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3rd January 2006, 6:29 AM
Have you used to have written a story or more before your current and alive masterpiece(s)? Because I do.

My first fanfic EVER was posted near the day I signed up here.
It was a two-shot script comedy called Super Ash Bros. Melee, based off TX2's Flash movie in Newgrounds.
It was a hit that sadly lasted for only a month.

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
3rd January 2006, 6:41 AM
Hmm, let's see.

My first major fic, Darcy's Journey, I gave up on, simply because I was writing too much at once.

Then there was Majie Twins and Prophecy of Jirachi, which both got scrapped when I lost interest.

My joint fic with Torkoal Stu died because we both were too busy doing other things to finish it, and my Yugioh fic died because it sucked.

Blood Life Trinity died because I couldn't get it the way I wanted it.

And now, my current fic is the only one I've ever resurrected. Shadowheart Vendetta died, admittedly, because a review kinda hit me hard.


Missingno. Master
3rd January 2006, 6:49 AM
Dead fics.... Man alive, where do I BEGIN?!

First off, most - no, ALL of my One-Shots are dead, my poetry is dying harshly, and my first fic, Team Rocket's Youngest Member, is consistantly dying, but I keep resurrecting it. Not may people enjoy it when I repost 31 chapters in 3 posts LOL. And my second-longest fic, Mike the 'M's path to evolution died out due to lack of interest on my part.

BUT! You people can save innocent poems and one-shot fics from a digital grave. Have you reviewed your One-Shot today???

And click the link in my sig at the very bottom, and REPLY TO THE THREAD!

3rd January 2006, 7:11 AM
People want more.
That's why one-shots die faster.

Yami Ryu
3rd January 2006, 9:03 AM
Not many people enjoy it when I repost 31 chapters in 3 posts LOL.
Not to mention that's rule breaking and the fact most people don't like it when all the chapters are bunched together. Maybe if you took time to post the chapters one at a time it wouldn't die as quickly.

For me it'd be most of my trainer fics, they either didn't get reviews, only got reviews for one thing in them and nothing else (you know the people, they flock to things only because it has one thing they like in it. For me it was the stupid 'omg kawaii fluff' idiots for one fic)

One of my one shots I posted here about my take on the legendary trio being 'born again' by Ho Oh was never replied too, nor were many of my non pkmn fics, and only in the last um .. think 7 months has any of my work gotten reviews outside of my friends, or those that I had to come near begging to reply too to keep from being pruned.

Which would basically bring the total to about twenty fics/one shots that never seem to get out of the box or I just stop writing because I lose interest because I started to write what the reviewers were all pestering for, and not for myself.

But my truely dead fic, the one that never made it off the ground, but I did finish completely was Rage Game. Kinda ironic, the fic that got the least reviews here (which was zero) was one of my first finished ones. And now this makes me want to repost it, so it can die again XD

3rd January 2006, 9:10 AM
Ren, I'll check it out. But I'm just too lazy to review. :p Sorry,

Now, for me?

Revolution: Gym Leader Champion was one, but sadly. I lost heart in it. The rest? I FORGOT! But rest assured, I'll post something. Maybe... Don't know. But I may revive one of my dead ones with complete edits. (Don't see them yet.....)

3rd January 2006, 10:57 AM
dead fics, ha, i have like three dead pkmn fanfics :the frozen curse, the steel child and the spirit of the wind.

RaZoR LeAf
3rd January 2006, 3:55 PM
Many. The first fic I ever wrote was a Pokemon/Star Wars cross over (called Pokewars no less), based on an RPG. I still have the details of it on file I think. Maybe in the future I'll go back to it.

Most recently I was writing Distorted Realites. A Zelda fic set in this real world. It might still be around on the forums, but I decided I wanted to write it's sequel more, and so it's sequel became my current Zelda fic.

3rd January 2006, 11:52 PM
Only one - but I happen to be incredibly lazy when it comes to applying myself to writing fanfiction.

If I can remember correctly, the only other pokemon fanfic that I've written was called No Mercy: The New Blood. Starring, oddly enough, the newest member of Team Rocket (named after myself, even odder still), who teamed up with Jessie, James and Meowth, on a mission to capture Pikachu once and for all. Fortunately for the Rockets, the new guy happened to be pretty good with guns.

Not so fortunate for Ash and the gang, though, who ended getting absolutely butchered, in a stronger-than-PG13-way. Misty getting gunned down in a hail of bullets, Brock being (literally) torn in half by a vengeful Ekans and Ash getting shot in the head. Quite a lot of times. Some other things happened, but Pikachu got captured, most importantly of all. It was going to be a multi-chaptered thing as well - the next chapter involved something about the team going undercover at a Pokemon academy, with some invariable (and predictable) shoot outs and uneccessary violence going on. But then I just stopped writing it altogether, and went on to try my hand at Digimon fic writing. The same thing happened with that, I think.

Only now, I look back on it and realise how crap it actually was. Oh well.

Who knows, I might even break tradition and even get round to writing another Pokemon fanfic this year. I mean, it's only been about six years since I wrote the last one...

4th January 2006, 12:01 AM
My first ever was "Molzapart and Rainteicune" and is quite possibly one of the worst pieces of Pokémon fanfiction ever written. Not surprising, since it was not only my first Pokémon fanfiction, but I also had never read any fanfiction before, and I was ten or eleven at the time.

Let's see... I started a fic called "The Second Clone" before I started the UMR version of The Quest for the Legends, about a Sentret clone. I ran out of ideas for it after chapter four. I'm planning to revise that soon; I kinda liked it and it was pretty original, though I say it myself (not the clone part, but both the fact he was a Sentret/Furret, and the actual storyline).

Then there was "Backwards Love" which was primarily written to improve my description. I only ever wrote one chapter of it, because I ran out of ideas for that too. Might continue it sometime.

That's pretty much it...

Flaming Lip
4th January 2006, 12:05 AM
The Union Trilogy was an absolutly awful piece of work; of those 'Wish You Were Here' improved every chapter, but by chapter 10, I was tired, overwhelmed and was suffering from incurable writer's block


Souls and Machines:
Prolouge well recieved, chapter 1: messy. awful.


Tempus Fugit:
Chapter 1: decent, chapter 2 sucked, Couldn't keep up.


intergalactic platypus
4th January 2006, 12:11 AM
I used to have a pokeshipping fic *is shot* called Always. However, I redeemed myself by the fact that it was a tragedy where Ash got AIDS from some wh0re, and it really wasn't that bad. I had a fair amount of followers for it, but it died when I went on hiatus

Burnt Flower
4th January 2006, 12:12 AM
'Making Two Dreams Come True'.

My first fic was the epitome of crap... x_X

Wandering Rhythmical Phoenix
4th January 2006, 12:48 AM
I've only had one fic, and I scraped it just recently. I was appauled by how much I cut from it. Maybe thats why I'm doing the Directors Cut of Ties Bound By Battle

4th January 2006, 1:00 AM
Well, whaddya know? - memory has spurred me to write about some other Pokemon fics that I also had in the pipeline, but ended up scrapping completely. It happened to me. A lot.

There was one I remember writing - my own re-hash of the first movie, with another kick-arse Team Rocket Gary Stu (and I had a penchant for writing those) being deployed to Mewtwo's island on an oh-so-secret mission...to kill him. Had absolutely no idea how it was all going to pan out, something involving super-human-clones or something like that.

Still, probably would been better than the actual movie, though.

Eternal Daydreamer
4th January 2006, 1:22 AM
Let me think:

My one-shot and my poem, There is No Requiem For the Wicked.

I deleted A Familiar Duty and Veruca and the Chocolate Factory of Doom!! Though I'm tempet to retry the last one.

My idea for a CATS fic starring Serebii authors failed before I finished the first chapter...

4th January 2006, 4:26 AM
Let me think... I am new to fanfiction, so I only have one other story. The Rising Storm. Chaptered, I actually finished it. Posted it on Pokemon Elite, got a few reviews. Posted it here, nada. Zilch. Not a single review. In desperation I posted a plee for others to read, and got one review. One. Well, I was very new here. At first I clumped all the chapters together, thought better of it and posted them one by one. It took me about ten minutes to separate them all. I am tempted to repost it, but it was sterribly cliched. I began to write it before Emerald, so they clashed. It was about Groundon and Kyogre beeing awake at the same time, and the chaos that ensued. There was a prophecy, (it rhymed) I did my homework with my Ruby and checked off their journey, (Cat and some other go, chosen ones...) added some betrayal, some romance, and created a truly terrible fic. I think I will repost it to see it get panned... The only good thing I can say about it is that at least the characters were not Gary stues/Mary Stues. The only thing I can say in defense of it is, well, It was my first fanfiction. Phoenix is much better, it has an original plot and story line, and much more description. [/rant]

Apart from that, well, Waters Deep has been lost. Its my fault, I can't hold two stories in my head at the same time, so it is on a break until I finish Phoenix. It only got one reviewer who came there out of pure interest, I had to drag the others in. I wasn't a bad story, and I intend to restart it when I finish Phoenix. People liked it, but I think they were put off by the length. Ah well, what can you do...

Silver Ryu
4th January 2006, 4:35 AM
Let's see...I remember back on the old forums, I wrote this stupid fic called The Secret of Mew. It was about these two kids named Amber and...I don't remember the boy's name, Ryan or something, that find the truck from the games, and find a portal to another world under it. This world is where some Mew lives. But this made-up team called Team Shadow has also found the portal, and they're trying to get ahold of Mew. At one point, they capture Mew and take him back to their base. The two kids go undercover into Team Shadow's base, trying to rescue Mew. At that point, I stopped writing.

My second one was more recent. It was called Into the Pokemon World. It still wasn't that great, but it was better than Secret of Mew by far. It was about this girl named Meg who followed a Pikachu through a portal to the Pokemon world. Now, she doesn't know what Pokemon is, so she's just plain lost. She gets a Mudkip as a starter. It was basically her going on a journey through Hoenn, finding out more about the Pokemon world, and trying to get home. She was also trying to fight against Team Windstorm, a team trying to get ahold of Rayquaza. I was planning to have her save Rayquaza, and have him/her/it help her get home. Would you believe I picked the whole "transported to the Pokemon world" thing because I thought it was original. I obviously hadn't read too many fics. ^^

There were a few others that never got off the ground. There was one about the whole Zangoose and Seviper thing, but I only ended up writing a few chapters, and I never posted it here.

Ya know, to this day, I've never actually finished a long fic. 0_o

The Burnt Shadow
4th January 2006, 4:44 AM
Well I used to have a really old fic known as the coming of a legend. It was about a kid who had just transfered to Saffron from Hoenn. On his way he had Sabrina the gymleader as the guardian and a Zapdos and Electabuzz as stalkers. Later on I was writing about one of their major battles when the kid had come with his friends to stop an evil force from taking over the world. Sabrina and Zapdos came in to do a little assistance. Sadly Electabuzz died against the encounter with the enemy since they called out a Kyogre to attack. My last chapter was writing about one of the character's past. Sadly this fic's been deleted now.

My second fic was a bit more successful than the first one. Except no one actually posted in it. It was called The Renegade Saga. It was about a seventeen year old boy who had escaped the sky pillar from a group who tried to conquer the world. He escaped to the sea and found himself in Vermillion and facing his old friends from the pillar...

4th January 2006, 6:14 AM
Well, the only fic I've ever killed off was Tangled Up, a little peice with a Tangela who affects... well, I really don't care to explain it again. XD I just ran out of ideas for it, and I had already ran myself into a wall with meaningless word usage and overbearing plots for each chapter... and to think that once upon a time, I regarded it as my best work. Huh.

So yeah. Not fun times. Otherwise, I try to avoid killing off my fics... I just try to keep them going no matter what.

4th January 2006, 6:42 AM
I think it's Legendary's Curse I will stop because of bad gammar but when I'm older I might repost it

Guitar dude bill
4th January 2006, 5:38 PM
I think it's Legendary's Curse I will stop because of bad gammar but when I'm older I might repost it
I wouldn't. I reviewed your fic and I want to see the next chapter and see if you improve. Eagle-kyogre, we told you to type it on word. If it was typed on word it wouldn't have so many grammar mistakes. If you want I'll check it before you post it if you PM it to me. I used to be terrible at grammar as well don't worry. Just keep going.
My old fic died twice. I haven't viewed it in ages. I wasn't sure about leaving but I had such an urge to start this new one I just eventually couldn't resist, I stopped my old one and started anew. This time without an eye-bleeder.

5th January 2006, 7:52 PM
Sad to say that Shroomy's adventures is dieing, I put up a new chapter recently, no reviews... I put bold in my sig 'chapter 4 up' but of course nobody cares, I really don't want it to stay dead... :(

Ryusuke Hikari
5th January 2006, 9:58 PM
My first fic was a Pokemon fic about the last movie. It was a decent fic, and it could of been better if I revised it. The grammar is so-so and the description is fairly good at the most. Sadly, it's the only fic I finished.

As for the dead fan fics, there's Yu-Gi-Oh Z. The storyline & description was good. But, then, my computer started dying on me. So...my ideas died with it. I kept trying to revive it. My first attmept was good. My comp. died again. I swear I don't know what happened to the story after my second attempt. The story got weaker. So...I stopped at near the end of the story. Never finished it.

Then, there's my Kingdom Hearts II One Shots. I didn't finished them before Kingdom Hearts II released in Japan. ;-;

Then, there's my Final Fantasy VII fic. It seemed too long after a few chapters. ^_^;

Hopefully, I won't dump my next fics because of me being lazy. LOL

Silver Ryu
7th January 2006, 11:57 PM
As for the dead fan fics, there's Yu-Gi-Oh Z. The storyline & description was good. But, then, my computer started dying on me. So...my ideas died with it. I kept trying to revive it. My first attmept was good. My comp. died again. I swear I don't know what happened to the story after my second attempt. The story got weaker. So...I stopped at near the end of the story. Never finished it.
I remember seeing that thing. I remember kind of liking it. KH and Yu-Gi-Oh don't mix too well, though. You did a really good job of making it creepy, though. (which makes sense, considering what exactly "the return" referred to. *shudders*)

8th January 2006, 12:01 AM
Probably my first fic, The Legend of the Chosen One. My new one is going MUCH better and I wasn't doing very well on the last one AT ALL!

Ryano Ra
8th January 2006, 12:11 AM
o.o Now this is what I'm talking about.

In chronological order...here are all of Serpent Syra's Fanfiction List of Failure. Most couldn't be fanfictions alone, but I'm taking ideas from some and putting them into a trilogy that I am currently writing, The Galabonian Trilogy. ^^ But here they are.

The Journey of Kanto
The Wonders of Steve and Aggron
Critical Kingdom Battles I
Critical Kingdom Battles I.II
Serenity Wraths I
The Dragon Legends I
The Dragon Legends I (Revision)
Bloodstained Swords
Bloodstained Swords (Revision 1)
Bloodstained Swords (Revision 2)
The Scalta Chronicles: I
The Grudged Massacre
The Elegance of Divinity
The Concrete Dragonriders
Sunfire & Mudburn
Benevolence and Custody
Bloodstained Swords (Revision 3)
Exhaled: Luminosity Fatality
Kisses of the Tempest
Switchblade Corruption


8th January 2006, 1:22 AM
Hmm. It seems some people have posted a lot of dead ones here. O__o;

Well, I've written the beginnings of practically fifty stories that I never finished. A few years ago, or maybe even just one or two, had a horrible habit of never finishing anything that wasn't a school assignment. It was really silly, and just recently I've started finishing fics. Love and Loyalty will be my first finished fic over five chapters if I ever get over this parasitic case of writer's block.

The only fic I've been serious about that's been posted here and died was Love and Loyalty. I mean, the first version of LaL. In fact, the thread is dead and gone from this forum. It's a pity, though, for I would have continued it if it was not for some sort of forum glitch that wouldn't let me get onto that account. This went on for so long that my account died and became one of those weird "guest" accounts, so I was forced to make this one. It was a good opportunity to rewrite it, though, and I'm actually sort of glad it happened. Not really that glad, but it didn't turn out that bad.

I wonder, what will become of Reality's Crossroads? I hope it'll live.

8th January 2006, 4:44 AM
Well, because I always have so many ideas for fics but I never get them off the ground and onto a paper (or computer screen), so I've never posted very many things here.

The Mutations is pretty much dead. It's been up around a year and I've only posted five chapters. I randomly get reviews from all sorts of people (a lot of n00bs), which is how the thing stays alive.
Cries In The Dark, my only One-Shot. It did all right, but I guess it was just too short and didn't dig deep enough into the mind of that poor depressed Lapras...
I don't remember the name of the other fic. I think it was I'm Not Going! or something like that. I have no idea if I posted it or not, or maybe I deleted it or something. I'm working on a revision, though, but I still can't give it the nice big plot I wanted to give it.


8th January 2006, 5:24 PM
My first fic was called 'Charlie's Journey', which started the idea for Kanto Journeys, my current fic. The only thing was, it was so poorly written, I must have only been 10 when I first had the idea...

9th January 2006, 5:36 AM
Hmm...my first actual written work of fanfiction was a Super Smash Bros. Melee adventure/battle scenario thing with Peach as the main character. It was called On the Flipside, it was written in late summer of 2002, and it revolved around Mario being kidnapped and brainwashed by Bowser and Peach's little quest to rescue him (and save the world from a somewhat bigger threat in the process >..>;; ) It was mildly short at only eight chapters, each one probably only amounting to between one and three pages in a Word document, but it was pretty well-received at the forum in which it was posted. I know it's still being preserved on some forgotten website, too. If only I could remember, I might consider revising it sometime because in the three and a half years since then, as one might expect, my literary skills have improved dramatically. XD

Soon afterward I tried writing a story in the same basic style, only this time involving the actual members of the forum. It was a bit like The Cheshire Cat's Serebeth N00b Trials in that it depicted the forum as a real-life community. On top of that, it was meant as a sequel to another work (by a different person) that was pretty well-known on that forum. The original was called Unlikely Heroes and the one I attempted to write was supposed to be called Even More Unlikely Heroes. XD Unfortunately, both of my attempts at writing it died after the first few chapters. I might consider trying again, only maybe not as an adventure/battle scenario...once some of my current ideas get finished, of course.

Of course, I've had other ideas that could be called fanfic ideas. One from years and years ago (like, more than ten) was a rip-off of Power Rangers that I would REALLY rather not get into.

But you know, that's all of the ideas/fictions that have pretty much died. One of the biggest ideas I've had has more or less...evolved over the past six years (and never written down, thank god). It started as a seriously whacked Pokémon/Digimon crossover thing with a couple of elements stolen from Animorphs and starring a self-insertion, then I subtracted Digimon, then Animorphs (partially and then completely) and then the self-inserted portion of the character. Naturally, it's gone through even more revision since then. But what can I say about the idea's origin? I was young, naïve, and thought that perfect characters and copies of myself were cool. Hopefully, the refined product will grace these forums soon.

9th January 2006, 7:26 PM
No, wait, I remembered an earlier one! When I was about 10, I wrote one called 'Shadow Realm'. Basically, it had no plot and I wrote it because nobody elso on my site wrote. It involved Ash, Misty and Brock camping, then this magical beam of light blasted them all away into an area called the Shadow Realm, where it was permanently night time. About a year later, I developed this idea into that they were in a hotel room (number 13) and this little girl was the only one awake in the building apart from the gang. She turned out to be a psychic... That didn't last very long...