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14th January 2006, 6:56 AM
Well,this is my first shot on writing a non poke-fic.And here it is.Please point out the faults that you may find in it,i would appriciate it a lot ^^.

Chapter 1
"At the national institute of science,a dangerous yet fateful incident happened,a kid,who was meant to be ordinary,was being turned into an extraordinary person.Infact,it's almost like he was being granted a wish,but for him it was curse....

"Fellow scientists,i,now called this important meeting because i have the news you were all waiting for.Yes,I have done it.I have discovered the formula that would evolove the human race itself.As we speak,my partners are experimenting this formula on a child,who voluntered for it.And he will be the first one to see,feel the evolution of mankind itself."said D.Geren,a leading scientist in the world's greatest science institute."But what will this formula do to humans?"asked the fed up founder and owner of the institute."It will change the normal genes of humans and replace them with extraordinary genes,giving them special powers."said D.Geren."What kind of powers as may i ask?"said a fellow scientist."What kind of powers you ask?"said D.Geren,"Well,for now all i know that these humans will gain four special abilitys.Number one is super sthrenght,allowing them to be stronger that other humans,making them more durable,more energetic.Number two,super speed,allowing them travel faster,allowing them to avoid danger faster.Third,superbly developed senses.These three senses,smell,sight and hearing will be ten times stronger,making them more invincible.And four,super intelligence.Their brain will work a lot faster than a normal human brain."As he stopped talking,suddenly,his cell rang."Excellent!Now,bring him to the conference room."he said into the phone.As he putted his cell back in his pocket,the door of the room opened.A glass chamber filled with water was brought into the room.Inside the chamber,there was a little boy.He had a oxygen mask on and he had many wires and machines on his body.He was unconsious.As the doctor moved towards the chamber,he said out loud"Fellow scientists and the people of earth,the evolution of mankind has begun.The time has come for me to present to you,the world first 'Super Humanoid'.People,meet my son,Sean!".After that,he pressed in some numbers and the chamber's top opened and the water was slowly spilled out of the chamber,thus revealing the little boy who was sealed in it.Everbody was anxious to see what happened.But nothing happened like D.Geren said."But,but how could my calculations be wrong.HOW DID MY EXPERIMENT FAIL?"said D.Geren."Your experiment did not fail,D.Geren,or should i say,Daddy?"said a unfamiliar voice.D.Geren turns around and gets surprised that his five year old son was,now talking like a thirteen year old kid."Yes,Yes,YES!!!!My experiment has obtained sucsess!Now after a short break,we shall start experimenting on you again,son,to see how the formula REALLY works..."said D.Geren with an evil grin."But im afraid i can't allow this.."said Sean."Trust me son,we have our special ways of dealing with an experiment like you."said D.Geren."Remember,"said Sean,"you are the one who gave me these abilities,but you forgot the most important thing,you forgot to give me a weakness."said Sean and suddenly,he vanished."Oh no...."said someone as the alarm went off."The island where the institute was burst into flames,sir.But something was spotted running on top of the the water before it exploded,sir.And their was just one survivor,and we have him on deck,general,sir!"said and army sloldier."But sir,isn't it impossible for something or someone to running on top of water?"said another army man."I have absolutely no idea..."said the general.

Sean came to this abondened tower which was almost destroyed by an earthquake before,but it still stands tall,reaching almost to the clouds."Perfect for me..."that was all he said and after that he started meditating on the roof of the tower.He wasn't seen until today,he was spotted again,but this time,he has a new name,a new idendity,he is now...Scavenger,a hero who has no mask,no cape,no fortune,he has only powers that he uses for good,and..."

"BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!,"went the publisher of the daily newspaper in NY,"enough already with your superhero junk ok?Iv'e had it!!The last time you said that,you almost got my newspapers killed!!!"said Mr.Williamson,the NY times's new owner."But,would you give me one more chance,sir?"said the 19 years old reprter,Anna Glenn."OK,but you better get me a new story.And no more superhero junk this time ok?"said Mr.Williamson."OK..."said Anna in a distinguished voice.After she got out of the office,her young partner,Harry Davidson said,"Well,what happened?"and took his camera in his pocket,"Are we gonna take any pictures?"said Harry."Yup,and if you can,hire a boat."said Anna."And why may i ask?"said Harry with a confused look."Well,if you want to take some good shots,i think you oughta do whatever i say 'k?"said Anna as they went into the elevator.

Thanks for reading it and Crirtics away!!!!