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The Red Butterfly
22nd January 2006, 7:57 PM
This is a thread for ships of Fruits Basket! This thread doesn't just have to be about Tohru and who's perfect for her but about any characters, for example: Ayame x Mine!! Anyway don't bash any ships or members opinions and state reasons why you like the ship along with hints!!! :)

I'll start: I like the ship of Tohru and Kyo, especailly after reading volume 6 because their really sweet to eachother and Tohru helped finally heal Kyo!! :)

23rd January 2006, 9:03 AM
All right, Fruits Basket! :D

I'm also a supporter of Kyo X Tohru. their friendship grew since Volume 1. ^___^

The Red Butterfly
23rd January 2006, 10:42 PM
Oh ya I forgot about Kisa x Hiro!!!! Even though he can be mean to her he still cares a lot about her!!! ( I seriously don't know how I forgot them figuring I claimed them as one of my couples lol!!!!)

24th January 2006, 3:26 AM
They really seem to be maturing as they grow up! It's soo cute! ^_^

Katsu Koneko
24th January 2006, 4:33 AM
I wuv Kyo x Tohru and Hatsuharu x Tohru. They seem sooo cute~

The Red Butterfly
28th January 2006, 3:40 AM
I have no idea who Machi is but I do like Ayame x Mine (y do i keep on forgetting these????) They do go cute together and plus they see eachother a lot since Mine works Ayame

Katsu Koneko
29th January 2006, 7:07 AM
@Cerulean - Machi is this person that appears on in the manga at their school.

Not too many Haru x Tohru supporters around huh..maybe they're just hiding. Oh well.

29th January 2006, 7:23 AM
I like Hatsuharu x Yuki, Momiji x Hiro and Ayame x Hatsuharu. :3 The first cause I think it would be quite possible, the second because awwwwww, and the last because I think it's aesthetically pleasing. :D

The Red Butterfly
30th January 2006, 1:15 AM
@Cerulean - Machi is this person that appears on in the manga at their school.

Not too many Haru x Tohru supporters around huh..maybe they're just hiding. Oh well.

Thanx for answering my question :) Anyway Haru and Tohru would make a cute couple and they do get along well but I think he's more interseted in Rin and Tohru's more interested in Kyo!!!! Plus I never really thought of Mojimi in a ship...... *might have not spelled that right!!*

Katsu Koneko
30th January 2006, 1:28 AM
Yeah..though in the fandom, anything is possible. xD -wink-

I wonder if we should think of shipping names for our favorites couples. Oooh "gentleshipping" for Haru x Tohru. xD

The Red Butterfly
30th January 2006, 1:41 AM
lol, and kittyshipping for Tohru x Kyo cuz Kyo is the year of the cat and Tohru wanted to be year o the cat!!!!! For Kisa x Hiro it should be.........littlelambshipping lol or tykeshipping!!! ;)

Katsu Koneko
30th January 2006, 2:17 AM
I was thinking the same for Tohru x Kyo, but Nekoshipping xD

Wolf Goddess
30th January 2006, 2:20 AM
I like Hatsuharu x Yuki

And I do as well. :0

And Ayame x Shigure, just because.

The Red Butterfly
30th January 2006, 8:46 PM
hmmm, thats cool, I don't know anyone who ships Shigure, but he's a little too old to be put with Tohru and didn't Rin like him?????

4th February 2006, 11:41 AM
Well I support Kyou x Tohru but also Yuki x Tohru <3
Both of those couples are so cute

The Red Butterfly
4th February 2006, 10:25 PM
ya they are :) Ok hers a topic

If Tohru could be in the Zodiac so she could actually date one of the guys which animal do you think she would be?? (You can also add a new animal to the zodiac for this question!!)

well for a not new animal I say she'd be the Tiger like Kisa cuz then her and Kyo would be the cats!! :)

For an animal not in the zodiac I say Tohru would either be a mockingbird or a dove, because a dove brings luck and happiness(which tohru bought to both guys and my favorite examples of these are in book 5 with Yuki when he lost his ability to speak and then he got self-consious and Tohru made him feel better and of course my all time favorite one is in the sixith book when kyo's beads come off and Tohru sees his true identity and "heals him") and a mockingbird because all mockingbirds do is sing their hearts out for the people to enjoy and they don't mess with people's property. This is like tohru because she's so unselfish and is always willing to do stuff for others without asking for anything in return!! :)

5th February 2006, 3:33 AM
Kyo x Tohru. Yup yup! And Kisa x Hiro cause its so friggin cute! Kureno x Mr. God. I can't remember his name cause I ahven't watched or read FB in a while XD Ayame x Shigure but just for the heck of it XD

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