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11th January 2006, 9:58 PM
First of all, this thread was approved by Dragonfree. I was thinking one day that I had a lot of good ideas for fics, but was already involved with making fics of my own, so they only went to waste. However, I also notice that some people are having trouble trying to get a basic plot line down to write about. This is a thread for all authors on Serebii to post ideas for their fics that they want to give up for adoption, and for humble authors seeking ideas to perchance take one for good use. Here are the rules:

1. Authors post their plots, short stories, or ideas in this thread. They can be short, long, weak, strong, whatever. By doing this they are allowing others to look through them and then choose whether or not they want them.

2. Authors that are looking for an idea then post their intrest in the idea later in the thread, asking permission to use it. The first author then can review the person's other work or not to decide if they want to give it up to them. The author may then either post in this thread or PM the other person yes or no.

3. After taking the idea, the author writes a fic based on it, but the idea is theirs to keep. They can mention that it was adopted in the introduction to their fic, but it is not required.

That covers it, and since I am starting this, I will give one of my plots up for adoption. More will follow later.

One of the fics I was going to do a while ago was a story about Giavonni and Silver. It was just after Giovanni had been defeated by Red, and saw the errors of his ways. He has heard rumors of his son Silver, beginning to make the same mistakes that he had as he was growing up. Giovanni then sets out first to find his son and then to teach him what it means to be a true pokemon master. Yet Silver is having troubles of his own. Repeatedly mocked by those around him, he grows hard and unruly. He teaches his pokemon to fight with anger and uses them as weapons against his enemies. This self-destructing attitude is leading him down a path that if he is not saved, there can be no hope.

This story will be told from both points of veiw, one from the parent as he tries to find and rescue his son, the other from the child who is becoming less sensitive to emotion and more destructive to others and himself.

Thats it for me. If anyone wants it, just post showing your interest. Or if anyone wants to put their ideas to good use, post them and give them a chance at life.


17th January 2006, 7:22 PM
I'm LOVING this idea, SD, great cure for lack of ideas ;D. Not sure if people will stick to their chosen plots, but, meh, its fun to write ^_^.

Well, I was going to post sooner in the week, but I was deciding over one of my many dead plots to post >.>. Anyway, here's my idea being put up for adoption!

This is a very weak one, with plotholes all over the place, but if the idea takes your fancy, feel free to take it.

Okay, for reasons I hadn't managed to think up, the legendary Pokemon and all those Pokemon willing to follow them are destroying the three regions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn. Even with strong defenses and Pokemon loyal to the human race, the humans have managed to put up a decent fight, but their fate is ultimately sealed.

It's the final curtain and the lands of Johto and Hoenn are wiped-out. People have either fled or are taking shelter in the land of Kanto, where the remaining living legendaries (if you wish for some legendaries to be killed in the fight) are picking off all they can. Major cities have been destroyed and the population has plummeted to below a thousand. But those survivors aspire to life.

Three (or more) of the most skilled trainers of the land (perhaps Gym Leaders and/or Elite four members) decide to get a message out to as much survivors as possible: escape.

Those who recieve the message flee to a meeting point along a wide seashore in the hope of leaving the sieged Kanto behind. With the remaining Pokemon able to transport people overseas, they begin to sail away from Kanto.

Soon, the survivors (you can decide a number) stumble upon an unknown land. It is feral, and wild Pokemon there are more ferocious and unruly than any within the three regions. Perhaps some new species are discovered. From here, the people must try to survive within the unknown wild, each character holding their own stories and perhaps even their own adventures upon the land while they all ultmately search for one thing: civilization.


Like I said, weak, and even crappy. But, if it takes your interest, only you can improve it ;D *speaking of course to any possible adopter reading this post >.>*.