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8th January 2006, 1:28 AM
originally posted by cold_katanagirl
... I'm slightly surprised there hasn't been a debate thread titled "Handymanshipping/Pokeshipping vs Orangeshipping/Advanceshipping" thread. That's be one heck of a battle...

This is the post that inspired this thread. These are basically the 4 biggest ships currently in the anime .

Like she said, this should be one heck of a battle. Pure debate and argument. If your going for one ship, you better pull out all the stops, cause I can see whats happened in all the other debate threads.

Basically, it's like this=


I'm actually neutral as of now, though I am a Pokeshipper, and I like the other ships.

Lets start things off with: I think that none of the ships really have a chance, though I'm rooting for the Pokeship.

This could be like the big battle in "The Adventures of the USS Pokeship"

8th January 2006, 1:36 AM
Uh, what's the point of creating a big thread that has two ships taking on another two ships? All the arguments in the OrangeShipping Vs. HandymanShipping and PokeShipping Vs. OrangeShipping and PokeShipping Vs. AdvanceShipping threads pretty much have all the same arguments and talking points. Putting it all in one big thread won't raise the level of intensity to "OMFG, THIS IS CRAZY" proportions. Will it increase organization and provide a more centralized debate thread? Yes. Will it raise the salience and intensity of a shipping argument like we're in the U.S. Senate Floor? Hell no.

8th January 2006, 1:38 AM

The suggestion that HandyManshipping is one of the 'biggest ships in the anime' is laughable at least. Sorry dude, but it's far from it. One episode worth of hints, and not even a decently sized fanbase to back it up.

intergalactic platypus
8th January 2006, 1:39 AM
Errm I'm afraid not every advanceshipper is an orangeshipper, not every orangeshipper is an advanceshipper, not every pokeshipper is a handymanshipper, but pretty much every handymanshipper is a pokeshipper. So this thread is useless to people like me who for example support orangeshipping but don't like advanceshipping at all, or advanceshippers who don't like orangeshipping and so on and so forth. And btw handymanshipping is far from one of the biggest; that would be contestshipping in the fourth slot thanks

8th January 2006, 1:51 AM
I was joking when I posted that...

But I agree with everyone else, wouldn't Contestshipping be a better slot than Handymanshipping?

8th January 2006, 2:08 AM
Yeah, Contestshipping is certainly more important than Handymanshipping.

But meh, this debate thread is kinda pointless. I'd just end up repeating myself from the other threads. :/

8th January 2006, 9:50 PM
Well Kojho, don't take this wrong, but I think the previous posters are right. A tag-battle between the Poke/HandymanShippers and the Advance/OrangeShippers would be interesting, but I doubt it would work. to many arguments in such a cross battle, it would simply be to complicated. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad idea at itself, in theory it's good, but in practice it won't work.

Besides, if I may say so, HandymanShipping is hardly defendable, as it is the most blatent example of an insignificant ship that is made to be important because it's in the Pokeshipping safe-circle, and the only answer we have against OrangeShipping. It's cute, I'll give you that, and I support it, but as a ship it doesn't really mean that much.

Oh, and thanks for advertising my fic! :D To bad that almost everybody here has already seen it. But nice attempt! :)

9th January 2006, 12:16 AM
Yeah, well, it was worth a try. I see what you mean. Oh, well, my bad.