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2nd January 2006, 11:16 AM
Hiya all ^^ I'm an aspiring writer, and this is really my first time at trying.

*shoves all of his previous fic beginnings underneath his bed*


ANYWAY...I'm just showing you all a little preview of my newest fic that I might actually get to posting soon :O le gaspzorz.

Bittersweet Revenge: Prologue

The lights shone out brightly from above the audience. Most of the people held their breath, waiting to see what the young combatant would do next. Finally, the boy spoke, and thankfully they had a microphone hooked to his shirt, or the words he said would've been lost over the noise of the few people who were cheering.

"Very impressive Skyler..under normal circumstances, one would not be able to fight back against your Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning...However...I, am in no way, normal." The boy's opponent, a young man of about 20 named Skyler, stared across the stage.

"What do you mean? You have nothing but your hand, there's no way you could get anything out to take me down!" He claimed confidently. The boy smirked, and looked back down at his hand.

"Oh, is that what you think? Alright then, I'll show you. I activate the Spell Card Dark Core!" He called out. The card, Dark Core, allowed him to remove one monster on the field from play, at the cost of discarding one card from your hand. Looking at the last two cards he held, a Monster card and another Spell card. Deciding quickly, he grabs the Monster card, and tosses it into his graveyard casually. "To pay Dark Core's effect, I discard Graveyard Massacre from my hand!" An image of a horribly misshapen blob of melted skin and bones appeared briefly on the field. "And there goes your Soldier!"

At this, an adult human-sized ball of black energy formed above Skyler's monster, dark-tinted lightning crackling all over it as it got bigger and bigger. A small wind picked up as things started being sucked into the Dark Core, Skyler throwing his hands up to protect himself. With a bellow, the Envoy of the Beginning zoomed into the ball, never to be seen again.

"No, my Soldier!" Skyler cried out, after lowering his hands.

"And that's not all Skyler. My Graveyard Massacre has a special effect. Whenever it is sent to the graveyard by a card effect from my hand, it is Special Summoned to my side of the field in attack mode!" The mass appeared once more on the field, loud squelching noises heard as the thing 'breathed.' Certain spots on it had decayed, showing the mass of bones underneath the pale grey 'skin.' Skyler looked at it, horrified.

"W...what does that do?" He inquired, involuntarily taking a step back.

"That's what you're going to find out. Graveyard Massacre, I activate your special ability! Consume the Graveyard's Monster cards!" The shifting mass let out what was unmistakably a belch, and then advanced towards Skyler, white and green slime left where its body traveled. Skyler again involuntarily tried to back up, but from somewhere on the giant creature tendrils whipped out, holding him in place and dragging the arm which held the Duel Disk out.

The audience gasped as one when the creature clamped something down over Skyler's right arm, and he shuddered as the thing rolled its version of a tongue all over his arm, before finally latching carefully onto the port where the cards in the Graveyard were kept. Skyler then let out a shuddering moan as he felt his cards being sucked into the monster. Without any warning, it spit his arm out, and traveled back to its owner's side of the field, turning to face Skyler.

Skyler just about lost it when he saw some of the monsters he used earlier imbedded in its body, their forms struggling to break free. "How dare you do that to my creatures!" Skyler yelled out, angry at the boy. The boy giggled in reply, his attitude changed from earlier.

"You used your monsters to stall for what you consider your most-powerful. You sent them out for me to destroy without mercy, just so you could get your precious Soldier onto the field. That was unfair to them. Now, you shall pay the price. Look down at your Duel Disk. Tell us all my Graveyard Massacre's Attack and Defense points Skyler." he giggled again.

Skyler glanced down, and his mouth dropped open. How was it possible? "Fou...Fourty...Fourty-thousand, eight hundred attack....thirty-seven thousand defense...from zero attack and defense..." He announced. Shocked some of the people stood up, the noise of the audience increasing. How had this mere boy gotten ahold of such a powerful monster? These things were supposed to be regulated.

"Correct Skyler. Now, feel its wrath! Graveyard Massacre, drop his Lifepoints to zero! Decay Destruction!" Skyler's opponent said softly. The quivering mass stopped its movements, turning once more to face Skyler. The thing started glowing, before holes opened up all over its body, and without any warning, shards of bone, metal, and other unidentafiable objects were shot out of them straight at Skyler.

He yelled loudly, the pain of the holograms made real by the implant he had recieved the previous day. Bone shards pierced his arms, drawing blood in ever growing amounts as the metal followed right after. Skyler slumped to his knees, and a particularily large piece of metal flew straight for his forhead.

"ENOUGH!" a voice roared over the intercom of the auditorium. The giant shard, the blob of flesh, bone, and monsters, and the blood dripping from Skyler's 'wounds', all disappeared in a flash of light. "I declare Skyler Hagen the loser of this match. Leave the stage now. The winner of today's tournament recieves..." the voice droned on. The boy pressed a button on the higher quality Duel Disk, smirking as it retracted into itself, giving room to move once more.

Flipping his shoulder-length black hair over his shoulder, he turned and strode to the exit, hearing the yells of excitement as the audience listened to the announcer. The boy didn't want any of the fame and fortune offered by these things. He only wanted one thing. And, soon enough, he would get that, the fame he had gotten reaching the higher level duelists of the world.

...Soon, he would have his revenge...Yugi Moto would pay for what he did...Kaiba would be proud, if he were still alive...


^^; What do you think? I'm hoping to get chapter 1 out in a few weeks ^^

Saffire Persian
2nd January 2006, 4:59 PM
Not an incredible fan of Yu-gi-oh *eyes brother disdainfully* But I'll read. XD... As certainly, the fiction will be a bit different from the TV show. Good luck! ^^

Poor Yugi and Kaiba. I see an unpleasant future in their midst, yar!

3rd January 2006, 2:06 AM
Skrusti, this is pretty good. The way you described the monsted that won the duel made me feel kind of sick. Is this where the fic begins, or is it like in the middle? I hope it's in the middle, so you can explain the events that led up to this duel.

Overall, very good.

3rd January 2006, 2:09 AM
@Saffire: 0o; *cough* Well, when I actually get it posted, I hope you enjoy it ^^

@Bron: Thankee ^^ Well, when I start posting the actual fic, you'll find out, won't you? :P