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2nd January 2006, 4:08 PM
i wrote a Spyro RPG plot a little while back, and I wanted to see what you all think of it

The Wrath of Skull

This rolplay takes place long after Spyro’s time, in which his heroic tales are legendary. Many Dragons told their eager children his feats as bedtime stories. All was peaceful in the Dragon lands; a beautiful place filled with magic, and home of the dragons. Many idolized the long dead dragon, for he had done many things far beyond the talents of an average dragon. His most famous tale was how he defeated the evil Sorceress and recovered the dragon eggs she stole and hid. But what will happen when a new evil manifests itself in the Dragon Lands; an evil even more powerful than the Sorceress…

It all started when a black dragon was born, a black dragon named Skull. He was cunning, strong, and had a twisted mind. He believed himself superior to the other hatchlings among his generation; he soon became their self-proclaimed leader, making them cause mischief among the Dragon Lands. The elders soon grew tired of it. They first tried to discipline him, but to no avail; he continued his misgivings, and the Elders could do nothing. So they let him continue. But the last straw was broken when he convinced one of the hatchlings to fly off a cliff, though Skull knew the little dragon couldn’t accomplish it, sending the hatchling to its death. The elders grew angry, and banished Skull from the Dragon Lands forever. But a handful of the hatchlings, in secret, followed their leader. They became the Four Plagues, naming themselves War, Famine, Death, and Disease. Together they and Skull plotted revenge against the other dragons. Several years later, they raided the home of the Dragons, Killing most of the clan, and smashing all but a few eggs. Soon there was only one elder left, five adults, and seven eggs. The clan knew that the eggs were the hope for survival.

In a desperate moment, the last elder, Emerald, used what remained of her strength and magic to bless the eggs with powers. Each of the eggs was branded with a seven-sided star, and the symbol was visible on each of the hatchling’s brows. Each of them possessed a unique power, and the five adult dragons raised the seven children to stop Skull from destroying what remained of the dragons. The Hatchlings have now grown old enough to destroy Skull and the Four Plagues, who have been bewitched with unnaturally (even for dragons) long lives.



Name: (keep it simple, but not human)


Appearance: (five sentences min.)

Personality: (five sentences min.)

Power: (Telepathy, illusion, manipulation-plants, Shape shifting, speed, manipulation-weather, manipulation-water)







Name: Cascade

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her scales are brilliant silver, and shine with a blue tinge in the moonlight. Her eyes are grey blue, which become deep blue when she is angry, and a light purple when she is content. She has ivory claws, and similarly colored spines that run down her back and tail. Her large wings are pearly white, with ivory talons at the peak. She walks and talks with an air of command. The seven sided star shines silver-purple upon her brow.

Personality: A born leader, she is always ready to take charge, especially when things go wrong. She has a strong sense of justice, and is determined to take down Skull. Few things scare her, and she is well tempered. Her commanding air often leads to others asking for her advice in a bad situation. She is highly thought of by the five adult dragons, which have now become the elders of the broken clan.

Power: Illusion


Name: Tempest

Gender: Female

Color: Royal Blue

Personality: She is constantly flying about, never resting, and seemingly never tired. She always speaks her mind, although sometimes it is a rude comment. She is curious about everything, often butting into other’s affairs. But she is a good friend to Cascade, deeply loyal and attached to the dragon.

2nd January 2006, 4:35 PM
That is a great plot. Great sign-up. If you do this, can you reserve me for a space and the shapeshifting abiliy?

The Burnt Shadow
2nd January 2006, 5:18 PM
Is this the sign ups or just an idea. If it's a sign up shouldn't this be in the sign up area instead of the cafe? But if it is an idea it's good. I haven't played Spyro for a long time...

3rd January 2006, 3:36 PM
Its just an idea. I might put this in the sign up forum later on... I just wanted to see what everyone else thought of it.

Tauros Rider2
5th January 2006, 1:07 AM
I think this is great!. If you make this for real reserve the power of manipulation-weather for me.

E-102 Gamma
5th January 2006, 7:41 PM
Cool,save me a spot for telapathy if you're going to make the RPG!

9th January 2006, 6:42 PM
I say: Make it. This is sooo great. I'd join if you put it up, most definately.
And IF you care to reserve... ah, I don't care. There are a few I like. But Manipulation-plants looks best IMO.

14th January 2006, 6:32 AM
If you do have this as an rpg, please save me a spot! Spyro is probably one of the best games I've ever played.

18th January 2006, 9:41 PM
DARN! I want shapeshifting. But if you do put it up (unless you already have) then can you reserve me manipulation of water? It looks so fun ^_^