back and her bag tied to the side, Zímila departed from the dock, soon stepping into a small, dirt pathway.

What am I suppose to be doing here? The thought echoed in her mind as she started to trek down through town, ignoring all the stares and weird glances thrown at her. I don't think it might've been a good idea to leave Greatfish with Jiel still there. Besides, this island is nothing special compare to other islands...it's pretty much has people, merchants, buildings...

Her mind stopped as she felt a small, moist nose suddenly pressing against her leg. She paused, glancing down to see a little pink pig, oinking with a little enthusiasm, searching for where it could smell the food. However, seeing a pair of emerald eyes glaring at the creature, the pig panicked, scuttling away almost immediately. Zímila snorted, annoyed, before her walk began again.

...and pigs, too. Of all the little critters that have to live, there has to be pigs.

As she came upon a passage, she realized that she was on top of a tiny cliff, overlooking to the dock. She sighed, nothing sparking her interest, and so she sat down on the edge of a wooden plank that was planted across a series of windows, her eyes now looking at the sea and belong. As she got a good sniff of the salty water, her mind wandered into something else on her mind, something that might occured here soon...

Well, guess I'll have to wait until a suspicious event takes place...or something...