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29th January 2006, 9:43 AM

Im about to take on the elite 4 and im really going to challenge myself by using ONLY fire type pokemon.

my Current lineup is:

Flareon (its only level 25)

But i still need 1 more and i cant seem to think of a good 1 to use!

Can anyone help me?

draco draco
29th January 2006, 9:48 AM
machargo or houndoom

29th January 2006, 4:30 PM
If it's your first time at the E4, then you can't have any more without choosing another fire pokémon that you already have. If you know someone with Lg, Magmar is a good choice. If it's your second round for the E4, Magcargo is your only other option in-game. If you have colosseum/XD or R/S/E, though, just about every single fire pokémon is at your disposal.

Dj Skee
29th January 2006, 5:06 PM
Umm..Typholosion or Blaziken =)

Dark Cacturne
29th January 2006, 6:27 PM
First of all, train your Flareon some more, because with a level 25 you don't come far with it. You should use a Maggcargo, it could be usefull. You'll find out. Good luck with the Elite 4!!!

30th January 2006, 4:30 AM
Don't pick macargo,it is too slow and has two 4x weaknesses.Houndoom is a good choice.Or maybe a Blaziken.

30th January 2006, 4:37 AM