View Full Version : would this be a good deck?deck

29th January 2006, 7:32 PM
I need help making a good deck, and want to know if these cards are worth the money needed to make the deck.Its a hl-on, and its goal is to power up
rayquaza ex[ deoxys].
3 rayquaza ex [dx]
2 electrode ex
1 voltorb[hl]
3 voltorb [ em]
2 magmar****r]
1 zapdos ex
1 moltres ex
2 pow hand extensions
4 celios
2 pokenav
3 marys request
4 holon mentor
16 fire energy
16 lightning energy
Do you know what else i should put in it,and will it be worth it, i dont have the 2 other rayquaza exs and i dont have zapdos ex.