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3rd January 2006, 1:03 AM
Considering it's the a new year and people tend to make New Year Resolutions, what are your fanfic new year... uh...

In shorter, uncomplicated terms, what are your fanfic goals for this year?

Mine would be to update at least once a month and to become an active reviewer again.

Haha yeah, that's happening. :P

Seijiro Mafuné
3rd January 2006, 1:10 AM
I'm probably just gonna try to post my fics.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 1:12 AM
Finish The Chocolate Factory and try to come up with a new chapter for I Thought You Said it Was Just Hocus Pocus! I have writers block on that one.

3rd January 2006, 1:18 AM
Make a lot of headway on Aeon and post it, and be a reviewer again when summer starts. :P

3rd January 2006, 1:20 AM
Try to post atleast one story here. Even if I don't finish it.

3rd January 2006, 1:22 AM
Get my Yu-Gi-Oh fic up and running past it's prologue ^^;;

3rd January 2006, 1:25 AM
Let's see... For the new year, well, I definitely need to catch up on reviews. I should try harder to extend a friendly hand to newer authors and do what I can to help other members in need. ^_^ Writing-wise, I need to put a new focus on fixing errors and listening to reviewers comments.

But pretty much, the only goal I really have is to enjoy the year at SPPF. Because, frankly, if this isn't fun, why do I do it? XD

3rd January 2006, 1:25 AM
My mission, which I choose to accept, is to get to work on my new idea Pain to Paradise, and keep revising Dust to Deceit. I also hope to stop being so egocentric and have a better self esteem about my writing, while at the same time, stop fretting about other authors being more popular than me. Above all else though, I hope to continue writing and hopefully be more entertaining. Without happy readers, there is no will, nor a reason to write and bring happiness, laughter and amazement to every reader there is. Should I fail, all knowledge of my existance and my mission will probably fade from existence.

I'd say I have my work cut out for me, if I actually decide to follow through with these ideas.

intergalactic platypus
3rd January 2006, 2:08 AM
Post my first two fics. One an uncoventional one shot and the other an egoshipping fic (yes I'm writing a shipping fic, sad aint it?)

3rd January 2006, 2:21 AM
Well, I've already fulfilled one of my "resolutions" by registering at these forums. =p

Now, my biggest one is to start writing one of the nine stories I have floating around in my head. >..>;;

Ryano Ra
3rd January 2006, 2:23 AM
Nice topic, Breezy. Hmm...fanfiction goals/resolutions.

My first and most important goal, to me, is to finish The Galabonian Trilogy. As of this stage, I'm currently finishing up the first part of the trilogy, called Rhapsody, which means that I'll have 1/3 of the trilogy completed. It means so much because this'll be the first story I've ever completed here at Serebii, and nevertheless, the whole fanfiction collection I've attempted to write. I've never finished a story, but I get the feeling that this will be different for me. And I will strive until my head bleeds and cracks open with kitty-cats. *mexoplodes*

My second goal is to review more. ^^;; As of right now, I review selected work (Act's Reflect, any work by Scrap, Sike's Communication, work by IceKing, and Renegade's Illusionist Hearts). I want to get more of a feel of different writing styles to not only respond on how I feel, but to mold myself into a better writer overall. By reading many different works, I get different types of reading styles and different essences which can help me get different pictures and stuff of the same thing.

My third goal is to help newbie fantasy/action/adventure authors, and maybe trainer. I do really good in those areas, and I want to spread my knowledge onto the inexperienced ones to help them climb the staircase to fanfiction success and happiness.

My fourth goal/resolution is to write a short-chaptered legendary fanfiction. --; I know, how lame, but when you guys see it later in the year, you'll see exactly why is it very important to me.

Magi of all
3rd January 2006, 2:45 AM
My goal would be to actually write one. The first two I posted here never got passed there second chapter and the last one I never wrote more than two pages for. MUST. LEARN. TO. WRITE.

Flaming Lip
3rd January 2006, 2:51 AM
Get into some more fics

Stop staring at a blank Word Page and actually write something

Get passed Chaptert 2 in a fic.

All of them very hard to pull of.

I can hardly even write a coherent one-shot.


3rd January 2006, 2:59 AM
I'll hopefully finish off my fanfic Fullmetal Alchemist: Other Worlds by next year.

While doing that, me and a couple of buds are going to make a fanfic sequel to the still-alive comic Wolfhunters.

After finishing Other Worlds, I can get to another of the fics of my dreams.
The title? Maybe Hybrid of the Kingdom.

3rd January 2006, 3:09 AM
Well, I'd want to finish The Quest for the Legends.

Of course I'm not going to, but I want to.

At the very least my goal is to write quite a bit of it, and just now I'm about to venture into unexplored lands - I have 29 chapters up, and chapter 30 is the equivalent of the old chapter 36 which was the last chapter I wrote of the UMR. Yup, after chapter 30, the ILCOE will officially no longer be a rewrite. That accounts for some celebration. =D

But either way, I'm hoping to get well on with it. I wrote twelve chapters of it last year - could be better, but I'm looking on the bright side for 2006 and hoping I'll manage to write something closer to the seventeen chapters I wrote in 2004.

Saffire Persian
3rd January 2006, 3:14 AM
Well, the most important thing, is that I'd like to become a better writer this year. ^^ I still have a lot to learn, and when your exposed to a ton of great writers you kinda learn very fast you're not quite as good as you want to be.

I'd also like to finish Requiem of a Dream, or at least post half of it by (at least) the end of the year.

3rd January 2006, 3:18 AM
I'd really like to finish posting my revision of The Ninetales' Curse here, of course (next chapter up by the end of the week or I will tape myself to the computer keyboard on Sunday, I swear!).

My biggest goal, though is not for these forums--I intend to finish Clouded Sky, which is currently in its thirty-third chapter out of about fifty. Probably more, now that I've screwed with the plot so much. I would like to finish it by the end of the year, in order that I might start upon and finish its two companion 'fics, The Star Chaser and Eternity's Requiem before I go to college.

I'd also like to review more for people whose 'fics I like. Right now, I closet read a lot because I don't have much time and the first priority is always requested reviews. However, I hope that I'll be able to review more of the 'fics that I've been meaning to as the year progresses.

Of course, I'd also like to improve as both writer and reviewer, but given the way I wrote at this time last year, I think that if trends continue, I'll have no problem with that one.

3rd January 2006, 3:20 AM
First: Finish Starbolts: New Beginnings

Second: Start work on the sequel!

Third: Work on Chronos "Limited Series" with Power Shot. Co-Starring Bluestreak, Titanus and Gabriella.


3rd January 2006, 3:48 AM
First: Get to the fourth gym (perhaps 30th chapter?) in WIQ.
Second: Finish A Very "Special" Pokemon, The F***** Up Finals, and (perhaps) Wanzewald Pokemon Contest
Third:Become a better writer
Fourth: Review more fics

3rd January 2006, 3:56 AM
Hmm. I definetley have some fanfiction goals, of course. These are in no specific order.


First off, I want to finish Love and Loyalty. Right now I'm struggling with a major case of writer's block for that story, and it's been bothering me ever since I finished Chapter VI. Which was a while ago. If I finish it, I'll be quite happy with myself, since it'll be the first chaptered story I've finished that's been recorded on paper since I was...*checks something or other* About five. Yup, I've been writing for years.

I know where I'm going with the story, but I can't seem to figure out what I'm going to do to get there. Urg, it's just sooo frustrating. Even worse, I'm suddenly having a huge river of ideas poring into my head, but none of them are for LaL. I really hate it when that happens.


I also want to get as far as I can on Reality's Crossorads, and possibly post it by this summer. I have three stories I'm working on - LaL, RC and some one-shot I haven't titled yet - and I won't get to doing a whole lot on this one until I've finished LaL, or at least the next chapter of it. This will be one of my favorite stories so far, probably, since I've got so many great ideas for it and I can't wait to get to the climax. It'll be my first story where one of the main characters gets killed off before the third chapter...Hehehe. I'm evil.


And then there's that one-shot I mentioned earlier. I'm eager to finish that one. I'll probably do it this month, since I've gotten over my case of writer's block on this one and all I need to do is get off my lazy buttocks and get to writing. I really haven't said a lot about it yet, but I'll give you a hint: this forum needs more Fire Emblem fanfics.

(insert manical laughter here)


Perhaps, if I'm lucky, I'll get started on another fanfic which I haven't titled yet. It's not based on anything: anime, book, NOTHING. It's going to be completley origional, which is something I'm happy about. I know I'm going to have barrels of fun with writing this, but I might not start it until later this year, maybe summer or even autumn. So you'll have to wait, sorry. ;__;


Soz, that's about it. Hope yew enjoyed it. ^___^

3rd January 2006, 8:25 AM

Start releasing some Fics soon. Chaptered and One-Shots!

Also, releasing a big Fan Fiction Project soon! And that's going to be my main project for 2006. I won't tell really much any else about this... So, don't press me.

Also, review more! And become a better writer!

3rd January 2006, 4:32 PM
Err... I'd say to get alot more readers and to improve alot, to get popular, 'cos i hope to be an author when i grow up... *reviewers laugh* So, my new fic (the legend's betrayal) is what I'm working on, if people start to like that, I'll get popular and have enough motivation to keep growing better, and better! Until one day i become an author! *reviewers laugh again* But at the moment i'm not good enough to please the reviewers hugely, they don't say my fics are bad, but they don't say they're above average either...

Guitar dude bill
3rd January 2006, 4:54 PM
I'm attempting to improve on my current one. I want to make it a really good one. So I'm gonna check through the chapters for mistakes and get help in the cafe.
So far I feel proud of my current one (which I'm trying hard to improve)
I've only done the first chapter, but most of my friends think it's good.

Elemental Charizam
3rd January 2006, 6:49 PM
Wow, this is a pretty wicked-sweet topic Breezy!

1) Write that Interlude, amnd get to Chapter 30 of ITF, where there's all the nice gory bits and so forth...

2) Write and finish Nike; this will take prioriyty over 1), because its only 10-15 chapters long. As for what it is, only Fenit knows :P

3) Finally get to work on the original fiction Etherean trilogy, though I doubt I'll start that before summer break.

And that's about it, though I'm obviously hoping that these help improve my writing skills. Also,I might go back to my old review system. Decisions, decisions.

3rd January 2006, 9:47 PM
My goal is to actually begin my first chaptered Fanfiction. 8/

Burnt Flower
4th January 2006, 12:06 AM
This is the thread that I just needed; it'll be a reminder of what I need to do and actually do it.

I want to become an active reviewer like I used to be in late 2004. But my most important, and almost impossible goal, is to finish Two of a Kind by the end of the year.

...I'm also quite aware that I haven't updated the third chapter in four months. :p

Ryusuke Hikari
5th January 2006, 10:14 PM
Nice thread.

1) Finish the first part of Eve of Fire by March or April, finish part 2 by December and finish the entire fic by May 2007. I'm having much difficulty on how it'll start, though. Funny...I thought of everything else, but not the prolouge. Then, I'll post Eve of Fire in May.

2) Start Sonic Chronicles by Febuary (sp?) and finish by the end of the year.

3) Beat Kingdom Hearts II (the game), so I can write Kingdom Hearts III by November and decide which Disney movies I should put in it. ^_^

Kinda funny, that I've been trying to figure out Eve of Fire's prolouge for 8 months. LOL

5th January 2006, 10:27 PM
My goal? Pretty simple...

Finish Phoenix, and get at least half way through waters deep. I plan on making that story a lot longer, with many more chapters. And I'll finish writing it before posting it, for once. Lets see how far I get. :)

To become a well like author around here, that would be nice. To read Sabers and Chibis fics and review more. (And catch up with reviewing requests, sorry for not reading!)

5th January 2006, 11:14 PM
Start writing Beyond Sea and Sky, make site to BSAS, draw lots of fanart, improve my writing. Read at least five great pokémon fanfics and review them properly instead of "Lovelovelove it!!"
I think those, except improving my writing, is very possible to do this year.

+Chaos Blade+
6th January 2006, 2:30 AM
My resolutions for the Fanfiction Year:

+ [ Regarding Time ] +

I have resolutions for my personal success and fulfillment, so my resolution is to try to finish Din fully, then posted, by the end of the year, maybe the end of the summer.

+ [ Regarding Din ] +

Fully finish it - the first fic I'll ever finish, and to hopefully, gain an award. O_o I have doubts with this fic, to be honest with you guys.

+ [ Other ] +

Probably to review more and to help other newbie writers gain knowledge of the Fanfiction Universe and to grasp more of what it means to be a Fanfiction Writer.

That's all.

Lady Myuu
6th January 2006, 2:41 AM
My goal? get more reviewers ;D ok... now for a real one...

Finish up the two short story projects, get them finished and polished hopefully. Maybe even convert them to none pokemon just so I could maybe print them. That would be fun. Take more research though...

.... and um... get more reviewers? :P

Oh I know, write a page everyday, doesn't matter to what story. Just write! Thats what I am gonna do.

6th January 2006, 3:58 AM
My goal:

Finish the first saga of World Saviors (Which would be about 45 chapters at the least.) before this year ends (I wanted it to be before my senior year ends, but I don't see that happenin...). And of course try to get it published.
Then continue work on the 2nd saga of World Saviors and beyond.