View Full Version : MTG COTD: Gruul War Plow

27th January 2006, 10:41 PM
Gruul War Plow - Guildpact. Rare
4: Artifact
Creatures you control have trample.
1RG: Gruul War Plow becomes a 4/4 Juggernaut artifact creature until end of turn.
"Steering apparatus?! What for? Rip it out, sharpen it, and lash it to the front!"
-Ktank, Gruul plowmaster

Pretty cool. 4 drop, gives all your creatures trample. Tap 3 for a 4/4 with trample. If you're just going for the trample effect, theres always Primal Rage for green. But, getting a 4/4 for 3 is pretty sweet, especially if it also gives your creatures trample.

The Duck's Rating: 3/5

Shadow Trainer
28th January 2006, 2:57 AM
Tapping three for a 4/4 trampler is good and giving all your creatures trample is not too bad either. 3/5