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Willow's Tara
7th January 2006, 1:42 AM
Hey guys, I got a new idea for a story...But I need some help, see I am putting this particular part of the story in because I want to, but it part of a series, say it like a Tv show, 8 seasons to be exact and this story is in the eight season and is a three parter. But if I had everything cleared up in the beginning of the stopry do you think I will able to make sense of the story?. And it also includes Celebrities.

Summary: Judgement day has come and the people of Wellingtion Point try to ffigure out will they be judged to go to Heaven... Or stay on Earth as hell comes forth on Earth?

Starring: Iyari Limon, James Marsters, Tahlia Ryan, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof.
Guest Starring: Amber Benson, Amber-Kate Benson, Zoey Benson, Channa Kanniah, Jalisa Gregory, Mani Kanniah, Ashley Frost, Julian McMahon, Kate Ritchie, Sparan Marsters, Wesley Marsters, Danielle Benson, Diana Benson, Donna Kanniah, Herb Benson, Segar Kanniah, Cassie Wiggins, Cassadra Ferguson, Stephanie Ferguson and many more.

Preview: Amber drove the car away as either side of her lava spit from holes and thunder clapped. She had kidnapped Julian McMahon who had the A symbol on his hand, meaning he was going to heaven.
"I don't care Julian, they aren't taking away my friends" Amber snapped at him, Julian looked at her, she just lost her husband, her sisters and some others, it was explainable why she wouldn't let the heavens take him along with him. By magic Amber locked the door so Julian couldn't get out.

"You can't beat Heaven or Hell" Julian told her,

"Oh yes I can, I am going to kill the devil" Amber said out loud.

'What? That's impossible, you can't kill the devil" Julian said.

What you think (That' in the middle of the story, can't give too much away) Now it just an iodea, not sure if I put it on here yet.