View Full Version : Status Update - Beedrill/Ariados/Porygon2

9th January 2006, 10:18 PM
Me and my weird deck names....still, I figured it's more original than "Am I bugging you?", and it does kind of make sense if you remember Porygon is essentially a computer program, so....*shrugs*

Anyway....I built this earlier today while the internet was down. I've been trying for a while to figure out a deck which can abuse Porygon2 DS's amazing Backup ability, and I think I might have finally hit on it. The trainers still need work, of course, but the rest of the deck should work fine. Certainly, this deck should be rather annoying to play against for many, especially with the lack of protection against status effects in most decks of the current metagame, even though there's plenty of cards which can help there. Thankfully, it doesn't fall apart against those who do have such protection either, with Beedrill FRLG and DS both able to inflict some decent direct damage.

Pokémon (19)
2 Beedrill FRLG
2 Beedrill DS
3 Kakuna DS
4 Weedle RG
2 Ariados UF
2 Spinarak UF
2 Porygon2 DS
2 Porygon RG

Trainers (26)
4 Ancient TM [Rock]
4 Master Ball
4 Pow! Hand Extension
3 Rocket's Admin.
3 Rare Candy
2 Desert Ruins
2 Holon Farmer
2 Holon Ruins
2 Warp Point

Energy (15)
6 Grass Energy
4 Metal Energy
3 Scramble Energy
2 Holon Energy GL

Almost every single Pokémon in the deck can inflict some sort of status effect on opponents, and this is where you will do much of your damage. The one that can't, Kakuna DS, is important in getting your evolution cards early on, and is a good sacrifice if you can slam a Beedrill DS onto him the turn before your opponent could KO it.

It is important to get at least 1 Porygon2 DS into play early, preferably both if possible. It might be best to add in some Celio's or similar to achieve this, but it's a good question what can be removed to achieve this, without breaking one of the important parts of the deck, the low Supporter count.

This low Supporter count allows you to quickly cycle through all your cards in rapid succession using Backup, making the Holon Farmers and Rocket's Admin especially important, since you'll need to make sure you don't topdeck yourself. Masterball, while not usually a consistant card, becomes far more useful when your deck is reduced in size so quickly. Pokémon Retriever, while not in the above decklist, might also be a good idea to include for restocking your deck, especially given that it's not a Supporter.