View Full Version : Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon animation for Emerald fans

Magma Leader Maxie
5th January 2006, 1:14 AM
This is something I made mainly for fans of the cutscene in Pokemon Emerald version when Rayquaza descends though the clouds and ends Groudon and Kyogre's battle.

This is a massive GIF animation. I went through considerable effort and spent hours putting it together. It contains 302 unique screens, making the animation just over 1.4 MB large (*gasp*).

In the beggining, I planned to make this scene for a signature, but since 500kB is the largest a GIF animation in a sig can be, my plan failed, and not wanting to cut the quality of the animation, I'm allowing anyone who's interested to download it here:

Click here! (about blank)

I might try making a smaller, sig-version, but that will have to wait. So, what do you think?

5th January 2006, 6:12 AM
I love it! This was my favorite scene in Pokemon Emerald. And now thanks to you, I can see it whenever. It's really amazing though, Maxie. One must wonder how you do it, but you cannot let out all your secrets. XD

I like it that way, but if you feel that you should make it smaller, then go ahead. Excellent work and again, I commend you on your patience to make this! ^_^

Magma Leader Maxie
5th January 2006, 8:58 PM
Thank you, Sinthirster. I'm glad you think it's good despite the size.

I have another animation. But since I'm not really drawing the screens entirely, I suppose this isn't fan art.

This one's only 300 or so kB, so I'm adding it right here:

Click the thumbnail to view the full-size animation
http://uploadplus.com/files/Maxie/PokeCinema/Entering Cave of Origin.gif:thumbnail (http://uploadplus.com/files/Maxie/PokeCinema/Entering Cave of Origin.gif)
It's a bit "sticky" when viewed at uploadplus.com, but save it to your computer and it'll wok just fine.

*EDIT* it doesn't work with photobucket. (?)

7th January 2006, 12:02 AM
Ooo, the new animation is cool! I love the rainy weather, brings out Sootopolis' beauty, I think. Very nice with putting this together.

It does seem to be a little sticky with uploadplus. What do you mean it doesn't work with photobucket, though? Maybe I could be of some help?

Final Flash
7th January 2006, 12:03 AM
Wow,that's one of the best animations I've seen. You did a nice job on it MLM,Especially the rayquaza one. For me,Didn't take so long

Magma Leader Maxie
15th January 2006, 3:08 PM
Wow,that's one of the best animations I've seen. You did a nice job on it MLM,Especially the rayquaza one. For me,Didn't take so long

Thanks, but I didn't make the screens, I just got some of them, and edited every second one to make the animation smoother. It wasn't that difficult, but time-consuming. Hopefully, I might make more.