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Yuugis Black Magician
15th January 2006, 6:08 PM
Good morning all (well for the west coast) and welcome to the Preview thread for the eighth revision of ToP: ATP, now known as TSotG (working title). I've been writing this reversion for sometime now, (after completeing eight or so chapters of 7.4) and now I've decided to start all over again, I even rewrote the Timeline to make the story a little more original. Anywho, let's get down to business.

TSotG will contain A Prolouge, fifty-six chapters and one epilouge. I've written an 'Timeline' to chrnonical the actions of the universe. Although not completed yet, it does hold the events of John Redwood III's first year on the road.

This story will be written in Book format, so it won't really seem like a serial, or at least I hope it will not! With this revision (now compressed into Six Books), I hope be thorough in my writing and leave behind my nasty habit of writing too fast. I'll try to remember to actually proof-read each chapter before it is posted, something I've not done in the past before...

Anywho lemme give you all a sneak preview of what is to come...

Book I: To the Northern Mountains

Our story begins with John Redwood III having the worse day of his life. First he forgets his coat, and on a rainy, then his pen explodes on his white shirt, he gets bullied by classmates, and then yelled at by his teacher. Luckily, though, the slacker Pokémaster-wannabe takes and passes the Trainer Acceptance exam! Now a Pokémon Trainer, John sets out for his journey to find his father, John Redwood II, a legend in the Kanto District and best known for his mastery of Pokémon and his role in the Blitzkrieg War. John wants to follow in the footsteps of his father, known as 'The General', but because John II hasn't contacted John and his mom for the past two years, John decides to do what he can to find him. There's just one problem, the truck carrying the Pokémon to Oak Labs is in an accident and all but one Pokémon are recovered, the Charmander assigned to John! Saddened by the turn of events, his mother suggests he takes Speedy--the family Growlithe--on his journey. John agrees and immeadiatly sets out with Growlithe to find his father, his Charmander, and his right to be a Pokémon Master...

Book I is only nine chapters long, and only covers up to Mount Moon, but it sure is exciting...for me at least.

A note on the Pokémon: I only use the Pokémon I want too, so even if Charmander and Growlithe are overused, I don't care. They are fun Pokémon and the Sugimori artwork released with the First Generation games is what really got me into them. Speaking of 1st Gen, this story is largely based off of the RGBY games, so when I picked a design for the main character, I knew I wanted to use the artwork from RGBY (the banner in my sig [which I need to change] holds the character design I'm talking about) games. Later on though, I'll begin using Pokémon who are much more 'underused' if you will, but only because I want too.

Have fun with this preview as I continue to write Book I, due out sometime...far away...*cough*