View Full Version : What can I do? (I need help)

7th January 2006, 12:26 PM
I'm not so sure which forum this belongs in, but i'm posting it here. I just wrote half of a new chapter for 'the legend's betrayal' and I forgot that something is wrong with my MS word so that I can't paste things. I accidentaly pasted a picture into it and MS word froze up, I quitted out of it. But hadn't saved, is there anyway i can bring it back? I'm sure there is.. :(

Yami Ryu
7th January 2006, 1:18 PM
Nope. You lost that chapter for ever. It's really your own fault, why were you pasting a picture into a chapter anyways? Were you trying to do some comic or something? And it's something like; 'I exited the program' or 'terminated it' not 'quitted' quitted isn't a word.

Anyways you should have been using some writing program other than Word. But knowing it was faulty you still continued to use it O.o

You're gonna have to face the facts; there is no way to bring your unsaved chapter back. Mostly as it was Unsaved when it was lost, and I doubt unsaved data can be brought back like deleted saved data can.

7th January 2006, 1:21 PM
Could a mod close this? it did an autosave and i got the chapter back! :D