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25th January 2006, 3:06 AM
The thread revealing author's in-jokes is back!

Here's the explanation for Brock's one liners in "The Ash and Pikachu Show":

I hope you enjoyed the summer, 'cause we're in for a year of insanity!

The "summer" refered to the supposed break the cast took in between Season 1 and Season 2.

If Sailor Moon fights evil by moonlight, why can't she do it by daylight too?

A reference to the Sailor Moon theme song ("Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight...")

Eat your heart out, Totodile Hunter.

A reference to "The Crocodile Hunter"

Everybody was kung fu fighting...

This was used in Greta's episode; it also dropped a hint as to what the musical number would be ("Kung Fu Fighting"). It won't be the last singing one-liner, either.

Is it just me, or does everyone have this many fangirls?

Brock is referring to the fact that Tucker has lots of fangirls

I suppose you wondering why I asked you here tonight?

A homage to "Garfield and Friends"--what Brock's one liners are parodying to begin with.

There can only be one explanation for white tile in a dressing room--we must have black, red, blue, green, and yellow tiles too!

This one requires a little explanation...

In the Looney Tunes short "Show Biz Bunny" (which I have parodied several times before), Daffy Duck is peeved about Bugs Bunny getting star billing, so his response to Bugs having the star on his dressing room door is "There can only be one explanation for white tile in a dressing room--and THAT'S it!"

The other part of the joke refers to Trozei's "history"--the tiles were once colored stones.

Kyle of Pallet
28th January 2006, 5:53 PM
From Poke'Mon: Dragon Quest

There are no comedy references yet, and won't be till chapter four, but here is one from some of the older Dragon Warrior games

Domdora and Hawksness are in reality, for the games that is, the same town. In the original dragon Warriors for the NES, the name of the desert town in both Dragon Warrior I and III was called Hawksness. It was changed to Domdora in the Game Boy, and possibly their SNES remixes. Also, the destruction of Hawksness (Domdora) is mentioned in the fic. Before dragon Warrior I begins, the town of Hawksness is destroyed and taken over by the Dragon Lord. Well, I just told the same story, but I used the newer name and put the blame on another creature.

28th January 2006, 6:10 PM
Some trivia from "Pokemon Rescue Force" this time:

--Most of the missions are loosely based on episodes of "Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers" (since I've seen some episodes so many times, I have them memorized.)

Mission 1 trivia:

..."Will do, Ash!" Treecko smiled as he pinned on his Rescue Force badge: a red and blue Poke Ball with a yellow lightning bolt on top of it and the letters R and F on the sides of the lightning bolt. Everyone else did the same. "Ready guys?" The others cheered in agreement....

The Rescue Force badge I modeled on the Rescue Ranger badge...

"I'm on it!" and Mudkip fired a stream of water at the flaming remains. "HYDRO BLAST!" The flames hissed as they died down, allowing the charred metal to cool off. Treecko, manwhile, gathered up his blueprint and toolbox, then ran to join Mudkip in tinkering with the smoking remains.

I took a cue from Digimon and jazzed up the attack names

"Left side, second row, fourth cage over...got it!" With that, Pikachu peeked outside...the Rockets had gone, so he motioned for the others to follow him. After some climbing, they made their way over to the fourth cage over, where a tiny Persian wearing a magenta bow with the name "Serena" written in gold writing lay, asleep.

I named Serena after Sailor Moon's English name.

The next morning, all of Pallet Town turned out at the town square to watch the Rescue Force receive their latest award. In addition to all the newspapers and radio stations, the news crews of KNTO, WJTO, PNN, and WHON were all present for the ceremony.

PNN is a parody of CNN; while the other TV stations hint at the region names

Kyle of Pallet
8th February 2006, 1:07 AM
From the same fic:

-Rahab is actually the name of the prostitute in the Book of Joshua in the Old Testament. She supposedly helps the spies, so she is spared when Joshua and the Hebrews took over the city of Jericho

-"And what about that loud din that was yesterday. Now Kyle tell me the truth, did Peter make a nuclear bomb again?"
Haha, made a joke about Family Guy.

-"Rahab, I've never seen a look in anyone's eyes since I watched From Russia With Love's Daniela Bianche in the train,"
said the Rogue Knight in his creaky voice.
And thats a look you can quote about for years. Its basically a look that looks sexy, but extreamly innocent, like there is something afoot (and there certaintly was, we are talking James Bond here).

-"Cor Blimey," yelled the Rogue Knight. Kyle and Jessica laughed. And so, we leave this chapter as our heros walk onto the St. McCloud and sail of for Great Log.
Ricky, who did the voice of Yangus in dragon Quest VIII, is who I want to do the voice of the Rogue Knight. Yangus always yells COR BLIMEY whenever King trode (when he was transfigured as a monster) just appeared. McCloud is the name of the protagonist of Highlander.

8th February 2006, 1:37 AM
GOSH DANG IT! I've seen this thread since I first joined and I'm going to finally post!

Loads of in-references in Whirl Island Quest, especially chapter one.

He had the clear appearance of a teen in his rising puberty. His deeply tanned face was rife with pink pustules and pimples that blended easily with his shoulder length shaggy red hair, and he towered nearly five feet ten inches high with the build of a runner. With one eye, he noticed how the Champion of Johto, Patricia Gonzales, looked down adoringly at him. Brian couldn’t help but crack a small grin as everything he worked finally drew to close with this moment…

“Oh puh-lease. This is the biggest load of bullcrap I have ever seen since the moon landing!”

In this scene the main charachter is having one of those cliched "dream about being pokemon master" that usually start trainer fics off. The oriiginal version (sadly) had such an unoriginal dream start, so I put a mouth on the trophy and he immediately shot down how unreal so much of the trainer fic cliches are

The skies were turning gray and thunder clapped violently as a large bright yellow object hurtled through the air and stopped at the massive silver rim of the stadium. With a bright flash of lightning, the great yellow object revealed itself as a giant floating banana.

“Oh no! The giant floating banana… that means that this whole thing is really just a dream…”

THe giant floating banana is actually a reference to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. There was an episode where Sabrina becomes the Sandman and dreams are marked as dreams by the giant floating banana

While all of her cousins, sisters, and brother-in-law’s-best-friends-second-cousins-twice-removed-great-aunt’s always managed to keep a cheery positive attitude even if they were in the middle of a desert with a Growlithe chewing away at their leg and someone brutally stabbing them in the chest, Jolene was a pessimistic strong woman who did not take too kindly to idiots and complete morons.

Jolene is a Nurse Joy and this above passage is a reference to their crazy relations and the fact that they're dull and personalityless XD

Six years later, the two’s friendship remained strong as ever and Sunkern defied the taunts of all netbattlers by becoming an above average battler.

Loser, super serious need to get a life netbattlers always go "I can beat any pokemon ingame with a sunkern with hyper beam!"

Jolene, who was slowly eating a bowl of Total cereal, cringing every time she swallowed,

Total is very healthy and widely eaten, but tastes horrible

anyway, Chuck is waiting in his office for you! If you look closely, you‘ll see that Atkins diet I ordered for him is finally working!” Sarah told the kids,

Reference to how Chuck's wife always calls him fat


The trio raised their eyebrows at the abilities of this tiny device and didn’t know what to say. Suddenly, Chuck ran toward them and shoved the “I-Poke” in front of Greg’s mouth. Greg did not know what to do and leaned back, as if the machine was a slimy Weedle. “Psst…state your name and gender!” Chuck hissed from behind the I-Poke Mini.

^^^This is my last and BIGGEST inside joke. I-Poke and I-POke Mini are both references to the iPod, which is going CRAZY with all its new innovations and smaller sizes. This pokes fun at how stupid the iPod craze is going.

I could go on for another thirty pages, but I'll stop there! Toodaloo!

8th February 2006, 2:00 AM
Some more Brock one-liners:

And you think my love of Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy is bad....

Brock is hinting that the fanboy in the episode loves May even more than he does Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.

Sand trap, sand box, it probably made no difference to him

Brock's comment about Munchlax is a reference to a Garfield comic about golfing, in one scene, Garfield played in a bunker, much like Munchlax does in this scene.

Hey, I wanted a Triforce too!

Brock is poking fun at how important the Triforce is in the Zelda universe.

Go, Beast racer! Go, Beast racer! Go Beast racer, go!

Another sung one-liner, this one's a reference to the classic anime "Speed Racer"

No case too big, no case too small, just give your local Pokemon Ranger a call!

Brock is quoting a little bit of the Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers theme song here.

Note to self: Never trust the "Randomize" button.

Hints at what happens in that episode.

Episode 40 marks the first time another character has appeared with Brock for the one liner.