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3rd January 2006, 5:04 AM

Ahem. Hello all! I was thinking about my fics for a moment, and thought of this question. Since we have the fic commercial's thread, well, what about:

If your fic/s was/were made into a movie/TV show, who would voice the characters?

Obviously I mean OC's, not show characters. Yes I know it's a stupid topic, but it's just for fun!!

For The Pokemon Rebellion, so far I have:

Boudaika: Name Unknown (Lulu from "Final Fantasy X")

Tory: Laura Bailey (Tohru Honda in "Fruits Basket)

If you state a person, can you do an example of their work? (Like, a character they have played before.)

Have fun! ^_^


P.S. Yes, I know I should be reviewing but...

Shut up.

3rd January 2006, 5:12 AM
In Fullmetal Alchemist: Other Worlds, I'd have the people who did the original voices of the characters from other shows who are in here.

If only legally I can make this into a mini-series.

Eternal Daydreamer
3rd January 2006, 5:26 AM
Hmmm. Interesting... Here's what I guess would be mine in Not So Sensational. Mind you, I'll only post who have been in it so far.

Kylee- Linsy Lohan (Far stretch but what the hey, I don't know..)
Katrina- Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Opera, again don't ask)
Mason- The guy who played Mike Teavee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Little kid but I think he'd do it real fine)
Jen- Minnie Driver! (Stretch but she's my favorite actress in Phantom of the Opera)
Ben- Topal! (He's dead, I think, he played Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof the movie)
Ellen- Hilary Duff (Lizzie Mcquire)
Samantha- Raven (That's So Raven)

3rd January 2006, 5:37 AM
*Hugs Typhlogirl* Great Topic.

Well I can't do all my chacters but..

Taylor: I would sooo do his voice, lol.

Kris: I would so have one of my best friends do her voice.

Ethan: Eric Stuart. I would have him pull a Brock/James mix.

Nathan: Again, Eric Stuart adding just a bit more lightness to Brock.

Mrs. Golden : Cristy Carlson Ramono.

Mrs. Crystal: Rachel Lillis. They would have just a bit of difference in the voice.

Etabished Character would be as they are.

That's basically all cause those are just characters I havn't any control over
them cause I use the actual characters.

As always, be kind to the mime.;122;

3rd January 2006, 6:16 AM

Jenna: Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
M'anta/Shrall: Chris Evans (Fantastic Four)
Aquita: Christina Aguilera (I'd need a singer)
Mateo: Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville, Teen Titans and Justice League)
Kevin: Tobey Maquire (Spider-Man)
Marcus: Phil LeMarr (He voiced Static and Green Lantern)
Angela: Emmy Rossum (Phantom of the Oprea)
Dennis: guy who voiced Cannonball in X-Men TAS. Can't remember the name.
Crystal: Lenore Zann (Voiced Rogue in X-Men: TAS and currently voices Roll)
Takashi: Garret Wang (Star Trek: Voyager)
Kaori: Linda Park (Enterprise)

Not sure what I'd pick for the Agents themselves but Kevin Conroy from Batman TAS, Batman Beyond and JLU would be a shoe-in for Stan Whitefox. Other members of the team could be voiced by people from the Justice League show. Note the theme I got going. Superheroes/Scifi and fantasy.


Lovrina addict 4ever!!!!
7th January 2006, 10:56 AM

Sean= me (Me likey evilness)
Jacob= my friend Jacob
Tyler= My friend Tyler
Chris= Again, one of my friends.... Chris!
Jordan*= My cousin, Jordan
Emily*= My cousin, Emily
Those charachters are based on actual people, hence the names...

Snidle*= My mom
Smarton*= My dad
Nascour= Jacob's dad
Lovrina= Tyler's mom
Greevil= some random old guy
Venus*= Jacob's mom
Trest*= Tyler's dad
Ardos*= My uncle Bob (Mom's side)
Eldes*=My dad (Yes, two parts)
Gonzap*= My friend, Steven's dad
Giovanni*= Chris's dad
Archie*= Voice=me, Actor= some sailor dude
Maxie*= Voice=Chris Actor= My uncle Bob (Dad's side)
Dakim*= Steven's dad (Gonzap and Dakim are never in the same scene)

Ryusuke Hikari
4th February 2006, 3:42 AM

from Eve of Fire

Ryusuke Himura: Mark Gatha (X, Maverick Hunter X/Domon Kutsu, G Gundam) or Me
Hiro Sakurai: Steve Jay Blum (Cunningham, IGPX) or Steve Burton (Cloud Strife, Kingdom Hearts)
Sakura Hidaka: Michelle Ruff (Rave Master)
Taeko Minami: Tara Strong (Rikku, Final Fantasy X)
Kari Mizuhashi: Rachael Leigh Cook
Locke: Michael Keaton (Batman/Bruce Wane, Batman)
Commander Thomas: Christopher Lee (Diz, Kingdom Hearts 2) BOOYA!
Andre/Mugen: Johnny Depp (Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean)
Genkoutsu/Jegen: Matt McKenzie (Auron, Final Fantasy X)
Ryuho: James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan, Star Wars- Clone Wars)
Takashi: Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan, Star Wars I-III)
Ryoma: Tobey Maquire (Peter Parker, Spider-Man)
Koji Hikari: Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker, Star Wars)
Dante: Dave Wittenburg (Dante, Devil May Cry)
Unknown: Billy Zane(Ansem, Kingdom Hearts)/Richard Hayworth (Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin) (shared)

Japanese cast later...

Eternal Daydreamer
4th February 2006, 4:04 AM
Eh, I'll post the "actors" who would play in The Chocolate Factory

Ralph Vore-Peter Ostrum (Original Charlie Bucket)
Grandpa Know/Grandpa Gaurd- Dr. Wahl (My PE coach. Don't ask. o.O)
Grandma Voile/Grandma Hip-Emily (Kid I know.)
Ralph's mom-Mrs. Ward (Computer teacher)
Ralph's dad-Mr. Johnson (Science Teacher)
Ally Kazam-Gene Wilder (Original Willy Wonka)
Mack Hita-Ben (Kid I know)
Madame Hita-Ellen (Other kid I know)
Pandora San-Julie Dawn Cole (Original Veruca)
Henry San-The guy who plays Veruca's dad in the new movie
Heather Dawn-Annasophia Robb (Violet in CatCF)
Scarlett Dawn-Missi Piles (Plays as Violet's mum)
Sam Dawn-Guy who plays Violet's dad in original movie
Tye Rogue-Guy who plays him in CatCF
Harry Rogue-My sister's boyfriend
Dittos-Me and random people

4th February 2006, 7:23 AM
lol wut.


Saber: Tara Strong. (Rikku-FFX/FFX2, Raven-Teen Titans, Bubbles-Powerpuff Girls, etc. She's great. Hyper and and capable of almost any pitch, she'd do wonderful. Plus, i love the excited shriek she makes Rikku do. PERFECT Saber.)

Kai: David Gallagher. (Riku-Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts 2, Simon Camden-7th Heaven, etc. Sexy voice. Though Riku was portrayed rather loudly, I'd like to see David use his lower side to make Kai's voice come to LIFE. Plus, he's awesome at sarcasm. :P)

Chris: Rick Gomez. (Gippal-Final Fantasy X2, Klump-Sin City, Ray-Tom Dowd. He has a completely awesome younger man voice. Plus, he has a laid back, mellow attitude with a hint of rebellion, so he'd fit Chris's voice perfectly.)

ANNNNNNNNND. Everybody else....erm....no. :P Lawl. Seriously can't think of any other character's voices right now. HOE WELL.

Kyle of Pallet
8th February 2006, 1:55 AM
-Kyle: Me
-Erdrick Loto: Timothy Dalton (The living Daylights, License to Kill)
-Man: Topol (For Your Eyes Only, Fiddler on the Roof)
-Rahab: Emma Ferguson (Dragon Quest VIII)
-Captain Johnson Sparrow: Ricky Grover (Dragon Quest VIII)
-Hannah: Kelly Clarkson (lol)
-King Woodus: Desmond Llewaylen (Almost all of the 007 movies)
-Kyle's Rogue Knight: Ricky Grover
-Lord Baramos: Whoever did Dhoulmagus (Dragon Quest VIII bad guy #1)
-Archfiend Zoma: Brian Thompson (Mortal Kombat: Annilhation
-Adonis: Topol
-Divinegon: Phillip Bartlett (Poke'Mon: The irst Movie)
-God: Whoever did Jorel on Smallville
-Hannah's Dad: Cam Clarke
-Prince Charmful: Shiloh Strong (Tales of Symphonia)

And thats all I can think of...

8th February 2006, 2:52 AM
- Fatty: Kevin James (not really a voice actor, but he would be perfect for the role of Fatty in Sabrina's Story)
- Gligar: Matt Chapman (a mostly Strong Bad-esque voice would fit a mostly Strong Bad-esque character like Gligar)

will add more when I think of some others...

8th February 2006, 2:57 AM
Hmm, good question!

Whirl Island Quest

Brian-T.R. Knight (George from Grey's Anatomy)
Julie-Jodi Benson (Ariel from The LIttle mermaid)
Greg- Tad Hilgenbrink (Matt Stifler from American Pie presents Band Camp)
Jolene-Gracie Lazar (Voice of Cartman's mom and Wendy on South Park)
Chuck-Same as pokemon anime
Grumpy Old Sailor-Brenden Gleason (Mad Eye Moody-Harry POtter and the Goblet of Fire)
Melissa-Lacey Chabert (first Meg from Family Guy)
Nathan-Justin Berfield (Reese, Malcolm in the MIddle)
Natalie-Hillary Duff (if you don't know who that is, please come out of your hole)