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Lady Myuu
21st January 2006, 11:12 AM
So here I sit, with a beagle pup on my lap sleeping on my belly. He finally stopped annoying me so I could finish up this insperiring moment of writing.

I've been twinking and toying with this idea for a long while, the character presonalities being tuned as I go and with the help of a recently left here friend, Renegade, have roleplayed out the whole thing. Now to put an rpg into story format...

I've done this before, with my current fic which is almost to completion. Only two chapters to go and then Into My Woods will be complete. So far it has been a blast... but writing a fic with only five chapters causes me to have a problem...

o.o I wont have anything left!

so here is a short teaser of what is to come:

This teaser is rated... um... PG :D but the story will be rated R.

Note that barely half the first chapter has been posted cuz I dun want to give it all away...



Place in pokemon time: Before the birth of Mewtwo. This takes place in the game version of pokemon and not the anime.
Genre: Suspense, Tragedy and horror/gore
Rating: R/pg15
For: Blood, Gore, abuse, sexual content, and death

Chapter index:

Prologue: A dreamless sleep
Chapter one: The one and then the other
Chapter two: Broken
Chapter three: The spider and the fly
Chapter four: For the sake of science
Chapter five: Don’t fall asleep
Epilogue: Little Brother

Forsaken Vessels

It does not live. For it was never born from a womb.
It does not feel for it never was given any feeling.
It can not think for it was never given any creativity.
It was made for one purpose, it is a tool.
It does not have a soul.
For we never gave it one.

A dreamless sleep

It was an empty sleep they were in. It was empty and cold… there minds could only wander in this large open space of darkness as they searched for meaning of what they seek and to seek for the meaning. It was a complicated thought and yet perfectly understandable to a mind that had little to do but wander around its own existence.

Then there was a twitch, a jolt of awareness and out of two mines… one vanished. The other mind was confused and began to search the emptiness of its own self. It grew to a panic at the fact that its companion had gone missing. The mind raced for an answer and though it spoke not with words it still called out to the other hoping for a reply. But none came to it. And it was alone.

And the mind mourned.

Chapter one: The one and then the other

The sound of squeaky wheels echoed about the brightly lit hallway, the tile on the floor was a creamy white color while the coloring of the wall was just plain white, to go with this whiteness even more white tiles were on the ceiling with yet again white lights.

Walking down the long detail-less hallway was a young woman, barely twenty it seemed. She wore a soft blue uniform that looked much like what a surgeon would wear in a hospital. The pants were loose and almost too big while the shirt was tucked in neatly. The collar was a V shape and had semi long sleeves. But over this she wore a white lab coat that caused her to blend in with her surrounding white hall. This young woman was pushing the squeaky wheel cart and every step her eyes seemed to narrow more and a vein on her light blonde head would tick from the annoyance it caused her.

The cart was filled with different sized metal bowls, each having different sorts of pallets and vegetation. The cart had two levels as well, so it could hold twice as much bowls for its various creatures the cart was meant to bring such nutrition too. The woman hummed, her hazel eyes glancing about a bit as she ran one hand over her hair while the other steered the squeaky cart. Her foot steps grew with rhythm with the squeaking and the sound of the wheels rolling across the clean tile and closing her eyes she could almost find her way to the cells with out having to open them once. The rhythm was old to her, over done, tiring and she sorely missed the bright colored walls of her old lab, the one she use to work in with the dear professor who had journeyed here to this place with her.

Her mind began to wander on her home, the clean streets of cerulean city, the salt lake near by that blew in rich salty air. Her house just on the edge of town, her mother doing meaningless chores that she enjoyed to do and her sister preparing for her pokemon journey…

But this train of thought was broken as quick as an ekans sinks its fangs into its prey as sounds of quick moving feet came dashing down the halls of the overly clean and white mansion. The assistant gasped a little snapping her eyes open and turning her cart quickly to the side of the wall, rattling its contents and spilling some on the floor. She ignored this as she watched a few of the more important scientist, professors and doctors dash by like their life depended on it and then was followed by assistants and lesser intelligent people before they turned and darted into a room. She gasped once more as a loud child like wailing came within, it sounded high pitched and yet gurgling as if there was water down the throat. Shouts and orders were given before the sounds were muffled behind closed doors.

The blond haired assistant nearly started as she felt a hand clasp around her shoulder, her eyes turning to the source quickly and she was relieved as she stared up at a kind old man. In his mid sixties, his head balding but still held some thick white hairs. His once blue eyes seemed to have faded into gray while his sagging face gave a look of worry and wryness. He wore an outfit much like the assistants, only green and it seemed there was no gender specific clothing in these walls. His lab coat seemed almost too large for his thinning form and the woman knew that the last few years had been hard on him.

It had been hard on both of them.

“Rena.” The professor gasped, still trying to catch his breath and showing he was not a man of exercise.

“Yes Professor Palm?” she replied, the tone and look seeming to be memorized by her, showing she had said it many times before but never grew tired of listening and obeying. It was her duty to her employer and her friend, though the woman known as Rena often wondered if she should have become a pokemon trainer like her mother wanted.

“The main lab, the tank… awake… trouble. Come!” he barely was able to speak before he began to lead his assistant off into the room. She had never been within that room before; it was for high leveled scientist only. She only knew of one assistant who ever went in there… and he was mute. She watched intently as the good professor slid his card through the card slide and pressed in a code. The red light on the little panel switched off and with a din, the green enter light was on. A click… and the door into the main lab slid open.

Rena knew in most horror stories, a mad scientist would be bent over his creation that would be hidden under a blanket, in a dark and dirty room. With lightening flashing in the background and a hunched over assistant would speak out ‘maaaster’ and then the monster would awake, and turn on its creator.

But this was different, more real, more frightening. Several of the scientists, doctors and professors were hovering back and forth to a single metal table. The assistants that were able to enter for the first time in the room were huddled off watching in wonder and fear. The room was not dark nor did lightening flash in the window. No it was very white and very clean. No windows at all but bright white lights that shined down like an unforgiving sun in the desert. The men ordered the room to be cleared of assistants and those who were not allowed in here.

Rena turned to go before something caught her eye or more like her ear. A child like groan. Her eyes turned onto the table and she saw a long violet limb raise up, it was much like a tail, but it was thick and glowed as if it was wet or covered in some sort of goop. The ‘tail’ as Rena guessed started out thick then would thin out a little before it widened once more into a sort of bulb. She watched as it rose higher before came crashing down onto the table with a loud cry coming from the owner.

“OUT!” one of the doctor’s ordered pointing at Rena to leave, she stumbled a moment before turned to go before she was grabbed once more by her professor. She gave a questioning look towards him but he ignored it as he advanced closer to the table and nodded her to go over towards another. She saw clothes and towels resting on it with a tray of scalpels and other objects.

“I don’t want her in here.” The leading professor snapped at Palm as the older man walked over to the table.

“Bart is not here yet, you must have at least one assistant.” The professor Palm spoke calmly and with a slight authority though he knew speaking to knowingly would get him scolded by the leading scientist.

“Fine. You. Yes you. Put some towels and that tray on a cart and come over here” the leading professor snapped out his order and Rena quickly went to work preparing the cart from the corner and darting over. She noticed that only a few scientists remained and they were at computers or clipboards jotting down notes. The creature on the table had stilled, on soft whimpering and gurgling escaping it as the tail twitched here and a leg kicked a little. Rena could not help but think of something that had been hit in the head and was suffering from shock.

The lead scientist was a tall man and he looked very old, he walked tiredly and held shaky hands. His cold brown eyes stared with a numb look, showing he had been doing this for quite some time and while he was barely past forty five his work had aged him physically and mentally beyond any man’s wish. Rena wasn’t looking at the professor. She stared down at the pitiful creature lying on the table.

And she knew that everyone in this building was going to hell for what they were doing.

It breathed shallow breaths, its body covered in liquid, Rena could see that some of it had drained off and was slipping down into a drain on the floor. The body was thin, she could see the rib cage of the poor creature and watched as it took quick breathes as it tried to stabilize. Its upper body looked almost human, with small shoulders and two small breasts, but she knew it wasn’t human as it was covered in soft almost faded pink fur. Then its lower body did not resemble a human’s at all but sported large hips with rounded animal like feet, it would walk on two toes on each foot while a rounded third toe was higher up on its legs.

The thin frail arms were longer then what looked plausible for it and sported three round ended fingers. Its head was animal like, with a cat like snout and two slits on it for a nose with a gasping tooth filled mouth. Faded glazy blue eyes stared out almost as if it was dead and on top of its head were two stumps… no horns… ears? Rena was unsure as they were covered in the short velvety fur and yet seemed harder more protective of the head. The creature let out a soft moan from its mouth and its eyes closed hand moving a bit.

“… What… what… oh Lugia…” Rena whispered as she watched the creature. If it could stand now it would not be close to five feet tall. More like four five and would probably fall over. The woman reached out and pushed some of the strange violet hair that covered the creature’s head out of its eyes.

“Actually” the leading professor spoke up, “Not Lugia… Mew. Well, a clone of one. A failed one by the looks of it… but we will see.”

*cuts it off*

<< >> actrually I havn't written past this point lol.

<3 the mewtwo <3 love it I say. For its character is very importent to my heart...

questions? suggestions? reservations? Chocolate pie?

poli dude
21st January 2006, 11:54 AM
i love it, keep up the good work

Emo Saria
21st January 2006, 8:42 PM
Chocolate pie! (Thats my choice)
I'm never around the RPG, and I'm barley around the fan fic section, but coming here was a good thing after all. What you have so far is great! No more or less to say so far.

Lady Myuu
22nd January 2006, 5:17 AM
This was a private rpg cuz last I need is someone knowing the plot nya.
So thats it no real questions or suggestions? Guess you guys don't know much of the plot so far.

Its pretty much about two clones before Mewtwo's 'birth' and what they go through. Kinda a cliche cuz clones have been overdone just like pokemon hybrids. BUt I wanted to see if I could make this original...

Well if anyone is interested in reading it when its up or has any suggestions just let me know. I could make a PM list but of course I don't think that many people will care XD