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Jesse GS the II
24th January 2006, 4:54 PM
This thread seemed to go over pretty well the last time I posted it, but it was pruned a while back, so let's try it again.

Most everybody hates at least one dub title (personally, I hate almost all of them), so this thread is for you to vent your frustration by thinking up new names for the episodes whose current titles you detest the most. I'll get the ball rolling with my completely redesigned American Season 1. For added fun, see if you can guess the pop culture references.


“Pokémon, I Choose You” - “The Journey of a Thousand Spearow”
“Pokémon Emergency” - “The Good, The Bad, and the ER”
“Ash Catches a Pokémon” - “A Bug’s Strife”
“Challenge of the Samurai” - “Insects and the Samurai”
“Showdown in Pewter City” - “Brock You Like a Hurricane”
“Clefairy and the Moon Stone” - “It’s A Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance”
“The Water Flowers of Cerulean City” - “Sisterly Love”
“The Path to the Pokémon League” - “House of Sand and Flog”
“The School of Hard Knocks” - “Tech School Confidential”
“Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village” - “Running of the Bulb’”
“Charmander, the Stray Pokémon” - “Flame It On the Rain”
“Here Comes the Squirtle Squad” - “Big Trouble in Little Kanto”
“Mystery at the Lighthouse” - “Faster, Dragonite! Bill! Bill!”
“Electric Shock Showdown” - “Apocalypse Ow”
“Battle Aboard the St. Anne” - “Baby, You Can Buy My ‘Karp”
“Pokémon Shipwreck” - “Everything and the Kitchen Sinks”
“Island of the Giant Pokémon” - “King-Size Pikachu”
“Beauty and the Beach” - “Any Way You Flaunt It”
“Tentacool and Tentacruel” - “It’s Not Nice to ‘Cruel with Mother Nature”
“The Ghost of Maiden’s Peak” - “Summer of Forty-Boo”
“Bye Bye Butterfree” - “Butterfree, Butterfree, Fly Away Home”
“Abra and the Psychic Showdown” - “I Want to Reach Out and Abra”
“The Tower of Terror” - “House on Haunter’s Hill”
“Haunter Vs. Kadabra” - “How to Win a Gym Badge Without Really Trying”
“Primeape Goes Bananas” - “Monkey Can’t Buy Me Love”
“Pokémon Scent-Sation” - “Gloom 222"
“Hypno’s Naptime” - “Don’t Fear the Sleeper”
“Pokémon Fashion Flash” - “Styled, Styled West”
“The Punchy Pokémon” - “The Heartache They Fall”
“Sparks Fly for Magnemite” - “Gunk Up the Volume”
“Dig Those Diglett” - “Evolution Ain’t Rocket Science”
“The Ninja-Poké Showdown” - “The Poison Back in Town”
“The Flame Pokémon-Athon” - “My Flame Flicka”
“The Kangaskhan Kid” - “Runt Through the Jungle”
“The Bridge Bike Gang” - “Born to be Riled”
“Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion” - “I Ditto That Emotion”
“Pikachu’s Goodbye” - “Never Could Say Goodbye...”
“The Battling Eevee Brothers” - “Mike and the Family Stone”
“Wake Up, Snorlax” - “A River Snores Through It”
“Showdown at Dark City” - “All’s Fair in Hovel and War”
“March of the Exeggutor Squad” - “The Lamest Show on Earth”
“The Problem With Paras” - “Bringing Up Buggy”
“The Song of Jigglypuff” - “Bo-Heavy-Lid Rhapsody”
“Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon” - “Canyon Dig It?”
“A Chansey Operation” - “Bad Case of Employin’ You”
“Holy Matrimony” - “The War of the Jessies”
“So Near, Yet So Farfetch’d” - “It Takes a Duck”
“Who Gets to Keep Togepi?” - “Misty Dearest”
“Bulbasaur’s Mysterious Garden” - “I Plant Fight This Feeling Anymore”
“The Case of the K-9 Capers” - “Kinder-Canine Cop”
“Pokémon Paparazzi” - “A Picture is Worth 150 Words”
“The Ultimate Test” - “The Miseducation of Ash Ketchum”
“The Breeding Center Secret” - “A Whole New Breed of Rocket”

24th January 2006, 6:03 PM
Turning the only good titles of the show into bad puns. You should be ashamed!!! I'd rename all the pun titles because I hate puns in anime titles.

High Commander Solomon
24th January 2006, 6:04 PM
So this is like the Pokemopolis episode titles, correct?

24th January 2006, 6:47 PM
Yay, your title puns are back! I swear, those titles are a hell of a lot better then the ones 4Kids pulled out of their...never mind!

Jesse GS the II
26th January 2006, 10:45 PM
Here's the second season, for those that care. Remember, this is a thread for you folks to give it a try, too.

“Princess Vs. Princess” - “Girls Just Want to Have Won”
“The Purr-Fect Hero” - “That Darn Meowth”
“Riddle Me This” - “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot”
“Volcanic Panic” - “Blaine Versus the Volcano”
“Beach Blank-Out Blastoise” - “Mid-Aged, Brute, and Injured Turtle”
“The Misty Mermaid” - “Poor Unfortunate Misty”
“Clefairy Tales” - “Space Cute-iny”
“The Battle of the Badge” - “CrudeFellas”
“It’s Mr. Mime Time” - “Workin’ With a Cold Mime”
“Holiday Hi-Jynx” - “How the Jynx Stole Christmas”
“Snow Way Out” - “Ketchum’s Sense of Snow”
“Showdown at the Poké Corral” - “Anything You Can Catch, I Can Catch Better”
“The Evolution Solution” - “Lonesome Dope”
“The Pi-Kahuna” - “Yellow Crush”
“Make Room for Gloom” - “Greenhouse Arrest”
“Lights, Camera, Quacktion” - “West Side Stupid”
“Go West, Young Meowth” - “When a Meowth Loves a Meowzy”
“To Master the Onix-pected” - “In Fraud We Trust”
“The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis” - “Aztec You Like It”
“Bad to the Bone” - “Owner of a Bone-ly Heart”
“All Fired Up” - “Moltres of Wine and Roses”
“Round One - Begin” - “Krabsolute Zero”
“Fire and Ice” - “And the Elimination Continues...”
“The Fourth Round Rumble” - “In and ‘Sprout”
“A Friend In Deed” - “Lifestyles of the Rich and Ketchum”
“Friend and Foe Alike” - “Nary the ‘Tweens Shall Meet”
“Friends to the End” - “16 Out of 100 Ain’t Bad”
“Pallet Party Panic” - “I Believe It’s Time For Me To Fly”
“A Scare in the Air” - “Dead Zeppelin”
“Poké Ball Peril” - “The Heart of Brock and Roll Is Still Beatin’”
“The Lost Lapras” - “Beach Blanket Baby”
“Fit to be Tide” - “Swing and a Ciss’”
“Pikachu Re-Volts” - “The Revolution Will Not Be Explained”
“The Crystal Onix” - “Snake of the Glass”
“In the Pink” - “I’m Pink, Therefore I Am”
“Shell Shock” - “Cretaceous Expectations”
“Stage Fight” - “Ol’ Man Raichu”
“Bye Bye, Psyduck” - “Golduck-ers of ‘33"
“The Joy of Pokémon” - “Joy and the Fish That’s In the Deep Blue Sea”
“Navel Maneuvers” - “I Hear Toboggan, But You Can’t Come In”
“Snack Attack” - “Battle of the Bulgy”
“A Shipful of Shivers” - “Ghost Riders in the Sea”
“Meowth Rules” - “The Fool of the Isle”
“Tracey Gets Bugged” - “A Lighter Blade of Pale”
“A Way Off Day Off” - “Relax, Don’t Do Anything”
“The Mandarin Island Miss Match” - “Tell Me Sweet Little Lorelei”
“Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?” - “A Bad Time to Be In Love”
“Git Along, Little Pokémon” - “Cheesy Rider”
“The Mystery Menace” - “Up From the Muk”
“Misty Meets Her Match” - “Love is a Many Misdirected Thing”
“Bound for Trouble” - “Da Fightin’ Ones”
“Charizard Chills” - “Of Ice and Men”

27th January 2006, 7:42 PM
I have a few.

Beg, Burrow and Steal - Vibrava-in the Cave
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt - Snorunt of the Pack
The Great Eight Fate - I Juan My Badge!

28th January 2006, 1:34 AM
Shroomish Skirmish- Spontaneous Combusken or 'Busken the Mold
Do I Hear a Ralts- Ralts the Matter?
I can't think of any more...
;354;~Dark Magician~;354;

Super Wario 64
28th January 2006, 2:46 AM
A Cacturne For The Worst!: My Harley Davidson Motorbike!
Pokemon Paparazzi!: Todd,Krackle and Pokemon!

28th January 2006, 5:42 PM
man changind the older titles to the crummy puns..you guys are killing me LOL

Jesse GS the II
28th January 2006, 9:03 PM
man changind the older titles to the crummy puns..you guys are killing me LOL

My puns aren't "crummy", you just don't get them. My apologies if my vast knowledge of popular culture terminology has left you scratching your head.

Here's Season 3.

“Pokémon Water War” - “Flakdraft”
“Pokémon Food Fight” - “Ball in the Family”
“Pokémon Double Trouble” - “Ketchum’s Got a Brand New Tag”
“The Wacky Watcher” - “Say the Secret Word and the ‘Karp Comes Down”
“The Stun Spore Detour” - “Take Me In the River”
“Hello Pummelo” - “Islandic Pentameter”
“Enter the Dragonite” - “Bluff the Magic Dragonite”
“Viva Las Lapras” - “Long John Ketchum”
“The Underground Roundup” - “A Fistful of Diglett”
“A Tents Situation” - “Brock It All Night Long”
“The Rivalry Revival” - “Won’t You Be My Rival?”
“Don’t Touch That ‘Dile” - “Go West, Young Ash”
“The Double Trouble Header” - “Field of Schemes”
“A Sappy Ending” - “Let It Beetle”
“Roll On, Pokémon” - “Confrontation: Dumbo Flop”
“Illusion Confusion” - “Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Hoot”
“Flower Power” - “For Whom the Bellossom Tolls”
“Spinarak Attack” - “Johto’s 11"
“Snubbull Snobbery” - “Give the Dog a Home”
“Little Big Horn” - “From Deer to Eternity”
“The Chikorita Rescue” - “Let’s Hear It For the Girl”
“Once In a Blue Moon” - “No Time to Wallow In the ‘Sire”
“The Whistle Stop” - “My Fair Ledyba”
“Ignorance is Blissey” - “Nurse Joy and the Women”
“A Bout With Sprout” - “Fast Times at Pokémon Tech”
“Fighting Flyer with Fire” - “It’s My Own Darn Falkner”
“For Crying Out Loud” - “The Wreck of the Endless Fits Marril”
“Tanks A Lot” - “Saving Private Togepi”
“Charizard’s Burning Ambitions” - “The Whole Nine ‘Zards”
“Grin to Win” - “Sunflora Go Away Today”
“Chikorita’s Big Upset” - “The Girl Can’t Help It”
“Foul Weather Friends” - “Little Hoppip of Horrors”
“The Superhero Secret” - “Eye of the Gligar”
“Mild ‘N’ Woolly” - “Mareep Was a Little Lamb”
“Wired for Battle” - “Running With Scizor”
“Good ‘Quil Hunting” - “Cyndaquil of the Father”
“A Shadow of a Drought” - “Slow Rider”
“Going Apricorn” - “Planet of the Apricorns”
“Getting the Bugs Out” - “Saturday Night Hive”
“A Farfetch’d Tale” - “Duck Be a Lady”
“Tricks of the Trade” - “Blob Without a Brain”
“The Fire-Ring Squad” - “It Squirts to Say Goodbye”
“No Big Woop” - “The Tambourine Mile”
“Tunnel Vision” - “Raging Snubbull”
“Hour of the Houndour” - “Chances With Wolves”
“The Totodile Duel” - “We’re Off to Claim the Lizard”
“Hot Matches” - “Battle Skarmory Galactica”
“Love, Totodile Style” - “I Get a Kick Out of Blue”
“Fowl Play” - “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bird”
“Forest Grumps” - “Bear Necessities”
“The Psychic Sidekicks” - “Future-Sight-a-Rama”
“The Fortune Hunters” - “James and the Giant Grift”