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Ryano Ra
5th February 2006, 1:48 AM
Hello, everyone. ^^

I decided to take a break from writing the ending chapters of Rhapsody, so in the meantime while I update them here, I began brainstorming about a rather interesting Galabonian tale that I've been thinking about for the last couple of weeks, thus leading to my lacking of writing for the end chapters of Rhapsody. I wanted to immediately start this, writing some of the first chapters before I go back and write the rest of Part I of the Galabonian Trilogy. Now, I will explain the story first before I ask what is needed.

This story revolves around a deadly organization known as the Jade Clovers. They are highly skilled, experienced, ruthless members of the assassin organization, being at the top of their game. These people are a true threat, and my fanfiction will revolve around the executive of the Jade Clovers, Paris Shavada. She's the top female to climb the ranks of the Clovers, and now, I want to focus my fanfiction on her missions, her happiness, and her struggle to assassinate one of Galabonia's kings.

She has three Pokemon that assist her with the killings of opposing Pokemon - in other words, they are known as the Jungle Crew: Sceptile, Nidoqueen, and Kabutops. The beginning of this story starts in the jungle, leaving out and exploring more places and assassinating like wild and crazy flames perishing buildings and people after the eighth or ninth chapter. There will be fighting, there will be blood, there will be violence, there will be swords, guns, axes, weapons, you name it. But, this will be fantasy - they'll be spice and grace to the weapons. 8D However, there are many gleeful moments, amusing moments, and things of that nature, so I'd call this story an Adventure/Action story with lots and lots of fantasy elements. So, again, I will be writing an Action/Fantasy/Adventure mixture fanfiction.

The plot isn't as extensive and heavy and fluid as the Galabonian Trilogy's plot with the Slinx Insanity Virus, but this story happens during the corruption of the virus as it spreads throughout Galabonia. So, more insane gangs of Pokemon, like crazed Aggron and feral Ledian. They'll be killed, anyway, but it is for the sheer enjoyment.

Now, with that said, I need assistance with the fanfiction title. I want something that'll attract people, though, I'm not sure. I was thinking about something dealing with emerald or the shades of green, for Paris constantly sees that color as she travels. Though, I am not entirely sure. So, any type of help would be greatly appreciated.

Ace Kenshader
5th February 2006, 1:56 AM
I'll go first to give a title Serpent Syra.

Uhm.........I got it. The title I thought of is Eyes of the Jade Python. Because this character Paris, sounds like she has the stealth of a python. What do you think. And don't worry i can take crtitisisam

Ryano Ra
5th February 2006, 2:08 AM
Actually, I really like that title. Though, I see it much more unique as Eyes of the Python rather than Eyes of the Jade Python, but I'll definitely keep track of that title. Thank you so much for the help, Dark Amethyst, I really appreciate it. ^^ Eyes of the Python works rather well, since Paris does take the more dark and seductive personality of a woman rather than the simply shy and giggly and bubbly kind you see in fanfiction, all beautiful and divine and perfect. She's fairly tall for a woman (though not for a man) (think of her a bit shorter than Lucy) and is just something that guys want to have, but will be killed in the process. She's beautiful in her own special way.

Eyes of the Python. ^^ I really like that one!

5th February 2006, 2:14 AM
Wow, he beat me to it. xD My idea was "Snake Eyes." Meh, his suggestion sounds more suited to your work. ^^

Ryano Ra
5th February 2006, 2:17 AM
*_* *mexplodes*

Another good fanfiction title. I was thinking something like Junglebeats or Fangs of Death, but I need something that's much more attractive and simpler than that. But I do admit, I like Snake Eyes AND Eyes of the Python, probably because they both have some sort of a snake in the title. I love snakes. *rides on his Arbok* Snake Eyes seems good as well, since there will be times where her eyes flicker through rustling trees as she leaps from branch to branch, assassinating her enemies. 8D ^^ Now I have to make decisions. Bring more in! ^^

Joshua - Shadow Brigadier
5th February 2006, 2:22 AM
Hmm... since you seem to like the snake ideas, how about Serpentine Struggle?

My dictionary says that serpentine means complex, cunning or treacherous as one definition, and you said:

and now, I want to focus my fanfiction on her missions, her happiness, and her struggle to assassinate one of Galabonia's kings.

How's that sound?


Ryano Ra
5th February 2006, 2:27 AM
Serpentine Struggle. *_* *rolls around happily* I like, I like. ^^

I never thought of using Serpentine, and that's weird because I use that word all of the time to describe Pokemon like Seviper, Gyarados, and Dragonair. o.o;; But really, that is something that definitely, instantly caught my eye. ^^ Thank you for the help, you guys! Keep the titles coming!

Ace Kenshader
5th February 2006, 7:30 AM
OMFG,*rubs his eyes to see if he read the title correctly* you chose the title I thought of. Thanks, this is really awesome Serpent.

And for the other people who tried. SORRY!!!

Ryano Ra
5th February 2006, 2:43 PM
Ah, it is okay, for those titles will be used for elements within the fanfiction. I thank everybody for their help, and now, I must close this thread. And thank you very much for the title, Dark Amethyst. ^^