View Full Version : What will you get?

7th January 2006, 7:12 PM
Will you get the mysterious dungen for the GBA or DS? I would get it for the DS

8th January 2006, 1:09 AM
I say GBA, because I don't have a DS.

8th January 2006, 3:04 AM
I honestly have no idea. I would get blue b/c of the ds but I want roselia and torchic.

8th January 2006, 4:14 AM
I'm going to get both!

Judai Yuki
8th January 2006, 7:40 AM
Isn't the Ds one obviously better?

8th January 2006, 7:48 AM
Isnt Allot Of Games The Same On Both Systems Except The Controls

Shining Mew
8th January 2006, 2:02 PM

Those are the differences between the 2 versions.
Not much =\

Im leaning toward the DS version if I do decide to get the game.

8th January 2006, 2:27 PM
I don't have a DS but I'm saving for one so if it comes out after I have enough money, I'll get the one for the DS. If not, I'll get the GBA one.

Vampiric Knight
8th January 2006, 2:41 PM
It's gonna take a long while before either release in America, so either one will do. But more likely GBA, since I don't have a DS.

Jesus Freak Nor
10th January 2006, 12:16 AM
Probably both. If not both, then DS. (again)

10th January 2006, 9:11 AM
I might get both, but Ill get blue first

10th January 2006, 10:21 AM
I will get a DS one because I got the GBA one in Jap

10th January 2006, 11:11 AM
i Prefer to get blue it is my fave colour and is refreshing i may get red just so it goes with my blue in the ds well blue is the one for me

11th January 2006, 8:38 PM
GBA, because I can play it while my DS is charging.

UNLESS the DS one has some super cool features that the GBA one doesn't have.

Kyle Delta
11th January 2006, 8:40 PM
ill say blue same game but better

11th January 2006, 9:02 PM
Red,better for people who didnt want to buy a DS and got a PSP

14th January 2006, 4:21 AM
I will get blue. Then I will get red after that.

Twilight Myuu
15th January 2006, 10:53 PM
I think I will get red since I don't own a DS right of now and it seems the main theme for red is fire pokemon. I like fire pokemon more than water pokemon.

#1 Poke Fan
15th January 2006, 11:14 PM
Well, they pretty much look exactly the same. I'm probably going to get the cheaper one, which will most definetely be on the GBA.

15th January 2006, 11:24 PM
Im gonna get Blue first, then shortly after get red.

Project Alpha
16th January 2006, 2:31 AM
I'm getting the DS version first, and then if I have enough money in my pocket, get the GBA version.

Digital Flareon
16th January 2006, 5:19 PM
Yar! I shall get both. But probably Blue first.

16th January 2006, 5:42 PM
Both, but DS first


16th January 2006, 6:04 PM
Probably the one for GBA first, and.. even possibly the DS one. But then I don't have a DS anyway.

Silver Suicune
18th January 2006, 1:39 PM
GBA. I don't have a DS. I wish the DS had more "cool" in it. I got the PSP instead. "Cool"er.

18th January 2006, 1:42 PM
I want the one with Torchic, but I also want the one for DS. Maybe if I save up my money I can get both

18th January 2006, 3:01 PM
The SAME GUYS (starters and friends) are in both versions! While each version has maybe five unique pokemon not included in the other version THEY ARE NOT ANY OF THE STARTERS.

19th January 2006, 1:38 AM
I'm gonna get it for DS if it comes out in the US.

Musical Mayhem
15th February 2006, 2:28 AM
I'm getting both: DS first then gba

16th February 2006, 6:11 PM
I'm hopefully getting a DS soon so if I do, I will get Blue. If I don't get it, I will get Red. This is all counting on it actually being released over here in the UK.

~Lati Master~
16th February 2006, 9:06 PM
I want Blue but my older brother (Ruksen) wants to get it.
So I'll have to get Red.

16th February 2006, 9:47 PM
I am worried that they won't come out in the Us.*sigh*

But if they do I'll defenitley get both and the guidebook(s)

16th February 2006, 9:50 PM
If you're worried, I should be terrified! Things always come out in the US months before the UK anyway. I don't really know what version I'll get yet.

16th February 2006, 10:10 PM
Providing it even comes out in the U.S. I'll most likely get both.

16th February 2006, 10:25 PM
I will get both for sure.

18th February 2006, 8:17 AM
I want Blue but my older brother (Ruksen) wants to get it.
So I'll have to get Red.

Lil' Bro, You can get blue as well, but it would seem a little pointless and a waste of money. The only major difference between the 2 is that red wont have a second screen showing the menu.

Have fun!

18th February 2006, 9:06 AM
I will get blue version. My reason: Because I can.

If the game is so good that I want to play through it again on GBA, then I'll buy red after.

Lord of Ninetales
21st February 2006, 12:47 PM
Probably none of them. Don't get me wrong, I love Pokemon as much as the next guy, probably a lot more, but it really needs to stops spreading. My opinion is the generation three and after isn't really Pokemon, just a cheap knock-off.

Except for Absol. Absol is okay with me.

Deoxys Prime
21st February 2006, 1:47 PM
Meh, if I can I'll get both. I'd get the DS one, but the starters are maybe, my second favorites. I want Torchic so I can get Blaziken. Then I would get Red. If not, just for the special features, I'd get Blue. So its a toss up for me.

21st February 2006, 1:51 PM
I'll probably get Blue for the DS first, then if I get enough money, I'll get Red too.

1st March 2006, 1:06 AM
You know, I was gonna get that, but the 99 floor dungeons part just scares me. Seriously. That would just be impossible for me. That's like putting an ant in a 99 story building that has a maze in it.

Pokemon rocks
2nd March 2006, 5:33 PM
http://www.ginomegelati.de/animierte/hundemon.gif (http://www.ginomegelati.de?page=adoption&sprache=2)
Name: Flarehound
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage (http://www.ginomegelati.de?page=adoption&sprache=2) I want to get Blue. It can connect with Trozei and just sounds cooler(you know... the whole touch screen thing...?).

2nd March 2006, 7:34 PM
I'm probley gonna get the GBA version first because you get to have water Pokemon and a like water Pokemon. Then get the DS version. Besides.. The GBA version might be less expenseve

3rd March 2006, 5:07 AM
I'm probley gonna get the GBA version first because you get to have water Pokemon and a like water Pokemon. Then get the DS version. Besides.. The GBA version might be less expenseve
I was under the assumption that in the DS version you received a water starter, not the GBA version.
But yeah, you're probably right price-wise.

Wolf,aka Mew
5th March 2006, 4:57 PM
When I get the Mysterious Dungen,I think i will get it on GBA(Because i don't have the DS and I like the GBA)

5th March 2006, 10:09 PM
I'll take it for the DS.

5th March 2006, 11:46 PM
I might get blue. Do they even have a release date for the US?

7th March 2006, 12:21 AM
As for myself, and my cheap 'ittle bum (aye, y'know how it is), I have a GBA SP, I don't like DS much (no offence, but I don't see that I'd ever use it, and it's too clunky for me), I'm going to get Red. :3 And my SP is red, too.

The only dilemma is having the patience for the release. *twitch*

7th March 2006, 4:44 AM
Hey sorry I haven't been posting I have been really buissy!(sorry spelled it wrong!) I think instead of getting it for the DS I would get it for the DS and the GBA! I think that I will compare both and see witch on is better.

Omega Pirate
7th March 2006, 4:47 AM
I've got a GBA and a DS, but I think I'll get it on DS even though I'd like to get both I doubt I will, and I've played the japanese version on GBA and I'd like to have the map on a different screen so I don't have to keep pressing slect all the time.

I suppose maybe if WE HAD A RELEASE DATE!! I could work my budget so that I can get both.

7th March 2006, 4:47 AM
Probably both.. when I get my DS.. Who knows when that'll be.

7th March 2006, 8:33 PM
I'm going to get both!

Ditto., Thats 1 More for GBA and DS

Silver Arrow
7th March 2006, 9:57 PM
hmm... The ds one I guess

7th March 2006, 11:06 PM

I haven't got a DS

Judai Yuki
8th March 2006, 2:40 AM
I'll get the Gba one and Ds

Weebos, Purveyor of Great Fun
8th March 2006, 2:57 AM
Probably DS, maybe both if i have enough money.

8th March 2006, 3:27 AM
DS by far... it's probally harder and more fun than the GBA version.