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Masa Mune
8th January 2006, 9:22 PM
This topic will be used for all discussion that is OOC for when Rise of Atlantis starts up; but for this moment, I'll be giving more detailed information on fuse/combo attacks for those who need it. Now mind you, I won't be showcasing most of the more powerful attacks that I've created as I want everyone to come up with such devastating attacks without assistance. For this purpose, i will be using Juggernaut (as a Scyther) and Giest.

Now, there are three categories of attacks when it comes to fuse attacks; Alter Attacks, New Attacks, and those that fall in between. Here are some exaples of Alter Attacks.


Deadly Spin: Sword Dance + Agility + Slash/Cut/Fury Cutter (any of those three work)
Juggernaut begins spinning at speeds faster than that of a normal Sword Dance, giving him a bit of suction. Anything close enough to be pulled in is mercilessly shredded by the attack before being tossed out like so much garbage.

It should be noted that Giest has more substance than your average Haunter, and is indeed not your average Haunter. He is capable of certain attacks he haunter's wouldn't normally know (such as Mega Punch) and can operate his hands even if they aren't around his body; but while his fists are arguably his strongest asset, they are also his biggest weakness as if a dark type were to bind them using Thief or Bite or some such attack, Giest would be rendered completely immobile

Minor Sacrifice: Shadow Punch + Explosion
Giest strikes and grabs hold of his foe while said hand explodes, causing it to disipate for a time.

Next we'll deal with attacks that fall inbetween the two categories


Tempest Fury: Focus Energy + Sword Dance + Agility + Fury Cutter + Razor Wind
Almost identical to Deadly Spin save for the increased pull of the attack and the flurry of invisible blades of air, making sure that even if you are out of the attacks range, you won't escape unharmed.


Shadow Cannon: Body Slam + Shadow Ball
Giest compresses his entire body into a Shadow Ball form before launching himself at full force into an opponent.

Finally, the pride of any fuse attacker, the New Attacks


Rage of the Muses: Focus Energy + Steel Wing + Silver Wind + Sword Dance + Agility + Fury Cutter + Razor Wind
Taking on such a rapid speed, Juggernaut creates his own small scale air flow around him turning him into the eye if a small, silver tornado. Anything caught in this attack will be... less than pleased.


Cruel Voodoo: Psywave + Hypnosis + Nightmare + Curse + Willow Wisp
Causes a severe hallucination (waking nightmare), where whatever is done to you in your mind physically happens to your body. However, considering the physical and especially psychological damage this attack inflicts, Giest only tends to use it against those that have managed to thoroughly piss him off.

8th January 2006, 9:46 PM
Well, I'll describe the fuse attacks used by my charaters Absol, Sin, who turns out to be rightfully named.

Shadow armada (Shadow ball, slash) Sin bounds at enemy at extreme speeds with a dozen shadow balls floating around him, and when he makes contact, he brutally slashes and hacks at the enemy, jumps back, let the enemy be batterd by a few shadow balls and repeat the process until out of the little floating balls. This is extremely tiring and used sparingly, usually as a last resort.

(will add more later.)

Masa Mune
9th January 2006, 12:14 AM
you don't need to add them all, I'm mainly doing this as an instruction on how these attacks work. Though from a description of that one, I would suggest working on yours; as that basically becomes just a lot of normal attacks; and one with a predictable pattern at that, which would make it easy to dodge after the second round of slashes if the pokemon had any agility to them.

10th January 2006, 12:43 AM
Hehehehe.... That means nobody will know about The ultimate attack on sin....With one move
from each type..The raw power from each type..All together contained together in one energy sphere...

Dream Breaker
10th January 2006, 5:00 AM
It's awful scary and unknown now that you just told us -_-.

So, Masa Mune, what limit is there on our fuse attacks, as I would think it would get pretty biased if we just keep on going, "But I destroyed your Pokemon with my attack" and such, or "But I use Big Blob, that destroys all your Pokemon and I win." Also, will you be doing battle updates, such as like the status of everyone of the field and determine if something dodges or hits and the like? Sorry if I'm being a butthole, but I'm just a little concerned about this, not that it's a bad idea ^^;;

Masa Mune
10th January 2006, 5:36 AM
Don't worry, questions are always good, it allows me to know what must be expounded upon.

Simply put the only limit on the attacks is, it must make sense. For instance, if you were to combine ALL (or most) attacks a pokemon can learn into one massive attack... it would blow up in your face as mixing attacks can become very specific. Also, using the same move-set, the same attack may not necessarily be produced. Hyper Beam and Slash are common attacks and are the basis to the Golden Swords, but only pokemon that have weapon arms like Scyther and Kabutops could actually pull off such a move; something like an Absol MIGHT, but it would be less than effective. However, even moves such as that, have yet another basis; how battle hardened might the pokemon be, and how was it trained? A pokemon not taught how to control its own natural energy flow would have trouble with any attack requiring it, and any pokemon not put through extensive endurance training would be hard pressed to use a powerful fuse attack more than a few times without passing out itself or worse.

I like to trust the RP'er's I work with, but I am also not so foolish as to let everyone run amok. That is one reason why all battles, aside from those picked personally between other players, will always be against me. I then judge skill of a person or their pokemon based on quality of posts to that point and how intelligently the person battles. If someone decides they can pull a fast one and try to strong arm things, as I mentioned, I have no problem killing off pokemon and characters alike. The RP needs a certain amount to begin, not finish. Obviously intelligent battling also implies diversity; use the same moves over and over, and eventually they'll be read.

If anyone who has AIM would like a more active display on how this process works, it should be noted that I do internet battling and would be glad to give a more hands on approach to this crash course.

Finally I'll cover status. Since this isn't really any sort of game style battling and goes beyond (in certain respects) anime style battling, there won't really be a health system. Instead, I'm expecting all those who joined to be mature enough to play out any debilitating effects.

Also, as a courtesy, I think I'll ask that everyone include at the end of their posts the moves used to create combos used during a post. I will do this myself until it becomes evident that everyone has a solid grasp of how the system works.

I hope this sufficiently soothes any concerns you were having Dream Breaker.

Masa Mune
18th January 2006, 12:55 AM
The RP has officially started. Please use this area for any and all OOC.

It should be noted that the NPC trainers on the ship are free to be battled and I won't be controlling them. However if you feel like battling, only one match may be held on the ship at any given time.

18th January 2006, 1:09 AM
A quick question, if you please. Is the airstrip on the edge of Artedes forest, or are we flying there? If we are flying there, where is the air strip? Sorry, I'm beginning to write my post and am a little confused...

EDIT: Another question, (I seem full of them today) Will we be able to catch pokemon during our quest? I would like to add a bird pokemon to my party, it is not very fun having to walk everywhere. Will there be oportunities, or should I add another pokemon to her party in the sign up sheet? Sorry to bother you.

Psyched Slash
18th January 2006, 3:07 AM
Hmm, a tad dissapointing... 3 minutes short of being the first post... Oh well...

Yay for the start, methinks...

Methinks I should try to come up with some new combo...er, fuse? ... Yeah, Fuse attacks... That's one area I've definately lacked in... Original attacks... 'Course, I'm normally limited to 2 moves a combo, but still...

~Psyched Slash...

Masa Mune
18th January 2006, 11:02 AM
You will be flying to Artedes, not starting there. As for where the airship is, that one doesn't really matter. I listed nothing, because, as you wrote yourself, I envisioned it being in the middle of nowhere.

As for capture opportunities, I wouldn't deny it should the story happen upon such a thing, just don't be expecting it. Unfortunately I can't allow the addition of another pokemon to your roster at this time.

Also Kate, I should point out, airships are not jets. Instead you should think in terms of zepplins, blimps, and the like. In the end this will be a long and slow flight.

18th January 2006, 4:39 PM
Ok! *runs off to edit* Thanks for letting me know. :)

19th January 2006, 4:48 PM
Thought it was a jet. Oops. Fixed now. :D

Masa Mune
24th January 2006, 9:49 AM
Dream Breaker, Razor Leaf, this is now a warning... it has been a week since the RP started, and neither of you have your introductory posts up yet. Razor, a week should be more than enough time for a long enough post; and Dream Breaker, you have not responded to my PM at all. Now I do not want my RP to die, especially when it has just started; so if necessary, since it is still so early, I will remove you two if need be and re-open the sign ups.

30th January 2006, 2:09 PM
The RP and Sign up has been closed, are you stopping the RP?

RaZoR LeAf
30th January 2006, 4:24 PM
Masa Mune requested that they be closed, so yes.