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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
16th January 2006, 2:42 AM
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Silver flowers gleaming in the light of the full moon, their air born pollen glistening in the crisp night time air. It would have been impossible to walk through the field without walking on the flowers, but the white ninetales, who's light blue eyes glowed in the low light conditions, wouldn't of tried even if it was possible. The flowers felt so nice and soft as they were crushed under her paws.

So this is the Velkyn valley. Nothing too special about it, I'm just glad I ate something decent recently as there looks to be little to eat here at the moment except berries. I really would hate to resort to eating those...

As she yawned, the moon light caught her fangs. They looked as if they glowed more than her eyes, though only for a moment. Instinctively she took laying down slowly, even if there were no twigs or anything that could break and make a sound beneath her or anyone around who would care if they did. Soon she was completely on the ground and her eyes slowly closed. Curling up for a more snuggly position, to conserve her high temperature, ripped some flowers from the ground and broke the steams of others. Not that it mattered, being so much hotter than most pokemon, laying there would make the flowers around her wilt anyway, especially when so far from the river.

Perhaps tomorrow more victims will move in to this death trap with so little cover to hide in whatsoever, but for now the night is nearly over and it is time to rest.


The clouds were hues from orange to pink in the brilliant sun rise. The light quickly spread across the valley floor, where some flowers were just opening and other just closing. From high up in the cliff face wall it look remarkable, even if the changing patterns were a bit slow. There were minor disturbances in the flowers as pokemon move through them, the large pokemon being visible themselves.

“It's like an itch I can scratch,” A large golden dragonite growled from his perch, staring downwards into the valley, “Its so hard t resist the urge to fly down there and deal with those whom are disturbing our flowers. Still they are our invited guests...”

“Yes, they are guests here,” A laugh came out of the shadows behind him, from another dragonite, his sister, Sanye. “And you have to be patent. As much as it is our right to start explaining to them what we think is the code of honor that they have to live by while here, we shall wait... wait till one has the nerve to confront us about it.”

“But it's such a long climb up here, it'd take hours for most pokemon to manage the climb up here. What kind of pokemon would risk so much by coming to us anyway? Why can't we just start right away or at least go to ask their opinion?”

“No, one has to show willing to speak to us. We can always assist their climb once they've shown they are determined enough. It's wrong to interfere till one of them asks us to do so, merely hoping we influence things in their favor.” Sanye leaps out of the shadows and pushes her brother, shoving him out of the cave. “You need to stretch you wings a bit, the exercise always gets your brain working in the morning. Otherwise your too much of an action person.”

Thus the sight of a dragonite, after falling a short distance before starting to use his wings, flying from it's cave is visible to those below in the valley...

16th January 2006, 3:36 AM
Litera wandered carefully through the field, heading toward Velkyn Valley. She looked at the flowers around her and smiled faintly. At least flowers have no eyes. That way I cannot destroy them... She thought sadly, knowing that whomever she locked eyes with was sure to face despair.

Litera's white-gray fur blew in the wind, which had been gradually getting stronger since she left for the valley. She had to be close; she had only been walking for days on end! She walked over to a tree and leapt up, cutting down a string of berries. She ate a few and then sat down in the shade as the sun started to climb over the mountains. She had been up all night! This in mind, Litera curled up at the base of the tree, facing away from the sun, and tried to get a nap.

16th January 2006, 3:43 AM
Yuzuki continued to dance through the open fields of flower that was beginning to bloom as she arrived in Velkyn Valley. The dew from the flower soaked Yuzuki a bit, but it didnt matter much. Yuzuki enjoyed Velkyn Valley so far, for flowers was Yuzuki favorite things.

The sun over the horizon begun to fade slowly, as the orange mixed color in the sky started to sink. Its getting dark. Better rest. Yuzuki sat down beside a tree, and noticed a patch of berry on a bush. A little snack wouldn't hurt. Dawn slowly turned into midnight as Yuzuki ate a few more berries. Leaning againts the tree, Yuzuki slowly closed her eyes for the night. Yuzuki drempt of the flowers all night.

16th January 2006, 3:47 AM
"Only I… could be so unlucky… as to be… trudging through… a field of… ugly… FLOWERS!" Frozone muttered to himself as he shuffled his little black feet. His curiosity towards this 'Velkyn Valley' had him going through a field of ugly pink and blue flowers. Would he suffer all his life?
"What is… that? A Dragonite? Here? Am I… dreaming? Shadows are… so mysterious." Frozone stared upwards at the shadow-like Dragonite in amazement. Suddenly, something else in a nearby tree caught his eye.
"You there! Absol! Are you… lost? And… if not… could you help me? It's so… hot… here. I might not… last… much longer."
Frozone's voice may have been cordial, but he kept his eyes away from the tree; his mother taught him to avoid eye contact with Absols unless he REALLY wanted to die.

16th January 2006, 3:55 AM
Litera carefully looked over her shoulder, a mildly grumpy look covering her face. A Snorunt, complaining about the flowers. Litera thought to herself,
"But I like flowers!" but she was too loud. She knew that sounded so stupid, even in a low voice.

The Snorunt asked her, "You there! Absol! Are you… lost? And… if not… could you help me? It's so… hot… here. I might not… last… much longer." It was avoiding her eyes.

Smart move. Litera thought before saying, "I.. do not know if I am lost." She kept her eyes on the flowers. Pretty flowers. She grumbled to herself again at how very stupid she would sound, but at least she did not say it aloud this time.

"But you need to get in the shade. Come, and do not look at me. I am taking a nap for the time being." Litera curled up again, hiding her eyes completely from the Snorunt.

16th January 2006, 4:03 AM
"Yes, good idea. Shade… is needed. If I want to live… I need to… cool off… and… avoid your eyes, of course. Thank you for… the offer."
Frozone shuffled under Litera's tree where it was cooler. His eyes passed over the field of flowers, his lip curling in disgust. If only there were some gray rocks around, he may have been happier. The sunrise was making everything warmer and the purples and reds were unpleasant to Frozone's tired eyes.
"I am Frozone. Many Snorunt in my clan have tried to rename me, but I love my name too much. Foolish governing system… they don't understand. If one loves a name enough, they should keep it, not change because others want them to. Do you Absol have this problem?"

16th January 2006, 4:11 AM
Litera found this Snorunt to be quite amusing. He was really interesting, but she couldn't stare. She just listened.

Again he begun to speak. "I am Frozone. Many Snorunt in my clan have tried to rename me, but I love my name too much. Foolish governing system… they don't understand. If one loves a name enough, they should keep it, not change because others want them to. Do you Absol have this problem?"

Litera laughed dryly at this cold little creature. "Absol do not like to live with one another. We are loners. If we were not, there would be much trouble. Disasters..." She shook her head, letting her tears fall.

"We are born. We live with our parents until our eyes open. During that time, our ears open and we learn our names. As soon as we can see, we are on our own." Litera yawned widely. "That is my story for you. Good night, Frozone." She said, looking at the sky. Now she put her head in her paws and fell into a deep, much needed sleep.

16th January 2006, 4:15 AM
Yuzuki overheard some pokemon talking. Slowly getting up to see what was going on, she saw an absol and a snorunt talking.

"I am Frozone. Many Snorunt in my clan have tried to rename me, but I love my name too much. Foolish governing system… they don't understand. If one loves a name enough, they should keep it, not change because others want them to. Do you Absol have this problem?"

"Absol do not like to live with one another. We are loners. If we were not, there would be much trouble. Disasters..."

Yuzuki watched as they talked. Yuzuki again was leaning againts another tree. Some new friends to make. Not long later did Yuzuki fall asleep once again.

16th January 2006, 12:00 PM
Once again, Tenshou was alone. He liked it like this. It was quiet, and easy to get some sleep. But today was different. Although it was somewhat peaceful where he was, except for some Murkrow that kept 'kawing' once in a while, it was a still peaceful.

To pass the time, the Donphan decided to start rolling about. He rolled in a perfect circle then hit random boulders and trees, which made the various bird pokemon fly out in fear. Tenshou stopped rolling and went back to his resting place.

Now that those pesky distractions were gone, maybe now he could get some sleep. Now that 'kawing' had stopped, it was dead quiet. Nothing was heard at all. This was to Tenshou's liking. He curled himself up, and went to sleep.

But to the Donphan's surprise, he still was unable to sleep at all. He was tired, but could not fall asleep. Did he have insomnia? Whatever it was, Tenshou was growing annoyed of it. He had to get some sleep, even if it was not nighttime. He had to sleep for atleast 15 hours a day or he would be grumpier then his usual self.

"Maybe a drink of water will help me out," he said calmly to himself.

The curled up into a ball, and started rolling towards a nearby stream.

~Meitantei Starlight*~
16th January 2006, 12:57 PM
OOC: I take it since it's a valley that it's located beyond a couple of hills, no?


Sapphire looked around wearily as she stood shakily behind an Oran berry tree. A stressful sigh escaped her mouth "I have been traveling so long..So desperate to..get to the place...where there are now....evil ones......" Sapphire's legs shook as she fell to the ground. She quickly got up and shook out her fur. "B-but nows not the time to give up!" She said determinly, although it didn't sound so determined with her tired voice.

Sapphire stretched out each of her paws and continued trotting foward, from behind one Oran Berry tree, to another, turning her head from left to right, cautiously looking out for stray Pokemon. She traveled until she got to a point where the forest was thinning. Sapphire gazed up at a giant hill in front of her, where the line of trees finally stopped. "This..must be it..." Sapphire whispered tiredly to herself. She arched her back and sprang up to the hill. Running up, Sapphire's fur began to puff, until it looked as she was just a giant puffball, nothing else. 'But stray Pokemon can get me easily out in the open like this" She thought franticly, running up the hill at full speed "So. I've..Got to....Hurr-" Suddnely Sapphire stopped in mid sentence as she started pummeling down the hill. She let out a high pitched shreek as she continued rolling downward.

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
16th January 2006, 8:01 PM
When a pokemon stumbles and falls, when one gets a limp, there is opportunity for such weakness to be exploited.

The heat of the sunlight wasn't noticeable for Kitsune on her fur, it being unable to heat her because of the temperature she was already up to. Still she stirred uncomfortably. It was too quiet for sleeping out in the open. Usually sounds were a bad thing for a sleeping ninetales, but when accompanied of the feeling of emptiness that came with the place having no life for so long, it was actually like a ghost trying to rip your soul from your body... at least, it was to an imaginative ninetales who occasionally reached out past the five normal senses.

She slowly uncurled, her open eyes taking in the surroundings, and soon she was on her feet. Lack of scents of pokemon nearby, another uncomfortable thing. Relying on my eye sight for a few days till there are enough scents around is going to be annoying. If only my eye sight was as good as a flying pokemons, or at least one of the humanoid pokemon.

A flicker of movement, a flash of light brown with possibly a hint of white. Kitsune sprung to full speed towards it before even thinking about what it could be. It was tumbling down the edge of the valley, the part where the dragons seemed to of slacked off a bit on their manipulation of nature. Still the figure was an eevee, unaccompanied by evolved forms of its kind, not that any of those would of slowed Kitsune down much.

“Greetings little one,” Kitsune flicked her tongue to reveal her fangs, carefully making them catch the morning sunlight so as to make them look dangerous. It would often require encouragement like that to get a pokemon to run after such a fall, the exceptions all running afterwards no matter what they see. “It's nice to see another fox, I can hardly try to deceive you. You see I'm hungry, you've had a little stumble showing weakness, thus you look like an easy meal to me.”

I can smell this one is female, too bad that information isn't very useful. She also smells tired and weak, but is she smart enough to figure out what the best action for her now is? I hope fear deludes her enough so logic doesn't come into her head.

OOC:Things to note: Everyone seems to want to sleep just when the sun is rising, it does seem a bit odd. Sure there are nocturnal pokemon who would do that, but not all pokemon are like that. Still its understandable considering the long trip into the valley.

DKzM0ma: You may think its smart to use roll out for movement, but how can your character perceive his surroundings? Eye sight is completely out as you've curled up in a ball, same with sense of smell due to the spinning removing the possibility of knowing which direction the scents are coming from... perhaps sound could work if your character had the ability to perceive the world through echoes like a bat, but you certainly can't do that.

Tottoko Hamutaro: Actually the valley isn't the tiny little type that's over hills, it's the type that's over unscalable mountains (Which seem to not exist when viewed from outside the valley... oddly enough the place exists outside the normal rules of space as stated in the plot), with the only access bing underground tunnels. Still, no need to edit. I'm sure one of the tunnels exits half way up the mountainside, and the dragons could of left a few trees.

16th January 2006, 8:23 PM
Fergah gazed down at the field filled with flowers, flowers and more flowers, the sea of them seeming to continue forever. As the thought of it, he had liked it more in the underground path they had came from few minutes ago. The colors hurt his only working eye, making him blink and keep it narrowed as he looked back.

The two idiots aren't here yet. Good. Now, I am able sneak away from them Taking one dedicated step forwards, he learned that the flowers weren't as short as it seemed from the hill above. Falling in and smashing his nose on the ground, he got up groaning, wishing that he wouldn't posses such a strong sense of smell, as the scent from the flowers made him dizzy and gave him the feeling of sickness.

With a quick shake of his head, he began walking forwards, trying to hold his breath every now and then, not being able to see anything in the forest of flowers that surrounded him, the flowers being taller than him. Knowing not where he was going, he kept on walking, hoping to get as far away from the other two hounds as possible. Luckily for him, he had been able to sneak away, while Rovu argued with some random Pidgey about potatoes. Really, talking about randomness.

Fergah lifted his head as the endless sea of tall flowers seemed to finally come to an end. But as he ran forward, wanting to see was there any prey, he got faced with another sea of flowers, this time the normal size. Fergah wanted nothing more than to roar in anger as the sun reflected its golden rays from this newly found obstacle, but he knew that by doing so, Rovu and Priedo would surely locate him.

Just then, his worst fear came to be as he heard a familiar, cheery voice. "Hey, you, blacky! You forgot about us! Don't worry, we'll be right with 'ya!"

Turning around in terror, Fergah was soon faced with the smiling face of Rovu, who instantly began to jump around Fergah. "I found you! Now, will I go to hide?" he jumped up and down, his paws touching the ground so lightly and quickly, that Fergah was almost unable to see it. Actually, he hoped that he wouldn't see the whole Manectric.

"Yes, you should go to hide. But don't wonder why if I will never find you..." Fergah muttered to answer, turning around from the hyper electric type, who seemed to have noticed the flowers only now.

"Haa, look at these flowers! So beautiful! And so good smelling!" He jumped up and down again, collecting few flowers on his mouth. Fergah kept on going, crushing many flowers under his black paws, grinning every time he saw one of the flowers to get crushed. As Rovu noticed that, he couldn't be without commenting it. "Hey, Blackey, stop it! These flowers haven't done anything to 'ya!" he ran up to Fergah and tried to put up an angry face, but even when he was frustrated, he still had that strange, cheery glint in his eyes.

"They exist", Fergah muttered, keeping on destroying the flowers as he walked past Rovu.

"Hey, that's not enough reason to hate them 'ya know. I mean, I exist too, but you don't hate me, now do 'ya?" Rovu shouted after him, still trying to maintain the ´angry´ look of his, as he tried to fix the crushed flowers.

"Oh, but I do", Fergah replied and finally stopped, turning around and glaring down at the Manectric's back. "In fact..." he took few quick steps forward, his fangs flashing as he opened his mouth to sink them on the electric hound's neck. However, when his mouth was mere inches away from Rovu's neck, an angry shout stopped him on his tracks.

"Stop!" the voice ordered, leaving no option to act otherwise, for the voice sounded strict and irritated.

Fergah backed away from the Manectric, knowing that in a fight, he would lose to the source of that voice. So, instead of biting Rovu's head off, he turned to stare at the passage filled with the tall flowers, where the voice had came from.

Soon, the distant figure of Priedo's came in sight, his pitch black fur glowing in the sun light. His expression was blank like always, showing no signs of any feelings that his voice did. His eyes glowed in the shimmering sun, as he turned to look at Fergah.

"..." was Fergah's response, and with one final glare to Rovu who had had no idea what was happening up until now, Fergah left walking, leaving the two behind once more.

Rovu blinked, his mouth filled with flowers. "Waffs goffen info hif?" he asked, not realizing that his voice got pretty much made unclear by the flowers.

"Come, let us follow him", was all Prideo answered as he, too, walked past the Manectric, who soon ran to walk beside Fergah, who now bore a dissapointed expression. After this path of flowers, he would see the inner parts of the valley. But still he had yet to seen any other Pokémon. Maybe his dreams of wide open hunting grounds, filled with unprepared prey was not so close to reality as the thought.

16th January 2006, 8:34 PM
"This valley is already boring." The Meowth blinked into the sun, having only stepped out of a large cavern moments ago. He padded into the field before him, then stretched his back in a purely cat-like way. The two birds in his company followed after him, the black-purple Murkrow using a wing to shield his own eyes. Zalin batted at a flower, knocking the petals to the ground. He watched them fall, then continued on to another, and another. Soon, there was a five foot radius circle of headless flowers around the cat.

"How could you be bored if we just go here? Besides, you seem to be entertaining yourself nicely by killing all the innocent flowers." Web, a large Farfetch'd, pointed his leek at a few of the destroyed plants. Zalin looked at him blankly before turning back towards the flowers. Web merely ruffled his feathers in a 'fine, don't listen' kind of way. Instead, he walked away from the cat and eyed the branches of the trees which fringed the clearing. They held various berries, which made Web remember how long it had been since he'd last eaten. The Murkrow, now adjusted to the brightness, followed Web's gaze and spotted the food. The black bird's stomach rumbled audibly before he hastily leapt into flight towards a tree branch. Web waddled after him on foot, leaving Zalin alone to decapitate defensless flowers.

"Look, duck! Krow found food!" The Murkrow cawed down to Web, smiling at the thought of a meal. He licked his beak before using its hooked tip to pull berries off their stalks. Krow began to devour the fruit as if he'd never eaten before and would never eat again. Web glared at him in mild disgust before taking wing long enough to land on his own branch to start feeding.

It was at this point that Zalin noticed his bird friends had left. He watched them eat for a few seconds before deciding that he would not stoop to eating berries. Having managed to catch and eat at least part of a Paras in the caverns (the left claw and right mushroom) before it woke up, Zalin could easily skip this meal and go find some real fun on his own. Making sure that both Krow and Web were thoroughly occupied with gorging themselves, Zalin crouched low among the grass and snuck off through the field.

These flowers are annoying, but they certainly make great cover. Combined with my adorably small body and the flower's overpoweringly pungent scent, I should be near undetectable. Zalin let out a little snicker of delight as he moved through the field. Indeed, he was stealthy, only letting his location be known by the occasional flower that bent too low when he move past it, bowing down to him and pointing out his location. He stopped moving, flattened his ears, and poked his eyes just above the flowers. In the distance, at roughly 9:30, was a white Ninetales and a worn out looking Eevee. Yes! Now is the time to strike! Zalin sunk back down to the ground and turned to crawl towards the foxes.

OOC: GoldenHouou, you are my god for posting an awesome length post ^^

16th January 2006, 8:39 PM
"Fine, then. Go to sleep! I do not care."
Frozone's annoyance was audible in his voice as he spoke to the dozing Absol. However he stopped suddenly as a noise caught his attention.
"It's nice to see another fox, I can hardly try to deceive you. You see I'm hungry, you've had a little stumble showing weakness, thus you look like an easy meal to me."
"What is going on here? Is everyone angry or is it just these ugly flowers that makes Pokémon irritable? At any rate, this must be resolved! You there, sleeping Absol! Wake up! Something's up!"
Frozone scrambled out of the pleasant shade of the tree into the dangerous sunlight. He shuffled as fast as he could to where the Ninetales and Eevee were.
"Hey, you! What… do you think… you're…"
Frozone's voice trailed off as he realized who he was speaking to.
What in the world? It's a white Ninetales! My mother told me to stay away from fire types!
Frozone stood his ground, but trembled inside. His foolishness was plain to him.

16th January 2006, 8:44 PM
Morning came too soon for Kali, she had been forced to rest throughout the night due to Tiki’s love of the sunlight, and it wasn’t in her favour. After meeting Tiki, she had been forced to live her life in the daylight, under the harsh rays of the sun instead of the cool, calmness of the moon.

She awoke to an irritating pecking upon her skull; it seemed that Tiki was refreshed and ready to start another day anew. As young as he was, Kali could not help but feel some irritation towards the small Natu. She would never get use to his wake up calls no matter how hard she tried.

She gave a wide yawn. The sun caught her teeth and made them gleam under its rays; she could have sworn that she saw Tiki flinch before all was obscured by tears. She hadn’t been getting much sleep lately, hat with the call of the moon and, more than anything the need for a good meal, she had been reduced to eating berries along side Tiki because of little life in the lakes and ponds.

“Kali, come let’s go!”

The Houndoom groaned and forced herself up onto her wobbling legs. She cast a glare to Tiki’s back as he flew off ahead a little to stretch his wings before they continued on their path.

They really didn’t know where they were heading to, they just wandered around aimlessly it seemed, looking for something that would interest them, though there was little much to do in the wild as of late, and Kali had a sudden urge to hunt and kill, though she would never admit in from of Tiki in fear that he would leave.

She quickly caught up with the small bird Pokemon and did little more than shiver as Tiki’s talons dug into her shoulder so that he sat perched in his usual spot.

“What are we doing today, Kali?”

The youngling was just full of questions.

“I suppose the same thing we do every other day, Tiki. Wander around and take up whatever pleases us.”


‘"Oh?” This is all he has to say? Normally he cannot keep his mouth shut for two seconds.’ Kali thought inwardly, wondering if anything was wrong with the oddly coloured Natu.



It seemed this day would be spend mostly in silence.

16th January 2006, 9:12 PM
Yuzuki yawned as she stretched out from last night. She looked around and noticed the absol and snorunt were gone. Since Yuzuki hadn't had much to eat yesterday, Yuzuki stared to snack on some berry. It's so queit. So peachful Yuzuki thought. The only thing on Yuzuki mind was making friends, but it appeared none of them were here.
Yuzuki's leg were still aching from last night, so she decided to lean againts another tree. She closed her eyes and started to enjoy the peacefulness.

Yuzuki was resting carefully againts the trees. The sun slowly appeared over the horizon. Yuzuki could hear nothing but wind, which was awkward. It was Velkyn Valley, isnt there suppose to be more pokemon here? What happened to that snorunt and absol? Yuzuki opened her eyes again, and started to think.

Then, a gust of wind whipped past Yuzuki sending her flying through the air and lanading face first into the open meadow. Yuzuki scratch her face from the pain and noticed something running. Out of curiousity, Yuzuki followed the the blur that was running. Since Yuzuki was slow, the thing was out of sight before she knew it.

Yuzuki decided to dance in the meadow before exploring this new area Yuzuki has just arived to. On the edge of Yuzuki eyes, a yellow blur raced across the meadow after the thing in the sky. Kirlia with her curiosity followed the yellow blue by teleporting behind trees to see where she was going.

Eventually, Yuzuki got tired and was no longer able to follow the yellow blur, and because she was low on stamina and her fatigue was bad, she decided to sit down and rest once again. Yuzuki felt a disturbance in the air, but what could she do? All of the pokemon were running.

Yuzuki wished she at least had a friend.

16th January 2006, 9:27 PM
OOC: Oh, eh, thanks GoGoTenda. ^_^

Finally, after a long while of walking among the flower sea and trying to avoid its scents, Fergah could sigh out or relief; a forest, thick and shady one, was only few feet away from him, and it seemed that the flowers were a lot shorter in the forest itself. With a grin, Fergah began his walk towards the woods, the sun shimmering on his shaggy fur.

Rovu, who had been stopping every now and then, in order to have some weird converstation with flowers, or like Fergah called it, `Communication of two alike minds`, had finallu noticed the forest as well, but he wasn't too happy about it.

"Aaa-aa... do we have to go there? I wanna collect these flowers! I already have a blue one, and red, and yellow, and-" his sentence was cut off as Prideo decided to answer.

"Yes", Priedo said simply and walked past the dissapointed Manectric, who was trying his best to keep the flowers he collected between his claws.

"But..." seeing that Priedo had no intention of chaning his mind anytime soon, and that Fergah was already deep in the forest, Rovu lowered his eyebrows, sighing heavily "Aww... man."

Though dissapointed, he was dedicated to follow the two, and so, within seconds, he had already ran past Priedo and reached Fergah, who had crouched on the ground, his eyes fixed on something behind the bushes. As he walked up to the Mightyena, Rovu looked at the same direction Fergah was facing, but being unable to see anything, he shrugged and decided to break the silence that so annoyed him.

"There's nothing there man! But hey, whaddya think of this blue flower I found? Kinda neat, no?" Rovu asked, swinging the blue flower in front of Fergah's face. The Mightyena gave a death glare to the electric hound before fixing his eyes to the spot he had been watching, but as he did so, that something was there no longer. Apparently, it had got scared of the racket, and fled.

Fergah just stared at the spot, his working eye widened in disbelief. Slowly, however, the realization hit him; Rovu, that irritating Electrike-like Manectric that had followed him for months, had now scared away the only possible prey for days. Rovu, however, didn't seem to realize that, nor the danger he was now in.

"Hey, you okay man? You look... shocked?" Rovu had positioned his face right in front of Fergah's, who was still staring at the same spot, anger slowly rising in him. Rovu, however, was completely unaware of that. "Blackey?" he asked, swaying his green paw in front of the Mightyena, who had finally made an effort to move, thought it was only him lowering his head and closing his eyes as he tried to held the anger. But Rovu jumping around him wasn't exactly helping.

"Hey? Blackey?" he kept on swaying his paw, every now and then slapping the Dark-Type with one of the blue flowers. "Helllloooo-ooo-"

"You... You little..." Fergah had had enough. He stood up, his face still on the Manectric who was now smiling, showing how ignorant he was. "You..."

"Hm? What about me? Ah, but at least you heard me. I was afraid you had lost your hearing too. I mean having no right eye and ears would make you, I dunno... weird. Or weak! Haha! That's it, but anyway, the flower-" Rovu had not noticed the Mightyena closing in on him every second he spoke, for he had been too busy to put the flowers in order from the lightest color to the darkest.

"You ignorant... this is the last day you ever see..." Fergah muttered, lowering his head behind the Manectric, who barely had enough inteliqence to turn around. "For now, I will-" Fergah's eye flashed as he prepared himself for jump, Rovu just blinking.

"Haha, so we're playing `it`now, aren't we? Okay, you get to be the it!" Rovu leaped back and left running in the forest, laughing as he went, despite the fact that he was now chased by a ruthless killer.

Few minutes after the two had left the area, Prideo walked there, looking down at the flowers, rising his eyebrows a bit, before loking around. Seeing nobody, he took one of the flowers in his mouth and crunched it down, befroe lifting his head and seeing two characters running in a circle further away, before one of them left the circle, causing the other one to ran after it.

"..." was Priedo's response upon seeing his companions like that, not to mention hearing the laugh of Rovu, who might soon be shorter by his head. Rising his eyebrows once more, Priedo left walking, after the two, knowing that though Fergah was slower than Rovu, he was durable, and there was no point for Priedo running after him and wearing himself out, when he could just walk closer to the forest and wait the two to wear themselves out. However, that could take a while.... That in mind, Priedo layed down under one of the trees.

16th January 2006, 9:29 PM
Little time had passed, but Litera was restless. She sat up, the sun blinding her vision. Her eyes remained closed as she stretched out, yawning widely. Then she took a peek around. There were few pokemon, but there was still a small vine with a few berries on it in front of her.

Of course, no one is around. Litera's stomach grumbled pitiously. I am hungry... she thought, looking at the berries. She nibbled off the last of them and stood up, taking a quick look around. The breeze blew over her again, gently this time.

Litera begun walking toward some flashes in the distance, her legs weak with fatigue. Though she had needed sleep, she had been too ready to move on. Still, she pressed further until she stumbled upon a Kirlia, resting in the open field.

Litera looked at the ground around the sleeping Kirlia. Then she walked a few feet further out, but realized that it was too much. She flopped over on her belly and lay there, too tired to move. She mumbled angrily about how tired she was, but her legs were too worn to make her stand, so she lay there, murmuring to herself.

~Meitantei Starlight*~
16th January 2006, 9:44 PM
Sapphire landed on the hard ground with a loud 'thud'. She rolled off a few feet, spinning up dust as she went. 'Oooww' She stopped spinning and got up immediatly, looking franticly around. She lifted her head up to meet to red eyes of a Ninetails. 'Ninetails! Aah!' Sapphire's fur puffed out on all ends. She didn't even stay long enough to hear the Nintails finish her statement. She kicked up her hind feet, spitting up dirt toward the direction of the Ninetails, and sped off.

Sapphire only got a few feet before she was knocked to the ground again. She got up franticly and looked up, this time to meet the eyes of a Snorunt. Sapphire let out a frightened shreik as she ran the opposite direction of both of them, diving into the flowers. Her eyes were wide as she continued runnig, not slowing her pace.

Run..Run until you die or it will mean death.

Sapphire ran, this time spotting an Absol in the shade of a nearby tree. Sapphire let out yet another squeack of terror as she ran into the center of the flower feild. 'Theres Pokemon everywhere! I can't run..' She leaped up off the ground and dove into a path of tall flowers. She curled up into a tight ball, both ears flat on her head. 'I..I can;t hide either!!' Sapphire thought to herself franticly, looking around for any other Pokemon. Her eyes were wide with fear and her puffed up fur wouldn't settle. 'What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do???' Sapphire plunged out of the flowers again and raced foward, not even paying attention to where she was looking. Sapphire yelped as her soft head connected to the hard bark of an Oran Berry tree. She stumbled a few steps and then fell to the ground.

Sapphire swung over from side to side, failing miserably to get up. Blood was trickling out of the corner of her mouth. She finallly managed to struggle up and limp foward. "Must..Get..Away..."

OOC: So now you see how Sapphire's exoerience with one bad Pokemon left her...

Oh, and ok. If you don't want me to edit then thats fine ^^"

17th January 2006, 1:09 AM
Yuzuki was awoken by something hitting her. She looked around and noticed the same absol last night that was talking to the snorunt. Noticing the absol's weak appearance, she walked over to her.

Yuzuki was kind of scared to talk to something so threat-like. Yuzuki noticed that not only was she weak, but she was tired. Yuzuki had an idea. She teleported to the same berry bush earlier last night, picked a few and teleported back to the absol.

She carefully placed a few next to the absol, and went back to lying down. She peered into the sky, and noticed something orange flew by.

I wonder that that is.

17th January 2006, 3:29 AM
Litera sat up in her weakness, looking at some berries that had appeared in front of her. How... did those get there? She thought, staring. Not that it mattered. It was food, and she was hungry still. She ate the berries happily, gulping them down quickly.

Then Litera turned her head to see the same Kirlia from before; luckily it was staring at the sky. She smiled and stood up, walking closer while still avoiding the Kirlia's eyes.

"Hi," Litera said to the resting Kirlia as cordially as she could, "My name's Litera. You brought those berries didn't you? I thank you." She said, looking around. Thank goodness for the kind-hearted. I hope she does not look at my eyes...

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
17th January 2006, 7:45 AM
Seeing a strange pokemon freeze with fear at seeing her after starting to say something was amusing. Still, not recognizing the species meant it would be impossible to know what it could do. As Kitsune looked at the new comer, the eevee let out a yelp containing words full of fear before beginning to run. It had started to run already, perhaps the fall wasn't as bad as it looked. Still it ran directly away from her, bumping into the new comer before managing to run off.

Kitsune took a few steps towards the strange pokemon, staring right into its eyes. “Greetings, do you realize what you have done?” Kitsune tried to sound as threatening as she could. It was just too bad she couldn't growl like other canines. A chill in the air told her something about the creature, and her tails started to flick against each other. Small sparks of blue flames swirled behind her, spinning together into the small fireballs known as will-o-wisp. “Ah, but you can correct your mistake. You see in return for me not boiling your insides, which wouldn't be too hard, You'll go and cool that eevee off.”

She tossed the will-o-wisps at the feet of her new 'ally', being careful that they were not close enough to harm the fire weak ice type. She turned her back and started to walk off, raising her nine of her tails erect “I'll be back to check on your progress a little later, and I want the eevee alive.”

I hope the eevee is alright, I wish I hadn't scared it so much. It's all the ice types fault for distracting me that the eevee ran off into uncharted danger in which it'll likely die.

A gentle breeze blew past, and facing the wind she sniffed the air to pick up the scents it carried... She paused for a moment at the surprise in what she found out. A fresh scent of death, other than the live absol she could also smell was upwind of her somewhere. Something dead in the valley already, certainly a shock...

No, its the scent of a houndoom, it was impossible to tell if they were dead or alive by scent alone. The stench of their horrible flames made sure they smelt dead all the time, and when they rot enough for the scent to change the meat was always too rotten for even a desperate carrion eater to touch. Usually its a death trap for my kind, stumping into what they first assume re a large group of dead houndoom.

She walked slowly after the scent, though not out of fear as she never paused to look up. There was enough distance to travel before reaching the source of the scent to not worry yet. It got stronger and stronger as she walked, soon it'll be very close, then using cover to be able to sneak up to check on how alive it was... It would be easy with so few pokemon around.

I smell only one, dead means an easy meal, though I'd have to of not eaten in a month to try to eat something so horrible. Still, I am a little curious... Not good, there is not enough cover to hide in here. I'm not used to open planes.

As her head jerks upwards she finds herself staring straight at what she had been tracking, and that she would have been in sight for a few minutes at least...

OOC: Sorry if Kitsune's knowledge of certain pokemon is very limited, but her upbringing was sort of isolated... actually it wasn't really, just she never went to Hoenn. I also greatly apologize of her view on houndoom, but they do burn away toxins that build up in their bodies in their flames so its sort of understandable for Kitsune to have her view.

Since there are two houndoom (Kali, belonging to Ookami, and Priedo belonging to GoldenHouou), I shall let who ever posts first to decide who got tracked by Kitsune. Still nothing is saying it isn't a dead NPC houndoom either, which'd add a bit of mystery to the RPG too.

17th January 2006, 12:23 PM
Yuzuki couldn't help feel a disturbance in the air. She focused something in her mind, trying to figure out, She couldn't make it out, nor was she able to know why it was so disturbing. Yuzuki knew something wasn't right in Velkyn Valley, but what could she do? It may be worth it comming, but was it really worth it?

Then she heard a voice. "Hi."

Yuzuki lost concentration, thinking she wasn't focusing enough. "My name's Litera. You brought those berries didn't you? I thank you."

Yuzuki was still concentrating, even though she lost her concentration. Well, that isn't the disturbance. She tried again to figure out the disturbance. A gentle breeze went by, and she was able to make out a little bit of the disturbance. It want revenge. A chilling feeling went down her spine.

Yuzuki opened her eyes and noticed the same absol beside her that she gave berries to. "Hi Litera, my name is Yuzuki." Yuzuki noticed the absol was not facing her directly. What a strange pokemon...

Because Yuzuki is an emotional pokemon, she could sense absol being worried about something. Beside that, Yuzuki knew this absol would be a great friend. Could this absol be worried about something? Something wasn't right, her body was faced at Yuzuki, but her head was turned away. If she's not looking at me, how can I see her face then?

Thinking about the absol was even more confusing than the disturbance. A gentle breeze went by, and the disturbance grew.

17th January 2006, 11:03 PM
"Hi Litera, my name's Yuzuki." came the reply from the Kirlia, which had been thinking, apparently. About what, however, Litera did not know. As she glanced at the Kirlia, avoiding its eyes, it became more apparent that something was troubling her. But she did seem lonely...

...But what kind of company is an Absol? The most help we can be is to get a boulder to fall on your head. Litera thought sarcastically. Still... She turned her head toward Yuzuki, keeping her eyes on the ground, and spoke to her again.

"You seem lonely. Mind if I stick around for a while?" Litera said, sitting next to her. The Kirlia seemed to be pleased with that; perhaps she was lonely after all.

18th January 2006, 12:30 AM
The suns rays shined airily through gaps in the mighty trees, their rays splashing the ground with a cool warmth that tickled the fancy of any creature lucky enough to be bathing in its embrace. A breeze wafted merrily along the branches, shaking berries from their roost to feed the dainty creatures that so securely walked the paths below, laden with good cheer and blissful arrivals to a new home. Billowy clouds languidly drifted across the shining blue sky, giving just the right amount of cover from the suns glaring form, and the grand oaks and whatnot cast perky patches of shade to rest in.

Well, maybe somewhere else.

Three zigzagoon scurried across the dirt, ignoring the painful twigs and rocks jabbing their paws in sheer fear of their plight. Something was chasing them. Something. Their eyes darted to and fro, anxiously twitching as they scampered along diagonally. The rear member heard a sound on the fringes of their wake and shrieked, pumping her little legs faster then ever she had before. Long ago had the trio used up their stamina for quick attack, with which they had outdistanced their foe, but now he – or it – had eaten up the considerable distance and was on their tails. Literally.

The zigzagoon now behind the others passed under a low-hanging branch, thinking himself safe just before a claw clenched his fluffy tail and tore him away, too surprised to even shriek. The others knew he was gone - how wouldn’t they? - but stopping was not an option. Then, before their very gazes, dropped a terrifying insect pokemon. Pinsir. Their comrade was slung across one shoulder, head lolling at an anatomically odd angle. With a rasping chuckle, his anterior end dipped low, scooping up one prey in his horns and squeezing until the savage crack of bone was heard.

Meanwhile, his hand rocketed out, smashing the final beast from above, instantly killing the poor thing.

“Having fun there, Nya’ark?” came a sarcastic voice from the branches of a tree, where a golduck lounged comfortably, watching his ally rip through the flesh and fur, consuming the juicy meat inside. “Pah…disgusting, gimme plants or fish any day.”

“To each his own,” shrugged the cruel hunter apathetically through a mouthful of bleeding intestines.

“Hah, right,” replied Swraiil sardonically, “done eating there, buddy? Still hungry?”

“No,” said Ark curtly, greedingly launching chunk after chunk of food into his mouth, the one word meant to answer both questions.

“Good, ‘cause there’s an eevee a bit off that just ran headlong into a tree.” For a moment, neither spoke, then the fowl came upon an interesting thought, “suppose it knows where the river is? I need a good swim after all this trekking.”

Cramming a few more heaps of shredded muscle into his meal, the pinsir began peeling bark away from an oran tree, looking for sap to end the feast, “Maybe so. Go see, duck.”

“I think I will,” and with that, Swraiil leaped from his perch and stepped lightly to the writhing fox, bending down and putting a webbed hand over its forehead to keep the little pokemon from squirming, “Hey, hey, you there. Cool it, I’m herbivorous, if that’s what you’re so worried about, guy. Listen, you know where I can find a river?”

~Meitantei Starlight*~
18th January 2006, 1:06 AM
"Let me go!" Sapphire said, trying her best to squirm free of the webbed hand that was ontop of her. She was still too weak to get free though. "Look I don't know anything just spare me, please!" Sapphire pleaded desperatly, eyes wide with fear. She managed to spin around in her desperate struggle and, through her blury vision she could make out webbed paws of what looked to be a duck type Pokemon. Sapphire wasn't thinking too much at the time though, having a big fear of Pokemon and just hitting headfirst into a tree. She squirmed some more, this time trying to look around her but, to her misfortune, the flowers were in the way of her being able to see almost anything but them. Sapphire turned her head back up to the duck Pokemon. "Look, I don't know where any river is just pleeaaase let me go!!!" Sapphire said desperatly, as she struggled harder under the grip of the Pokemon.

OOC: Sorry for the crappy post. I'm having kind of a writer's block on this if you know what I mean *is ashamed*

18th January 2006, 2:38 AM
"Did you see Zalin run off? I'm pretty sure he went this way." Web was hobbling through the flowers as fast as his duck feet could carry him. His leek staff was tucked under his left wing. The flowers were tangling his feet, so he drew his weapon of choice and started to chop his way through with Cut attacks. He threw a glance skywards to make sure Krow was still following. Thankfully, the rather flighty bird was still aloft and scouting ahead. Web turned back to hacking through the foliage.

Krow's eyes scaned through the flowers with precision, identifying multitudes of Pokemon, but none were the cat he was supposed to be tracking. "Dead things, pinch bug, blue bird, brown dog....orange thing....white dog...ah!" His eyes barely made out Zalin's brown and creme tail, bobbing back and forth as he snuck towards what Krow earlier identified as the brown dog. "There cat is, duck!" Krow attempted to point a wing at Zalin, only find that, indeed, both wings were necessary for flight. He started to plummet before managing to pull himself back up. Krow breathed a sigh of relief and took up a circling position above Zalin, waiting for Web to arrive.

Web huffed along, alternating his gaze between the floating Krow and the flowers which faced him like a jungle. The leek chopped through stems and blossoms; Web was indiscriminate in his slaughter. At last, he was nearly below Krow, who had shifted his hovering position. That bothersome cat must have been moving...no matter, he should be nearby regardless. Rustle rustle. Aha, there he is! Web shuffled through the flowers after the noise.

What's this?! A Golduck is bothering that poor little Eevee... Zalin giggled again as he watched the bird place a claw on the dog. His tail swished back and forth in utter anticipation of things to come. Then, there was a sudden weight pressing down on his shoulders. He nearly yelped in surprsise, then remembered that he was trying to be stealthy. Zalin turned his head to find Web holding a leek across Zalin's back. "What're you doing? I'm being sneaky" Zalin hissed.

"Exactly. You ran off and Krow got worried." Web spared a glance for Krow, who landed on the other side of Zalin.

"Krow was not worried. Duck was worried that cat get in trouble."

"Well, that too. Anyway, I'm here to put a stop to whatever unsavory thing you're trying to do." Web lifted the leek off Zalin, who squirmed to get out of reach. Krow cocked his head to the side then looked past Zalin and towards the Golduck. Web continued to pester Zalin while the Meowth attempted to weadle his way out of trouble. Krow remained fixated on a glistening red gem apparently stuck in the Golduck's forehead.

"Krow...must...have shiny thing..."

"Did you say something, Krow?" Web looked over at the black bird, who had acquired a glazed over look. The Farfetch'd watched Krow's trance for a moment before remembering that Zalin had been about to cause trouble. When he looked back to where Zalin had been, he sighed out loud. "...he's gone."

Zalin had quickly darted through the flowers and had joined the Eevee and Golduck within seconds. He waved a paw like a human would a hand. "Hello Golduck and Eevee...might I ask what you're doing with your fin on the poor pup's head?" He looked up at the Golduck with an ear to ear grin.

18th January 2006, 2:47 AM
"You seem lonely. Mind if I stick around for a while?" The absol now sat next to Yuzuki, still keeping her eyes on the ground.

"Sure, why not?" Yuzuki smiled at Litera, and noticed she smiled back.

Yuzuki was bored even since the day she came to Velkyn Valley. Now she wonders why she even did come. She thought about it. Seemed like fun. "Hold on Litera, I have to do something." Yuzuki closed her eyes before she could see Litera's reply.

She was going to focus one more time before she would offer Litera a chance to explore the area, but she thought about why she looked to the ground. Absols... Absols... What pokemon are they again. Arg! It was on the tip of Yuzuki's tongue, but she couldn't make it out. The disturbance grew stronger. A image grew in Yuzuki's mind. It's Yellow. There's also something black. Yuzuki needed more power. If only she could evolve.

Something isnt right. Why are the image so blurry? Has her power weakened? Yuzuki stared into the sky. She thought about asking Litera if she could help her out by finding the disturbance. That's it.

She's a disaster pokemon. That's why she is avoiding eye contact. It's for my own safety. Yuzuki smiled at the absol, still thinking. I'll worry about the disturbance later, after we have some fun.

"Hey Litera, want to go explore?" Yuzuki could only wait for Litera to reply.

18th January 2006, 3:25 AM
"Hey Litera, want to go explore?" Yuzuki asked excitedly. Litera smiled happily with agreement, nodding.

"Sure, Yuzuki. Sounds like fun." She got up and stretched out, working the kinks out of her back. Now feeling much better, Litera was ready to explore with her new friend, Yuzuki the Kirlia.

Thank goodness she doesn't care if it's quite possible I cause a great bit of trouble for us.

Litera started walking a little, Yuzuki following her for the moment. However, she soon strode ahead of Litera and led her about the Valley, an interesting place, it turned out.

18th January 2006, 3:08 PM
Yuzuki was happy to have Litera exploring the valley with her. It turned out to be an awesome place. Many different pokemon has been found along the exploration, but what triggered Yuzuki the most is that the disturbance grew stronger the more they explore, thus she tried leading them to find the disturbance. She wasn't sure if she should tell Litera about it.

She might think I'm wierd.

Then again, what will Litera say if she finds out Yuzuki is leading them both into danger? Yuzuki couldn't decide.

"Hold on Litera, I need to rest. Getting tired." Litera nodded.

Both Litera and Yuzuki sat down under the comfort shade of the tree. Yuzuki closed her eyes. The vision was stronger. The disturbance was caused off an evil aura of a pokemon that has been killing alot, but why is this pokemon here? The disturbance of evilness was really strong. Yuzuki started to worry a bit.

If this pokemon is here, then wouldn't that make Velkyn valley dangerous?

Yuzuki thought Velkyn valley was a great place to live so that's why she came. Now she's not too sure.

Yuzuki new something had to be done before a pokemon gets hurt. The evil aura seems to be pointing the direction both pokemon has been exploring since they started. They were getting closer. Every day, every minute. But how long will it be before they reach the disturbance?

Yuzuki needed a clearer image. Using calm mind, she was able to block everything out, including Litera, her only friend. She felt bad, but she needed to focus more.

The image of a brownish pokemon appeared in her mind. The aura that feeds off of it was purple. The pokemon seems a bit harmless, but she could be a shadow pokemon. Yuzuki calmed her mind ever more. The image is clearer. Just a little more... Yuzuki jump up, terrified. The image was almost too impossible to believe.

Litera seemed a bit uneasy with Yuzuki's reaction when she was focusing. Yuzuki knew she had no other choice.

"Litera, is it ok with you if we go find a pokemon? Reason I ask is because I believe it's evil." Yuzuki sat down waiting for a reply.

If Litera gets hurt, it's all my fault. But... How could it be. The image. Could it be... No... It just can't...

22nd January 2006, 8:16 PM
OOC: Sorry guys, I was in the hospital and such. Also, the ivysaur doesn't belong to anyone. Flat said we needed more prey/hunter things going on, so I'ma try to work those in every now and then. They're probably very common in the forest.

Swraiils eye twitched as the dog squirmed under his hold, squealing and crying in the high-pitched voice of a child. He wasn’t even holding on that firmly! Any more of this, and it might bite him, even! With a resigned shrug, he considered leaving and finding another route to the river, but discarded the notion when he realized how dehydrated he was and after noting the fact that other pokemon might not be in this position of helplessness. Yes, most others would require a beating before any information could be gleaned, and forest fighting wasn’t precisely a golducks specialty.

Ark could do it for him, but the pinsirs instincts usually impelled his final stroke to be a killing one, so there would be no directions upon victory anyway. No, this thing would have to do. Swraiil cocked his head curiously; she said she didn’t know anything. Probably the stress and fear talking, it must have had one iron grip on her. Sucking in a breath, he sent a jet of water spraying into her face, making sure it was powerful enough to maybe break her out of any shock without knocking her out.

“Look, kid, just tell me where the river is so we can all get on with our business? I don’t eat meat, so stop making a will or whatever it is you’re doing!”

“Hello Golduck and Eevee...might I ask what you're doing with your fin on the poor pup's head?” came a voice from the side, a meowth, determined the fowl upon a quick glance. His perpetual smirk widened as he saw it, though he kept a sturdy hand on the eevee.

“Hey guy,” he replied, “any idea where the river is? I tried asking this thing here, but she’s really not that much help.”

Nya’ark finished off his sap, grunting concededly as he put three deep ruts on the hole he’d created, marking it as his own. His eyes narrowed carefully, someone was watching, obviously drawn by the wafting odor of fresh meat. Without hesitation, his legs pumped him into the limbs of the tree just as two vines rocketed from the undergrowth and smacked against the trunk, where he had been moments before. An ivysaur tumbled out of the bushes, growling as it surveyed the area.

Ark silently made his way between the branches as his newest opponent padded cautiously to the carcass he had recently devoured. It stopped, vines anxiously slithering through the air, before bowing to sniff the possible meal.

That’s when he struck.

With a furious screech, Ark shot towards the ivysaur headfirst, horns groping the empty air. The beast noticed the attack and somersaulted away just as he crashed into the ground, pincers reaching far into the ground where his prey had stood a second ago. Vines snapped against him, wrapping around his torso and lifting him from the earth, whirling the insect around in the air while whipping him into trees with terrible force.

Wincing at the pain, Ark stuck his claws into one such trunk, preventing the plant-like beast from continuing the assault. Furious, it released its hold with one vine and began using it to flog his head. Bad move. Nya’ark, bursting into motion, entrapped the appendage within his horns and snapped them shut. A shriek of pain erupted from the ivysaur as one fourth of its precious limb was cut off, flopping uselessly on the ground.

During the moment of distraction, the hunter hopped from the tree and ran to his devastated foe, one arm pulled back. As the distance closed to a mere inch, the three claws were thrust forth and rammed into the creature’s eye, sending it sprawling backwards a few feet away.

Again, Ark came to his enemy, looking hungrily at the exposed tenderness of its belly as it vainly thrashed about, trying to get off its bulbous backside. Chuckling malevolently, his pincers burrowed profoundly into the abdomen, the ivysaur wailing in sheer and excruciating pain. There would be food tonight.

22nd January 2006, 8:33 PM
Litera beugn worrying a little about Yuzuki. She hadn't said anthing in a while. Maybe she just zoned out.

"Litera, is it ok with you if we go find a pokemon? Reason I ask is because I believe it's evil." Yuzuki was talking again.

Thank goodness. "I'm glad you stopped zoning out like that. You scared me a bit." Litera sighed and thought quickly. Evil? What could she be sensing? Litera wondered for a moment, but she decided to just give an answer

"Alright. I would be glad to help." She was willing, but there was still a risk. I hope she realizes that. Well, she must, but still... But then Litera realized she was just being a worry-wart and got up to follow Yuzuki.

23rd January 2006, 1:20 AM
Yuzuki being a smart Kirlia knew with Litera's being a disaster pokemon will help. Yuzuki led Litera throughout the huge Valley, past many fascinating pokemon. Yuzuki was glad Litera accepted. Yuzuki never thought but zoning out would be the best way to describe the way she has been for the past few days.

Litera and Yuzuki had fun running throughout the valley, though Litera was faster, Yuzuki challenged her by teleporting. Yuzuki had never had so much fun before. Yuzuki glazed at Litera. It was amazing to see such a disaster pokemon look so wonderful when she runs. Litera stopped, but because Yuzuki wasn't paying attention, she teleported right off a cliff.

Yuzuki was now falling at a amazing speed. Yuzuki didn't have the SP to teleport out. Eventually she hit something, and was landed perfectly on the ground. She look at the thing that caught her. It was Litera. "Thank you so much Litera."

Yuzuki eyes turned purple. A image flashed through her mind.

It's a fire type. It's. It's. It can't be, we got closer to the place. We had to get over the cliff anyway. It was incredible. How could the pokemon be... a...

"Litera, are you good against ninetails?" Yuzuki broke the ice. Litera stared at her. "Hold on, I'll be right back." Yuzuki went out for awhle collecting berries and wood.

Yuzuki made a bowl out of the bowl using Psywave, since the pattern of Psywave made a circle. Yuzuki counted out the berries and placed them on a piece of wood Yuzuki use water pulse on the soothe the wood to make a great plate. Yuzuki placed only the best berries onto the wood.

Yuzuki went out to find some other berries like oran, sitrus, lum, etc. And made healing items out of them. Ten oran potions, five Sitrus potions, two lum potions, two leppa potions, two cheri potion, two chesto potion, two rawst potions, two pecha potion, two aspear potion, three persim potions.. These will help for later. Yuzuki carefully wrapped the potions (liquid that she placed in bottled wood) in some large leaves she found. She tied the potions onto her back.

Yuzuki then use psychic to get water from the river nearby and placed it in the bowls. Yuzuki took the food and drink to Litera. She sat down giving the water and berries to her. "Let's rest Litera. I think its time to gain some strength. Also, do you think you can handle a ninetail?" Yuzuki waited for an answer.

24th January 2006, 3:19 AM
Litera loved the run. The Kirlia's speed being enhanced by teleportation, she was given a real run for her money. The wind caressed her long, gray fur and gave her a quick focus that kept her eyes off anything else but the ground which she stared at. After a moment, Yuzuki fell off a cliff.

Litera ran down to catch her, knowing that it would be a painfully damaging, if not fatal, fall for the Kirlia. Had she looked in her eyes? Or had this been merely a fluke? Either way, Litera's guilt pushed her fast down the cliff to catch Yuzuki. Lucky for both pokemon, she succeeded.

Then the Kirlia's eyes turned purple for a moment, Litera noticed. She carefully listened and answered, "I may be. I have no real weakness to one, I know that."

Yuzuki's offer of rest, food and drink seemed perfectly inviting. "Thank you." Litera said as she started nibbling at the fruit and drinking greedily from the bowl. The run had left her parched, like the barren deserts of her home. How nice to find a friend like this.

25th January 2006, 1:38 PM
Priedo was laying on the ground still, enjoying the warmness of those few sun rays that managed to make their way trough the tree tops and the many leaves. His eyes were closed, but he wasn't sleeping, for letting your guard down in a place you didn't know could prove dangerous.

Despite the fact that he couldn't allow himself to sleep, he tries his best to rest, but every time he felt even a bit relaxed, a distant sound caught his ear, causing him to shot open his eyes and listen. But everytime his concern had been for nothing, as he had found out that the source of the voice was either so distant that he shouldn't worry, or that it's something so weak that he shouldn't care of it. Not only were the sounds troubling him, but the scents as well. However, they, too, proved to be nothing that he should worry.

Until one scent caught his nose. Scent that was stronger than all the others, coming from closer. However, this time, Priedo kept his eyes closed. It was the smell of something burnt.

Forestfire? Priedo asked himself, with no hint of worriedness. Usually, fear would come naturally to any creature upon smelling smoke, for fire was what caused many to run in terror. However, that was not the case when it came to fire types. If the scorching heat of the current weather was only refreshing to them, then fire would only increase the power of some of them. Priedo was one of those fire types that, upon bathing in the furious flames, actually got more power in their own fire attacks.

But that smoke was different. If it would've came from forestfire, then the smoke would be all over him, and the scent of it would be a lot stronger. But this scent... it was like it would come from certain something, or rather, someone near by.

Priedo knew that the creature was getting close, for weak, faint cloud of smoke was following it, for reasons unknown to Priedo. He assumed that the creature had either been burned, or was one of those Pokémon that had flames in some part of their body. Priedo started to feel hungry as he had been smelling that scent for some time. After all, all he ate was scorched in his very own flames. And now, something smiliar to those was walking close by.

Priedo remained silent, knowing that the someone is close by, and that if he plays dead, that something will come closer. If it is a predator, it will come to look for an easy meal, and if it's not, it most likely will get a bit closer in order to see what has killed such a powerful creature as Houndoom, so that they, themselves would know what to fear.

Now, the only thing he had to do was wait. Wait for that someone to draw closer for whatever reason, and at last he could have his meal.

Meanwhile, deeper in the forest, Rovu and Fergah...

"Okay, okay, would it help if I said I was sorry?" Rovu asked, a small sweatdrop falling down from his head.

"I think not", came the angered response of Fergah's, who was still trying to find a way to get up to the Manectric and chew him up. Literally.

"Hey, seriously, I still say there was nothing. I think you'd better go check your eyes, you're seeing things, man", Rovu replied, nodding to his speech, as his scared voice got back its previous, ringing and joyous tone.

"Do you realize that it might have been the only other Pokémon in this valley so far? That would mean that we are here with no food until someone else happens to arrive here!" Fregah was clearly angered as he stared up at Rovu, who, after many hours of running away from Fergah, had finally found a nice cliff he had positioned himself on, and Fergah, with not as much agilness in his legs had been unable to follow. That fact angered him greatly.

"Hey, we can always eat berries and such! 'Cmon, I'll find some for 'ya!" Rovu suggested, jumping up and down on the cliff, causing Fergah to have a hopeful expression of Rovu falling down. That, however, did not happen.

"Berries? I can't live with berries, I need meat", Fergah growled, narrowing his only working eye. "And since there are no others... I'm forced to eat you", Fergah finished, a slight grin crossing his face.

"Ah, you know 'ya can't eat me. Priedo won't like it. And you wouldn't eat your friend now, wouldcha?" Rovu just replied, smiling. But after his sentence, he fixed his eyes in something far away from them.

"Priedo is not here, and he would not know if I- what?" Fergah had noticed Rovu staring somewhere, and desperately hoping it would be something to eat, Fergah turned around. "What is it?"

He got his answer as Rovu jumped down from the cliff, colldining with Fergah and causing both of them to fall on the ground. "Ahaha, tricked you! Now you're the ´it` again!" Rovu said in his usual, rining tone before rushing off to the distance, Fergah running after him, eyes fixed on his back. "You rotten! I swear I will catch you and make you my lunch!"

"Haha, you can't catch me!" Rovu cheered, not even looking where he was running, which caused him to run straight on a tree. And as he fell on the ground, dizzy from the impact, Fergah caught up to him.

"I won't?" he asked in a mocking tone, his eye widened, which caused him to look slightly insane. He walked up to the dizzy Manectric and placed his front paw on Rovu's throat before getting his face so close to the Manectric's that their noses almost met. "Now, I will-" but before he was able to finish, something caught his eye. In the distance, two figures.

Fergah lifted his paw from the poor electric-type's throat and walked a bit closer, lifting his head. He sniffed the air, and soon grinned. A Kirlia and an Absol. "Perfect..." he said softly, ignoring Rovu who was dizzily getting up from the ground.

"W- what did you..." Rovu asked, his eyes swirling slightly as did his legs, his standing being unstable. As he made his way next to the Mightyena, he looked at where he was looking, and saw the two Pokémon, but in his eyes, there were multiple of them. "Great... a pack of Pokémon, now..." He lifted his front paw as to point at something, but collapsed on the ground before being able to do so.

Ignoring the Manectric, Fergah waked a tad closer, the trees providing a great cover for him. He grinned, his paws sinking in the ground softly, without a sound. He wouldn't want to scare of possible preys, now would he?

Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
25th January 2006, 8:05 PM
Kitsune's shock sub-sided. The Houndoom look reasonably dead to her, just laying there in the flowers. Kitsune walked a few steps closer, looking at the Houndoom carefully for any sign of movement. She began to circle, at a reasonable distance around the pokemon. Something didn't seem quite right...

Houndoom aren't usually clever enough to try any sort of trick. Still, neither would they travel alone, nor leave one of their dead laying where scavengers can get at it if avoidable... I've actually seen them eating their own dead too. Whatever happen would have had to be quite serious, but there aren't any signs of struggle, nor any injuries on it. Could it of been alone for some reason and died of old age?

She took a few steps closer. The scent certainly smelled quite dead, but cation was important. She paused for a moment as a brilliant idea came to mind. Brilliant, and yet most likely very stupid. She took absolute care to make her steps silent as she walked closer. Then she turned, flicking a tail towards the Houndoom, tickling its nose.

If it's dead I'll look stupid doing this, if it's alive it'll have the shock of its life if it tries anything... right, smashing it with nine iron tails at once would have been better test. I wish I thought of that earlier...

26th January 2006, 3:31 AM
Yuzuki and Litera were eating in the fields for a awhile. Yuzuki had to go back and forth getting water for Litera. Yuzuki sat againts the tree and told Litera she wasn't hungry now.

Yuzuki enjoyed watching Litera eat. She was a fascinating pokemon. Yuzuki again closed her eyes. The ninetails. What is that... Did she attack an innocent pokemon? Why is that pokemon laying down? The image of a ninetail circleling a houndeoom filled Yuzuki's mind.

Why did the ninetail kill the houndoom?

Tears filled Yuzuki's eyes. She knew that something was terribly wrong if there was a pokemon doing such cruelty in the world. The only thing she could do is stop the pokemon. Yuzuki got up and told Litera to get ready for another adventure.

Yuzuki equipped the bag of medicine onto her, and some left over food. The adventure would be slower, but safer. Yuzuki used future sight to see if there was anything that will come later on into the future. Nothing. Yuzuki and Litera started to search for the location of the ninetail.

Can't be too far away.

~Meitantei Starlight*~
26th January 2006, 4:20 AM
Sapphire scrambled away as soon as the Psyduck was distracted with some sort of dinosaur like Pokemon. 'Thank god..I didn't even know where the darn river was!' She thought while half running, half limping away. 'I didn't even know there was a river around here..ow!' Her head trobbed with an immense pain. Sapphire still limped along though, for anything she would do to get away from the Pokemon was worth it.

She continued limping along until she did finally reach a steam of water. 'Oh..thats the river..' Sapphire stood by the edge of it and looked over in it. She grimiced at what she had seen. Cuts covered her face and upper body, and there was a big cut slashed in the middle of her forehead. It continued to throb in pain. 'Arrg.....oww' Sapphire dipped her head into the cool water. It hurt, but she thought she might as well clean the cuts so that they wouldn't get infected.

After a few moments of dipping her head in and out of the water, she lifted her head and up shook it back and forth, water splashing around her. She blinked and looked up wearily again. She had noticed some large stones sticking out of the river that led to the other side. Carefully, Sapphire hopped from stone to stone until she was on the other side. She then found a tall patch of grass surrounded by white cernations and hid in it.

Exhausted, Sapphire dropped her head down on her front paws, only to feel more unbearable pain. She didn't care though, for she was too weakened to care. Slowly, Sapphire closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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26th January 2006, 3:28 PM
OOC: Will continue from where I last left as always.

Priedo was still laying on his stomach, holding back his breathing and making sure he didn't move a muscle. He could hear that something drawing closer. The faint cloud of smoke hovered very close now, piercing into Priedo's nose.

As he lay there and heard the creature getting closer, he felt quilty. Have I really... sunk this low? Priedo asked from himself in his mind. A trap. How clever, and yet... so unhonorable. I should be ashamed of this... he shook of the thought as memories flowed in his mind.

Run. Save yourself. Forget everything you've learned of pride and honor. Not all are like us. Not all care of those things. We we're wrong... please, don't be like us. Be devious, be hideous if need be. Please... Priedo repeated those words in his mind mechanically. Those were the very last words of his parents, and he had been repeating them for himself for quite some time now.

His parents... they had told him to forget. Forget everything he had learned of pride and honor, the very same things he was teached to respect. His whole life as a pup, those two things had been what he would always have to keep in mind, and never was he allowed to act against them. Every battle had to be filled with pride and honor, evey word, every thougt. And yet, his parents told him to forget...

No, Priedo said to himself as the steps had finally stopped moving around him and the creature getting closer, though now, Priedo was unaware of it. I must get up. Tricking it like this... It is- but before he was able to finish the sentence in his head, something made contact with him.

He felt something on his nose, but before Priedo had time to make out whetre it was an attack or just a leaf, his refleces kicked in. And within the very same second, he leaped forward at the attacker, his paws having gotten great speed boost for him as they sunk in the ground and pushed him forward.

It all happened so fast that Priedo had no time to realize that he had leaped, nor that he had hit something and pushed it on the side, while he, himself was thrown forward from the strenght of his own bounce. As he landed on all fours, he shook his head and quickly looking back, saw that what he had hit was a Ninetales, now standing there, few feet away from himself. The Ninetales didn't look hurt, though Priedo wouldn't even expected that, as he merely pushed her away from himself with his paws which, well, weren't dangerous, as they lacked huge claws.

Priedo blinked, panting slightly, for it all had happened too fast. His mind, well was still in the moment when he had been thinking of past things.

Soon, though, he lifted his head and stopped panting. Slowly, he turned to the Ninetales. He looked over at it, red eyes scanning her, like he would be a machine that analyzed the strenghts and weaknesses one possessed. He stood there silently, deciding that he would not be the first one to attack. Allowing the enemy to make the first move was more... honorable.

As he thought of that word, he heard the silent whispers in his mind, yet again. Be devious, hideous if need be...


Fergah was still eyeing at the Kirlia and her four legged companion, and Rovu, he was still trying to keep standing, his legs crossing each other all the time, causing him to collapse.

Just then, the Kirlia got up and put a bag made of leaves of some sort on the bag of the Absol, apparently about to leave the area. Fergah, however, wasn't okay with that idea. He slowly sneaked closer, making sure that no sound was made as he walked. The Absol and Kirlia began to move, and Fergah, seeing the direction they were headed, crawled on one of the bushes that would be right next to the path those two took.

Fergah grinned, knowing that he fact that he was a dark type was now of his advantage, for the Kirlia, being Psychic, would be unable to feel his presence or his emotions. However, the Absol could prove to be a trouble for him, but it didn't seem to be of his concern. Now, he just had to wait for the two to get closer. And once hey were close enough... Fergah would have a feast.

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Kawaii Kyuubi Kitsune
26th January 2006, 9:09 PM
There was no time to react. There never was when an attacker attacks from behind with no warning. Still, paws with no claws don't do any real harm. Kitsune was merely pushed a few feet, and she looked right at the now clearly alive Houndoom. Her tails flicked a few times... a unusual thing for a ninetales, normal foxes never wag their tails at all.

Odd. I half expected him to bite one of my nine tails straight away, which would have been uncomfortable. Seems like I've got a smart one to deal with... Honorable too, he's certainly showing no signs of attacking. Well, non-aggressive is also another possibility.

“Sorry for waking you,” Kitsune barked, showing little real concern, while carefully noticing the stance her opponent was in.. “Tell me, do you really want to fight? I know you must think my kind are easy targets, which I would have to admit is correct.... most of the time. Superior strength is what you hope to be on your side, isn't it? How much longer do I have to talk till it would be honorable for you to make the first move? Its not like I see any reason to be the one to start this myself, as what little meat is on you is too foul to eat.”

She sat there in the bed of flowers for a brief moment before curling her tails around her. Forming complete cover using tails isn't easy, especially when one has the tails wanting to wag due to how fun the plan seems. Still Kitsune had a lot of practice of doing it, and within moments she was contained in a ball of her tails.

It feels odd to do this without using iron tail, but I can't take the risk that such a technique would make my tails able to be melted off. I wish I knew for certain whether it would, instead of it being another question I can't answer.


“Brother, how did the flight go?” Sanye laughed while watching her exhausted brother tumble in for a landing in their cave. Sure, circling the the globe was easy for a dragonite, but that was nothing compared to how tiring trying to fly out the top of the valley was, due to the extreme winds. Quarth was just always so stubborn about getting up there to see where the valley really is. “Manage to fly out this time?”

“No, but I got a little closer, a few more day and I'll succeed.” He responded, as he staggered to his soft golden metal bed. Dragonites rarely had beds of gold to sleep on, but that was only because of how hard it was to get enough... Sanye and Quarth were luckier than most. “So how goes our guests in the valley? Any thing the makes letting them in worth it?”

“Not as yet, even I grow weary of the waiting...” Sanye paused for a moment, then grinned. “I think the river needs to curve more to the left, and perhaps the lake needs to be smaller...”

She leaped from the cave, charging a hyperbeam, the bright white light in her mouth would have been visible from quite a distance.

26th January 2006, 11:52 PM
Litera didn't object to taking a bit of the load from Yuzuki. The Kirlia was smaller and a bit more frail just for its form than she was, while she had been Slashing down prey for long enough. They started on their way, moving with slowly and calmly. Time wasn't an issue.

But Litera had an urge to look around. Danger had to be near. Normally, she would keep her eyes straight on the path ahead of her, unless, of course, this feeling came. However, she did not want to risk the life of her new friend Yuzuki... it was as though she had to look. Something was out there.

Something dangerous, a predator was most likely. Still, what use was it to fortell such a disaster by looking at her friend? All she could do would be to ensure its happening. With a sigh, Litera kept moving, resisting as best she could her insinct.

And over the plains a glowing ball of light, a Hyper Beam, charged and gleamed.