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9th January 2006, 4:42 AM
I'm putting Broken Promises on hiatus while I work on what I should have been doing in the first place: the real beginning of the whole story. Melody of Masks centers around a Ditto calling himself Ryan who runs from his dead-end existence and is thrust into a life he can't control. I thought I'd throw the prologue up for all to see and comment on.

Prelude to Melody of Masks

It was a meager existence. All day long, we stayed together under the shade of the oak trees or in the cover of the long grass. Trainers, humans, passed by at random. The newer, younger ones would rush right by our pink forms without so much as a second glance. Those with more experience…we feared them. Or at least, I feared them. They would spot us and chase us, calling out commands to other Pokemon which they released from orbs. Some of us didn’t run, but I always did. I didn’t want to be ‘property’.

Once, after fleeing from such a human, I ran headfirst (for I had assumed a Growlithe form) into a Nidoking. When the daze wore off, it was replaced by fear. In the entire dark, dreary woods of Ilex Forest, there was no larger or more temperamental Nidoking. The Nidos called him ‘Broke-tusk’, and that named had been adopted by every other species around, even us. His left canine tooth was, in fact, broken in half, which only added to the ferocity of his beastly form. Nidoking are all huge and brutish, but Broke-tusk especially so. My bumping into him netted me a savage beating that I will never forget. Even now, years later, I still get nightmares about horns and spikes, claws and teeth. I’m sorry, but I must move on.

I don’t know how long I lived there on the border between Ilex and the Daycare Property. Months, years; it could have been mere weeks. The days slurred together and we others were barely sentient enough to the sun set or rise. Thus, there was no calendar, no math, no culture. They did what they did best; they existed. They ate and slept and fled. There was nothing more to them. But I knew that I didn’t want to spend my life there. I didn’t want to live only to have children which would live only to do the same. I wanted to get away and be something. Not just ‘something’. I wanted to be human.

Now that I say it out loud, it sounds odd. If I feared humans, why on Lugia’s green Earth would I want to be one? Well…it was odd. Humans were quite fearsome, but they were also caring and gentle. The old couple that ran the Daycare Center were evidence to that. They took Pokemon into their home and helped them. I watched them a few times, albeit from the safety of the bushes. One of them was always in the yard, playing with the Pokemon who were lucky enough to be there. Sorry, I’m getting off track again.

Humans were good, that much was obvious. Sure, a few were frightening, but no orchard is without its fair share of bad apples. To be human, however, I had to first look human. I set myself to scanning each and every human that I could, memorizing their faces, their forms, their clothing. I watched their motions and expressions. When I felt that I had enough, I started to compile an image of my own. After all, if I looked exactly like someone I had seen, what if we wound up in the same place? I liked the look of brown hair, with a touch of blond to lighten it. Warm complexion with soft, tender skin. Green was one of my favorite colors, so I gave myself emerald eyes set in a young, rounder face. I picked what appeared to be the human’s adolescent age and threw it all together with the rest of my knowledge of human anatomy. The result was a magnificent body with which I could live without fear. It also brought the terrible pain that cursed me.

Besides not wanting to be trapped by a human, there was another reason I ran from them. I am genetically inferior to others of my doppelganger species. While the others may be generally less intelligent than I am, my transformations…leave something to be desired. I can rarely mimic another within 5% error. These mistakes would only make me undesirable by human standards. I would be abandoned or forgotten, for sure. There was another problem as well. Most of us can shift quickly and efficiently, but my shifts are always hindered by constant pain throughout the transformation process. It’s an agonizing thing to work through; requiring more concentration then anyone would like to give. But if I kept a constant, human form, there wouldn’t be any pain and no one would notice discrepancies because of how varied humans are. It was a perfect way to escape.

And so, one day, I ran. I made added a few pieces of clothing onto my vision: a white shirt covered by yellow vest, along with what I came to learn were blue jeans and tennis shoes. I sprinted across the tall grass and into Ilex Forest. I took a shortcut around the nearby human town, but got lost. I ended up far north, at the dusty ruins of some ancient settlement. It was then that the ground gave way and I fell into subterranean darkness…

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
9th January 2006, 4:49 AM
Looks good, though a little fast pased. I'm sure this'll be as good as your other two fics, but be careful as I have a feeling you may jump from one event to another at distant locations without filling in what happens in between. Don't worry, I'm likely to be wrong about this as I'm no psychic.