View Full Version : A remix for Pokemon's 10th anniversary...

27th January 2006, 2:38 AM
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pokemon, I decided to make a remix of the Kanto theme, "Gotta Catch'em All!"

Here it is:

"Gotta Catch'em All!" in A minor (http://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=375Q2X2YCE66A3FLFVA1ZNV96E)

27th January 2006, 2:58 AM
when I used the link a bunch of stuff came up but no video.

27th January 2006, 3:15 AM
It's audio, not video

use the link to download and listen.

27th January 2006, 3:23 AM
I got it to work (finally) , found out my music player was down (I dont know why) , it is pretty good.

~Silver Aura~
28th January 2006, 7:48 AM
pretty cool I'm defenatly looking forward tothe 10th anniversary

John's Knight
28th January 2006, 8:40 AM
Nice! Excelent work, Flaming Ruby!