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6th January 2006, 11:33 PM
The introduction post will be posted soon. Now, some specific explanations about the battle system used in the RPG...


First, the battle begins with an Initiative. The circumstances of the fight determine which side get the initiative.

Then, whoever has the Initiative begin the fight. If it's the enemy, then skip this part.

Each user will post ONCE. In their post, their character has the right to do ONE action and only ONE. This action can be anything ; positionning your characters on the field, reloading/recharging, unleashing a technique, using attacks, attempting a combo, taking a defensive stance, charge up for an attack, using an item... you can do almost anything.

Once every user has posted what his characters shall do, the actions are carried out in MY post. Unless the users specify it, ALL CHARACTERS OF A SINGLE SIDE ACT AT THE SAME TIME. The order at which the actions are posted doesn't matter.

In my post, I will specify what is the enemy's Reaction... in short, what they do with the attacks going toward them. Keep in mind that you have the right, during Reaction phase, to execute only ONE action, may it be an evasive maneuver, blocking, countering, using a tech, using an item, whatever you want. But keep in mind that even if there are several attacks are all coming for your character, you have the right to only ONE action. The first strategic element is there ; it's hard to avoid (both for you and the enemy) several simultaneous attacks with only one action.

Once you're done writting the Reaction, you must writte your characters' Action in the SAME post. The Action is actually the same thing that when your characters had the initiative.

Both sides continue on taking turns with Actions and Reactions until either one side is eliminated completely or until an event interrupt the fight.

There is no experience managment ; I'll simply mention at the end of the battle according to how well the characters did during battle if the characters have the right to receive upgrades. Upgrades come in those forms:

-increase in HP and other stats (HP boosts are given automatically but when other stats are increased, you must confirm to me if you want your character's stats to increase and must select a single stat to increase among those three: offense, defense, speed, agility. Offense is in both physical and special attack. Defense is the same but for the defensive value. Speed is the character's speed and me allowing you to make longer combos. Agility is your character's reflexes and ability to react quickly.)

-Learn new moves (you choose which move you learn. Note that the 4 moves limit can and will be breached)

-You are given the permission to evolve a trained Pokemon (you can use it whenever you want... like you can choose to make your character remains in it's current form forever)

Regarding combos... you must make sure, when you make your characters execute combos, that you also specify how your character will act if one or more strikes miss (may it be in an alternate way the combo is carried out or specifying that your character will stumble, trip, and fall down if the combo fails).

Well, that's pretty much it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

7th January 2006, 2:09 AM
Okay, I have few questions.

First, are we only allowed to either evade an upcoming attack or attack? Like, if a Thunderbolt would've coming towards my Lugia, am I allowed to descripe how she evaded it, and then how she acted after that, or just either attack or evade?

And secondly, if we are allowed to use only one attack (like flamethrower or bite) then how can we make combos? Don't we need to use many attacks in order to do that? (Like using flamethrower and then biting the burning spot. < A bad example, I know >_>)

No more questions at the time being.

7th January 2006, 2:18 AM
In fact, it is encouraged that you describe how your character dodges the incoming attacks, else the battles would be very boring, frankly.

Also, combos COUNT AS TECHS. Read: combos are actually considered as single moves but like other moves, must be learnt.

I guess this is my fault for not updating the first post quickly enough but when your characters are given a "level-up" and the opportunity to learn a new move, you have two choices. Either you make your character learn the next move on it's list of learned moves (use the Pokedex) or you make a new combo, making a combination of your existing moves to either create a chain of moves or an all-new, custom move. In the case of new moves, this is a no-brainer ; simply tell me and I'll add the move to your character's list of moves. For combos, you must writte it's description, what moves are mixed, how it's pulled off, the amount of PPs consumed, the power level, and the accuracy level. Once this is done, PM me the move and I'll approve/disapprove it and add it to the list of moves or tell you what's wrong with it.

Well, that's all for now. I'll post the update about the battle system later (basically, explaining about Limits, Resonance, and Hyper Mode).

7th January 2006, 2:23 AM
Okay, I understood the Tech/Combo thing now. Still, I need to ask again: Do we get to do both; defensive and offensive acttion, or only one of the two?

7th January 2006, 2:41 AM
You get both per turn. It's just that on the very first turn, the side who get the Initiative has no Reaction phase for an obvious reason (since they're the first to attack, no attack is going their way this turn).

7th January 2006, 2:43 AM
Ah, now I understand, thank you. ^_^

7th January 2006, 2:53 AM
Now, here's the update about the level-up system and the way I display stats in my posts.

At the end of my posts, the display for each individual character should look like this:
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____
-Hero A-
Life Force (5) (||||||||||)
Resonance (70%)
Limit (67%)
PP (0)

-Pokemon A- =PARALYSIS=
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)
Resonance (20%)
Limit (100%)
PP (34)

-Pokemon B- =FAINTED=
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)
Resonance (0%)
Limit (0%)
PP (14)

(||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||||||||||||||||)

Enemy A (|||||||||||||||||)
Enemy B (|||||||||||||)
Enemy C (||||||||||||||||||||||)
Enemy D (|||||||||||||||||||)
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

HP and other values are displayed using meters. Each individual bar is one unit. The number next to the HP meter for friendly characters represent the number of extra meters they have for one meter can only contain ten units of energy. If an attack received is greater or equal to the amount of HP in a particuliar meter, that meter will be totally emptied, the number of meters will decrease by one, and the next meter will absorb the remaining amount of damage. This process continue on until the damage has been totally absorbed or until the character run out of HP. If the later happens, the user must decide if the character either faints or dies. Attacks that would normally inflict death (like hits to the heart or to the head) will still inflict only fainting unless the user decide to kill it's own character... but a character struck with a "Fatal" condition rather than "Fainted" will remain unconscious until a revive-type item has been used or until that character has been brought to a Pokemon Center.

Next is the Resonance meter. Each time a character effectively pull off some kind of teamwork, the meter will go up. If the character argue or do moves that hamper the other characters, the meter will go down. When the meter is full (100%), the party enter "Soul Unison" mode and has the right to attempt a Soul Unison Tech. To use one, the user must post that his/her character is now attempting to pull off such a move. Then, in their posts, the other users must specify whenever they choose to follow or not. The number of characters who participate determine the Tech used. Once all the users posted, I will specify in my post how the Soul Unison turned out ; if it is the first time that the characters attempt a Soul Unison, I decide what Soul Unison they use. Once the battle is over, I will PM every user with the stats for the Soul Unison move used so that they may modify it to their own will. Then, one of them must PM me the modified move's stats and I'll approve/disapprove it. Once approved, the move can be pulled off like a normal attack as long as the Soul Unison state is reached, not needing to waste the others' turn.

Resonance is not limited to Soul Resonance however. Once the meter is full, the party can choose to attempt to reach Full Synchro state. If all of the users agree to attempt it, the Soul Resonance will start to fill again. Once it reaches 200%, Full Synchro state is reached and the party gain access to new, uber-powerful versions of the Soul Unison attacks. The catch here is that if one of the party members is hit even ONCE, the party is thrown out of synchronisation and the meter is resetted to 0%. In short, Full Synchro is powerful but risky to use.

Now, about the Limit meter... Each time a character feel pain, either emotionnal or physical (YOU MUST MENTION IT IN YOUR POST), this meter will go up. Also, seeing an ally being fainted/killed will instantly fill up the meter and so will have the characters reach danger/critical state (read: down to their last meter of energy). When the meter is full, the characters gain access to their Limit Techs. Limit Techs are extremely powerful... but one must be careful! Limit Techs are divided into two categories: Beserk and Despair. If the Limit Tech used doesn't end the battle, then the character who used the tech will be afflicted by either "Beserk" or "Despair" status.

When Beserk, your characters cannot attempt to evade, block, or counter attacks in any way, form, or shape ; in short, ALL incoming attacks must strike. Also, your character cannot do anything during their turn except for direct attacks and direct offensive moves.

A character afflicted by Despair suffer from the opposite ; the character cannot attempt to harm the foe in any way, form, or shape (no direct or indirect attacks).

When the characters find themselves afflicted with such states, the Limit meter will start to go down. Once it reach 0%, the status problem is removed and the meter will start refilling normally.

Limit moves are learnt on the go ; when your Limit meter reach 100% and wants to use one, simply make one and PM me the stats. If I approve it, you are free to use it immediately.

Now, finally, there's the PP meter. Every Tech use a single PP. Now, at the beginning of every fight, PP is fixed to 20. Not using Techs for one turn increase PP by 5. Combos, Limits, Soul Unisons, and Full Synchros techs which may involve the use of several Techs require one PP for every Tech mixed in (for exemple, if a combo involve Ember, Metal Claw, and Tail Whip, it will consume 3 PPs, one for each move).

The final explanation is for the bosses' energy meters.

Enemies have only one layer to their HP meter ; once it turns red, they're defeated. Bosses, however, might have more than one layer of HP... you see, striking a boss will drain a meter and reveal the one under it. To win, the yellow one must be drained. Those who played the Megaman Zero games knows what I am talking about. Layers for boss meters go as such:

White -> Green -> Blue -> Yellow


Now, for raising the characters' levels.

There is no experience here. Unstead, one's performance in battle and the creativity and description will determine if I give you "upgrades" or not at the end of battles.

I'll usually give one of those three:

-Extra HP meters (Max HP increased)
-New moves
-Opportunity to evolve a single trained Pokemon (once given, you keep it ; can use it whenever you want. Try to fit in an interesting story scene, if possible)

I believe I explained earlier how new moves are learnt ; simply state if your character learn the new move on it's list of naturally learnt moves or create a new mix (combo or custom attack) and PM me with the stats.

It's that simple, really.

Other events might cause your character to get stronger but overall, beat baddies in style and in a clever way and you'll get extra HP, new moves, and the opportunity to evolve trained Pokemon.

Well, I think that's pretty much it...

Comments, suggestions, and questions about the battle system or/and the story won't be ignored so do not hesitate.

Another Fan
7th January 2006, 2:43 PM
Sounds good. Wow, though, my character's personality will be a real burden during battles.

Still, this is rather exciting. Will this thread be of simple light-hearted discussion as well or just tips for RPing?

7th January 2006, 5:48 PM
Umm, Z you know my combos, but I need them checked:

Steel Dragon Blast
Combo of: Dragon Breath, Confusion/Psychic, Shrapnel Shot(If that fake move is OK, it's in the MB discussion)
Damage: 150
Energy Used: Large amounts, usually leaves Ro, Sorg and Nylf or Selan exhausted.
Description: Either Nylf or Selan launh a Dragonbreath, which Sorg the launches metal into causing a torrent of steel, then Ro manipulates the fire and Steel into a dragon shape which collides with the enemy. The dragon is the size of Rayquaza.

Obvioulsy can't be used yet as Sorg can't use Shrapnel Shot yet, and Selan and Nylf don't know Dragonbreath.

Tempest Of The Phoenix
Combo Of: Any of Zel's fire attacks, any of Ro's psychic attacks.
Damage: Varies with attacks used, currently 60 with Ember and Confusion
Energy used: The amount needed to use that attacks
Description: Zel uses a fire attack that Ro first manipulates into the shape of a phoenix that begins to surround the enemy eventually forming into, depending on the power of Zel and Ro's attack, a swirling vortex of flames that closes in on the enemy. Hard to avoid.

As said, it grows with Zel and Ro.

Supreme Tempest Dragon
Combo Of: Sandstorm, Shrapnel Shot, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Psychic, Thunderbolt
Damage: Immense
Energy Used: The only one with almost any energy left will be Ant as he isn't involved.
Descripton: Nylf, who must be a Flygon before this can be attempted, uses Sandstorm, forming a cyclone of sand, Sorg then uses Shrapnel shot and the metal gets mixed in with the wind creating a spiral of wind, metal and sand, Zel and Selan then fire off Dragonbreath and Flamethrower into it, turning the metal into molten streams and the sand into glass, while Telo launches Thunderbolt into the cyclone making the storm charged, before Ro finally manipulates the storm into the form of an immense dragon, easily double the size of Rayquaza, that is then slammed into the enemy. This all takes place in about a split second so it's hard to avoid and pull off.
Results if failed: The regualr attacks and Ro exhausted.

Basically the most powerful thing the six can pull off.

Seismic Claw
Required moves: Seismic Toss, Dragon Claw
Energy used: Very little
Description: Either Nylf or Selan prepare a Dragon Claw, then Zel or Sorg Seismic Tosses them at the enemy.
If it misses: Selan or Nylf get Seismic tossed.

Oh, and you don't mind that I said Ant could make his coat mirrored? I think most Lugias can do that anyway.

9th January 2006, 2:35 AM
To Nylf: Actually, all of those moves are actually Soul Unisons and Full Synchro Techs. A real, actual combo involve a SINGLE character mixing it's own moves to make new ones.

Technically, Shrapnel Shot would be an exemple of an actual combo ; since the move doesn't exist in the Pokemon moves list, you could create it by mixing known attacks in order to mimic the effect it has in your own stories.

Now, regarding base power... since the stats used in the RPG use lower numbers, base power for all moves is divided by 10 (read: the base power of say, Thunder, will be 12).

Now, about combos...

Your moves actually are a good exemple ; although it might not sound like much, a move that inflicts 15 damage unstead of 12 makes a HUGE difference in the RPG and most ultimate combos or advanced Soul Unisons/basic Full Synchro moves should have about 20 of base power. Keep in mind that the HP of normal enemies won't go above 100 HP and maybe not even over 50! As such, make your moves reasonable.

Now, about your introduction...

Despite the fact that you did NOT have the right to make your character use Mirror Coat... I shall overlook this fact since it seems to be an important part of your character act in the story (well, at least, early on... and anyway, your intro was quite good anyway as it was). As such, I shall consider this as a "reverse HM" ; a move that can be used outside of battle but not during battle unstead of the other way around.

Now... I find everyone to be a bit slow to post their introductions. Apart from AnotherFan, Goldenhouou, Leaf Green, and Nylf, people have seemingly not noticed that the RPG has begun. I guess it's time to send PMs to everyone.

9th January 2006, 4:06 AM
Umm... can I have a list of who the characters are? Nothing fancy, just a list of all participants and what specie they are.

9th January 2006, 6:17 AM
Here is the list of all of the characters, their specie, and their current HP level (full since the RPG is only beginning and no character has run into traps or enemies so far).

+Another Fan's characters+
Senenoono -Ditto- (0) (||||||||||)
Meowth -Meowth- (0) (||||||||||)

+skiboydoggy's characters+
Ski -Human- (0) (||||||||||)
Hepheastus -Charmander- (0) (||||||||||)
Bahamut -Dratini- (0) (||||||||||)
Excalibur -Geodude- (0) (||||||||||)
Shiva -Abra- (0) (||||||||||)
Horus -Machop- (0) (||||||||||)
Loki -Gastly- (0) (||||||||||)

+Oblivion0807's characters+
Chrom -Light Mew- (0) (||||||||||)

+Nylf's characters+
Anthony -Demon Lugia- (0) (||||||||||)
Rowana -Ralts- (0) (||||||||||)
Nylf -Shiny Trapinch- (0) (||||||||||)
Zel -Torchic- (0) (||||||||||)
Sorg -Beldum- (0) (||||||||||)
Telonus -Eevee- (0) (||||||||||)
Selana -Shadow Bagon- (0) (||||||||||)

+Leaf Green's characters+
Shady -Celebi- (0) (||||||||||)

+Sejiro Mafuné's characters+
Veros -Celebi- (0) (||||||||||)
Melodia -Misdreavus- (0) (||||||||||)
Venorox -Dustox- (0) (||||||||||)

+Goldenhouou's characters+
Lucy -Lugia- (0) (||||||||||)

Aurora -Shiny Light Mew- (0) (||||||||||)
Purgatory -Shadow Ninetales- (0) (||||||||||)
Rex -Tyranitar- (0) (||||||||||)

9th January 2006, 8:57 PM
For Shrapnel Shot, would combining Iron Defense and a psychic attack work, as the Iron Defense would add a layer of metal that the psychic attack throws at the enemy? Plus I finally worked out a Full Synchro thingy for Ant and co:

Arcane Tempest Dragon(They won't say the name out loud)
Moves: Shadow Storm, Sandstorm, Shrapnel Shot, Dragon Breath, Flamethrower, Psychic, Thunderbolt
Energy: This is the second most powerful move they have, so if it is used or actually hits, about nuke levels of energy.
Odds of hitting: Slim, execution needs to be perfect to work
Description: Nylf and ant conmbine a Shadow Storm and Sandstorm to create a storm of dark energy, then Sorg uses Shrapnel shot filling it with shards of metal, then Zel and Selan let loose Dragon Breath and Flamethrower, which then creates the liquid metal and glass, Telo charges up the storm with Thunderbolt and then Ro manipulates it into a dragon the size of Supreme Dragon Tempest, which then collides with the enemy.

Apocalypse Dragon
Moves: Shadow Blast, Sandstorm, Sharpnel Shot, Dragon Breath, Overheat, Psychic, Thunder
Energy: Umm, I'll tell you when I work it out:D
Odds of hitting: The odds they'll use this, yet alone pull it off flawlessly, are slim. The only reason it'll work 100% is if all their lives are on the line, and then only if Ant is up to using Shadow Blast when not in Hyper mode, and finally only the very last resort.
Description: They form the Supreme Tempest Dragon, with slightly stronger attacks then as Ro manipulates it, instead of her using her powers to have it strike the enemy Ant uses Shadow Blast, sending it carrerring with the force of all their energy at the enemy.

Oh, and some combos Selan and Nylf use:

Dragon Wing:
Dragon Claw + Steel Wing
Description: They use Dragon Claw to charge up Steel Wing
ATK: 90

Dragon Tail:
Dragon Claw + Iron tail
Description: They use Dragon Claw to charge up Iron Tail
ATK: 110

Dragon Beam:
Hyper Beam + Dragon Breath
Description: They fire off the attacks simulatneously, causing a more powerful beam.
ATK: 160

The attack damage I gave was non-divided.

12th January 2006, 3:21 AM
To Nylf: I'll approve your moves later.

Just an announcement...


Very important detail which I forgot for some reason... anyway, that's that.

12th January 2006, 7:03 PM
I have to go soon, so I'm not able to write my RPG post now. However, I had something I wanted to say, and since I can't write a RPG post, I decided it would be better for me to post it here, instead of posting a fully OOC post in the RGP thread.


There are many posts since I last posted, which apparently caused me to not notice what you had said about Recover, and apparently you hadn't seen my Edit in my earlier post. It was nothing important, I just said that ten would be too much to heal, and that I thought five would be a better choice. That was before I noticed you had already sorted out that it recovered with two Hp. But that seems kinda... low, as it heals less than Super Effective hit deals damage. I'm thinking it would be better as three, for then it would heal the same that syper effective takes, which sounds more reasonable. But if you want it to be two instead of three, then that's fine as well, as it&#228;s your choice really.

Which brought to my mind; Since not-very-effective hits takes one HP, Neutral takes two and super effective takes three... then what would
4x weakness and 4x resistance take? I.e, Flying attack on Heracross (good on its both types) or Normal attack on Aggron (Bad against its both types)

Ah, anyway, I will probably be posting tomorrow, but I won't be here at the weekend.

12th January 2006, 10:38 PM
Effective hits aren't quite as powerful in Rejected than in the games for the reason that since Life Force determine the amount of energy the character has before dying or falling into a state of coma as opposed to fainting.

This means that moves have a LOT less significant effect and must be added up to really show big effects ; Recover won't heal nearly as much, super effective aren't quite the one-hit KOs they were in the games, that kind of thing.

Also, note that element is a LOT less important. How the attack is pulled off, speed of the attack, piercing power, and the body part struck is a LOT more important. As a whole, a neutral strike to a Deoxys's eye or to a Human's head will inflict MORE damage than a 4X weakness strike. Also, a 4X weakness strike could pretty well inflict next to no damage if a limb is struck or if the character doesn't absorb most of the shock, letting itself be sent flying or transferring the damage into armor or something else (think: Pikachu when he counter Thunder in the anime... except transposed to ALL forms of attacks).

Element is still important ; Shedinja isn't the only Pokemon who will have an elemental barrier in this RPG and trying to inflict damage with super effective attacks is far easier than by using not very effective attacks.

One final note... damage is NOT multiplied in the RPGs but rather, act in a form of additions. Attacks don't have fixed attack values (when applied to the players, at least) and as such, while a regular super effective attack deals 4 to 8 points of damage, when applied to a player character with 10 max HP, the damage is reduced to 3 to 6 HP.

Well... I don't know if my explanation made sense but well... I hope it did.

Just for references... here is the basic chart I use for damage:

Inneffective (normal circumstances): 0
Inneffective (Fatal Strike): 4
Not very effective (all body parts but weak points): 1
Not very effective (weak points): 2
Not very effective (Fatal Strike): 10
Neutral (limbs): 1
Neutral (body): 2
Neutral (weak points): 3
Neutral (Fatal Strike): 20
Super effective (limbs): 2
Super effective (body): 4
Super effective (weak points): 8
Super effective (Fatal Strike): 100
4X effective (limbs): 4
4X effective (body): 10
4X effective (weak points): 25
4X effective (Fatal Strike): 400
8X effective (limbs): 10
8X effective (body): 25
8X effective (weak points): 100
8X effective (Fatal Strike): 999

Seijiro Mafuné
12th January 2006, 10:49 PM
How do weapons work, at the very least in the sense of additional effects?

12th January 2006, 10:59 PM
Weapons act as a second element added to attacks. Attacks come in an elemental triangle:

Slashing beat Piercing, Piercing beat Blunt, Blunt beat Slashing

Slashing: swords, axes, most bladed weapons
Piercing: spears, most guns
Blunt: hammers, most non-descript weapons

Except for a few select Pokemon (like Tangela, Ghost Pokemon, and armored Pokemon), only characters wielding weapons themselves are affected by weapon elements... and even then, it determines which weapon has the priority, not the damage ; only a few Pokemon are affected by weapon elements.

Still, a correct weapon can give the characters the edge against a tough enemy.

The main role of weapons is to mix them to Pokemon moves to form combos. This way, combos can be increased in lenght and power even further. Also, keep in mind that channelling elemental energy into steel, lead, or other solid matters is MUCH easier than channelling them into thin air which means that usually, weapon-based combos will be longer and stronger... but weapon combos usually require your character to be at close range which can be a problem against some foes. The fact that the combo is weapon-based also means that weapon elements apply which can be both a good thing or a bad thing.

But as a whole, unless used in combos, weapons are inferior to Pokemon moves in every way ; their power level is lesser and unless your character use guns, they will need to get in close... and guns require your character to have aim. The only moment you might want to use weapons is when your character is out of PP or is charging up for an especially powerful combo or custom move.

14th January 2006, 6:48 PM
OK I can see Zel, Nylf and Ro using weapons, but Ant, Telo, Selan and Sorg, not really. Ant has no hands and the other three are quadrapeds. So how do Pokemon who don't have hands use weapons? And how do I get my hands on weapons anyway?(Now I know weapons are involved I'm eager to get Zel a sword. Blaziken, wings and a sword, match made in heaven IMO)

Also, can you use custom weapons? I recently became obsessed with Soul Calibur III and would really like to give Zel Soul Calibur Zweihander form.

EDIT: Another urgent question. How will Purification work and effect Selan?

Seijiro Mafuné
14th January 2006, 8:12 PM
Well, to answer the first question, you got to go into a store and buy them. Like I did.

14th January 2006, 8:21 PM
Ah, problem. OK then that leads to another point. Can a Psychic Pokemon like Ro do money related transactions, such as shopping, without her 'trainer' being around? Because Ant is easily one of the things your least likely to see at a shop. And does Ant count as a trainer, because I mentioned in his sign-up he doesn't 'own' his Pokemon?

14th January 2006, 8:42 PM
No, Psychic Pokemon cannot communicate with Conscious Ones. In fact, unless the trainer is psychic itself, the Psychic Pokemon just has too many difficulties fiddling with the brain's patterns and mental energies of Conscious Ones. Now, if the Pokemon has knew it's trainer for a while and that both are Psychic, communication is possible... but with complete strangers? No communication.

No communication = no shopping

Also, Anthony is their trainer, technically. He is a trainer character and got Pokemon. Although he doesn't had them captured (put in Pokeballs), they can be considered his (a bit like some Conscious Ones do with their pet Pokemon. Many pet Pokemon are never put in Pokeballs).

This is a double-edged sword ; his Pokemon won't have to be stuffed in balls and will be able to intervene much more easily. They also will be able to grow at a quicker pace since they experience the entire journey, not just the battles. However, once hurt, they cannot be returned to safety and Pokemon trainers have the right to catch them and keep them.

If say, a random Lugia decide that he wants Ro in his team, he can catch her and she'll be an official part of his team and will belong to that Lugia. Anthony will have no right to contest since the Pokemon never belonged to him and was considered wild.

In fact, if Anthony breaks the Pokeball or get in the way of the Pokemon trainer, he might be comitting a crime since he's stealing that trainer's Pokemon.

As such, very risky situation. Deal with it the way you see fit.

Now, regarding weapons...

Weapons can be bought normally and all... but to get them to the higher levels of power, weapons must be upgraded.

Upgrading a weapon is a Demon/Celebi-exclusive technology which means that your characters will need the help of one of these.

You see, to upgrade a weapon, either a Pokemon must be sacrificed, either one must use a soul that has been reaped (Celebi-exclusive).

In a nutshell... you must have one of your Pokemon characters willingly give up on it's life permanently to raise a weapon's power by one level. That or you have a Grim Reaper in your party.

As a weapon is upgraded, it will take on more and more elaborate forms and progressively grow into a living weapon, the souls used to upgrade it being used to give it a personality of it's own.

All weapons are set in advance... except for level 9 weapons. The level 9 weapon can be a custom one ; just send me the description of the weapon and I'll approve/disapprove it.

Now, that's that... I think.

14th January 2006, 9:18 PM
The term 'Oh flip' comes to mind. Until Ro and the other's get stronger I guess Ant will be handling most battles.

So I assume there are Demon specific towns as well then? I remember one in Rejected's latest chapter, though it struck me as the next best thing to the bad place.

Hmm, do WILD POKEMON get counted under the laws of the 'Concious Ones'? If not, I may have a way to handle the second edge to the sword.

So looks like I'm stuck with LV1 weapons then. Zel, despite his arrogance, would never ask anyone to die for him. In fact none fo them would. It's very confusing. In that case, are Zweihander swords available?

Oh, and seriously, how would Ant use a weaponh, his hands aren't designed for them. Or Are their Pokemon specific weapons like horned helmets or back mounted guns for Pokemon without forelimbs or opposbale thumbs?

Oh, and we're allowed to ADD to our party? Does that include other 'consicious ones'?

I refuse to put 'consicious ones' outside quotation marks. The other's are perfectly concious, just, well Rejected covers mst issues.

14th January 2006, 9:28 PM
Okay, I haven't read all the posts, (I know I should've >_>) but I'm seeing you're talking about weapons. So, uh, Pok&#233;mon can have them as well? Is there going to be a store somewhere that sells them or what?

Oh, and by the way, we aren't allowed to catch more Pok&#233;mon in this, are we? Just asking, for if a Pok&#233;mon must die in order to get weapon upgraded, are people allowed to catch new ones and use them instead? (Though I think that it won't affect my characters in any way, because Lucy has no Pok&#233;mon and Aurora would never kill one in order to get stronger weapon. Actually, I think that she would never even buy a weapon, yet alone use it :P

14th January 2006, 9:44 PM
Each specie has weapons customised for them so Anthony could use any weapon type... but he would have to get them in Lugia shops, of course.

As for Demon and Undead towns... well, I'm not going to give spoilers, oh no sir!

Also, OF COURSE you can catch Pokemon. Considering that you need 8 souls to get a weapon to level 9 and that one can only carry six around, it is obvious that new characters must be obtained.

Also, keep in mind that a sign-up must be included for ALL caught Pokemon and that, even if you plan to just use them as sacrifices for your weapon's upgrades.

As a whole, non-Conscious Ones CANNOT use weapons that aren't found in the wild (no, Cubones and Marowaks can't trade their bone for an actual sword).

Also, wild Pokemon are not considered Conscious Ones and as such, do not get to obey the Conscious Ones' rules... but that also means that they have little/no rights as a general rule.

Finally, about buying weapons...

Level 1 weapons are cheap but later levels are STUPIDLY expensive. I mean it! Upgrade or you'll regret it! Furthermore, you can only get weapons that are at level 3-4 maximum without upgrades ; to get any really good weapons, you require upgrades.

Keep in mind that sacrifices aren't the only way to go! If the party can get a Grim Reaper to work for them, then they can use the souls the Grim Reaper reaps unstead ; they work just as well.

As for adding Conscious Ones to a party... well, OF COURSE this will happen. In fact, I had planned in the main storyline that by the time the first chapter ends, all of the player characters will be together and form one huge party.

Well, I believe that's all for now.

14th January 2006, 10:11 PM
Uh, eehee, I just noticed something. Up until now, I've thought that the every character's HP was 20, when in truth it's ten XD Stupid me, I always watched the PP meter... By the way, what are the "Limit" and "Resonance" parts in the stats?

Just thought I should ask as I don't know. Oh, and sorry for the not making her exchausted part, it was because of my misunderstanding. I make her that in the next turn. Oh, and... though it doesn't concern me, but Nylf, what happens to Pok&#233;mon when in Hyper Mode in this RP?

14th January 2006, 10:40 PM
I do something, like say use Shadow Blast, and then Zerodius decides the rest, such as does it hit Lucy, the Wave, Ro, Zel, the island they're over or one of the other islands. In Hyper Mode Ant's personality means that's the only time he can, and almost always will, use Shadow Blast currently. So I get my most powerful attack, but I have to leave all of Ant's moves to chance. It's very much a double edged sword. With Selan though, I'll usually have Nylf snap her out of it immediatly. Ant, well I'm a risk taker...

14th January 2006, 10:57 PM
Limit: When it's full, characters get to use Limit moves. PM me the stats for your Limit moves and then, you're free to use them. No need to learn them ; you can make them directly in the middle of the battle.

Resonance: If the party do some good teamwork WITHOUT taking damage, the meter is increased. If the party argues or something like that, the meter drains. When it's full, Soul Unison attacks can be used.

Hyper Mode: On top of using Limit moves, Shadow and Demon Pokemon go into Hyper Mode when their Limit meter is full. In Hyper Mode, all stats are increased BUT in it's rage, the character aim at random targets and thus, might harm allied characters.

Calling to characters when in Hyper Mode will cause the Limit meter to drain. When it's back to 0, Hyper Mode is removed.

14th January 2006, 11:11 PM
Can the reaction phase of a Pokemon's turn happen when an allied Pokemon aims at them? This is to know just in case.

14th January 2006, 11:14 PM
Well, no. If the Hyped Mode character strike a member of it's own team, the move is "delayed" in the way that it will be considered the same as an attack coming from the other side.


I'll explain:

Anthony use Shadow Blast on Zel.
Lucy use, say, Confusion.

Next turn, Zel has to avoid during his reaction phase both Anthony's Shadow Blast and Lucy's Confusion.

I hope that it's clear.

14th January 2006, 11:18 PM
Crystal. Now I've got to start considering the options for thsi situation. Oh, and what happens if a team mate is Hyper after a battle's over? Will I have to fight Ant? And in that case, who controls him?

14th January 2006, 11:45 PM
What happens once the battle ends is simple: if there is a battle right after the one you cleared (consecutive battles), the character remain in Hyper Mode.

Else, without any targets left, the character automatically "cool down" and return to normal.

14th January 2006, 11:59 PM
So, since the limit is full, I'm able to use a Limit move? Um, is it a move I made up or an exsisting one? If not, then what are its limitations? (PP, Power, etc)

15th January 2006, 12:31 AM
Limit moves: Limit moves doesn't use PP but unstead, when used, inflict a status problem on your character (either Beserk or Despair).

Limit moves are made up ; they are custom and can be made in the middle of a battle if you want.

Regarding power, think of them as non-fatal Self-Destruct/Explosion... in short, you can make them about twice to three times the strenght of your regular strongest move/combo/custom move.

I believe that I explain the effects of using Limit moves in one of my first posts...

Well, that's that.

Another Fan
17th January 2006, 2:01 PM
Um, I am pretty sure that although, I read all story related posts that I must have missed the whole consious ones accept can you explain?

Am I allowed to just use basic moves? Because weapons for pokemon with no thumbs don't mix. As well, as combo's make things much harder it seems.

17th January 2006, 9:33 PM
Well... Dittos can't fight in their true form.

It is as simple as that: if your character wish to fight, it must take the form of a Pokemon (conscious or not, it doesn't matter). If it takes the form of a Conscious One, it will gain access to most of the abilities of that specie and to it's weapons ; if it takes the form of a wild Pokemon, it won't be able to use non-natural items and weapons but will have a boost in his stats.

Also... your character's current form is not important ; if your character's Life Force reach 0, then your character falls into a state of coma/dies. As such, make sure to take into account the weak points and elemental weaknesses of a form your character may assume.

Another Fan
17th January 2006, 11:08 PM
Well... Dittos can't fight in their true form.

It is as simple as that: if your character wish to fight, it must take the form of a Pokemon (conscious or not, it doesn't matter). If it takes the form of a Conscious One, it will gain access to most of the abilities of that specie and to it's weapons ; if it takes the form of a wild Pokemon, it won't be able to use non-natural items and weapons but will have a boost in his stats.

Also... your character's current form is not important ; if your character's Life Force reach 0, then your character falls into a state of coma/dies. As such, make sure to take into account the weak points and elemental weaknesses of a form your character may assume.

Okay, I'll place it more simply, what are "Conscious Ones"?

I actually was thinking more of Jenny when I was talking there. I doubt my character will want to turn into a pokemon in a crowded city to fight anything.

Seijiro Mafuné
18th January 2006, 12:13 AM
Humans, Mews, Deoxys, Lugias, Celebis, and Dittos - the 'trainer' species.

Another Fan
18th January 2006, 5:11 PM
Ah. Thank you.

25th January 2006, 4:06 AM
Just an announcement...

Anyway, I don't know if I already asked all participating players to do this... but well, go to the thread and read the latest replies between me and Sejiro (the one involving Veros getting stuck in a school with the two children caught in a death trap).

This scene will give you a pretty good idea of the level of violence that the RPG might contain... so if you think that you can't stomach it... then PM me and I'll give control of your characters to other players.

25th January 2006, 5:38 AM
Woah, there... are a lot of posts @_@' I'm a bit unsure as to what to read, but I'm assuming you meant the part where the children die, right? In that case, my stomach has no problem handling it at all. I've seen much worse, and have no problem handling violence, blood spilling and limb ripping.

Anyway, I know I haven't posted in a long time, but I will today, as this and the next day I will fill myself in in all the RPG, answering every one of them. And that would be... eight of them.

Oh, and just wanted to ask... does it matter if I don't read the posts between you and Sejiro? Because that is... a huge amount of posts, I'd say.

25th January 2006, 5:46 AM
Yes, it doesn't matter.


In short, if your character is shopping inside of a mall, why the f*** should you care if another one is in a dark forest, fending off a horde of angry Beedrills? This is the same here.

There are several stories going on at once. YOU ONLY NEED TO FOCUS ON YOUR OWN AT ONE TIME. Yes, you can get nice hints from the others' stories and sometimes, they're just plain entertaining... but if you're overloaded and is in too many RPGs at once (or was missing for a while), then don't feel guilty about ignoring it all if it doesn't concern your characters.

The passages in capitals are there to remind people that the RPG is made up of separate, individual stories. No need to get all worked up if another story gets farther ; you have all the time you want to think up of the proper reply for your own story.

The exceptions are:

-Everyone must reach the big bad end of chapter boss together... or at least, everyone must be at the same moment, timeline-wise.
-If the stories of several characters merge into a single one, the users must leave each others the chance to post ; cannot let party members behind.

Well, that's all... I hope I was clear but if I was not... don't hesitate to ask questions.

25th January 2006, 5:55 AM
I was just asking. No need to get pi*sed off of it. I would've understood perfectly from the first sentence as well. To quote:

Yes, it doesn't matter.


The reason I asked was that I thought that maybe in some of those posts you give hints of something important which everyone should know of. But now I know not.

I might post my reply before I go to school (which starts after two hours and ten minutes) or then after it, as I have few hours before I go to work, or, then after I've come home from working. Yup. [/Irrelevant information I decided to tell anyway]

25th January 2006, 6:13 AM
I did NOT use capitals in the last post because I was angry but to make those parts of the post more visible so that people may understand more easily. No need to imagine that I'm angry when I'm not... and that's beside the point, anyway.

In truth, the stories are inter-connected by a common timeline so... the best is to read all stories in order to get as much background info and hints as possible... but if you don't want to, you're not forced to.

Important plot points which everyone should know of are posted in special parts of my post as some kind of announcements, unrelated to storylines specific to a character(s).

I hope I was clear... if not, keep the questions coming.

25th January 2006, 6:22 AM
Ah, I see. My mistake then.

Oh, and no questions, you were clear enough ^_^

25th January 2006, 10:48 PM
Umm, GH made a mistake in her post. By the end of my move, Zel was off Lucy's head. And on the island. So the Shadow Blast would have broken the Ice Beam, then, still moving, turned to face Zel, easily carving a path in the ocean from force. Think in P2K where Lugia loses it and uses Aeroblast. As he turns his head the attack keeps going affecting the enviroment. Since Zel moved after the Ice Beam was struck down but before the Shadow Blast hit, the attack would have had to move to target him. SO Lucy wouldn't have thrown Zel off of her.

26th January 2006, 12:23 AM
To Goldenhouou: Well, just read your post again and... well... your battle post is not good.

First... you have two evasive phases, the first being the Shadow Blast, the second being the Shock Wave one. Get rid of one or both.

The Shock Wave evasion is stupid, by the way.

Shock Wave is supposed to be an electrical wave that is so incredibly fast that it is supposed to be impossible to dodge. As such, YOU MUST HAVE A PENALTY IF YOUR CHARACTER DODGES IT!

Read: Either it "half connect" or your character evade it but barely, missing the opportunity to attack.

In short, you're godmodding. Fix that.


Now, regarding money...

For simplicity purposes, pokedollars is the universal measure for money used in every society. Although some species use other forms of pokedollars, it's value remain the same for all societies ; you don't have to worry about exchange rates in the RPG.

26th January 2006, 12:57 AM
Zerodius, could you tell me what the equivalent of 1000 pok&#233;dollars would be? In real-world money? Because I'm confused on exactly how much my fine is, you see.

26th January 2006, 1:03 AM
Actually... there is no such thing as real life money in Rejected.

Pokedollars are pokedollars and nothing else.

But well, if you're asking how the calculations must be made...

Well, one pokedollar = one pokedollar.

Pokedollars, as their name imply, are like dollars... except that the dimes and pennies are removed (no fractions).

I hope I was clear...

... and just a note... every trainer character starts out with 2000 pokedollars, by the way.

Another Fan
26th January 2006, 4:53 PM
Doesn't that mean I could just pay Gruff? I mean I don't have to buy food and stuff right? And even if I do 2000 bucks is enough if I don't pay for the house and bills.

27th January 2006, 1:11 AM
To AnotherFan: Well, considering how Gruff isn't really interested in money but more into bothering your character... I don't think this could work.

Also, having absolutely no money on your character could pose problems... so I suggest against it.

27th January 2006, 6:33 AM
Yes, I'm sorry. I noticed that myself. I'm just not in the best mood of replying to RPGs, yet I tried to reply anyway... and I noticed that all the other replies I made yesterday and before that were... bad. Maybe I have lost my touch on RPGs, that wouldn't be the first thing I lose this week. I'm sorry. At first I thought of doing the evade in a different manner, but then, for some reason... I decided against it. I'm sorry. I will fix that...

But, I still don't quite understand as to why she shouldn't have thrown Zel off of her. Maybe I get it when I read the post again. I will Edit it later, for if I did that now, the result wouldn't be any better. Sorry. I'll try to do it today though, hopefully. I must get over this writer's block of mine as well...

Another Fan
27th January 2006, 9:22 PM
How do I cancel my lease on the apartment? Also, I can't carry all my stuff on my back but I can't just leave them there. So, what should I do?

27th January 2006, 9:31 PM
Errr... I won't comment on your question.

Can't your character just grab what he thinks he'll need for the trip and leave? He doesn't need to cancel his lease... in fact, having a home to go back to once he's done with his journey would be nice, isn't it?

Another Fan
27th January 2006, 9:33 PM
So, he has bought the apartment? What about bills? I mean I can't send water bills or mortgage payments during the adventure.

28th January 2006, 6:04 AM
Just get someone to take care of the apartment or go tell the owner of the apartment that he's going on a journey.

Rememeber that people leaving on journeys isn't uncommon in the Pokemon World so logically, they have structures that allow one to continue paying the bills even when away ; a Pokedex/Pokegear/Pokewhatever acts like a portable computer and allows to do such a thing as paying bills from afar.

Another Fan
28th January 2006, 9:38 AM
However, how will I pay with so little money? And where is my job that I have to quit or have a long vacation from?

Also, I don't have a PokeDex/Gear/Nav.

Seijiro Mafuné
28th January 2006, 1:59 PM
Okay, I don't mean to be insultive... but it's an RPG. This is one of those points where you just nod and smile, hoping that it won't come back to bite you in the future.

So, can we PLEASE stop this inane arguing about realism?

Another Fan
28th January 2006, 3:11 PM
I am not being inane. However, the fact is that these are rather large issues but I seem to be not familiar with how this works. I always thought what I was doing was perfectly reasonable. I just didn't want Zerodius to throw my character in jail.

I still am not aware of what to do about this.