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15th January 2006, 12:00 AM
I've wanted to ask this question forever, what is your favorite genre of POKEMON fanfiction to read? Even though I'm a comedy author, my favorite genre to read is actually horror! Horror offers big descriptions and suspense, not to mention lots of gruesome bloody scenes. Original trainer comes in second, I just enjoy reading them. Though I dont like it when theyre purely unoriginal. What do you guys like?

15th January 2006, 12:05 AM
Hmmm...well, to me, my all time favourite genre is fantasy, except I can't write Pokemon fantasy for crap >_<. Oh, and comedy is great too. Everyone likes laughing. ^_^


15th January 2006, 12:06 AM
I like drama, and humor... especially naughty humor. Personally, I'm not too big a fan of other OT stories, though I used to be, which is ironic, since that is my biggest hit or miss. I also like stories that feature fanmade Pokemon, since with the 391 we know of, you can only get so epic before it feels repetitive. Of course, that said, the Pokemon better be unique above all else, since we as authors need to be creative.

Burnt Flower
15th January 2006, 12:09 AM

...*is shot repeatedly*

The irony is killing me. xD

Dark Cacturne
15th January 2006, 12:16 AM
Isn't COMEDY just great! I'm always how they come up with all those funny things.

Anyone knows Boy Meets World, I'm sure you do!!!

Eternal Daydreamer
15th January 2006, 12:19 AM
Mystery is my thing. If you don't know what's going on, it's perfect!

Elemental Charizam
15th January 2006, 12:25 AM
In Pokémon fiction, I suppose it'd be humour and horror. I've aquired a taste for horror here, and the style of humour in mon fandom is the kind I like; usually anyways.

So, um, yeah...

15th January 2006, 12:26 AM
Romance Romance Romance, of course! Though, I'm not fond of shipping...

Saffire Persian
15th January 2006, 1:08 AM
Fantasy, most definitely. ^^..

15th January 2006, 1:21 AM
I like any genre as long as its interesting and done right. :)

15th January 2006, 2:14 AM
I like non-uberly-cliched-mushy romances with naughty humor....like the type where they're always nagging on each other and driving each other nuts...XD o_o;;

I also love suspense and horror...*big surprise, gasp*

15th January 2006, 2:39 AM
I like the genre in which Hitmonchan is presented in a favorable light.

Actually, adventure and comedy for me.

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
15th January 2006, 2:41 AM
A few months ago, I simply would have said Fantasy, and left it at that.

But now, thanks mostly to Scrap's works, I really enjoy Horror fics. And for some reason, I enjoy reading decent Romance fics.


EDIT: And decent OTs as well.

Ryano Ra
15th January 2006, 2:48 AM
Fantasy, most definitely. ^^..Much love, much love, Saffire Persian! *gives fantasy cookies* XD

Fantasy...most definitely...anybody will tell you that. >>;; But, I also love action and adventure stories/epics, for I love reading about bloody fights and somebody wandering through the jungle with giant Primeape/Mankey mutations of some sort. >D

Fantasy, Action, and Adventure - together, they make Fatiore. XD

Ace Kenshader
15th January 2006, 4:00 AM
I believe I have 4 favourites.

Action, Adventure, Mystery, and Fantasy.

Although I think I'm good at writing only action strories.

The Big Al
15th January 2006, 4:17 AM
I love writing Original Trainer Comedies. I don't know why but I love slapstick and writing about how other kinds of trainers live.

15th January 2006, 4:41 AM
Original trainer all the way, baby. Action/adventure too!

And comedy, but only if it's well done, which is all too rare.

15th January 2006, 4:53 AM
Action - I can never get enough of heart-pumping action. There's got to be constant plot, no time for concentrating; just quick-thinking that's like BAM-BAM-BAM *smacks hand repeatedly* XD Naw, I just love it...cuz. :P

Adventure - Adventures are awesome. They are quests that are taken to achieve a single (or more) goal(s), and everything in between the beginning in the end is a step or measure to go further, or get stuck behind in a situation. I just love the aspect of working towards an objective X3

Original Trainer - Some OT fics are good, as long as they don't follow the complete outline/plot of any of the Pok&#233;mon games (been there, done that). Adding your own twists, new scenarios, objectives your character must achieve besides those laid out in games (which sometimes are used in foundation), and other sorts of things like that are good. However, I don't like new regions that much, except for maybe Ouen in Dragonfree's "The Quest for the Legends," because I (as some readers) have trouble comprehending the characteristics of a new place. I miss good ol' Johto ;o;

Horror - I can't explain it. The maggots crawling within the empty eyes of a rotting corpse just brings morbid images to mind, but as long as there's a plot or reason as to why the corpse is dead in the first place (I dun really like slashers X3), I love Horror. It creates a feeling of dread and fear in a person, and knowing you scared that person gives you a sense of respect, giddy, and amusement. Like jumping out from a dark alley at random people XD

Mystery - Always has, and always will be a favorite of mine. A mystery can include one, great secret that has been made subject of a story, or it could be a terrifying plot twist that tosses the readers off of their seats when something unexpected like that could happen. Also within mysteries, there can be mini-mysteries. I say this, for example, in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, (SPOILERS AHEAD D: ), Tonks is moody, depressed, and her Patronus charm has taken the shape of a dog-like creature. Throughout the book, as everyone is attempting to figure out who is trying to kill Dumbledore, we think Tonks misses Sirius since he has died (he could transform into a dog, hence the Patronus), when in fact, she is sad that she cannot be in love with Professor Lupin, a werewolf, who is very dangerous when he transforms Whew, long spoiler. *wipes sweat from spoil tags*

Suspense - I love stories that keep me on the edge of my seat, giving tantalizing clues that add to the creeping and gradual realization of something greater in the story. This kinda couples with mystery in a way.

Fantasy - This is my life. I can't write about the real world (not even Exsisto), unless there's an object of Fantasy included. I can't stand that there are obstacles in life you can't overcome, but in the Fantasy world, anything is possible. I believe the essence of Fantasy is magic (IMO), for magic is a beautiful thing, whether it is a glamourous spell being cast in green fireballs, or the abilities or powers people/objects can wield in Fantasy. It makes it more interesting that way.

Romance - I like a little romance in stories, but more childish love than anything else, mostly because I don't think stories should revolve around a romance plot. A lot of romances are either clich&#233;s, or parodies of Romeo and Juliet -_-

Drama - I love drama. Sometimes it's a bad thing, such as back-stabbing girlfriend cheats on yew, and sometimes it's a good thing, such as events that can affect one's relationship with someone else. It's the more emotional part of stories, though I think some stories should just use bits of it at a time. It really creates a feeling of a gossipy girl inside you that wants to scream out :P

Comedy - I love to laugh. 'Nuff said XD

15th January 2006, 4:53 AM
OT and mystery, because I said so.

Okay, but seriously, OTs, as long as they're well done, can give a different perspective on things and can be surprisingly creative. Mystery is so unique and isn't done that often, so when I see one, I have to read. Originality is always the key.

Saffire Persian
15th January 2006, 5:26 AM
Fantasy, Action, and Adventure - together, they make Fatiore. XD

I'll be using 'Fatiore' for awhile now. But cheers to that now word.. we need more Fantasy types around here.. anyways, I like other genre's, too... though the only one I dislike is true, blue mystery stuff. Granted, I like some.. but the genre frustrates me a bit too much, and at times seems boring to me. ^^

15th January 2006, 5:31 AM
Fantasy, Horror, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery, Suspense and Romance... Seriously... I read anything that I find interesting... No favorites for me...

15th January 2006, 9:33 AM

Ahhh, the classic epic. I love epics. No matter what. You read them for eternity and they stay on your every waking thought and then when it is over, you feel a sense of accomplishment and exhaliration.

They leave you feeling as if you have been on a journey yourself, and that when the end comes, you know you have been a part of something greater.



MAN. Do I love cliffhangers. I LOVE ANGST. I love characters and the way they interact, and how something impacts them. It makes them all lovable and different.



I admit it. I am a Sadist/Masochist/Angst/Drama Mama. Yes. PHEAR.



Who doesn't love to laugh? As long as it's awesome, I'll laugh. It lightens up everything, and makes ya feel GROOD. Yes. There is such a word.




I love me some angsty romance. I love the romance where like, THEY CAN NEVER HAVE EACH OTHER HOE NOES. Not like Romeo and Juliet, where they know they like each other....but gradual. WITH TRAGEDY. Somehow. It works. Oddly enough, I like that aching pain that happens in your chest when you read something so painful. >.> *sigh*



Dun like lovey dovey stuff though. And if the couple is already in love, and it's mushy and they fawn over each other. Eck. I perfer the subtle love, that's always there, but you can't see it less you look HARD.



15th January 2006, 11:24 AM
Action, adventure and comedy. Comedy mostly.. I like to have a happy mood. :D

15th January 2006, 5:12 PM
My favourite genre?
Yeah, well I'm a sap. I've always loved romance. Though the overly mushy stuff can go BMSFA. Give me angsty, confusing, roller-coaster, hate-love romance anyday! Seriously, couples from the start are very rarely my kind of thing, unless a pure evil twist is put in!(example: girl + guy, guy has an affair, whole new romance after break up!) Cripes, that's a lot of exclamation marks. I enjoy reading/writing rival/grew-up together romances. Though I may be a victim of love at first sight(okay, more like fifitieth, but, well my love-life isn't the point here is it!?), it ain't a common event. I like there being a second layer to a character relationship that makes everything awkward. PARTICULAR hate/love issues or best friend issues. My favourite romantic sitution:
Guy loves girl
Girl hates guy
Everyone knows guy likes girl
The two end up stuck together for *insert reason here*.
Because first you have to write/read about how the girl changes her mind about the guy, and how the guy has to keep himself internaly restrained so as not to ruin it, as well as how muh he internally suffers from it. Of course it works in the vice-versa situation.

Of course, this genre almost ALWAYS gets bundled in with another genre, so my favourite combination is adventure/comedy/romance. The adventure, because it means there's something for them to experience together and comedy because it means they have moments together they can't help but enjoy. All this allows you to read/write a gradually building romance. Plus drama never hurts. Nothing like a big event to really tie things up or start things off.

15th January 2006, 6:31 PM
I read original trainer 'fics exclusively--I can't stand any of the canon characters--but I like my 'fics with lots of action and adventure, and there's nothing like a mystery to keep me interested. I love tongue-in-cheek humor and tricky puns, sort of like Terry Pratchett's jokes, but the average writer generally isn't up to that standard, so I stay away from 'comedy'. I don't mind a bit of fantasy in the mix as well--pokémon is a fairly fantastical universe, after all--but generally swords-and-sourcery and that doesn't really fit.

Romance... eh. Not a big fan. I prefer it limited to subtext and never really resolved.

15th January 2006, 6:34 PM
I like Adventure/OT fics because they're also the type I like to write. I can't stand the ones with the trainer waking up late at the start... It's all been done before... I like Original Original Trainers.

15th January 2006, 6:55 PM
Oh, I also forgot to mention, if a story has funny, or pun themes and chapter titles (sort of like something I'd write,) Its a whole lot better. Something about a dull chapter title that may tell you more about the story, but hardly grasps your interest is not my thing. Give me something clever and witty, gaddumit!

Timid Kyogre
15th January 2006, 7:52 PM
Well these are my favorites, I don't hate the rest these are just my favorites:

Comedy: Who doesn't like to laugh? I enjoy ones that are written well and are actually funny. Usually random and silly stuff are funny ^_^

Romance: Yes, I like Romance. When it comes to love I'm this whole different person. I enjoy romantic stories.

Fantasy: Well...I just like Fantasy, its nice to read :D

Horror: I am "addicted" to horror as my friends like to say it :p I absolutely love to read horror books (I don't get nightmares...-__-)

~Timid Kyogre

15th January 2006, 8:47 PM
I have to say Fantasy has most of the other genres beat. Though, Action/Adventure and romance, with a tad bit of mystery thrown is makes an awesome fic too. Oh, and lots of horror. Horror would have to be my second fav. And a fic with horror and fantasy combined? I don't think anyone would be able to pull my nose off of the screen/book even with a windshield scraper.

16th January 2006, 2:30 AM
Okay, I don't particularly hate any genre of writing, but I'd say that the stuff I read most often comes from the action or adventure genres. I don't know why, but I've always enjoyed action-packed adventure stories. Maybe it's because I'm such a big RPG fan, but...whatever. Seriously though; probably more than ninety percent of the fics I've read have been from one or both of those genres.

I also enjoy a good drama. I just really like it when something happens that makes tears well up in my eyes or otherwise leaves me utterly speechless.

I'll also read romance, but I'm real picky about this. It can't be your run-of-the-mill romance story between the main characters from the show or a Romeo and Juliet clone. I also strongly prefer my romances to be realistic. None of that "true love at first sight" bull. It's gotta be more slowly conceived than that. Plus, I probably will only read a truly serious romance if it involves one of my three favorite pokémon. Finally, though it isn't a requirement, it helps if it's a certain type of romance. No, not same-sex, but probably even more taboo depending on your point of view...

Finally, I love humorous parodies. I dunno why, I just do.

Of course this isn't everything. I don't like or hate any particular genre over another; these are just the ones that I read most often. If it's well-written (and falls under my personal list of likes) then I'll read it.

20th January 2006, 3:55 PM
Definately OT - I despise almost all Ash and Co fics - with elements of the others thrown in, though not romance as I've yet to find a fanfic writer who can pull it off.