View Full Version : I Need Some Help.. =(

8th January 2006, 6:18 AM
Ok first of all i would like to say thanks in advance if you can help, anyway i am trying to create a site ok now everything is goin pretty good, but theres one thing if i want to put in a special font(such as Abbadon or one of these new "cool" fonts) it will give me a warning saying that not all computers have this and it will convert it to their browsers default font.

I have thought of some things such as putting the font into a picture and then just make the background transparent, but then that would would increase the loading time and i have seen people round here saying that it's a major mistake. Also i want to create a more unique one, like it doesn't have an apparent banner just text on a cool sort of background anyway, point is the uniqueness, taking advice from chaos on the internet, thanks bro i liked the article or whatever and i found it helpful.

I have also thought of something like converting it with Flash and then the javascript will check and load the check and load it as flash, and only takes a tiny bit longer to load than normal text. It's a thing called sIFR.

Anyway any advice would be helpful thanks if you can help...