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Lady Myuu
14th January 2006, 5:18 AM
Been talking this over with a few people and Dragonfree mentioned starting a thread...

FanFiction SpotLight of the Week (Or two weeks!)

Updation: Sunday January 15 2006

The way this or I am hoping will work:

I will choose some authors, yes *I* will choose them. Mostly the erm well known ones *gets shot for saying popular* now before you blow you top please finish this. I will be choosing authors of well known status to send me fics they have enjoyed and believe deserve a spotlight.

Three random authors a week (Or two weeks) will be chosen. Now I know some fics don't need anymore attention as they are doing quite well for themselves and are well known. These fics will probably be 4 or more pages.

Now once a fic has been decided on to be spotlighted, it will be placed here with a bit of info on said fic with some info on the author of fic and a small listing of run shots or other fics.

When and if I get my scanner I will attempt to draw maybe a cover for the fic... attempt.

I want to have two spotlights though, one for none pokemon fics and one for.

This is just ideas guys, nothing is set in stone.



-No spamming
-No asking to be spotlighted
-If you ask a stupid question, you will get a stupid answer
-I will choose YOU to choose a several fics, you will not choose yourself
-I ran out of rules for now

Pokemon Fanfiction Spotlight rules

-Author can not list themself if they are asked to list a fic they think needs spotlighted
-no more the five pages (Not fic length! this means of how many pages you see when you look at the thread, with reviews and things)
-An author can only be spotlighted once a month. A fic can only spotlighted once ever.

Non-pokemon fiction rules

-Author can not list themself if they are asked to list a fic they think needs spotlighted
-An author can only be spotlighted once a month. A fic can only spotlighted once ever.
-There is not a page limit for this section because of the lacking of many fics here.
-I may get more strict on non-pokemon fanfics later, but for now this seems good.

The Winners this week!


Pokemon FanFiction Spotlight of the week (or two weeks)

Alexi (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=97447)

The Author: cyndaquil_dratini (http://forums.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=32124)

Genre: Journey fic, (the name for fics set in made up worlds, not the ones from the games...), Mystery

Rating: PG13, adultesque themes but not yet.

Summary so far: Alexi (the story, named after the main character) begins in the corniest, most stereotyped fashion imaginable- on an island full of legendary pokemon, where Alexi has lived with her parents her whole life. She has a disturbing dream about a terrible beast, and when she tells her parents about it, they suddenly decide it's time for Alexi to begin her 'pokemon journey,' and send her to the nearby island of Xela, knowing nothing of the outside world, where she must unravel the secrets of the island's past - and so the story begins, and here the stereotypes stop.

The expected falls flat on its face, and Alexi finds she's having to cope with life in a world very different from her little protected island, and people very different from her innocent, naiive self- and the more she discovers about the beast from her dream, the more she longs to find out. This journey fic is intertwined with a plot so thick and twisted it's hard to see the sunlight through the trees, and the mystery is only just beginning to surface....ooooh...

Author notes:I'm a first-time fanfic writer, and a newbie to Serebii, and the web, I suppose.

Overview: Reviews Alexi has received!

Original posted by Pinecone Tortoise

Hey, wow! I'm impressed! When I read your thread in the Author's Cafe, I was under the impression that you were a newbie. But this evidently proves otherwise. As much as the concepts of a girl growing up with legendaries then for some random reason becomeing a trainer with a legendary as her starter are overused to the point of utter clichedness, you've done this brilliantly.

I'm a little unsure as to WHY she and her family have lived with the legendaries and no one else has, but your style and complexity is reassuring and I'm confident that this will be explained in time.

I was also surprised that she did not immediately release Celebi as a guide/comfort when she set off, but I suppose she wants to keep him a secret from anyone who might chance to be around, hmm? Even so, I'm rather shocked at her guts to suddenly set off into a completely unknown environment without companionship.

Ah well, you look to have the beginnings of a masterpiece on your hands. I hope that others will look past the overwhelming abundance of legendaries to the quality of what you've produced and that you yourself will continue to maintain this quality. Congratulations and thankyou for an enjoyable read!


Original by xXSaberXx



A Mightyena call- enough to kill every flicker of hope in any person unlucky enough to catch a note of it.

That was the singularily most awesome sentence in the chap. x3 GOOD JOBS!

No, seriously. Good job. Description and such was great, but there was a few times where a huge paragraph that was describing looked like it needed to be seperated. D: Hoe wells.

I LOVED IT THOUGH. The trees.....the forest...RAWR. The region sounds interesting as well, though, are their new Xela pokemon? Just a question, cause it's fine if there isn't or is. x3

I like the Goodes too. KINDA BORING...but still. And the old witch....LMAO. I think we might meet her soon. x3

Celebi celebi....*sighs* I really hope Alexi doesn't use it in the tournament? TOO UBER LMAO. But it's good that she got a regular pokemon. o-o Very good. Now the question is....DUSTOX, or....THE TYPICAL BEAUTIFLY? Hm. And I really do hope you give more character to Wrumple and Celebi. Pokemon NEED character like I NEED CHOCOLATE. Lollerskates.

Seriously though. Great job. This chap made my opnion of the story do a 180. x3 congrats. It's very well written, and I'm starting to like Alexi more. Though, question. Will she travel with more people? Another person, maybe?

o.o Can't WAIT for the next chapter.



Well... XD All I can say is I'm very pleased about this chapter.. mainly because the little 'hero' escaped pretty much unscathed.. 0_o.. Is Wurmple going to have an even bigger phobia about Murkrow now, I wonder?

And now, for the names: Grimm village, Greta... any reference to the Grimm Fairytales, by chance? I'm sure Greta was a name of one of the characters from them, and the village's name helped spark that.

Anyway, Demelza is certainly a ... interesting old woman.. 0_o The imagry is not quite so nice, but still.. she certainly knows what goes on in her forests.. and happens to be quite blunt.

“You left your pokemon alone in the forest? Yet another foolish, stupid thing to do. It has most certainly been devoured by any number of the plethora of bug pokemon predators that live in this forest. How does that make you feel?”

XD Very blunt.. also, it also holds the quirk that I disliked. "by any number of the plethora"... sounds rather repetitive, doesn't it? Well, it sounds unnecessary to me, and I'd prefer that Plethora be deleted by some reason or other.

Otherwise, nice chapter. ^^


Non-Pokemon Fiction Spotlight of the week (or two weeks!)

Spotlight Cover (http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/6424/mantajenna7de.jpg)

Starbolts: New Beginnings (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=89610)

The Author: Ledian_X (http://forums.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=5)

Genre: Scifi, Action//Adventure. Non-Pokemon Fic
Rating: 13 plus

Summary so far:

Death strikes the young heroes known as the Starbolts. At a celebration, a group dedicated to distroying anyone with superpowers or aliens has killed the leader of the watery world known as Aquarius.

The team, which also has three members of that race, must deal with Terra Nova and changes in their own group. The action strikes Earth and Aquarius. The young heroes must face a difficult battle as Terra Nova threatens their existence. Once the smoke clears, things will never be the same again!

Author notes: My story is told in the style of current Marvel comics. The superheroes in the story have realistic problems, get hurt and have real life applications of their powers. Each character is humanized (even the aliens) and represent the modern age of comic book superhero stories.

The characters themaselves were inspired by the X-Men, Fantastic Four and the Avengers. These aren't cookie cutter Golden Age heroes. They team with issues and outside forces wanting to do them in.

Overview: Reviews this fic has received!

This is interestin stuff! These are original superheroes? They're pretty cool. And you got a deep timeline. The villain Rick sounds so damn evil and vile! I'm a enjoy the trouble that he and that guy creates.

This kinda reminds me of the X-men a little bit. With the whole government tryin to take down the characters with the super powers. I only read the first chapter for now, but I'll definitely get around to readin the others. :)

I give you a 9.5/10. I shoulda read this a long time ago so I could be all up to date.

I have done it.


And I just realized I utterly forgot to do that banner I said I'd do half a month ago. Mon dieu, I'm an idiot *smacks head against wall*

It's gonig to be long, however. @_@ Ah, where do I begin. Hmm...I think I'll do it a la Stewie Griffin of Family Guy, with the "complient sandwich." XD

Enter the Scrap's critique! :0

Growing up, I always enjoyed reading comic books whenever I could get my paws on them, and my favorite was Spawn (might explain a lot more abotu me than it should. XP) I didn't regularly read any superhero books, but did read a fair few X-Men and Teen Titan issues. Those two resemble this a lot, so it's like a throwback to the past. You've got a really large, diverse cast, and I, being a organism with the intelligence of an gnat and a brain the size of one to boot, had a hard time keeping track of them all, but it got easier as the chapters progressed.

Negrek's already pointed out several of your most basic bugs-- commas, ellipses, and so on, so it'd be irrevelant for me to point it out again. XP I wonder, what writing program do you use? Microsodt Word has a really good automatic program that corrects al the mistakes, saving a lot of trouble.

Sometimes, I'd get a little impatient with the romance between the characters (I am quite notoriously impatient when it comes to that sort of stuff...I am the type of girl who'd step in and holler with a megaphone, "JUST BREED AND GET THE MUSHY STUFF OVER WITH, FOR THE LOVE OF DUCT TAPE!") That's my own quirk to deal with, as I know al ot of people love romance, so I'm not going to peck about that any further.

Sometimes, it seemed as though the characters were a little shallow emotionally in the earlier chapters, and even sometimes in the newer ones, but their personality developedmore and more as I kept reading, and I have to remind myself that since it's a superhero fic with such a large cast, there is bound to be a problem of this sort. This is essentially a comic book in written form, so their character would stand out a lot more powerfully with the visuals of comics, with all the nifty cartoony WHAM-POW-BASH! effects and drawings. But you've done one thing brilliantly that is superb comic-book form: the humorous quips. They come up unexpectedly, and when they do, they're quite funny, so I hope to see more of those.

I'm aware they're superheroes, so they don't get hurt as easily, but sometimes I'd expect them to get more severe injuries, such as what Whit said about Mateo, but then again, they ARE super. @_@

I may have already missed it as I didn't read the replies in between, but did you ever make the cast of characters on that incredible create-a-hero website? If so I'd like to see 'em, if you don't mind? @_@ If not, never mind. XP

On Chapter 16: I LOVED that when Shrall asked Tayalla if she knew what "take me" meant on Earth. Tha's the kind of humor I love, so you get kudos. I'm such a dirty-minded person, ah well! XP

I'm almost certain there was something else I meant to say, but it's early and my brain's near death. I hope this makes up for all the waiting on your part, though.

The second chapter review... I found the whole "egg laying" thing with Aquita and odd, but unique detail. That's definitely something you don't run into in stories such as these, kudos to you despite the fact I find it odd. Despite Whitefox is an antagonist, I can't help but like him in a strange way... I dunno, I like his name, and envision him to be quite good looking. The legend about the Fox and the Scorpion was a nice touch, too.

Still, as I've said before, you have many, many characters. XD... which at times I find confusing. In any case, good luck to you.. and I'll review again soon.


Please support these authors as they continue to bring enjoyible fics to you. There are reasons they were chosen!

How to get your fic spotlighted:

- First you need to write.
- Follow the rules.
- Take criticing kindly, try to improve, be involved in the community!
- the more you are involved, the more other authors may notice you!



-No spamming
-No asking to be spotlighted
-If you ask a stupid question, you will get a stupid answer
-I will choose YOU to choose a several fics, you will not choose yourself
-I ran out of rules for now



Oneshot of the month? This would work differently then the others. I was thinking if authors sumbitted there oneshots to me (doesn't matter how many pages they have reviews for this.) and I will choose one that sticks out to me. It will be alot easier for me if I did it that way...

Pokemon and none-pokemon would go here.

Another idea: Author of the week? Month? how would that work?

Suggestions are VERY MUCH WELCOMED.

14th January 2006, 5:25 AM
Lady Myuu, you've spelt Author wrongly a few times. And it's Non-Pokemon Fics. Not trying to be rude...

Author of the Month or Week would be nice. And One-Shot of the month would be nice... Actually, make it One-Shot of the week (Or two weeks...). Scrap releases too many one-shots in a month.

Lady Myuu
14th January 2006, 5:27 AM
mrr << R always sneaks up on me! *goes to edit* and I'll correct the things boy do I look stupid now *sweat drops*

uuh well an I don't think an author could gain it over and over again. There would be some rules on how many times one could gain a spotlight... like one spotlight per name of fic? ect and things like that.

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
14th January 2006, 5:29 AM
One-Shot of the week would be a good idea.

And how about Chapter of the Week? *shrugs* People could nominate fics that had a Chapter posted in that week.

Review of the Week, perhaps? There are lots of people on here that give great quality reviews, and aren't recognised for them. On occasion, they're shot down in flames for daring to make the author look bad.


Lady Myuu
14th January 2006, 5:33 AM
I don't want to turn this into a award thread, so I was kinda thinking no to voting or nominating anything really. Just trying to get the basic gist of what some people believe should be pointed out of the flock. *pokes the authors all here sheepy sheep*

Oneshot of the week perhaps, its a matter of time for me. I'd rather not use the same mothod for oneshots as I want to use for the fics.

Why not hold on on the reviewers of the week until I figure out if this will even work? some people get offended very easily here and sometimes I feel like I am walking on eggshells :D

14th January 2006, 5:50 AM
Dunno. How many four-page/less 'fics do you think there are out there? I haven't really seen that many that aren't so short that they end up getting closed.

The one-shot thing would be nice, but again, I think that the four-page limit could be a barrier.

Lady Myuu
14th January 2006, 5:55 AM
the whole point of the limit is to keep from rubbing egos and such, or upsetting others who know that said fic is all ready well known. Perhaps I'll change it since I'll be seeking authors who are everywhere :P

Eternal Daydreamer
14th January 2006, 5:57 AM
Negrek, I think she meant the ones that have four pages. Story and reviews included. You know, like some of the popular fics.

Lady Myuu
14th January 2006, 6:00 AM
oh you thought I meant four pages of the story? no no no! I meant with reviews and such like La Carlotta said. dare I say it, popular fics, tend to have more then four pages of reviews :P there isn't any chapter limit.

14th January 2006, 6:08 AM
Oh. 0_o Yep, that would be my problem. Sorry. Carry on. *flees*

Lady Myuu
16th January 2006, 4:15 AM
It has been updated, the new spotlights for this week (or two)
I will be keeping an eye out for new authors to suggest. It was quite interesting the feedback I got back.

o.o toodles.

16th January 2006, 4:36 AM
Wow! Spotlight of the week for my story? That's pretty cool! Thanks!


16th January 2006, 1:52 PM
-no more the five pages (Not fic length! this means of how many pages you see when you look at the thread, with reviews and things)

Suggestions are VERY MUCH WELCOMED.

I dunno if this is a suggestion, but for that rules you should say, no more than 100 posts, or no more than 5 pages of 20 posts. Because I display 100 posts per page. So for me 5 pages would be 500 posts...

Power Shot
16th January 2006, 5:25 PM
Sweet Ledian! Nicely done on getting spotted *basks in glory of the wanabee*

One-shot of the month sounds interesting, but maybe not writer of the month. Doesn't that just destroy the point of showing good fics, if you only showcase the author? I think the work is far more important, not the person. That's why you had a few reviews up I guess, to show people's praise for the author's writing, which should be enough for most people just to be shown here.

Brian Random
16th January 2006, 6:33 PM
Congratulations, Ledian for the being the first guy to be in the spotlight *Applaudes*.

CD, even though I don't know you, I'll say congrats to you too and if I get the chance, I'll check yours out.

16th January 2006, 6:43 PM
Yeah, congrats to you guys! Ledian, I already read your fic, and am up to date with it. As for Alexi, I might have missed a couple of chapters. CD, expect a review from me soon. Cya on your respective threads.

Burnt Flower
16th January 2006, 7:19 PM
A big congrats to Chris and Cyndaquil! :D

...Though I haven't read the stories yet. xD

Lady Myuu
20th January 2006, 4:53 AM
Then go and read them, Burnt flower :P cuz the whole point of this is to let people know the feedback of these fics so that they can find a good read.

I have updated LX's spotlight with a cover... I havn't really had the chance to draw CD's and the week is almost over @.@ ack I need to find more authors to ask nya.

Sooo yeah o.o'; I am planning to archiave these too so that people can see what has been spotlighted in the past.

28th January 2006, 9:17 AM
Hey guys, thanks for all your compliments and congratulatory comments. I think my week's up now...and I got...maybe one review? I think that might have been from the week before. Not from anyone who's posted here. Ah well...I'm sure I'll get a few more people checking in to have a look. I'm a guy, by the way, I think there's been some discrepancies, and yeah- for all you guys who don't know me very well and want to, review my fic and i shall review yours, kinda thing. Thanks for all this Lady Myuu, twas an honour. Thanks for seconding my nomination too, that's a huge relief. I'll be sure to check back here to see who's fic is being spotlighted next...and maybe review it even...

Lady Myuu
29th January 2006, 5:49 AM
I havn';t had time to find more spotlights sooo tomorrow I will XD I got some in mind. Guess this makes it a two week spotlight instead...

*runs off to work* I need to edit a few things...