View Full Version : Anybody Read the "DearS" manga?

4th January 2006, 4:02 AM
Well if anyone has seen my sig before I changed it you know how much I love the DearS! It's the first manga I've actually started to collect. I usaully never cared about buying manga and Anime DVD's but when I saw a Manga recommendation pic of it in Anime Insider, I was just thinking that the pic was pretty hot so I bought the first manga when it came out. Next thing I know I bought vol. 2, 3, and 4 (gonna buy 5 in about a week cause its not out yet.) I always just watch anime on TV never thought of buying them cause I always thought it was a waste of money cause anime DVDs are so expensive but, I so into it I bought both vol. 1 and 2 DVD's yesterday (would of bought 3 but they didn't have it) I can't so now I'm gonna try buying other DVD sets also but only after I finish collecting "DearS" I wanna stay in control on spending, then when I have all the manga's and DVD's I'm gonna go wild on Anime.
I'll probably get the CD of DearS as well I loike the songs from the anime even though I don't understand it.

So does anyone else read, watch or is a fan of "DearS"?

4th January 2006, 7:17 PM
Ye i like dears, my girlfriend bought me the first 2 manga volumes of it for Xmas, what is the dvd like?? i've not seen the anime yet

4th January 2006, 7:42 PM
It's really funny. Especailly the Teacher, shes hilarious when watching the anime instead of reading her in the manga. The opening and ending is really funny, plus the songs are good too. I gonna buy the 2nd and 3rd DVD's this weekend.

4th January 2006, 7:49 PM
im not sure if i can acess the anime, but what is the scene where takeya takes ren shopping and meets the teach at the lingerie store, and shes wearing the butterfly?? ^_^

4th January 2006, 8:00 PM
Oh thats a very funny scene. Takeya takes Ren shopping for clothes and the last stop is the lingerie cause Ren isn't wearing anything underneath the whole time. So while Neneko and Ren are trying out the bra's and panties, Takeya says hurry it up and then the Teacher comes out and says "Sorry to keep you waiting" and then next thing you know the teacher is trying to get seduced by Takeya. She starts moaning and gets in all kinds of positions on a table. LOL
If I was in the teachers class I would bang her right away. Its not everyday you have a hot teacher trying to seduce the whole class.

The one thing I don't like is the Playboy DearS Nonaka. They show scene's of him hitting on some girls, running his hand on them also and the girls are lost in lust cause he looks good. >o< I don't like the way he uses all the girls!

15th January 2006, 3:33 PM
Wow, that sounds excellent, i think the scene where ren senses takeyas urges and makes a move on him in the apartment is brilliant. i kinda feel takeya was stupid in that he coud have taken the chance because he likes ren, but also respectful as ren feels he wants her to just for pleasure, anyway what do you think??