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16th January 2006, 7:25 PM

Well, since working on Aeon is gonna take like....a....really...um...long time...(cringes from her readers' glares)...since it's my "magnum opus" and all, I thought I'd create a smaller story to keep me occupied in the times where I have no inspiration to do an Aeon chapter.

A Clockwork Darkly will be very, very, very weird, I warn you.

It isn't really horror so much as it's sort of a macabre fairy tale. Alice In Wonderland style comedy. Think of A Clockwork Darkly as a Alice-in-wonderland type story, where nothing makes sense in real life but makes sense in the story itself. The story won't be very long, maybe between 10 and 20 chapters, though it's just a wild guess.

I give enormous credit to Tyranitar for helping me conspire by providing me with soundtracks and a banner to boot! Let's have a hand for him. XD *claps*

This takes place in London, BTW. Yes, REAL WORLD. HOES SNAP! *gasp*

Basically, the main protagonist is Scarebaby, a Banette who used to be a rag doll that was loved by a little girl, but eventually got thrown away. You all know that same old sob story. Doll comes to life, wanders around hoping to find another child to take it i, but eventually gives up.

Scarebaby meets a "Cheshire Cat" type character, a Sableye called Vagrant who has an alarming tendency to speak rapidly in sentences that make no sense or spontaneously clean out his jewel-eyes, or disappear but leave his smile still visible.

Vagrant takes Scarebaby down under to a world beneath London, a bizarre realm called Neverwhere. ;D The realm makes no sense at all, I assure you. Though, a lot of its inspiration comes from American Mcgee's Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, that one. XD There will be infernally ticking clocks, twisting stairs, giant black-and-white checkerboard halls, a Queen of Knives, and lots and lots of gibberish. Scarebaby wants to find the Queen of Knives to see where he belongs, yada yada yada.

The main villains would be a Linoone and Sneasel. Mr Cloak and Mr Dagger. Mr Cloak likes words. Mr Dagger's always hungry.

That's basically it. This fanfic isn't as large or epic as Aeon, but rest assured I'll enjoy writing it the whole way.

This has been your official warning. You may now proceed to resume your activities. XP

16th January 2006, 7:45 PM

*hugs* I'm soooo glad I'm helping you 8D THIS IS my shiznit, ya know? OF COURSE YOU DO. GAH, so FaNTAstIC! I really want to read this when it comes. Would you like a cup of TeA?

London, of couяse, was wheяe Alice in Wondeяland took place, by a яiveя neaя Oxfoяd Univeяsity. Yanoo, when you fiяst mentioned "London," the gяeat, Big Ben came to my mind. Imagine that? A CLOCK XD But omg, Scяap, this is going to be awesome. I'm going to fall in love with Mя. Cloak and Mя. Daggeя. RIGHT AWAY. Their names just make me laugh with madness 8D I've never liked Sableye before, but now that Vagrant is tuяning into a Cheshire Cat-like character, I must adore hIm UNTil kINGDOM KomE. Anywho, I hope you are successful with this. I suspected you were writing "A Clockwork Darkly" to be preoccupied until you post Aeon. Same with me, I can't write a long, chaptered fic without having small stuff here and there. A VEяy Meяry UnBiяtHDaY.

We'яE aLL mAD HERe
~[Tyranitar]/The Cheshire Cat

16th January 2006, 7:48 PM
ZOMG! I should have known you'd guessed. Old Big Ben's the gateway, kinda. D:

London seems weirdly right. So no one go, "ZOMG YOU BETTER NOT GET GEOGRAPHY WRONG!" Because....I LIVE HERE. Durr.

16th January 2006, 7:58 PM
I knew it D:

I dun think geography will really matter, and of course, you CAN'T get it wrong *coughcoughmindrippercough* XD Jokes. Portals to another realm = fun. Still, kinda weird tho, because if Neverwhere is underground...then, is it a portal, or a passageway? Most like, interdimensional poo like that D: One day, I would like to trip and fall in a RABBIT-HOLE. Dammit. ;-; I've gotten pictures taken over here when me and a few of my friends tried to jump through mirrors, and kept smudging the looking-glasses horribly XD

16th January 2006, 8:02 PM
I agree with Tyranitar, Really Weird!!

I have never read the original Alice in Wonderland, though a friend of mine said it made absolutely no sense. Yet, I like stories like this. If its anything like "The Metamophosis" then yes it will be really weird, but super interesting nonetheless.

The thing with the Banette, that is going to be really cool. The idea of a doll that has no place in the world; sad but interesting. And I think you picked the perfect character for the Cheshire cat. Sableye's smile always creeped me out when I played Colloseum. Oh, and Cloak and Dagger. Clever.

I will read this when it comes out. It looks to be very surreal, yet interesting. I can't wait for it to come out. Good luck with Aeon and this one as well.


16th January 2006, 8:02 PM
I think of Neverwhere as being underground because Alice fell through the rabbit hole, so that's gotta be sort of underground, right?

But it's the sewers...you'd think there's got to be something UNDER ALL OF THOSE tunnels. XP The sewers could be a go-between, sort of, and Big Ben is the rabbit hole/looking glass.


Elemental Charizam
16th January 2006, 8:08 PM
Wow, the name 'Neverwhere' reminds me of a book bu Neil Gaiman about a strange world under London. Crazy coincidences of life, I suppose :P Mr.Colak & dagger also seem eerily fammilar...

Sounds oddly familiar, but should prove interesting... Especially that Bannete. All it has to do is exist to be creepy. I wonder if the child unzipped its mouth before throwing it out? Good luck in any case O.o

*rambles on*

16th January 2006, 8:16 PM
Alice in Wonderland really freaked me out when I was younger, especialy that Cat... :o But I got over it, eventually. *clutches pikachu and hugs it tight*

This sound like it will be a realy fun fanfic! Nice banner, by the way. *gives thumbs up to Tyranitar* The Sableye should be fun, I'll keep an eye out for this... *flees*

16th January 2006, 8:46 PM
Well, if Alice in Wonderland freaked you out, don't play American McGee's Alice XD Rated M for Mature, and Rated R for Really Wicked: for jaws that bite, and claws that catch, and vorpal blades that snicker-snack...

Anywho, I'm just beginning to notice that since you started telling me about A Clockwork Darkly, everyone here is becoming obsessed with clocks, whether they mean it or not @_@ I mean, look at me. I should be a sick clockwork experiment! Syra even has a clock, but I dun think he knows about this :P Time is so strange...it can represent soooo many things...hope there's some insane clockwork involved in this story...

Seijiro Mafuné
16th January 2006, 9:56 PM
Oy. Frell. I don't care what anyone says, this fic has got to be one major misuse of titling. And it also sounds a lot like a nightmare. As in, it's something that shouldn't even be made. But my opinion doesn't matter because you people don't hear me. So, I take my leave and wait for you people to bug me by PMs, because I won't check this topic again. Seeya.

16th January 2006, 10:11 PM

You know, before you go and tell someone that they have a misuse of titling or that their story is a nightmare ("as in, it's something that shouldn't even be made"), you might want to back up your comments with explanations. Why do you think it's so horrid? Why is the title "misused?" Basically, you just posted your blunt opinion on here without supporting it, then go on to say that "my opinion doesn't matter because you people don't hear me. So, I take my leave and wait for you people to bug me by PMs, because I won't check this topic again. Seeya." Well, if your opinion doesn't "matter," as you say it, why did you even post here? And what is with the "you people?" It's not like we're rabid aliens :P You're just trying to catch a fight with someone on the Private Message System, unless you actually have a reason for posting a harsh comment without specific reason.

Eternal Daydreamer
17th January 2006, 12:21 AM
Well, this sounds interesting. I think. I tried to go for a serious approach for Chocolate Factory but it turned out like a parody. And don't tell me that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory isn't dark, it is. You just have to scrape off all of the sugar coating that Roald Dahl gave it to protect little kids.

Anyways, I'll look forward to it. BTW, [Tyranitar] are you re-writing Alice in Wonderland? o.O;

17th January 2006, 12:24 AM
Charizam:Yep, the realm's named Neverwhere in honor of Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors. ^^ Glad you've heard of him, Charizam, no one else seems to have heard of him. Mr. Cloak and Mr. Dagger are based off both the superheroes of the same name, as well as Croup and Vandemar, as Neverwhere was one of the books which inspired me to write horror.

Kitten: I think Disney's Alice gave children all over the world nightmares. XD But The Mcgee's version is even worse, trust me. Do not play it. @_@

Mafune: I'd ask you how it was a misuse of titling, but you seem to have already pre-judged this story and refuse to check the thread again...so, too bad. ^^;; I'd have wanted to hear your opinion on the eubject. D:

Remember, I am not a bug-eyed alien. I am ready, able, and willing to listen to criticism. So I dunno why you're leaving so quickly. o.o;;

What else to say? I just came back from watching Munich, so I'm a little rattled, but it's a great movie. D: That's all for useless info now, methinks. :P

EDIT: Yeah, he's doing the Mcgee version of it, I think. XD Can't wait to read that.

Eternal Daydreamer
17th January 2006, 12:31 AM
Nice. Can't wait to read both of your guys stories.

BTW, are you sure you aren't a bug-eyed alien?!! jk

17th January 2006, 2:26 AM
Ooh, I like, I like.

I think Mafune is referring to A Clockwork Orange. I really don't know. But it's the only title of a book with a similar name.

Whenever you mentioned Scarebaby, I kept seeing him with one missing eye, replaced with a button that's on its last thread. I know that Scrap doesn’t really describe her characters because she wants us to make up our own visions of them… so I decided to share mine.

17th January 2006, 2:35 AM
A Clockwork Orange does share the same title, but I wasn't inspired by that. o.o;; A Clockwork Orange means (according to the author) an organism that follows a predetermined path set by other's expectations, while mine literally means the internal workings of a clock, as clocks do have a role in it. XD Darkly means a shade of dark....obviously. XD

17th January 2006, 2:45 AM
What the? I just bought Alice in Wonderland a couple days ago. FREAKY COINCIDENCE! >O

Oy Scrap. Well, this sounds interesting to me. Fantasy-ish things that really don't make sense always draw me in. The first thing that came to my mind was a parody of Alice in Wonderland, but then when I got all the way through, it seemed less like a parody to me. It's similar, yet original and quite insane. I like it.

Cheshire Saybelye. xD

17th January 2006, 3:00 AM
It's not so much a parody as it's a homage. And the funny thing is, I thought this up after re-reading my old one-shot, Malice, and then playing through the Wonderland stage in Kingdom Hearts. XP

17th January 2006, 9:55 PM
I can't believe how long it's been since I played KH I :O I miss it sooooo...of course, Saber will prolly lurf this XD

I don't think it's much of a parody either, and morely as something inspired by the wonderful Wonderland Lewis Carroll created. And like Faerie, I love mad stuff. I just adore it. If there is an insane book in the library that makes no sense, I vill grab it. If any book contains the words "mad," "insane," "asylum," "corn," and "rutabega pudding," I'M JUMPIN' IN.



Sike Saner
17th January 2006, 10:16 PM
Basically, the main protagonist is Scarebaby, a Banette who used to be a rag doll that was loved by a little girl, but eventually got thrown away. You all know that same old sob story. Doll comes to life, wanders around hoping to find another child to take it i, but eventually gives up.

Scarebaby meets a "Cheshire Cat" type character, a Sableye called Vagrant who has an alarming tendency to speak rapidly in brukky sentences that make no sense or spontaneously clean out his jewel-eyes, or disappear but leave his smile still visible.

There were three things VERY, VERY RIGHT with that, each encapsulated within a single word.

The first word is BANETTE. For the promise of my FAVORITE GHOST-TYPE EVER, I must hug you. *hugs*

The second word is SABLEYE. For the promise of my FAVORITE DARK-TYPE EVER, I must hug you again. *hugs*

The third word is BRUKKY...which you did not say, actually. XP I just stuck that word into the above quote because I thought saying there were three things that stood out in what you said sounded spiffier and more delightful than saying there were two things. Three is a far groovier number than two; it just is.

(In case you're wondering, "brukky" means random. Best of all, it's not really a word!)

Well, this looks right up my alley, so I do solemnly pledge not to miss a moment of it when it comes out. Boss ideas here, seriously. ^_____^ *hugs a third time, because again, three is groovier than two*

Wondrous Sableye
18th January 2006, 2:36 AM
Ooh. Cool. Well, I'll be watching for it…Like Sike, Banette and Sableye are two of my favorites. And I must give props for Misters Cloak and Dagger. Teh Sneaselness.

…Which one's which? Is Cloak the Sneasel and Dagger the Linoone? Or is it the other way around?

Also, glad to see that I'm not the only one what sees Sableye as a cattish-thingy.

Lookin' forward to it.


18th January 2006, 3:03 AM
Mr. Cloak is Linoone, and Mr. Dagger is Sneasel, who uses throwing-knives taken from his pink feather-blade thingys on his back. 8D "Cloak and Dagger Service. Obstacles obilerated, nuisances eradicated, bothersome limbs removed, throats slit. What can we do for you?"

I'll PM both of you when it starts up, unless you don't wish so, kay? ^^

18th January 2006, 5:25 AM
And the funny thing is, I thought this up after re-reading my old one-shot, Malice, and then playing through the Wonderland stage in Kingdom Hearts. XP
]I can't believe how long it's been since I played KH I :O I miss it sooooo...of course, Saber will prolly lurf this XDOh my god. All of you play Kingdom Hearts? LUFF! *glomps KH-ness* It's teh awesomeness. I finished Wonderland recently too. The Trickmaster is weird, has axes for feet and juggles flaming sticks. Sounds like something Scrap would come up with. xD

*cough* Anyhow, back to the actual topic of this thread. I have a certain tendency to be drawn to random or insane things in most cases. Somehow if they don't make sense but make perfect sense at the same time, I love them. And this is completley and utterly origional. I just adore this idea. Squee. So could you drop me a PM when you post it? I'm definitley going to read this.

I had to think about Mr. Cloak and Mr. Dagger for a while before coming upon this, but they remind me of some sort of Scrap-ish version of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. Because they certainly sound mad. Is that where you got the inspiration?

And since everyone is putting something random at the bottom of their posts...



Saffire Persian
18th January 2006, 5:29 AM
o.o Wow... An Alice In Wonderland Pokemon version. Sounds awesome so far.

I look forward to Cloak and Dagger.. they sound like so much fun to write. ^^ I love Sneasel's, too - and the Sableye.. XD now, that's who I look forward to.

^^ Good luck, and do PM me when the wackiness starts.

18th January 2006, 6:32 AM
Mr. Cloak and Mr. Dagger also take their murderous personalities from the Mcgee version of the March hare and Mad Hatter, so Faerie is right, sort of. XD

The story starts off much like the classic children's story, the Velveteen Rabbit, then takes an elevator plunge right into a circus out of hell when they fall through the "looking glass" which, in this case, is good old Big Ben. I will be referring to the Sableye as "The Cheshire" most of the time, and am currently casting about for ideas to further develop the Queen of Knives character.

And you two shall be PMed. ^^ Fwee.

18th January 2006, 7:01 AM
The real and Pokémon tales of Wonderland shall unite in one macabre force of boom D:

Actually, in American McGee's Alice, the Hatter was the murderous one XD SPOILER! I suggest you read it :P The March Hare and the Dormouse are actually taken hostage by the Hatter, and throughout the entire game, the Hatter performs sick clockwork experiments on his two former tea-mates (HOE SNAP *coinage*), and feeds them medicine that "makes Dormy tired." Still, you're right in the aspect that the Hatter and the March Hare are like Mr. Cloak and Mr. Dagger, because (before the McGee version :P) those two mad chaps were VERY good friends.

OMFG. You and I should be TEA-MATES, SCRAP! XD

22nd January 2006, 3:29 AM
*grins sadistically* Sounds like my kind of story. Can't wait for the... uh... first chapter... or prolouge. Since I'm so damn stupid, can somebody tell me WHAT the... uh... legend (*gigglesnort*) behind Bannetes are about? I know it has something to do with a doll...

~;173; Fallen

22nd January 2006, 5:14 AM
Here's the Pokedex info:

Banette: The Marionette Pokemon

An abandoned plush doll became this POKéMON. They are said to live in garbage dumps and wander about in search of the children that threw them away.
Strong feelings of hatred turned a puppet into a POKéMON. If it opens its mouth, its cursed energy escapes.
BANETTE generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. This POKéMON was originally a pitiful plush doll that was thrown away. A cursed energy permeated the stuffing of a discarded and forgotten plush doll, giving it new life as BANETTE. The POKéMON's energy would escape if it were to ever open its mouth.

22nd January 2006, 7:21 PM
I was going to do a fic on Banette. Err, sort of... *looks down at sig* Yah, But I think the idea is awesome Scrap. Sounds interesting... *evil sadistic grin* You earned youself another reader right here.

23rd January 2006, 5:06 AM
Yay. There needs to be more stories about Banette! D: Absol gets all the glory. XD

Catapult Turtle
27th January 2006, 3:59 PM
I never did understand Alice in Wonderland (they say that it was inspired by drugged delusions o_0) but Clockwork Darkly sounds interestingly weird. And it has only Pokemon, which is my kind of story! I look forward to rotting my brains with the first chapter/prologue :D

27th January 2006, 4:28 PM
lmfao! Some of my friends were telling me before, "That one dude who wrote Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) was poppin' some shrooms while writing it."

There's not explanation why he wrote so madly >>; Lewis Carroll was a big kid himself. He was a mathematician, so I'm sure he wanted a break from all the logic and world of adults @_@ He was mostly inspired to write the book when he met the minister's daughter, Alice Liddell. Hence, "Alice."

I was planning for a Poké fic ash well, and I was looking through the Pokédex. though I didn't find interesting enough information on the Pokémon I wanted tew feature ;-; Banette is pretty perfect for this role, as its background is completely creepy. Let's hope no one tries to pull down Scare-baby's zipper...

28th January 2006, 2:51 AM
I thought Lewis was heavily religious? @_@ At least, that's what I heard. XP

28th January 2006, 3:19 AM
Of course! XD He was a mathematical lecturer and reverend of Christ Church, and he went picnicing and boat-rowing with the Dean, his wife, and his daughters very often.

OMG, HILARIOUS was what happened one time. Queen Victoria was a fantabulous fan of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and actually sought out Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. So did the Prince of Wales... They went to Oxford and actually left with some of Lewis Carroll's photography, and the Queen mentioned that the next book he wrote should be dedicated to her. Contrary to popular belief, Carroll did write another book after Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it was years before he wrote Through the Looking-glass...

Unfortunately for Her Majesty, his next book was a mathematical opus entitled An Elementary Treatise on Determinants.


28th January 2006, 3:20 AM
So why would a minister be doing shrooms? XD

28th January 2006, 4:12 AM
Er...he wasn't. Mah peeps were being idiots >>;