View Full Version : The Albino Acorn (preview)

T.W. North
4th February 2006, 1:29 AM
This is an idea that came about while mucking around with friends, the characters started off in a play (none of the characters appear here) and it went from there...yeah, so what do you think?

The night was black, as black as can be. Well as black as night can be. Now out of this blackness came a figure. You may well be wondering, ‘What sort of figure?’ I have no answer to that, it was just a shadowy figure and seeing as there were shadows, it obviously wasn’t that black a night. Anyway, this figure proceed in a stealthy manure, in the way it hugged the shadows (told you it’s not black) and scaled the wall of a building which was of particular interest to this figure.

This building that it scaled is the sort of place that you might visit if you were interested in the sort of things held in the building. I myself visit this sort of building often and I’m delightfully entertained by what they hold. This particular building was dedicated to squirrels and their wonderful culture. Not the squirrels we know, oh definitely not. Why, by the time this building was created – we didn’t even exist anymore! No, these squirrels are sophisticated and intelligent. They have their own laws and government.

This brings us back to this shadowy figure, which was in the process of breaking one of those all important laws. You see, this building was all locked up and had a few security rats prowling around, swinging their menacing tail-batons. The figure had by now scaled up the bricked wall and was now peering into a jazzy, blue window on the third floor. The window was blue to mark that the room which belonged to the window held a very special artefact which might be of interest to burglars, should they want an artefact. This is a foolish design flaw in the building’s planning, but isn’t very important to the storyline.

Now this figure (which suspiciously resembled a figure) carefully removed the window – yet another design flaw – and plopped inside. Immediately, a security rat appeared at the entrance of the room…and continued on. The figure, having not seen the rat, walked carelessly on to the centre of the room, which is where the special artefact was.

Even in the bright lighting of the room, the artefact shone dazzlingly. The figure (which actually had quite a good figure) cackled heartily as it gazed upon its prize, reaching warmly out to touch it…