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17th January 2006, 9:08 PM
Right, well the title says it all. My first fic, my most popular fic, and my personal favourite fic. The mc had some MS issues, no-one complained, not even Billy5772. My plot was..an enigma even to me. So i'm starting fresh, and hopefully, here's the prologue.

In a certain world, there exists two forces. Called Light and Shadow, they form a perfect balance. This balance maintains the world. This balance is the world. For over fifty-thousand years, this balance has never shifted. Not once. For the slightest shift in power would cause unknown and immeasurable chaos, destruction and havoc upon the world. What is this worl? A enigmatic world, far from our own. Filled with strange and amazing creatures, called Pokemon.

Pokemon are amazing creatures. Ranging from bizarre catapillars with baseball bats for tails that measure only inches, to immense dragons, with roars that summon storms and the power to change the very physical world. But of course, these creatures know one important thing. The physical world isn't what matters here.

Certain Pokemon in particular know this too well. These four pokemon are called The Sacred Four, formed by the four second most powerful of the creatures, Ho-oh, the Phoenix, Rayquaza, the Dragon, Uniceera, the Unicorn and Cheloly, the Tortoise. These four help maintain the forces that make up the world they live on. They keep the powers of Light and Shadow in balance. Even though they are confident in their ability to maintain the two forces, they have learned one thing in their immensly long lives. No matter what, there is always the ever present threat that the forces will try to out do each other. For even they do not know what will happen should one finally triumph over the other.

And now, the greatest threat to this balance is about to return. And unfortunatly for us, this threat only has one counter-measure. Four heroes of man, the other creature who exists on the Pokemon's world, must rise to save the world and help fight off this threat. The ultimate fate of the world now lies in the hands of four new heroes. Let's just hope when the time comes, they will be ready to face whatever comes their way.....

Start praying.

For those who remember it, it's an original trainer fic(don't leave!). It's set in the new region of Astra(stay I beg of you!), filled with new Pokemon(I now have snipers outside this thread, you leave you die!) and the key thing about this region is it is nothing like the other regions.

It's enviroment is much harsher, and the Pokemon that are native are far more powerful, so trainers must usually go through a school that up until they're tenth year teaches theory.

Pokemon can be acquired at any age above five, but are forbidden to be trained until they reach their tenth year at school. Thn, once they turn sixteen in their eleventh year at school, they are allowed to leave on whatever quest they desire, if they desire. Those who stay behind will usually go on to become Proffessors and scientists. those who leave usually become either failures or great trainers.

This region really is harsh. For one thing, dragon pokemon are the most common type. This is not a joke or an excuse for Mary-Sues, but the varied enviroment and very variable climate means that Pokemon like Dragons who can withstand the elements are best suited for these lands. Deserts, rainforest and mountain ranges form a large part of the enviroment, and most other places are developed. In fact, most cities are on islands surrounding Astra. Most areas are too inhospitable to settle in.

The one place that could be settled in greatly but isn't is a location called the Whirlwind Plains. The only settlement there is the Draconium League, or Astra league because most can't be bothered to remember the other name. The reason that is the only settlement there is because Astra is famous for another thing. Legendary Pokemon

The main continent is so dark and inhospitable in places that Legends of powerful Pokemon are common as well. Some, such as Teragon, turn out to just be undiscovered regular Pokemon. Though others, like Nession, remain enigmas. And the Whirlwind Plains are a rumoured gathering place for Legendaries. The only reason this has never been confirmed is that whenever they are said to gather, nature itself starts up. It is called the Whirlwind Plains for a reason. Hurricanes and storms are common. The League HQ is on it's fifth building. It remans there because the Plains are home to numerous powerful pokemon, and are immense. So they serve as a final test for trainers.

That's the background on Astra. It will probably be covered in fic, but Astra is the main attraction point of this fic. It is equivalently where Australia is on the real world's map, hence the extremes.

I made a dex of all Fakemon I use. They vary, mostly Fire, data, ghost and Dragon Pokemon, with some prehistoric Pokemon, and a fair few legendaries. There is at least one of every type, except poison. But of course, the prologue indicates much more powerful forces at work. I just don't want to spoil it.

So read and rate, give me ideas to improve if you want. If there's one thing I don't mind, it's critiscm.

18th January 2006, 2:39 AM
filled with new Pokemon(I now have snipers outside this thread, you leave you die!)


Man. I'm seriously liking the whole WHIRLWIND PLAINS THING HAR HAR HAR. Just say the name out loud. WHIRL-WIND PL-AINSSSSSSSSS. Nice and long. :333

D: YAY NEW POKEMON. YAYYYYYYYY. Really can't wait to read. And see teh newness. >.> Is it just me, or do their new names all end in ON? :P Like the two dragons.


It sounds interesting, but I can't really judge it yet, due to the description. (Or lack thereof. :P) But it has an interesting premise, and though the world seems a little dark, (harshness, most pokemon regions aren't like that,) I look forward to seeing what you can do with it. ^.^